Cheers! Your Champagne Recipe for New Year's and Beyond

According to Timothy Buzinski, co-proprietor of Artisan Wine Shop in Beacon, NY, Champagne and other sparkling wines should be enjoyed at all times, as easy as wine or a craft beer. Yet in the States, bubbly is almost entirely associated with New Year's Eve and other celebrations. Perhaps one New Year's resolution could be to drink Champagne more often (not a hard resolution to keep, I would think!). To take it one step further, and make it easier to get creative, we are looking into making a cocktail out of that glass of bubbly.

On the eve of the New Year, I stopped into a few of Beacon's most trusted sources for Champagne and drink flavorings - Artisan Wine Shop and Drink More Good. The proprietors at each opened my eyes to pouring a few drips of bitters or cassis into champagne or a sparkly white wine.

Meet a few of the many bitters shelved on the wall under "Bitters" at Drink More Good. In flavors like Gypsy Tamarind Cacao, Kiki Lavender Elderberry, and my surprising favorite, Scarlet Strawberry Chili.

To taste test, one squeezes a drop of the flavor on the hand, then lick! I recommend also smelling the drop, because the experiences are totally different. To drink, squeeze one full dropper of your chosen flavor into a glass of Champagne, and enjoy.

At Artisan, you'll find a selection of bitters in flavors like Dandelion & Burdock Bitters, and orange flavors. These, Tim recommends, you could squeeze over a sugar cube that has been placed into your glass, then pour the Champagne over.

For a more traditional flavoring that is sure to be sweet, pour a bit of cassis into your glass, and you have a fresh and fruity treat. While dining, you may wonder what goes well with Champagne? Tim recommends popcorn. Pretty simple! I might take it a step further and make that a cheese-coated popcorn of some kind. But most important for this cocktail, Tim says, is to make sure the pairing is salty. If you're out to dinner, or planning on having Champagne after your meal, have smoked fish or trout, or other fish. Entertaining at home? Beacon Pantry has a shrimp cocktail that you can pre-order, and if you ask really nicely, they may even make you a cocktail sauce from scratch.

Happy New Year - And Beyond!

From Our Sleigh To Yours...Last-Minute Gifts Ideas Actually Purchased

Shopping while getting ready to head out of town can be so fun: As you are rapid-fire pulling triggers on choosing gifts for people on your list, you have no time to second-guess the decisions. Here is a rundown of what you can find on Beacon's Main Street for any last-minute gifts you need to dash to the store for:

Wool-felted soap for amazing exfoliation. We tweeted a Reader Request for where to find soaps in Beacon, and Wanderlust Gifts is one place you might find a twist on a traditional soap gift.
Find This In: Wanderlust Gifts (located on the east end, near Ella's Bellas)

A carry-on-friendly cocktail kit for the traveler on your gift list. My selection was the Champagne Cocktail, for a certain niece on my list who is flying all over the country on business.
Find This In: The Pfotoshop (located in the old train depot, formerly Hair Haven)
Editorial Note: The Pfotoshop is a Featured Business in A Little Beacon Blog's Shopping Guide, but this is not a sponsored spot! Pure editorial.

The copper mug that has exploded onto the cocktail and kitchen decor scene - copper mugs for Moscow Mules! I don't even know what a Moscow Mule cocktail is (but the recipe here calls for ginger beer, which you could inquire about at More Good); I am just a sucker for copper accents.
Find This In: Utensil Kitchenware (located on the east end of town, on the big curving bend in the road). I admit, I just cleaned out all of Utensil's copper mug stock, but more inventory will be in soon. One of the Cocktail Kits over at The Pfotoshop is for a Moscow Mule as well. You might even ask Utensil if they have a kit, since they have sugar and spice for just about everything else.

For the voracious reader on your list, Binnacle Books provides Beaconites with nearly instant access to new and used books! The requirement for this gifting mission was to find a book about the Hudson Valley region for a man who is obsessed with learning about the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, and has read just about every book on both subjects. "The Catskills" is a new release and the authors are from the Hudson Valley. Surely, this reader wouldn't have it yet! There are some signed copies still available in the store.
Find This In: Binnacle Books (located near Get Frosted Cupcakery and Subway; read our feature on Binnacle Books here)

For the avid knitter on your list, an easy pack-it-and-go gift is complementary shades of colored yarn. I am not a knitter; in fact, I have been known to verbally slip and call it "yarning," but pair these shades of gray yarn with a pop of red, and you have an instant OSU (Ohio State University)-friendly gift for someone who loves to knit spirit-wear. Many more color combos, already paired and ready for wrapping, are available in the store.
Find This In: Clay Wood & Cotton (located on the west end, near Bank Square Coffee)

"The Goonies" metal lunch box. I have been yearning to buy one of these metal lunch boxes from Play, and finally have a recipient who may appreciate it. This is for a nephew in medical school who may just be tired enough to get hooked on this lunch box as he takes snacks to and from studying.
Find This In: Play (located on the west end of town, across from Hudson Beach Glass)

For two nieces who are very different, yet really got into a sister-spat over last year's gifts: pretty wall art from Play. This year, they can play Tug-Of-War with these laser-cut floral wallets that feature tons of card slots and pockets.
Find This In: Play (located on the west end of town, across from Hudson Beach Glass)

Happy Shopping and Merry Christmas!

