Friday, February 27, 2015

Barb's Butchery: The Back Story of the Farm Fresh Butcher Who Sold You a Rump

Barb, founder of Barb's Butchery.

Barb is a math nerd whose thoughts crystallize into ven diagrams. She is also your freshest local butcher, who sees meat as "a giant puzzle". The puzzle for Barb isn't just how the steer fits together or comes apart, it's how people want to buy it,  when they want to buy it, and how much they want to pay for it. But she hasn't always had visions of poultry and pork. In fact, Barb was a math teacher before she decided to learn how to become a butcher and open Beacon's first butchery in December 2014, Barb's Butchery at 69 Spring Street. Well, Beacon's first butchery during these times. Perhaps twenty years ago there was a butcher, but for those living here now, word on the street was that Beacon needed a butcher.

People are wanting a butcher who can cut local meat that is heavily researched and approved of by a person they trust. They want to know that the chickens are actually running around a farm like one hopes they would, not the horror stories from links that go viral with disturbing pictures. Farms Barb sources from include include Fazzios for chicken, Meiller Farms for beef, pork and lamb, and Dashing Star Farms for lamb. And if you don't feel like cooking your own, Barb's Butchery is a supplier to Poppy's for burgers, and Dogwood for the burgers, lamb, sausages and "pub grub", and Quinn's for pork and sometimes pork bellies. Barb's Butchery has also started serving lunch and dinner - albeit in limited hours. Dinner is from 5pm - 7:30pm so you better get there quick so as not to miss the hand cut and fries and beer battered onion rings.

Barb's 3 year old daughter was her biggest connection to her first customers. A lot of the parents of little friends of Lila were craving local meat where they knew where it came from and how it was treated.  Trendy in Beacon is to "buy a cow". If you don't live here, that sounds odd, but people really do go in on buying a cow together from a local farm, and are given cut or ground pieces to store in a giant freezer in their basements. So friends of little Lila were in a Facebook group to put in their requests of what kind of meat they wanted Barb to cut for them when she want on a buying spree. Before she opened the shop, Barb had a loyal clientele.

"I see overlaps in math, it's terrible."
Barb states this like it's a nuisance, but it's wonderful for business. Barb is in tune with with people's needs, and knows that they need meat fresh, fast and for dinner. But they can't always get out to get it. She can calculate her costs and profits quickly, so she is constantly whipping up different deals and meals that people can buy. Like the February Special that can include 2 5oz filets, 2 6oz sirloin steaks, 4 bone in pork chops, 1 whole chicken, 6 all beef hot dogs or 4 fresh sausages, and 2 Beacon Pie Company Hand Pies (your choice of Apple, Blueberry or Cherry), all for about $49.99 (for the grain finished version). Dinner for the week…DONE.

Businesses in Beacon are hard to pin down. They either open up shop, and don't catch the vibe of Beacon needed to stay. Or they open up shop, business booms, and they move to a larger location down the street. Just look at Beacon Bubble, Beacon Pantry, The Hop, and Ellas Bellas who expanded next door almost immediately. Will Barb's Butchery move? Probably not. Barb and her husband bought the building they opened the store in, and totally renovated it before opening. Under a dual loan - one for the business of owning a building and another loan for the business of a butchery - they are all in. And sure enough, Barb is already needing more space to store meat as their sales increase.

Refrigerated truck to the rescue! Barb has a truck that can store meat, which makes it more convenient for her to actually purchase more meat directly from farms and skip the step of farms taking it elsewhere for storage.

More importantly for the rest of us, Barb's Butchery is going to deliver - if you want it. For those of us in Fresh Direct Withdrawal, Barb's Butchery can drive up to your house in their big truck to deliver your meat order of $50 or more, within a 10 mile radius of the store, and east of the Hudson River. Do you want it? Let her know - seriously - by going to her Facebook page to tell her.

And now...for pictures.

This is Porkchop. Yup, Barb called his references and
that really is his name. He's trying to make it legal.

