Antalek & Moore Hires Local Talent For Website Makeover (Sponsored)


Crucial to the success of a community is jobs. Some people have full-time jobs and work for other people. Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency in Beacon, NY, employs a staff of 10 full-time employees and 1 part-time employee. Other people create their own jobs based on their creative talent as small business owners and entrepreneurs. Antalek & Moore reached out to these entrepreneurs in the local market when they decided to kick off 2019 with a new online presence, featuring a cleaner, mobile-friendly website!

Hiring Local Design and Photography Talent

Says Susan about the website design process: “Two years ago, we changed how we market, using social media and a new website. We wanted to work with locals to create this for us.” Antalek & Moore entered the social media landscape with Kate Rabe of Marketing Inbound, who works with several organizations throughout the Hudson Valley.

For the website design, Kate referred Antalek & Moore to Katy Dwyer Design, who is known for working closely with clients. Katy and her team produced the design, and Kate shaped the content. “The goal was to re-vamp the website so it is more user-friendly, and not so stiff,” explains Susan.

“One of the most exciting aspects of the project is how we were able to use the photography of our longtime friend of the family, Scott Snell, who is a broadcast camera operator and drone photographer (learn more about him in his interview in the Highlands Current). He was responsible for the beautiful local artwork that now hangs on our walls.” Scott is known for sharing beautiful photography of Beacon with the public on social media.

New Website Features


Whether you’re looking to pay your bill, request a quote, or want to find out when Susan’s next Defensive Driving course is scheduled, the new design provides easier navigation for visitors. Since Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency serves as your local agent and liaison with whichever national insurance agency you elect to go with, you can pay that insurance company directly as well, if you’re used to paying that way.

If you are curious about updating your coverage for your home, car, or business - visit Antalek & Moore at

Personally, I’m all bundled up with Antalek & Moore! Home, Car, Business. Easy.

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