Tick-Tock! Dental Benefits Ending, Get Teeth Cleaned/Fixed at Beacon Dental! (Sponsored)

December is an extra-busy month for taking advantage of your unused health insurance benefits - before they start all over again from $0! You have spent the year - and your money - on making your deductible, so visits to the doctor and dentist are a bit easier on your wallet at the end of the year. Don't let the chance go by to get a teeth cleaning, or to take care of any other oral issues you have been putting off under your current dental plan.

Patients of Beacon Dental have it lucky - the office tracks unused benefits, and knows what you are qualified for with your current coverage. Call them today to make appointments for yourself and your family, (845) 838-3666.

Thank you for supporting businesses who support A Little Beacon Blog who make this publication possible!

New Pets Section Added to Beauty Guide with Paws & Mittens as First Addition

New to A Little Beacon Blog's Beauty Guide is a Pets section! Doggies and kitties are always happier with clean fur and clipped nails. If they don't get to run around outside a lot, those nails don't have as much opportunity to get filed down.

Paws and Mittens, located at 186 Main Street near the Beacon Barkery, is under new ownership, and is now grooming cats again, as well as dogs. Pay no attention to the current website, which last mentioned an April vacation - hey...websites can be intimidating to update! - instead, stick with the Facebook page of Paws and Mittens, especially if you want to see cute photos of fluffy dogs.

#TBT: Vogel's Old Sign Gets a New Paint Job

A staple in Beacon is the Vogel Pharmacy sign. Vogel is located right next door to Homespun Foods, and is an easy spot to pick up your prescriptions while getting a chocolate chip cookie next door. Vogel Pharmacy is your old school, original, locally owned pharmacy, tended by Anthony Valicenti. Over the years, the sign had grown a little tired. In fact, this was our very first "Where Is This?" contest picture back in 2011, and the hint we gave was: "It's peeling." Vogel was actually the subject of another "Where Is This?" contest picture, this time the interior.

Looks like the sign came out of its throwback stage, and got a fresh coat of paint! Local artist Erica Hauser, who has been known to repaint objects out in public, approached Vogel to repaint it, and was hired to do the job.

Job well done!

Get Your Sweet Tooth & Dancing Shoes Ready This Weekend!

We have more Pop-Up Guide action happening this weekend in Beacon, filled with sweet, delicious goodness and more!
It's the second week of Flowers & Flours at Clay Wood & Cotton, featuring dried flowers and wreaths from Diana Mae Flowers and assorted sweets from The Darling Kitchen. Stop by this Saturday, starting at 11 am.

Also this Saturday over at the east end of Main Street, stop by Echo and pick up freshly baked goods by 5Hens, sure to delight your recipient. Cookie boxes, teacher gifts, marshmallows and more. You can pre-order by visiting or email Pick up at the store.

Once you're done snacking, head over to The Howland Cultural Center for a night of dancing! This monthly dance series is attended by singles, couples, friends and strangers. Great bands and voices will be heard, including a variety of rhythms, styles and moods. Light refreshments will be served. Suggested donation: $10.00

As always, you can check out all of Beacon's ongoing events throughout the year in our Events Guide

Happy Birthday, Newburgh Restoration Blog! 7th Anniversary

Photo collage of pictorial highlights from Newburgh Restoration.
Photo credit: Newburgh Restoration

The Newburgh Restoration blog celebrates its 7th year of publication this year, and the publisher, Cher Vick, has put together her yearly write-up of the highlights in Newburgh - among them, her graduation with a master's degree in Urban Planning. Her mission for the blog is "to be at the forefront of the Newburgh renaissance and encourage the revitalization of the city." She does this by "encouraging economic development, new businesses, rehabilitation of houses (vacant and occupied), home ownership, resident interviews, and the Newburgh arts scene."

Cher publishes almost every day, and if you sign up for Newburgh Restoration's newsletter, you can pretty much set your clock by it. At 6:02pm every day there is a new blog post, featuring a dose of what is going on in Newburgh. Like:

Pretty much, if you want to know what's going on in Newburgh, from home development, total house fixer-upper projects, new businesses opening, or the outcome of local events, Newburgh Restoration is your source to keep the pulse on Newburgh. If you are looking to move to Newburgh, or are a home improvement junkie, your eyes will be glued to Cher's site, if they aren't already.