This is your sausage maker. Making lots and lots of sausage
for Sausage Fest 2015, a kielbasi filled day on 2/28/15 Barb
cooked up to introduce more than 21 sausage varieties.
A doodle on tile in Sharpie marker by Porkshop in the kitchen.

Teamwork. There are 7 employees total.

My lunch of a roast beef sandwich with swiss cheese.
I ate all of the fries before I remembered to take a picture.
Also pictured here is my trusty pink glitter notebook for notes
that made its debut on a treadmill.

Congratulations, Barb! And thanks for opening!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

St. Patty's Day in a Can for Dogs: Food at Beacon Barkery
Merrick's "Kiss Me I'm Irish Stew" dog food at
Beacon Barkery for limited time.
Because you always get your dog a treat for St. Patty's Day, right? Merrick brand dog food has always had the best looking canned dog food that you really could serve the family and they may not know it's Beef Stew for dogs. Just look at the ingredients, and you'll find most of them are the real food that you eat too, like sweet potato, duck, lamb, and more. From actual bratwurst, to Thanksgiving Day Dinner there are a lot of entrees to choose from. This late winter season, Merrick releases their Kiss Me I'm Irish Stew, the grain free stew made with Yukon gold potatoes, carrots, and more yummy that Beacon Barkery co-owner Nancy Pate has admitted to trying - herself. Pick up a can and delicious doggie cookie with icing at Beacon Barkery. The new pet food and live bait store mid-Main Street also carries Merrick, but we have not confirmed this seasonal favorite.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Winner of the "Where Is This?" Contest! Mural on N. Chestnut Street Wall

The Rene Magritte inspired mural, "Son of Man" on
North Chestnut, the wall of The Dance Bag and
Dennings Point Distillery.
We have a winner! Just one day after releasing this picture contest, Michelle Rivas correctly identified the mystery photo and wins the jar of hot fudge sauce from Utensil! The mystery photo was of the edge of a silver fish's red lip, which was painted along the bottom of the mural. The mural is a Rene Magritte inspired surrealist painting based on the "The Son of Man" painting from 1946. The mural is located the on North Chestnut wall that is shared by The Dance Bag and Dennings Point Distillery. Someone else was inspired by the painting, inspired enough to recreate the green apple themselves in mid-air, which you can see here.

To see the original mystery photo, click here.

Until the next contest, test your knowledge on past pictures!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Where Is This? Hint: It's Cold

Your Hint: It's Cold.

WINNER! A winner has identified this mystery photo! Click here to get the answer.

Hello Beaconites and Hudson Valley enthusiasts!
Guess where this photo was taken and what it is, and you will win this week's prize!

Your Prize: The first person to identify this photo
in the comments below will win one jar of
Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream's Extra Bitter Hot Fudge Sauce from
Unensil, Beacon's affordable and practical kitchenware shop.

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Saturday, February 14, 2015

February's Second Saturday Guide for Art, Entertainment, Dining & Shopping

Second Saturday on February 14th in Beacon NY

February Second Saturday Happenings on February 14, 2015!

The Beacon Arts Logo for
Second Saturday.
"Second Saturday" is a lively day into night in Beacon, and is a celebration of Beacon's galleries, restaurants and other businesses arts on the second Saturday of every month. According to Dan Rigney, current president of Beacon Arts, the organization who encouraged this movement to happen over a decade ago and heavily promotes the events, says: "Back then, Beacon was one of the last places people outside of town thought to go on a Saturday night. Now Second Saturday has become a part of the fabric of Beacon. It's such a part of it, many galleries have their opening events on other Saturdays, so that they get two big crowds each month."  Second Saturday is a great reason to "walk" Main Street and beyond and explore the events going on around town. It's always a pleasure eating and drinking your way through Beacon, so this guide will help you know where to eat and drink as you explore special exhibits and happenings.

