A Little Beacon Blog is a storyteller - a storyteller of the history of this area, of the things happening here now, of the people who live here, and of the things to do around us, helping the people who live here, and the folks who are visiting, know about insider things to do and eat. We stop to smell the roses, enjoy a drink or snack, and do bouts of shopping. Then we publish it here! Small businesses are featured, from interviews to in-depth articles about the development of a project. A Little Beacon Blog's "Things To Do In Beacon Guides" are the most comprehensive set of Guides helping people know what there is to do in many areas of interest.

Readers email us with questions, and you may have the same one. Maybe we've answered it here! Do contact us with any questions.

FAQ: How Do you pick your articles?

Most of the articles you read on A Little Beacon Blog are pure editorial, which means they were super newsworthy and we wrote an article with or without prompting. The entire "Come In!" interview and picture series is editorial, and are chosen at random. If an article is "branded content', which means that an individual, business or organization paid for the featured article, we note it at the bottom of the article.

FAQ: How Do I Get Featured in an article?

There are two ways to get featured in an article:

  • Editorial: Something really newsworthy is going on. Pitch in an idea like you you would to any media source. If you don't know how to pitch a story idea, see our sister company, Tin Shingle, which has lots of advice on how to do this. Please keep in mind, we are under time constraints just like you, so if you don't hear from us, or if your story isn't picked up, it may be that we just ran out of time.

  • Branded Content: An article you've paid for as a Sponsor Spotlight. People need to know about you for sure, but we have a lot of people pitching us their story ideas. If you want to guarantee an article, the Sponsor Spotlight is the program for you. Please keep in mind, we must approve each content partnership, so contact us first to make sure it fits in with our content.

FAQ: I want to be included in your Second Saturday Guide

The Second Saturday Art Gallery Guide features art galleries only, and is a free listing with a picture for them. Galleries should email editorial@alittlebeaconblog.com with a photo and description.

For the Happening This Weekend Newsletter Special Second Saturday Edition: Our advertising partner stores are included in this email with a picture and detail. See the Stand Out Program for details if you are a retail store.

FAQ: How do I get my business in a Guide?

All Beacon-based businesses located on Main Street or on nearby streets are included in one of our Things To Do In Beacon Guides for free. Submit your business to editorial@alittlebeaconblog.com. Included in this Basic Free listing is: Name, Website Link, Address, Phone Number.

More details can be shown, such as store hours, weekly promotions, musical lineups, etc. in our Stand Out Program

It's with advertisers that we are able to continue promoting Beacon, retail and the arts the way we do, and continue to write our editorial articles that people love.

Coming Soon: Business Directory

Yes, we are going to publish a Business Directory! Businesses can have paid listings in it at different budget levels. Please contact us if you want to be notified about getting into it.

Through all my searching about what to do and where to go in Beacon, A Little Beacon Blog was everywhere I looked - and was the most informative, helpful and colorful source for how best to enjoy this wonderful city.
— Adri Cowan, Owner Rougue Social and Social Media Manager for Marvel Comics

Meet the Team

Katie Hellmuth Martin

Publisher, Writer, Designer
Katie is a writer, designer, mama, and business owner. She started A Little Beacon Blog in 2011 just before her first child was born. Katie and her husband moved to Beacon from the upper upper west side of Manhattan in 2010, just before the big 3-day power outage in January - and they were not the camping out types, so did not know how to light the gas stove! Upon moving here, Katie was overcome with scattered information about Beacon. Being a blogger by nature, and a website designer, and a digital marketing strategist, she couldn't help but develop this blog to highlight the people and businesses in this town, as well as provide a central source of information for everyone to know what is going on.
Twitter: @kjpixelated   @alittlebeacon
Instagram: @katiejamespixel   @alittlebeacon

Marilyn Perez

Managing Editor
Marilyn Perez was born and raised in the Bronx and made the move out of the city in 2003. After spending some time in Westchester, she settled in Fishkill, NY with her boyfriend in 2009. When she's not managing ALBB, you will find her getting her sweat on at Firefly Yoga in Fishkill where she also assists and occasionally teaches.  With a background in Human Resources, she quit her daily NYC commute in 2013 to work from home for a major blogging platform assisting other bloggers making their sites more awesome.  Marilyn manages back-end design for the ALBB, preps our weekend "Happening This Weekend" newsletters, maintains the City Council pages, updates all the Things To Do In Beacon guides, and helps manage our social media accounts. 
Website: www.inkcoffeeyoga.com
Instagram: @inkcoffeeyoga

Allie Bopp

Designer of Things To Do In Beacon Guides and Adds
With a name like Allie Bopp, it's no surprise she creates the cutest logos around! Allie is the talented designer for the Things To Do In Beacon Guide's logos that you see here on A Little Beacon Blog as well as the print flyer around town. She lives on Main Street, Beacon, NY, and currently working full-time as a graphic designer for a company in Elmsford, New York, and is a lead designer at Katie James Inc., our sister design agency. She's taking her associates degree that she earned at the Art Institute in NYC and making great designs.
Website: www.alliebopp.com


Catherine Sweet

Editor of The Second Saturday Guide
Contributing Writer

Catherine Sweet is an editor and writer. When she’s satisfied that all of the commas have been placed just right, she might be found cooking, gardening, working on her old house, chilling out in the yoga studio, or surfing at the beach with her two dogs. A San Diego native, she landed in Beacon in 2008 and is amazed by the changes, big and small, she saw around town every day. That's right, "saw." Catherine moved back to her native town of San Diego in 2016, but her obsession with Beacon continues, and we are happy to have her clever wordsmithing and researching! Catherine has worked at The Journal News and Wine Spectator, and most recently serves as Managing Editor for San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles Magazine.
Instagram: @catherinecsweet