Local blogging is coming into its own with growing readerships, and offers audiences a special view into the depth of a city from different vantage points. Beacon has its own local blogs, like A Little Beacon Blog, Beacon Bits, Wigwam Economy, the original local forum Beacon Citizen which is like a lot of personal blogs consolidated together in one giant forum, Hudson Valley Compass (as the name suggests, this covers several destinations; Beacon is just one), Beacon Streets, and deep into the depths of Instagram there are such favorites as Beacon Transplant and so many others.

Just hit your #beaconny and #newburghny hashtags, and you'll discover all of the lovely and hopeful depictions of activities happening around here.

Congratulations on your anniversary, Newburgh Restoration!

A Little Beacon Blog is on Pinterest!

A Little Beacon Blog on Pinterest
We are happy to announce that A Little Beacon Blog is now on Pinterest!  When you live in a place as beautiful and visual as Beacon is, with a backdrop as stunning as the Hudson Valley, you know there's lots of eye candy to share! We have boards like "Handmade in Beacon," "Nightlife in Beacon," "Eat and Drink," and "Services" - even one for "Lovely Letters," because one can't have a Pinterest account and not obsess over typography!

A Little Beacon Blog on Pinterest

We have pin boards for each of our guides, with lots more to come! Are you on Pinterest? Let us know your Pinterest user name in the comments below, and don't forget to follow us at!

Meet the New People on the A Little Beacon Blog Team!


Remember when I put that ad up for a Social Media Coordinator/Editorial Assistant, way back in September? Well, a lot of really talented people came out. It was humbling and extremely exciting.

Slowly, very slowly over the years, I have added the required social media channels, newsletter, and carefully designed photos that work in Facebook. I say "slowly" because it all takes time and coordination to make sure it flows, visually and editorially, for you, the reader.

When I agreed with myself to do The Things To Do In Beacon Guides, I knew I couldn't do it alone. I needed a team. It takes a special set of skills to balance the fun part of blogging with the scientific part of keeping an editorial calendar in Google Docs to make sure we get all of our ideas written up, photographed, and socialized. Not everyone looks forward to getting Google Alerts from Google Calendar that certain articles need to publish on certain days. But some people do! And I am honored to work with a few of them. So without further ado, please meet...

Marilyn Perez is a designer and blog tech specialist. She actually works for one of the first blogging platforms I fell in love with by way of helping the blogs of those writers work correctly. Marilyn was first known to me as Pulp Sushi, a jewelry designer who I followed in Twitter. She's also one of the designers on the Hudson Valley Etsy Team. Marilyn loves Pinterest, and scheduling. Therefore, she is A Little Beacon Blog's official Pinterest Curator! Read her announcement blog post about it here! She helps to keep the gears moving smoothly when we promote different Guides in the Things To Do In Beacon Guides, and also when businesses who advertise in those Guides get socialized. It means we look at an Excel spreadsheet of which stories get published when, and which Guides get promoted! Color coordinating helps. View her full bio here!

Catherine Sweet loves copy editing. She is actually going to come in here to this article and edit the word "copyediting" to see if it is "copyediting" or "copy editing" or even "copy-editing." (Note from Catherine: Various style guides disagree on this. I like to be consistent with using two words, so it parallels "copy editor," which almost all of the style guides have as two words always. Digging into style questions makes me make a perplexed-amused face, as seen above.) Catherine also loves researching, enhancing blog posts with historical references from other blog posts, and writing social media blurbs. She is on a stealth mission to clean up typos and sentences that are too long, and make sure things read smoothly. Catherine is the Editor of the Second Saturday Guide, and compiles write-ups of the shows, and then tweets out every single show throughout the day on Saturday to help get people excited about it. Catherine was one of the first winners of the Where Is This? contest. View her full bio here!

Leigh Baumann is obsessed with good imagery. Leigh is in charge of the advertiser photos in the Things To Do In Beacon Guides, when businesses upgrade to become advertisers in them. She is the social media photographer who we send in to take special photos to display in those Guides, and in our Twitter and Instagram feeds. Leigh also designs special ads for our major sponsors, the Featured Businesses of the entire blog, who support this publication and make it possible. In addition to the visual contributions Leigh makes, she is also a foodie, and if she had a journalistic beat, restaurants would be it! Therefore, Leigh is the Editor of the Restaurant Guide in Beacon and keeps it up to date! View her full bio here!

A few more people work with A Little Beacon Blog in different capacities, so do check them out on the About Us page!

HUGE THANK YOU to everyone!

Poughkeepsie Nissan Can Upgrade Your Sleigh (Sponsored)

Ho-Ho-Ho...What is in your sleigh? Is it time for a new car? Or a new-used car? Take yourself to Poughkeepsie Nissan to see how they can work with your car needs to fit you into the car of your dreams. Do you need a pickup truck? A large, yet sexy, minivan (the Nissan Quest)? Or maybe even a Subaru from their Certified Used Car lot?

