Kids + Bus Safety Is Crucial In First Days Of School - Antalek and Moore Gives Tips (Sponsored)


The end of summer vacation comes too quickly and before you know it, it’s that time of year again! School buses are picking up children all around, parents are in a rush to drop their kids off without being late to work, and kids are on their bikes rushing to catch first period. “This can be a dangerous time because children- as well as drivers- are adjusting to back-to-school routines,” says Alex Epstein, director of Transportation Safety for the National Safety Council (NSC). Fortunately, Antalek & Moore has a few key tips to keep our community safe and happy:

Share the road with school buses. We know the first few days take a little longer to get the kids loaded but be patient! Who doesn't love a good first day back to school picture with their kids waving from the bus?  

According to the National Safety Council, the most dangerous area for children is within 10 feet of their bus. Give them space to load and unload. This is especially true in the first few weeks of school as kids are excited and getting used to this year's routine.
If the bus has it's lights on and it's stop sign out- it is never safe to pass the bus. This applies to multiple lanes as well so be aware when traveling on a road like Route 9 as school buses may be traveling in the opposite direction.

We have a good amount of our students who walk to and from school in Beacon. Please be aware of especially in a school zone. Be sure to follow posted speed limits, avoid blocking crosswalks when stopped and keep an eye out for crossing guards. 

Many children nationwide begin and end their days with a trip to and from school, whether that’s by bus, walking or biking. By exercising a little extra care and caution, we can create a happy and safe school zone. Wishing all Beacon City School District Students, a happy and safe 2019-2020 school year!


2019 Parade of Green Grand Marshal Fred Antalek Shares His Fondest Beacon Memory - "Rowing Behind Rite Aid" (Sponsored)


You’ve seen this face before - longtime Beacon resident and business owner Fred Antalek. Fred was born in 1937 and still works for his family business, Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency, coming to work “faithfully to keep everyone in check.” On Saturday, March 9, 2019, he’ll be bundling up along with everyone else to serve for his first time as the Grand Marshal in Beacon’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Green.

To find out how Fred feels about being this year’s Grand Marshal, we reached out to his daughter, Susan Antalek Pagones, who now runs the business with her partner Vince Lemma and their team of staff members. “Fred is quite honored about being the Grand Marshal this year,” Susan replied. “People ask if he is Irish… LOL, he is actually from the Gallagher family, so don’t be fooled!”

Fred’s Fondest Memory of Beacon

Schoonmaker’s, a department store in Beacon. Open from 1929 to 1960.  Photo Credit: Beacon Historical Society

Schoonmaker’s, a department store in Beacon. Open from 1929 to 1960.
Photo Credit: Beacon Historical Society

Our Beacon elders are filled with fond and important memories. We asked Susan for one of Fred’s: “When Fred was 10 years old, he used to row around in a boat on the street behind Rite Aid,” Susan recalled. That street is also the location of Antalek & Moore’s current Beacon office. “This area was always flooded.”

Flooded? “Yes,” said Fred. “Matteawan Brook is what constantly overflowed. This brook caused major flooding to the back of what is now Rite Aid and the intersection of Church and South Chestnut Street.” Before Rite Aid, the location was the home of Schoonmaker’s.

Schoonmaker’s, which you may have heard references to in old stories, was one of the first department stores in Beacon. According to the Beacon Historical Society:


Schoonmaker's Department Store. Beacon had its first "modern" Department Store when Schoonmaker's opened its doors in the Christmas season of 1929. With "60 departments under one roof" (including "Toyland" in the basement), Schoonmaker's was the first stop for your Christmas shopping on Main Street. Later on, across the street at 341 Main, was the W.T. Grant store (Schoonmaker's biggest competitor), where you could even buy a live parakeet for Christmas! Like so many other good things in Beacon, Schoonmaker's and Grant’s were both gone by the late 1960s.

- Beacon Historical Society


A map of Beacon from 1876, when the town was known as Fishkill on the Hudson. The Map shows the Matteawan stream.

UPDATE 3/9/2019: Since first publishing this article, a reader wrote in with a picture of a map of Beacon from 1876 when it was known as Fishkill on the Hudson. The stream is also on the 1867 map we covered earlier. The reader, Air Nonken Rhodes, is on the Resources Committee for Beacon, a new committee that is currently compiling all known natural resources in Beacon. Residents who live in that area still experience some flooding, so we asked Air about the stream as it is today:

“They buried the stream circa 1910 - scavenger hunt to find the plaque in Memorial Park commemorating that! The stream-burying was done rather poorly. It was especially challenging since it was swampy ground all around what’s now Rite Aid. That’s a big part of why the center section of Main Street wasn’t developed sooner and more fully. So, flooded basements still today, and not many historic buildings along there.”