What to Know About This Guide:
  • This Guide includes gallery and art showings, as well as restaurants and bars, and any shops that are having extended hours. 
  • Galleries, shops and restaurants are listed in order of location.
  • Closing times posted here are for Second Saturdays only and may not reflect regular Saturdays. Always call an establishment directly for current hours, offerings, or any other questions. For a full listing of open/closed times and days for purely shopping in Beacon, see our Shopping Guide.
  • Parking can be found on side streets, on Main Street, and in municipal lots.  
  • Live tweet your way through Second Saturday by using the hashtag created by Beacon Arts: #2SAT and tack on #beaconny or #SecondSaturday if you have room in your tweets or Instagram postings.
  • If you are a gallery or business owner and have something special to add, please email 
  • For Galleries: You may submit 1 photo of artwork or something representing your show for Second Saturday. Otherwise, your storefront will be shown. Please email this to
  • Advertising Opportunities: If your business is listed in this Guide and you want to share a special offering or post a photo, click here for details.

Let's get to it!!


3 Beekman Street
(845) 440-0100
Special for Second Saturday 2-4pm: New York-based designer and curator, Prem Krishnamurthy will give a Gallery Talk on On Kawara. No reservations required. Gallery Talks at Dia:Beacon take place the second Saturday of every month at 2 pm. Focusing on the work of a single artist on view at Dia:Beacon, these one-hour walk-throughs are led by curators, art historians, and writers. Free with admission to the museum. 
More details at Dia:Beacon.
Open Until: 4pm

2 Way Brewing Company
18 West Main St Beacon, NY
(this is down the hill from Main Street proper, near the train)
(845) 202-7334
On your way up from the train station, either on foot or by car, Beacon's own brewery is a must-stop.
Special for Second Saturday: Featured artists on display: TBD.  They will have a $3.50 special on pints of Confusion, and as always 100% of any sales made go to the artists.
Open Until: 11pm (if you're still milling around after 11pm, pop in and see if they are still open)

Mary Kelly's
37 Lamplight St, Beacon
(845) 765-8874
Irish pub and restaurant serving great food and traditional Irish fare. Delicious desserts, including Junior's cheesecake (a Brooklyn original). Plus sports on TV.
Open Until: 11pm


(Close to the train station.)

129 Main St.
(845) 440-7165
Your friendly place on the West End Main Street for a latte, craft beer, or Mast Brothers Hot Chocolate. Also has snacks like yogurt, granola bars, and homemade donuts when they are making them.
Open Until: 10pm

Clay Wood & Cotton
133 Main Street
Delightful little store for hand made pottery, jewelry, stationery, wood based designs, and many other things. Has an entire room devoted to knitting.
Open Until: 6pm


Catalyst Gallery
Catalyst Gallery
137 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 204-3844
An artist-run rental space in Beacon. The intention of this artist-run space is to create an opportunity for individual artists or groups to show and sell work in a vibrant community that supports the arts.
Special for Second Saturday until 6pm: A group exhibition of artwork inspired by coffee and donuts. On view through February 24th.
Open Until: 6pm

Marion Royael Gallery
Marion Royael Gallery
159 Main Street, Beacon
Special for Second Saturday 6-10pm: On view is a group show: Old School; face the change. "A look at the fascinating technology based changes that have taken place during the past 30 years."
Open Until: 10pm

The Clutter Gallery
163 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508
On Display at Clutter Gallery
A branch of the Clutter Media Group family is focused on showing quality work by both established and emerging artists in the fields of toy design & customization and modern pop & lowbrow art. Clutter Gallery's exhibitions are open to the public and free of charge.
Second Saturday: “Inaction Figures 3” The third installment in the annual action figure (& other retro toy) show at Clutter Gallery. Runs Saturday, February 14, 2015 to March 6, 2015.
Open Until: Call First

Chill Wine Bar
173 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 765-0885
A cozy wine bar offering tapas and live jazz music every Saturday night. Sit at the bar or along the brick wall at a table for two, or spread out in the front in the window seat adorned with pillows. Especially known for their dessert selection which includes a s'more panini and cheese cake as well as their cheese and meat platter. 
Second Saturday: Bossa Nova jazz with Rio de Samba.
Open Until: Midnight