Poughkeepsie Nissan offers a guaranteed credit approval and is home of the Lifetime Powertrain Warranty on all new and pre-owned vehicles.

Search through their used cars under $10,000 to see what you can find! If you have been putting off upgrading your car situation, get yourself to Poughkeepsie Nissan to see what they can do for you.

With a full-service shop to service your car, going through Poughkeepsie Nissan can be convenient.

Thank you for supporting businesses who support A Little Beacon Blog who make this publication possible!

Come In! Audioccult for Records, Oddities and Pop Culture

True to their name, Audioccult is a place for records amidst the strange and unusual collectible items, many of which hail from the '80s. Located at 267 Main Street, next to American Gypsy and across from Max's on Main near Key Food, Audioccult is a record shop run by proprietor Sean Congdon that is as much a place to buy and sell records as it is to have a friendly experience buying those records. But records are not all that you will find in Audioccult. True to their mission of making you happy, you will find long-forgotten items from an '80s childhood, like a bright green Glo Worm (since sold), the Rainbow Brite horse, Care Bears, and G.I. Joe.

If you have never heard of the word Audioccult, that is because Sean made it up. "Audioccult is a term that encompasses our three primary passions - records (Audio), the strange, obscure, and not easily defined (Occult), and '80s pop culture (Cult)."

Normally very shy of record stores, not being a record collector or owner of a record player (yet), I challenged myself to go into the store to investigate. What I found was a delightfully playful shopping experience, which is exactly what Sean intended. "We're music and art geeks, not music and art snobs - it is our goal to make everyone feel welcome and respected, and hopefully leave the shop with a smile."

So in order to write this post and arrange these photos for your virtual walk-through of the store for A Little Beacon Blog's "Come In!" series, I unabashedly turned on Belinda Carlisle's Heaven on Earth album, and started typing.

Organized in a way that makes record browsing enjoyable, Audioccult also has a designated spot for new arrivals that just landed in the store. This is a much appreciated section for regular record crate diggers.

Vintage display cases line the wall and are filled with items that would be better for little hands not to touch, but are nice to look at.

Where else can you find a Rainbow Brite horse and original My Little Ponies on Main Street? And these might not even be here when you go into Audioccult, as things change in these white cases frequently.

Cheer Bear the Care Bear and an E.T. card game in the same shelf. Priceless.

Is your comic book collection complete without Starsky & Hutch or Dukes of Hazzard? Thought not.

Take a closer look at this are looking at collectible cards for Growing Pains and 21 Jump Street. These cards are some of the best sellers in the store.

Fievel. In his Fievel Goes West movie that can now be found in gas stations packaged with the original movie (and is a serious tearjerker), an American Tail. Available to you as a collectible card. Or pick G.I. Joe!

Back to the business of records. You can definitely listen to records while in the store.

If you wanted to take a moment to play Super Mario Brothers, Zelda, or whatever Audioccult has on hand at the moment, you could do so on their original Nintendo machine. Not that Audioccult is a store for gamers to stand around playing video games all day, but they do allow for some playing time.

Audioccult does have an online store that has a few unusual items, like a coffin key. As in the real-world shop, you just never know what you will find in there. Open from Wednesday-Sunday, you can also find Audioccult on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook at @audioccult.

Enjoy your shopping experience! Please take a picture of what you bought and tag A Little Beacon Blog in Instagram! @alittlebeacon. 

December's Second Saturday Guide for Art Showings

 Second Saturday Happenings on December 12, 2015!

The BeaconArts Logo for
Second Saturday.
"Second Saturday" is a lively day into night in Beacon, and is a celebration of Beacon's galleries, restaurants and other businesses arts on the second Saturday of every month. According to Dan Rigney, current president of BeaconArts, the organization who encouraged this movement to happen over a decade ago and heavily promotes the events, says: "Back then, Beacon was one of the last places people outside of town thought to go on a Saturday night. Now Second Saturday has become a part of the fabric of Beacon. It's such a part of it, many galleries have their opening events on other Saturdays, so that they get two big crowds each month." Second Saturday is a great reason to "walk" Main Street and beyond and explore the events going on around town. It's always a pleasure eating and drinking your way through Beacon, so this guide will help you know where to eat and drink as you explore special exhibits and happenings.