More Beacon Business Trivia

Family businesses run deep in Beacon. Fred used to have his office on East Main Street, where Tiko’s Hair is now. “I remember it well,” recalled Susan. “I used to slide along the floor, where the large picture window is. playing with my toys. His sister Mary Ann worked for him.” In the late ’70s/early ’80s, Fred moved to 308 Main Street, where the Darrow Brothers used to have their clothing store. When Fred merged with Pat Moore, the business moved to 340 Main Street, Antalek & Moore’s current location. Fred’s mother worked at Gallagher’s Market, the current location of BAJA.

Continuing in her father’s footsteps, Susan has recently closed on the purchase of their building. She is one of Beacon’s newest female building owners. She’s got her eyes fixed on a new project on their roof involving a light. “We are trying to get the ‘beacon’ light on the roof - look for it the next time you pass by. I think that might be neat to find out the history of that.”

Stay tuned…

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Antalek & Moore Hires Local Talent For Website Makeover (Sponsored)


Crucial to the success of a community is jobs. Some people have full-time jobs and work for other people. Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency in Beacon, NY, employs a staff of 10 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee. Other people create their own jobs based on their creative talent as small business owners and entrepreneurs. Antalek & Moore reached out to these entrepreneurs in the local market when they decided to kick off 2019 with a new online presence, featuring a cleaner, mobile-friendly website!

Hiring Local Design and Photography Talent

Says Susan about the website design process: “Two years ago, we changed how we market, using social media and a new website. We wanted to work with locals to create this for us.” Antalek & Moore entered the social media landscape with Kate Rabe of Marketing Inbound, who works with several organizations throughout the Hudson Valley.

For the website design, Kate referred Antalek & Moore to Katy Dwyer Design, who is known for working closely with clients. Katy and her team produced the design, and Kate shaped the content. “The goal was to re-vamp the website so it is more user-friendly, and not so stiff,” explains Susan.

“One of the most exciting aspects of the project is how we were able to use the photography of our longtime friend of the family, Scott Snell, who is a broadcast camera operator and drone photographer (learn more about him in his interview in the Highlands Current). He was responsible for the beautiful local artwork that now hangs on our walls.” Scott is known for sharing beautiful photography of Beacon with the public on social media.

New Website Features


Whether you’re looking to pay your bill, request a quote, or want to find out when Susan’s next Defensive Driving course is scheduled, the new design provides easier navigation for visitors. Since Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency serves as your local agent and liaison with whichever national insurance agency you elect to go with, you can pay that insurance company directly as well, if you’re used to paying that way.

If you are curious about updating your coverage for your home, car, or business - visit Antalek & Moore at

Personally, I’m all bundled up with Antalek & Moore! Home, Car, Business. Easy.

Antalek & Moore is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our Sponsor Spotlight program. It is with the support of businesses like theirs that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of news, local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.

Gratitude Alert: Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency As Lead ALBB Sponsor


During this holiday season, we’re sending out a simple message of gratitude to one of our first and longest sponsors: Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency. I first met Susan Antalek Pagones during a joint BeaconArts / Beacon Chamber Member Mingle at St. Rocco’s, and it is an evening I will always remember for its illumination of how history is handed down in Beacon.

Right after introducing myself and saying I had just moved here and where my house was, Susan turned to her colleague, Terry Williams, to ask her: “Whose house is that?” Now, I knew whose house it was from the young family we bought it from (they bought it years ago, and opted to move closer to the mountain), but Susan and Terry knew it from the two generations of the family who had lived there prior.

I have since heard about this other family from our first plumber who could identify the pipes in the basement as his own among the other pipes that were not his work. The next person who knew our home better than me was a handyman I hired for my office to hang an OPEN sign from the ceiling. It turns out he was friends with the son of the family who owned our home decades ago. They have since both turned into professional home improvement professionals, which makes sense when I notice the creatively custom-built details around our home.

Susan teaches me about community-centered business all the time. Susan, her partner Vince Lemma, and their team of dedicated agents can help make it easier for you to decipher insurance, whether home, condo, renters, business, health, car, etc. Learn about how they do it in this exclusive interview with Susan Antalek Pagones here, and the interview we did with Vince here.