175 Main Street
Beacon, New York 12508
(845) 765-2410
Where the motorcycle enthusiast and the spiritualist come together!  Notions-N-Potions makes products that are handcrafted using only the finest herbs, essential oils and fragrance oils, and are made in the store. Find apparel, books, candles, helmets, herbs, pocketbooks, incense, tarot cards, and more. Also ask about their totem animal readings.
Open Until: Call First

Tito Santana Taqueria
142 Main Street, Beacon NY 12508
(845) 765-2350
Really fresh food you'd expect to find in a taqueria. From guacamole to fish tacos to cheesy quesadillas. Serves beer.
Open Until: 10pm on Second Saturdays

Theo Ganz Studio
The Theo Ganz Studio
149 Main Street, Beacon
Theo Ganz Studio, the little gallery with the big windows in Beacon's west end, was founded by artist Eleni Smolen as a venue for contemporary artists working in all media. Recognizing the importance of exhibitions in an artist's career, Smolen concentrates on presenting actively engaged emerging and mid-career professionals in either solo or group exhibitions.
Second Saturday: Ilse Schreiber-Noll's ongoing series Searching for a New Planet (Only History Remains) 2002-2014, which will include sculpture, books, drawings and paintings and be on view from January 24 - February 22, 2015.
Open Until: 9pm

Hudson Beach Glass
Hand Cast Glass from
Hudson Valley Beacon Glass
162 Main Street, Beacon
A glass studio casting functional and sculptural objects for over 20 years. A truly special establishment to have in Beacon. Stop in to find blown glass objects of all kinds, from lights to bowls to wind chimes. Sometimes on Second Saturday you can watch them blow glass.
Open Until: 9pm

Dream in Plastic
Jel Ena at Dream in Plastic
177 Main St, Beacon
(845) 632-3383
Normally a shop for items you never realized you needed until you wanted everything in there. Every Second Saturday, Dream in Plastic transforms their space into an art gallery.
Second Saturday: An Anti-Valentine's Day show: "The Key to Her Heart was a Knife". An incredible group show curated by Ryan Myers and Jel Ena with over 30 artists!
Open Until: 6pm-9pm or later

Culture Cafe Bar
157 Main St. Beacon
(845) 202-7800
Really great breakfast, lunch and dinner spot for seasonal fare and soups. Serves wine.
Open Until: Call First

The Pandorica
165 Main St, Beacon
If you're a fan of Dr. Who, you will love this restaurant. Most importantly, however, is their food, which is delicious, comforting, and offers plenty of dessert options. Serves beer.
Open Until: 9pm

RiverWinds Gallery
Linda Puiatti at RIverWinds
172 Main St, Beacon
(845) 838-2880
River Winds Gallery features Hudson Valley Artists - Fine Art Paintings & Photography plus Contemporary Crafts including Ceramics, Jewelry, Fiber Arts and More.
Second Saturday Special 5pm-8pm: “Color of Light” Oil Paintings by Linda Puiatti.  These strong bold paintings of light, atmosphere and mood give a strong emotion and a sense of connection with nature. The show runs through March 8, 2015. 
Open Until: 8pm

Artisan Wine Shop
180 Main St, Beacon
(845) 440-6923
Beacon's most delightful wine shop that specializes in pairing wine with food. Every Second Saturday, Artisan Wine Shop hosts a be wine tastings with winemaker/import representative Luis Moya.
Wine Tasting: 3-6pm
Open Until: 7pm

Poppy's Burgers & Fries
184 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 765-2121
Enjoy a great burger and fries in wooden booths in Poppy's. Serves 100% grass fed beef, 100% Hudson Valley, and 100% Humanely raised. Serves craft beer.
Open Until: 8pm