What to Know About This Guide:
  • This Guide includes gallery and art showings that may be hosted in a gallery or in a shop or restaurant. 
  • Many of these shows run through the current month, so check back often if you are on an art hunt.
  • Closing times posted here are for Second Saturdays only, and may not reflect regular Saturdays. Always call an establishment directly for current hours, offerings, or any other questions.
  • Parking can be found on side streets, on Main Street, and in municipal lots. A new municipal lot opened near the Fishkill Creek, near the mountain.
  • Live-tweet your way through Second Saturday by using the hashtag created by BeaconArts: #2SAT and tack on #beaconny or #SecondSaturday if you have room in your tweets or Instagram postings.
  • If you are a gallery and have something special to add, please email 

Late-Night (After 9pm) Spots to Eat and Drink: 
After you walk the galleries, you'll be hungry and need (another) drink!
See our full list of restaurants who are open prior to 9pm in our Restaurant Guide
Bank Square 129 Main St.
Chill Wine Bar 173 Main St.
Max's On Main 246 Main St.
Baja 328 328 Main St.
Quinn's 330 Main St.
The Towne Crier (bar only) 379 Main St.
Oak Vino Wine Bar 389 Main St.
(call first to see if cheese plates + dessert still being served)
Draught Industries 394 Main St.
The Vault 446 Main St.
Joe's Irish Pub 455 Main St.
The Hop 554 Main St.
(reservations usually needed for food)
Roundhouse 2 East Main St.
Dogwood 47 East Main St.

December's Second Saturday features many holiday shopping special events around Beacon. You can find dates and locations for not-to-be-missed seasonal shopping in our Pop-Up Shops Guide. Find out where to find limited-time only handmade art, jewelry, flowers, baked goods and more around our Hudson Valley city. Then, your favorite stores are also having special events for you, so browse all shops in our Shopping Guide. Do visit the high-style home accents at The PfotoShop, in the old Matteawan Train Station(formerly Hair Haven) or find the right foundations with Echo's Bra Fit Expert Tina Faraj. Leave all Guides open on your phone because they include addresses and phone numbers. Tap on a phone number to call anyone!

There's so much going on - keep your eyes on our Things To Do In Beacon Guides for all dates!

Bike tree by Ed Benavente,
photo by Ethan Harrison
The marquee event, however, of this month's Second Saturday is the BeaconArts Tree Lighting
Tree Lighting
Polhill Park (at the intersection of Main Street, Wolcott/9D, and South Avenue)
Beacon, NY
The 12th annual event, sponsored by BeaconArts and the City of Beacon, features a large "tree" sculpted by acclaimed local sculptor Ed Benavente, lighted up and decorated for the season. "Bicycles, like communities, are powered by people," Benavente says. The tree, made from recycled bicycle parts, has doubled in size since its first appearance in 2011. This year's event will include a mobile craft station for little ones, sponsored by Beacon Craft Workshop, choral music from Beacon school choirs, hot cider, donuts, and Santa. Stick around to light the menorah with Beacon Hebrew Alliance, celebrating Hanukkah the way only Beacon can. Attendees are encouraged to bring unwrapped gifts to donate to Santa's bag. 
Hours: Activities start at 3:30, with tree lighting at 5 and menorah lighting at 5:15



3 Beekman St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-0100
Special for Second Saturday: Gallery Talk: Matthew Lyons on Robert Irwin. Lyons, curator at The Kitchen (an experimental performance space in Manhattan), will discuss Irwin's light installation. Gallery Talks at Dia:Beacon take place the second Saturday of every month at 2 pm. Focusing on the work of a single artist on view at Dia:Beacon, these one-hour walk-throughs are led by curators, art historians, and writers. Free with admission to the museum. (Beacon residents get in free on weekends!)
More details at Dia:Beacon.
Hours: 11 am to 4 pm

Art in the Sanctuary at St. Andrew's
St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
15 South Ave.
Beacon, NY
Special for Second Saturday: An Evening of Music and Light. Brother Reinaldo Martinez-Cubero, a member of an Episocpal monastic order in Ulster County, will share his inspired music.  He has performed a variety of musical styles around the United States. Before joining the order in 2014, Martinez-Cubero founded a children's theater company in New York City, then started one for adults, too.
Hours: 4 pm to 6 pm


(Close to the train station)

Small Works Show at Catalyst Gallery
Catalyst Gallery 
137 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 204-3844
An artist-run rental space in Beacon. The intention of this artist-run space is to create an opportunity for individual artists or groups to show and sell work in a vibrant community that supports the arts.
Special for Second Saturday: The Small Works Show showcases 145 works - paintings, drawings, photography, prints, mixed media and sculpture - by more than 50 artists, and everything is for sale. Runs through January 3.
Hours: Noon to 9pm

Bannerman Island Gallery
Bannerman Island Gallery
150 Main St. 
Beacon, NY
Special for Second Saturday: Continuing for another month, the Bannerman Castle Trust presents photographer/artist Thom Johnson. He has used photographs taken years ago of the tower on Pollepel Island to create mirror images that present this Hudson River landmark from a different view. A portion of the proceeds from the photos' sales will go to the Bannerman Castle Trust's preservation efforts for the Castle.
Hours: Noon to 8 pm