Thank you Team Antalek & Moore for supporting local media and A Little Beacon Blog!

Happening This Weekend 11/23/2018 : Happy Black Friday!

Happy Friday... Black Friday, that is! We hope you are continuing to have a wonderful holiday weekend. The shops in Beacon have been decorating to create a delightful experience for you. Visit them, and tag us with what you find! You must stop into the new shop, La Mère Clothing + Goods, who just joined with A Little Beacon Blog as an editorial sponsor partner! That means we get to gush about what's inside their store...

We're kicking it off with a few hot deals from the shops around you!
Find shops' addresses in A Little Beacon Blog's Shopping Guide:

La Mère Clothing + Goods:
All-day deals including 15% off your purchase from 10 am to 1 pm; 10% off your purchase from 1 pm to 7 pm; free "Beauty Blender" with $50 purchase (while supplies last). All purchases of $200 or more will be entered to win the Holiday Survival Kit (quilted makeup bag, super-soft ringer tee, beauty masks, OPI nail polish, Brooklyn Candle Studio travel candle, and more!)
Luxe Optique:
Receive 15% off your glasses purchase when you have Luxe Optique check what your insurance covers out of network. Yeah - it's that simple.
Lambs Hill Bridal:
Come into the boutique and see their new "Moonlight Windows" at night.
King & Curated:
(the high-end, hand-crafted jewelry store next door to Lambs Hill)
Save 15% on purchases $100 and over, and 20% on purchases of $500 or more.
Jake's Main Street Music:
(near Towne Crier)
Sale on musical gifts, instruments and stocking stuffers. Includes select instruments like ukuleles, mandolins, banjos, violins, and more.
Beetle + Fred:
Insane deals on fabric, from to 20% to 40% off almost any fabric in the store, including some new patterns, and clearance. Whoa.
Bra Fit Expert:
10% to 20% off bras, panties and pajamas.
beBhakti Yoga:
Get 40 days of unlimited yoga for $99 (expires 12/31/18) or one year of unlimited yoga for $999.
Sponsored by Antalek & Moore for car insurance.

Roger’s Folly’s Presents La Familia Swinging Blues Band
Saturday, November 24, 2018
Time: 8 to 11:30 pm
Location: Howland Cultural Center, 477 Main St., Beacon, NY
Information >

Christmas Tree Lighting at Visitors Center in Polhill Park
Saturday, November 24, 2018
Time: 3 to 5 pm (rain date set for Saturday, December 1)
Location: Polhill Park, intersection of Main Street and Wolcott/Route 9D, Beacon, NY
Information >

Broadway In Beacon Presents Happy Holidays
Sunday, November 25, 2018
Time: 4 pm
Location: Howland Cultural Center, 477 Main St., Beacon, NY
Information >

Plan ahead and check out what's coming up this month in our Events Guide.

Pre-Holiday Vintage Pop-Up @ Colorant
Saturday & Sunday, November 24 & 25, 2018
Time: Saturday, 11 am to 9 pm; Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm
Location: Colorant, 146 Main St, Beacon, NY
Information >

Kaleidoscope Pop-Up at Zora Dora's
Popping up 'till the end of February
Time: 9 am to 7 or 8 pm, days may vary
Location: Zora Dora's, 201 Main St., Beacon, NY

Luxe Optique
183 Main Street
(across Cliff Street from Beacon Bread Company)
Gifting glasses from Luxe Optique is totally possible and easy - even if your gift-giver is out of town. Simply call Luxe Optique at (845) 838-2020 and they can arrange everything. To "Get Luxed" is truly an experience. You are sure to find a pair of glasses that fit your personality.

L a M è r e Clothing + Goods
436 Main Street
You're going to find so much inside of one of Beacon's newest boutiques, L a M è r e Clothing + Goods. Think comfort paired with fashion, like hoodie sweaters, jeans and boots, as well as scarves and chunky blankets. Store owner April completes your ensemble by selling perfume and OPI nail polish. Find things for the home as well! Black Friday deals are on - see the top of this edition for details, or check right here.


Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique
1 East Main, Retail #3
(near the historic dummy light)
Have you seen the "Moonlight Windows" at Lambs Hill? Drive or walk down to 1 East Main and gaze at the pretty holiday windows. Get a warm mocha from Trax, and (carefully!) step inside the stores. You will be amazed and inspired. Peek inside Lambs Hill here, and see what the shops at 1 East Main look like at night here.