Sound Shack
Detail of artwork on display
190 Main St, Beacon
(845) 489-2705
“Vinyl record store meets visual art”
Special for Second Saturday 11:30am-8pm: Artist Reception 4pm-6pm serving refreshments and will display three artists:
Kate Brownson: Mixed Media Jewelry- One of a kind statement pieces using shells, feathers, flowers, resin, and chains.
Fred Csaszar Jr.: Paintings- Surreal paintings with images of skeletons, NYC, water, and with a strong color palette.
Monica Simoes: Photography- Photos of legendary iconic figures in music including Cyndi Lauper, Sting, and The Decemberists.Open Until: 8pm

Beacon Bread Company
193 Main Street, Beacon, NY
(845) 838-2867
Stop in for warm french onion soup, grilled cheeses and other sandwiches, cheese danishes, brownies...
Open Until: 5pm

Mad Dooley
Mad Dooley Gallery

Mad Dooley Gallery
197 Main St, Beacon
(845) 702-7045
As described by one fan: "A smart, daring, and loving gallery."
Second Saturday Special: TBD
Open Until: Call First

Beacon Institute for Rivers & Estuaries 
199 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 838.1600
Ghosts of the Gulf at
Beacon Institute for Rivers & Estuaries
This historic brick storefront houses the Institute’s gallery, Hudson River bookstore and gift shop, and its administrative headquarters. The gallery showcases river and environmentally themed art and educational exhibits. Events feature talks by artists and regional Hudson Valley authors.
Second Saturday Exhibit 11am-8pm: Ghosts of the Gulf: The Art and Biology of Brandon Ballengée. This is an exhibit of strikingly vivid images of marine species collected in the Gulf of Mexico after the 2010 Deep Water Horizons disaster. Through the colorful art and biology of Brandon Ballengée, these once-common species seem to rise as apparitions from the depths, haunted icons of contemporary environmental chaos. Organized by Amy Lipton of ecoartspace. Courtesy of the artist and Ronald Feldman Fine Arts, New York, NY. On view Through March 8, 2015.
Click here for more event details.
Open Until: 8pm

213 Main St, Beacon
(845) 831-1221
Beacon's stop for soul food including fried chicken, ribs, ox tail and mac and cheese that rivals Stouffers. Enjoy a generous slice of a homemade three layer frosted cake. Serves beer.
Open Until: 9 or 10pm....Call First


The start of The Middle, aka "Market Square"
Pleasant Ridge II
208 Main St, Beacon
(845) 831-3444
Pizza and Italian food like chicken parmesan. Seats large parties.  Serves wine and beer.
Open Until: Call First

232 Main St, Beacon
(845) 831-5096
Delicious spot for breakfast, lunch or sweet snacks (like carrot cake or chocolate mousse). If you are here on a Saturday, you are lucky because you get to order their deep dish french toast with real maple syrup, which is only baked on the weekend. Also has oatmeal, yogurt, quiche, sandwiches, and cheeses.
Open Until: 5pm

Isamu Sushi
240 Main St, Beacon
(845) 440-0002
Beacon's most modern and hip looking sushi restaurant with a waterfall wall that kids love. Seats large party. Serves wine and beer.
Open Until: 11pm

Max's On Main
246 Main Street
The local bar for a great dinner, live music, and late night eating. Live music every Saturday. Plus sports on TV.
Open Until: 11pm or later

American Gypsy Vintage
263 Main St, Beacon
(845) 440-3670
A little bit country, a little bit rock & roll. From bohemian to bike, this boutique sells a well-edited assortment of vintage and contemporary designers. In addition to running the shop, owner Nicole Alyse is also a well known personal style blogger who does photo shoots in Beacon and NYC. For inspiration or fashion envy find her on twitter and instagram.
Open Until: 8pm

Cafe Amacord
276 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 440-0050
Delicious Italian flare gourmet food. Enjoy salads with goat cheese and beets, cauliflower soup, entrees of fish or steak, and wine by the glass or bottle.
Open Until: 11pm