Theo Ganz Studio
Theo Ganz Studio
149 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(917) 318-2239
Theo Ganz Studio, the little gallery with the big windows in Beacon's west end, was founded by artist Eleni Smolen as a venue for contemporary artists working in all media. Recognizing the importance of exhibitions in an artist's career, Smolen concentrates on presenting actively engaged emerging and mid-career professionals in either solo or group exhibitions.
Second Saturday: "Small Things, Tall Things, Red Things, Dead Things," botanical photographs by Lori Adams. Her family's long history with photography impelled Adams (based in East Fishkill) to turn her passion for plants into prints. The details she captures can be seen with the naked eye, but Adams' use of macro photography really brings the precise nature of her specimens to the fore.
Hours: Noon to 5 pm; opening reception 6 to 8 pm

Russell Cusick at
Hudson Beach Glass
Hudson Beach Glass
162 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-0068
A glass studio casting functional and sculptural objects for over 20 years. A truly special establishment to have in Beacon. Stop in to find blown glass objects of all kinds, from lights to bowls to wind chimes. Sometimes on Second Saturday you can watch them blow glass.
Special for Second Saturday: Freshly arrived at Hudson Beach Glass are pottery and ceramics from Jesse Jael Mercado and Noel VanHendrick and Eric Hendrick. Continuing this month are Russell Cusick's PhotoAcrylics, in which the mixed-medium process combines photography and painting. Works are a variety of sizes.
Hours: 10 am to 9 pm

Clutter Magazine Gallery
A buying event at Clutter.
163 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(212) 255-2505
The Clutter Gallery is a branch of the Clutter Media Group family, and is focused on showing quality work by both established and emerging artists in the fields of toy design & customization and modern pop & lowbrow art. Clutter Gallery's exhibitions are open to the public and free of charge.Works are a variety of sizes.
Second Saturday: Holiday Gifting of collectibles! Participating artists include Awesome Toy, Beastlies, Bleeding Edges, Bog x Squad, Brent Nolasco, Brittany DiPero, Camilla D'Errico, Candie Bolton, Cassandra Jerman, Cat Atomic, Crux, Crystal Jade Vaughan, Daniel Fleres, Funk Muffins, Jeff Lamm, Jenn & Tony Bot, Jeremiah Ketner, JFury, Joseph Luciano, Jump Jumper Ant, Kearjun, Kelly Denato, Kyle Kirwan, Leecifer, Lucent Morphics, Mariangela Tan, Peter Kato, Sara Leigh, Seriously Silly K, Shadoe Delgado, Simona Candini, 64 Colors, Skull Toys, Stacia Murphy, Sugar Fueled, Tasha Zimlich, twelveDot, 2petalrose, TwistyBitz, Valency Genis, and wetworks.
Hours: 10 am to 6 pm

RiverWinds Gallery
RiverWinds Gallery
172 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 838-2880
RiverWinds Gallery features Hudson Valley artists. Work includes fine art paintings and photography, plus contemporary crafts including ceramics, jewelry, fiber arts and more.
Special for Second Saturday: “Buone Feste,” the 12th annual holiday show, continues. It includes a huge variety of holiday-themed and gift items made by Hudson Valley artisans. There's art of all kinds: paintings, drawings, photography, sculpture, ornaments, jewelry and hand-made scarves and shawls. You'll also find kitchen items such as cutting boards, cookbooks, and mugs.
Hours: Noon to 9 pm

Artisan Wine Shop
180 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-6923
Special for Second Saturday: Try some new bottlings from around the world, just for fun or with an eye toward holiday meal pairings. Several wines will be poured for tasting from 3 pm to 6 pm.
Hours: 10 am to 7 pm; tasting 3 pm to 6 pm

Flora Garden and Home
197 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 764-1886
Special for Second Saturday: The recently-opened gardening and home decor shop offers such staples as plants, watering cans and indoor bulbs. This weekend, the shop will feature the pottery of Beacon ceramicist Virginia Piazza. Come meet the artist, see her lovely (and useful!) work, and enjoy hot chocolate and cider.
Hours: 11 am to 8 pm

Beacon Institute for Rivers & Estuaries 
Beacon Institute
199 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 838-1600
This historic brick storefront houses the Institute’s gallery, Hudson River bookstore and gift shop, and its administrative headquarters. The gallery showcases river and environmentally themed art and educational exhibits. Events feature talks by artists and regional Hudson Valley authors.
Special for Second Saturday: The historic Mount Beacon Incline Railway gets a spotlight in this exhibit, which features large-format photography, digital renderings, animations, and infographics, all exploring the Incline Railway’s early origins in shaping Beacon. The exhibition explores the initiative to bring back the Incline Railway, through the lenses of a historic narrative and an eye towards the future.
Click here for more event details.
Hours: 11 am to 3 pm