Thank you to the following shops for sponsoring our Shopping Guide! L a M è r e Clothing + Goods, Luxe Optique and Lambs Hill.

Thank you to BAJA for sponsoring the Restaurant Guide!
Visit A Little Beacon Blog's Restaurant Guide for all of the restaurants in Beacon, and see our Brunch Guide for your morning dining needs!

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Time to freshen up your hair style - or beard! Find a salon in Beacon at
A Little Beacon Blog's Beauty Guide.
This charming and newly renovated home in Newburgh is filled with sunlight, and situated close to things to do. It is listed at $199,900 and has three bedrooms and one bathroom. According to Realtor Sarah Beckham Hooff: "A super chill neighborhood is within walking distance to the best bagel shop in Newburgh called Lox Stock & Bake." This home includes a walk-up attic, which is great for storage. Be a part of the change happening in Newburgh now...
Details + Pictures >
Menorah Lighting: Starting Sunday, December 2 at 5:30 pm, one wheel will be lit for Hanukkah each night. Note: On Friday, December 7 and Saturday, December 8, lighting will be at 4:30 pm. Each wheel will be illuminated in honor of something special. See the honorees here. Details about the lighting >
Bicycle Tree Lighting: Saturday, December 8. Activities start at 4pm.
4 pm: A festive “Kick Off” with dancers from Yanarella Dance Studio
4:30 pm: Seventh Night of Hanukkah – BeaconArts + Beacon Hebrew Alliance Bicycle Menorah Lighting
4:45 pm: Community Caroling with Gina Samardge and Compass Arts
5 pm: Santa arrives, led in by the Beacon Music Factory’s one and only Women’s Drum Corps! Santa's arrival will be followed by a countdown to the Bicycle Christmas Tree Lighting.
Santa will be staying to greet families until 6 pm.

A Little Beacon Space
Bring the eggnog! 'Tis the season for Holiday Business Parties! Looking for a space for your special event? There is still time to book with A Little Beacon Space.

A Little Beacon Space
Saturday, December 8, 2018
A Handmade Pop-Up Shop for one day only! Featuring Allegory (jewelry), Anna West (paintings), Teller Hill (eco-friendly dog accessories), Reklaimed (fabric flowers and more, from the creator of Beacon's original pop-up shop Cherry Bomb!), and Moss Pocket (small-batch ceramic wares).
Details >

Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency

Antalek & Moore can find the best insurance for your home, car, business, event, and more. You can still work directly with the insurance company you go with, like Progressive or Travelers, like if you want to pay your bill over the phone or ask a question. For no extra cost, the folks at Antalek & Moore do the research for you and act as your advocate if you need to file a claim or if anything else goes wrong.
Call them today at (845) 831-4300, or visit them at 340 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508.
Tin Shingle
Tin Shingle is having a Black Friday sale on membership. Save 25% off the yearly plan, and 20% off the half-year plan.
Get the Details >

Katie James, Inc.

NEW Special Rate: "The Do It Together" hourly rate is designed for people who use Squarespace and MailChimp, and want to get work done on their websites or newsletters. During this session, sit with Katie as she makes the changes with you to your website. The session can include design and strategy during your time. Studio rate is $350/hour, but the Do It Together package is $150/hour. Zip through your to-do list - quick!
Contact for Details >

Beacon Chamber of Commerce
The Beacon Chamber of Commerce is available to all businesses in Beacon, as well as others nearby. Membership and event opportunities are available to help connect businesses.
Learn More >
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Until next week!

The Personal Touch From the Independent Insurance Brokers at Antalek & Moore (Sponsored)


When you see the words "insurance agency" or "independent insurance agent," what does that mean to you? Do they sell insurance? Are they the insurance company? No. Independent insurance agents are your personal liaisons, your personal agents of change when it comes to getting what you want and need out of the insurance policy that you buy with the big-name insurance companies, like Progressive, Travelers, and many others. Your local insurance agent knows the distinct differences between each of them. The agents know where a lower price indicates savings, and where it means a dip in quality. They do the homework; you do the living.