All You Knead
308 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 440-8530
Stop in for a chocolate croissant, apple muffin, or chicken pot pie. You'll of course find a hearty chocolate chip cookie or brownie here, but you may also find whatever the baker decided to bake, like vegetable samosa.
Open Until: 5pm

Denning's Point Distillery
10 N. Chestnut Street, Beacon
Denning’s Point Distillery in Beacon, NY crafts the finest artisanal spirits available including Viskill Vodka, Beacon American Whiskey & Denning's White Rye Whiskey.  They use high quality grains from New York state farms and strive to create classic spirits of unique character and depth. Denning's Point Distillery works from a unique, urban production space and offers impromptu tours and tastings.
Open Until: 8pm

Lynn Seeney at Howland
Howland Public Library
313 Main Street
Each month, the library features the work of a Hudson Valley photographer on its electronic bulletin board. Part of the Howland Library’s Community Art Programs, the eExhibit slideshows can be viewed on continuous loop on Second Saturdays. Two art exhibits are on display inside as well. (Please note the gallery may not be accessible during some library programs.)
Special for Second Saturday: An artist reception will be held on from 5-7 pm for the two exhibits on display:
“Obstructed Memories” are works on paper by Lynn Seeney. On view in The Adult Programs Exhibit Space from January 24 – March 1, 2015. In this series of wildly expressive abstracts, Seeney explores the concept of memory.
"My Heroes Have Always Been Strong Women” is an exhibition of photographs by native Beaconite Markie Baylash. The exhibit will be on view in The Community Room Exhibit Space from January 24 – March 8, 2015. Baylash can often be seen walking the streets of Beacon, his camera always in hand. In this exhibition, he pays tribute to the beauty and heroism of “everyday strong women”.
Open Until: 7pm

Get Frosted Cupcakery
323 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 765-1002
A cupcakery with many flavors. Be sure to try their lemon cupcake!
Open Until: Call First

The Towne Crier Cafe
379 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 855-1300
Founded in 1972, in an old stagecoach stop in Beekmanville, NY, the Towne Crier Cafe has become a mecca for fans—and performers—of live music. After a brief stay in Millbrook, then a quarter-century in Pawling, NY, they relocated in October, 2013, to the blossoming arts hub of Beacon, NY. Their performance space is spacious but intimate—bringing you what the NY Times called “Down-home access to world-class performers.” Their fine-dining menu emphasizes fresh, local and natural ingredients. The Towne Crier claims that you will be tweeting "OMGs" after eating their desserts.
Special for Second Saturday: Mary Fahl is an expressive, emotional singer/songwriter who first achieved fame as lead singer and co-founder of the mid-1990s chamber-pop group OCTOBER PROJECT.
More details here.
Open Until: 10pm or Call First

Beacon Pantry
382 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 440-8923
Beacon Pantry is a specialty market for meats, cheeses, fish, crackers, jams, honey, granola, ice cream, and so much more. Known for carrying French and Italian delectables. Enjoy a snack at their window seat or grab something and go.
Special for Second Saturday: You are treated to tastes of February cheeses, paired with wine picked fresh from the Artisan Wine Shop.
Open Until: 8pm

More Good
383 Main St, Beacon
(845) 797-1838
Drink More Good uses locally sourced and organic ingredients to create hand-crafted soda syrup concentrates, tea and tisane concentrates, and bitters.
Second Saturday 10am-8pm: “Love More Good” Valentine’s Day soft opening of the More Good Spice Station and Barman Supply Shop.
Open Until: 8pm (or later!)