The start of The Middle, aka "Market Square"

At Beahive's Open Hive
291 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 418-3731
Special for Second Saturday: Holding its first art opening in way too long, Beahive welcomes Ryan Cronin. The Hudson Valley artist is inspired by '80s pop culture: neon, skateboarding, MTV, and punk rock. In addition to the art on the walls, a variety of wares from glasses to pillows will feature Cronin's images, ready for you to gift or take home. Cronin's opening reception is from 6 to 9, and a DJ will be spinning tunes until 10.
Hours: Opening reception, 6 pm to 9 pm; DJ 7 pm to 10 pm

Howland Public Library
Howland Public Library
313 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 831-1134
Each month, the library features the work of Hudson Valley photographers and artists. (Please note, the gallery may not be accessible during some library programs.) The Howland Public Library's recent construction meant they weren't sure about a new exhibit for December. Lucky for us, the November shows are still up and we can take another look. 
Special for Second Saturday: The library is pleased to present “Between the Lines," a semi-annual exhibition of student artwork from the Beacon City School District. This exhibit, organized by Claudine Farley, District Art Department Coordinator, features work from Beacon High School’s Studio Art Classes and is the first of what the library hopes will be many exhibits of student artwork at the library.
In the Community Room, "Beacon Inspired" features paintings from Jan Dolan and photography by Jean Noack, both Beacon residents. The exhibit is a dialogue between two friends about the city they love.
Hours: 10 am to 4 pm (library hours)


(Close to the mountain)

The start of the East End of Main Street and beyond.

At Matteawan Gallery
Matteawan Gallery
436 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-7901
Matteawan Gallery specializes in contemporary art with an emphasis on works on paper by emerging and mid-career artists.

Special for Second Saturday: Looking for something to share with those special people in your life who appreciate art? Look no more: Matteawan Gallery has gift ideas, with works grouped at $100 and under and $500 and under. Continuing this weekend is "Myths and Legends of the Hudson Valley," bringing together the work of six artists who are interested in exploring history, art history, and literature in a variety of mediums. The exhibition includes paintings by Scott Daniel Ellison and Deborah Brown, photographs by Wendy Small, drawings by Deborah Davidovits and Valerie Hegarty, and sculpture by Jackie Mock.
Hours: Noon to 5 pm

Morphicism Gallery
Morphicism Gallery

444 Main Street
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-3092
Moveable art in frames. An art you must see and experience.
Hours: Call first


3B Gallery
3B Gallery
458 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-6782
Special for Second Saturday: Continuing this month is "Blossom of a face, portrait of a flower," a solo exhibition by Bob Sproul. His paintings in oil represent a body of work through the eyes of an artist who, for reasons of age, diverse life experience and an ever-increasing introspection, has been drawn to capturing the more intimate experiences of people and nature.
Hours: 11 am to 6 pm


Back Room Gallery in Beacon NY
Back Room Gallery
Back Room Gallery
475 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 838-1838
Find 30 artists showing here, from large paintings to small collectibles. Also find art supplies such as sketch pads and charcoal pencils. And if you're with a man who wants to skip the art but loves anything to do with the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, send him to the actual "back room" of this gallery for a viewing of a very valuable collection of War art on crepe fabric.
Special for Second Saturday: Stop in and find out!
Hours: LATE

Howland Cultural Center
Howland Cultural Center
477 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 831-4988
Beacon's Howland Cultural Center is not just another arts organization. Its beautiful home is a Victorian building that was born specifically to serve the community as a cultural resource
Special for Second Saturday: Continuing this month, "you are my blue / i am your red" is a collaborative exhibition in words, photos, and textiles, with work by photographer Bibiana Huang Matheis and poet Bettina Wilkerson, aka Poet Gold, and a project between multimedia and installation artist Mimi Czajka Graminski and poet Sarah Stern. Also at the Howland Center on Saturday, check out Hudson Valley Etsy Team's pop-up shop. (More in our Pop-Up Guide!)
Hours: 1 pm to 5 pm

Maria Lago Studio 502
Maria Lago Studio 502
502 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 765-8421
Special for Second Saturday: An opening reception will be held for "The Wanderers," Maria Lago's haunting, evocative sculptures.
Hours: Reception 6 pm to 9 pm 

BAU Gallery
BAU Gallery
506 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-7584
bau (Beacon Artist Union) is a platform for members/artists to grow, present and market their work and collaborative curatorial projects, while hosting events of related disciplines: performances, talks, film and music. BAU builds a vital link between the activities at bau and the community.
Special for Second Saturday:  BAU Gallery's 132nd consecutive monthly gallery opening will feature the work of sculptor and painter Herman Roggeman in Gallery One. Born in Belgium, he has become a leading advocate of arts and artists in the Hudson Valley. Roggeman's recent pieces showcase color, balance, and his love of animals. The mixed-media works of Lisa Zukowski will be in the Beacon Room. The two-dimensional and sculptural pieces reflect on accumulation, change, and transformation. A reception will be held from 6 to 9 pm. 
Hours: Noon to 6 pm; reception from 6 pm to 9 pm