We are used to doing things ourselves. But with insurance, we don't have to do it alone. We can have a helping hand. To show you what this means, we asked Susan Antalek Pagones, a Partner at Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency, to give us a few examples of real-life situations where insurance is a must. If all goes well, all you do is pay a policy. But if something happens, you get to know the claims process real quick. Susan enlightens us a bit:

When Insurance Goes From a Quarterly Bill, to a Policy Claim

Susan recalls some of the tougher cases they have handled. “We had an insured family that had a fire and lost the whole house. We met them on the scene on the day after with a large basket filled with everyday essentials we take for granted - shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, socks - all toiletries you could think of, plus some gift cards to go shopping and to get clothes to put on their backs.”

Our customers become our family. In the time of need, you always help out family. 
— Susan Antalek Pagones, Partner, Antalek & Moore

This is the kind of detail and personal touch that continues to draw people to Antalek & Moore. They go above and beyond to stay on top of their insured customers. When Beacon and a good part of the mid-Hudson Valley lost power after the huge storm in May 2018, Antalek & Moore stayed open.

“We stayed open at the office running on jetpacks and laptops. I gave my cell number to any insured customer who wanted it, to call me after-hours with any questions they may have had. We asked adjusters to give our customers advancements on claims. This means that we asked them to cut a check for a certain amount right on the spot so that our customers could start the process of normality." 

Antalek & Moore Advocates on Behalf of Their Customers

Susan explains what their mindset is at Antalek & Moore, what drives them to produce the kind of personal service that they provide: "Our customers become our family. In the time of need, you always help out family."

Sometimes problems can arise during claim-submission process after an accident or unexpected incident. Says Susan: "Sometimes the company may not always agree on certain things that should be paid at the time of a claim. We are the voice of the customer if we feel things should be covered, and we get right in there with the insurance company to advocate on behalf of our customer if there is a problem." 

Lots of people in the Hudson Valley had major tree and house damage after the big storm in May. "We had a customer that had a HUGE tree fall on their house. The customer had previous plans to go away to visit Texas. We made sure that she did go, as her house was not livable. We worked closely with her son to help get the claim settled. There were many hiccups along the way. I was also on a planned trip, but kept in touch constantly by cell with our customer to help. I am not saying it was smooth sailing trying to get this customer back up and running in their home, but whenever they reached out to us, morning or night, weekday or weekend, we always made sure we were there to help out."

Going Local With Insurance Can Make Life Easier

Whether it's buying a home or starting a small business, you need insurance. With so many options available, shopping for insurance can be overwhelming.  A Little Beacon Blog's Managing Editor, Marilyn Perez, used Antalek & Moore when she purchased her condo a year ago and was so happy having established that relationship with a local insurance broker to narrow down the best option for her.

Antalek & Moore is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our Sponsor Spotlight program. It is with the support of businesses like theirs that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of news, local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.

Antalek & Moore Expands Into Ulster County and Welcomes Rob DeWit (Sponsored)


Grand Opening of Antalek & Moore Marlboro Location!
WHEN: Thursday, May 31
TIME: 3 to 7 pm
WHERE: 1313 & 1311 Route 9W, Marlboro, NY 

Beacon residents are lucky to have a service like Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency right at our fingertips! With their track record of success in the community, Antalek & Moore is expanding into Ulster County with a new office in Marlboro, NY. “There seems to be a business barrier when it comes to the Newburgh-Beacon Bridge,” says Susan Antalek Pagones, co-executive partner at Antalek & Moore. “We wanted to overcome that obstacle and found that opening our own office on that side of the river would be the perfect way to do so.” 

Co-Executive Partners Vince Lemma and Susan Antalek Pagones, both in the Beacon office, are excited about the expansion of their agency. While they have always served customers who live outside Dutchess County, this gives the agency the chance to be right in the heart of the Marlboro community. They pride themselves on community involvement and support, and look forward to making many new relationships to carry on that commitment to their neighbors.

Antalek & Moore Welcomes Rob DeWit To The Team

In addition to opening the new location, Antalek & Moore welcomes a new member, Rob DeWit, to the team. Rob is a longtime insurance industry expert and will be a crucial asset to the team as they make the move. “The reason why I chose insurance was I wanted to make a difference and help people when they need it most," says Rob, in the company's press release announcing the expansion.

“We are very excited Rob has joined the Antalek & Moore team,” says Vince Lemma. “He will bring many years of insurance industry experience and he is looking forward to help grow in Ulster, Sullivan and Orange counties.”

Rob comes with over 14 years of experience in the insurance agency; he got into the business while working for a family member that owned an agency.  That agency grew over the years and he quickly moved into the role of vice president, overseeing offices throughout Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties.

Says Rob: "We supply a product that is only used when tough situations arise, and I want to be there for my customers when they do.” Joining Antalek & Moore was a no-brainer, “as I wanted to work for an agency with a family atmosphere. Antalek & Moore brings this, as well as a pristine reputation in the industry. It is important for me to work for a company that values employees, as well as integrity."

Rob is a graduate of Dutchess Community College and has an associate's degree in business administration. He is a lifelong resident of the Hudson Valley and enjoys all that the valley has to offer with his two daughters, who live close by. 

About Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency

Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency is a family-first business and has been open since 1853. With this experience under their belt, there is no doubt to why they have been trusted for so long. They are a full-service insurance and risk-management agency with main offices located in Beacon, NY. Executive Partners Susan and Vince own one of the original Main Street agencies, offering commercial and personal insurance solutions to customers in the Hudson Valley community, broader New York region, and across the country. Being in the business for over 80 years has taught the agency that people want nothing more than an agent who is knowledgeable, trustworthy and accommodating to the client’s needs.

You're Invited to the Grand Opening in Marlboro, NY!

Please join in on the Grand Opening being held Thursday, May 31, from 3 to 7 pm at 1313 & 1311 Route 9W, Marlboro, NY.  Refreshments will be served, and you will have the chance to meet members of the Antalek & Moore staff from both locations.  

Antalek & Moore is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our Sponsor Spotlight article program. It is with the support of businesses like theirs that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of news, local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.

Antalek & Moore Announces New Partnership with Vincent A. Lemma, as Longtime Beacon Advocate Pat Moore Retires (Sponsored)


Antalek & Moore's Upcoming Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

When: Thursday, January 18, 2018
Time: 4 to 5 pm
Where: Their offices at 340 Main Street, Beacon, NY
Stop By! Or RSVP: 845-245-6292

Late in December of 2017, a hand-signed letter arrived in the mail from Pat Moore, partner at Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency. The letter announced his retirement from the independently owned firm Antalek & Moore in order to pursue personal interests, which included traveling with his expanding grand-family. Maintaining independence in the insurance world has been deeply important to Pat, as he reiterated in his retirement letter: “We live in a time of high-level merger and acquisition activities of firms like ours. Maintaining our longstanding independence is proving to be the exception in today’s business environment.”
Of the utmost importance to Pat was hand-picking his successor, Vincent A. Lemma, to join his business partner, Susan Antalek-Pagones, in carrying the business forward into its next generation. Antalek & Moore originated in Beacon in 1853 and continues here today with the new leadership and partnership of Susan and Vincent at the helm. They are hosting a ribbon cutting to celebrate the transition on Thursday, January 18, at 4 pm. And you’re invited!

About Vincent A. Lemma, Antalek & Moore's New Partner

Vincent (please, call him Vince, he insists) started working with Pat eight years ago during a time when Vince was employed by an insurance agency owned by a bank. “Crazy things were happening with the banks,” says Vince, “and things were happening that didn’t jive with me for our customers.” He reached out to Pat to begin working in the independent world, and their business relationship blossomed.
As a new leader of the firm, Vince is pulling from his experience as an assistant lacrosse coach at several different colleges. As an assistant coach at Randolph Macon College, his team knocked nationally ranked Washington and Lee out of the playoffs in 1997, fueling his competitive drive to work with a team of young people balancing sports, school and teamwork. Coaching also allowed him to leave his home state of New York to experience different parts of the country, and return later to settle down into the insurance profession.
“As an athlete, you need to overcome hurdles to win. In this industry, we face those hurdles on a daily basis. As a coach, you need to understand how to help your employees overcome those hurdles.”
Vince believes that 90 percent of problems in the insurance world are caused by simple misunderstandings, and he aims to educate current and future customers of Antalek & Moore to help them know their coverage. He believes that working with an independent agent gives customers an advantage. “When you’re not working with your agent and your broker, things get difficult, and you think the insurance companies are out to get you. We fight for the insurance company to cover everything they agreed to cover in the agreement with the customer.”
You can meet Vince any time by scheduling an appointment with him, but the most fun way will be to attend their upcoming ribbon cutting, right on Main Street, conveniently located in the middle of town, near Rite Aid. In fact, park in the free parking lot behind Rite Aid and BAJA, and you're on Antalek & Moore's back doorstep! Stop in, welcome Vince to the position, and look for more from this new development at Antalek & Moore.

Antalek & Moore is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our Sponsor Spotlight program. It is with the support of businesses like theirs that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of news, local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.