Open Space Gallery
510 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 765-0731
Special for Second Saturday: Art Flash Sale! Nearly a dozen Beacon-based artists are selling their original works at garage-sale prices! "Help us de-clutter and ease the pain of our homeless art," the artists encourage you. 
Hours: 4 pm to 8 pm

First Presbyterian Church
50 Liberty St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 831-5322

Special for Second Saturday: A fair of new and used books for sale, sponsored by Binnacle Books. The event will include readings and author signings, gift-wrapping, and baked goods. Proceeds from used-book sales will benefit First Presbyterian Church, while new-book sales will benefit the books' authors.
Hours: 11 am to 5 pm


BEACON near RT. 52
(Beacon's part of Rt. 52 that heads into or out of town.)

Hudson Valley Crafts at
The Lofts at Beacon
The Lofts at Beacon Gallery
18 Front St.
Beacon, NY
The Lofts at Beacon brought back to life a 19th-century brick mill that once made textiles in the Hudson Valley, located by the Fishkill Creek and situated near the Hudson River in the artists' haven town of Beacon. The Lofts have been completely remodeled into beautiful lofts, providing excellent loft rental units for the working artist.
Second Saturday: Hudson Valley Crafts
Featuring jewelry by Jacqueline Rickard and Handmade by Barbara, photography by Malcolm Castro, pottery from Civi's Creations, Tammi Scotti's bags made from repurposed items, painted silk items from Jas Ban Crafts, and ornaments by Frances Korykora.
Hours: 1 pm to 5 pm

You will need these two other Guides as well as you mix and match dates and events for your weekend entertainment!

Bicycle Menorah Celebrates Beacon, People, and Illumination During Hannukah

The bicycle menorah during its fourth night, before the fourth candle was mounted, which celebrated Planet Protectors.

Every night since Sunday, December 6th, the Beacon Hebrew Alliance has been lighting the menorah at Polhill Park (at the corner of Main Street and South Avenue) one bicycle wheel at a time to celebrate eight types of people in this community:
  • Artists
  • Farmers & Food
  • Teachers
  • Planet Protectors
  • Volunteers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Clergy
  • Builders, Makers & Fixers
During their project, Illumin8, a joint project with Beacon Arts who also hosts the bicycle tree lighting ceremony happening this Second Saturday, this bicycle menorah is not only one-of-a-kind, but it is dedicated to celebrating all of the types of people who live around us. "The story of Beacon is the story of a town coming through hard times with hope and dedication. In order to celebrate those who light up our community," says Rabbi Brent Chaim Spodek. "Hanukkah tells us that we can hope against all reason and sometimes, we will prevail."

Notice the words under the wheel/candles. Each night a light is lit for group of people inscribed on the menorah.

Each spoke and wheel is dedicated to a group of people. Each night, a representative of the group comes to install the illuminated bicycle wheel/candle. They sing some songs, say a few prayers, and go back home for a warm dinner. Tonight, Friday night, the celebration is dedicated to Entrepreneurs, of which this town has several! Saturday night, the celebration illuminates Clergy. You may find yourself in an especially crafty mood on Saturday as you're surrounded by creativity, and lucky for you, the Beacon Craft Workshop will be there in her mobile craft studio! On Sunday night, the final night, a wheel/candle goes up for Builders, Makers and Fixers.

This Saturday when you head out for Second Saturday (get your full Second Saturday Art Gallery Guide with late-night eating options right here!) art gallery showings, shopping events, and/or the lighting of the bicycle tree with waves to Santa as he comes down on pedicab, stay for the wheel/candle lighting ceremony at this bicycle menorah.

New to the Beauty Guide: Makeup Counters!

This just in to A Little Beacon Blog's Beacon Beauty Guide: a Makeup section! Because did you know that you can buy the shade of lipstick that you needed from three different shops on Main Street? There went one less reason to go to the mall! Click here for the full descriptions with addresses and phone numbers, but know this:  The Blushery offers makeup consultations and sells a variety of types of makeup from shadows to lipstick.  Beacon Natural Market has a full makeup counter that carries several lines of natural makeups and even nail polish, right next to their wall of vitamins. Giannetta Salon & Spa just around the corner from Main Street on 9D designs their own line of makeup for each season. So you are covered any which way!

And did you know that Hudson Valley Fitness rebranded to be called HVF Training Camp, and offers dedicated training camps each month? The Beauty Guide includes gym/fitness memberships in Beacon, and Gift Certificate ideas for anyone on your list. 

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