Oak Vino Wine Bar
389 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 765-2400
Oak Vino is an oasis for wine lovers. Enjoy the curated wine collection that is always changing. Serves light fare of tapas including cheeses, chutney, hummus, and more. Food menu is available until 10pm.
Special for Second Saturday: Artist reception and live jazz music.
Open Until: 11pm

Draught Industries
394 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 765-8080
Beer, beer and more beer! This cozy alleyway of a bar has everything you need: BEER. Lots of beer on a big fancy, super-impressive and high-tech tap system. Bartenders dispense great advice and samples to find your perfect beer for the evening. Did we mention beer?
Open Until:LATE

Yankee Clipper
397 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 440-0021
If you need broad food selections from veggies to meat to seafood, Yankee Clipper is a Beacon staple that will seat you comfortably for any meal. If you've seen the movie "Nobody's Fool" with Paul Newman, you'll recognize Yankee Clipper in a scene. Find a huge menu that includes Italian, Southwestern, and enjoy a few dishes with a Greek flare such as a gyro or chicken slouvaki. Serves beer and wine.
Open Until: 10pm

211 Fishkill Avenue, Beacon
The purpose of the KuBe (an acronym for Kunsthalle Beacon) is to promote art and culture within an international dialogue.  Their goal is to bring together art from around the world , and create a forum with the local talent of the Beacon and New York arts community. The KuBe is comprised of 48 artists’ studios, Commercial Office Spaces, Ethan Cohen Fine Arts Gallery, Experimental Art Spaces- The Turbine, The Zhu Chongmao and Zheng Ruyu Theater,  and The Jerome A. Cohen and Joan Lebold Cohen Art Center.
Open Until: 2-7pm

(Close to The Mountain.)

The start of the East End of Main Street and Beyond.

Ella's Bellas
418 Main Street, Beacon
A beautiful cafe and eatery serving baked goods, salads and soups that are all gluten free and really good. Some of the best chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars around. Be sure to try their mini pumpkin pies, and enjoy coffee from Tas Kafé and cocktails from syrups from More Good.
Open Until: 10pm

Blackbird Attic
442 Main St
Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 418-4840
Michelle Caves' love affair with vintage fashion led her to open Blackbird Attic one of Beacon's most romantic vintage shops.
Open Until: 8pm on Second Saturday

Morphicism Gallery
Morphicism Gallery

444 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 440-3092
Moveable art in frames. An art you must see and experience.
Open Until: Call First


The Beacon Arts Theatre
445 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 226.8099
The Beacon, a 1930s art deco theater in Beacon, NY, is home to 4th Wall Productions, presenting a broad spectrum of live entertainment for the Mid-Hudson Valley and is home to 4th Wall Theatrical Productions. More details and ticket purchase at Beacon Theatre.

Dim Sum GoGo
448 Main St, Beacon
(845) 831-8886
Dim Sum GoGo has received a stamp of approval from Dim Sum lovers who have also enjoyed their other locations in Manhattan. Located in the beautiful old bank building, it's a great option for large parties.
Open Until: 10:30pm

Joe's Irish Pub
455 Main St, Beacon
(845) 838-1779
Local watering hole with great drink prices.
Special for Second Saturday: St.George and Friends Second Saturday Jam-15 to 40 musicians every month under one roof. This love entertainment has been going on every Second Saturday for the past 12 years and continues into its 13th.
Open Until: LATE

Beacon Bath & Bubble
458 Main St, Beacon
(845) 440-6782
Bubbles and soaps of all shapes, sizes and colors. The new larger location will feature a huge production space where customers can see our wonderful products being made. They also have the unique offering of old fashioned, vintage & retro soda pop in 36 brands! You can enjoy a bubbly soda pop from yesteryear in-house or to bring home as a customized 6-pack. Usually offers a special product on sale for Second Saturday. They will also house the "3B Art Gallery," featuring art from high school students throughout the Hudson Valley.
Open Until: 9pm on Second Saturday

457 Main St, Beacon
(646) 823-3274
For those who like the cozy sexy sleek look, this is a must-shop. Super cool, unique and high fashion sweaters and knitwear are designed by Gail Travis. This flagship store is only open Saturdays 11am-5pm or by appointment only.
Open Until: 5pm

Reservoir and Wood
460 Main Street, Beacon
Reservoir & Wood is lifestyle boutique of the modern, mid-century, rustic and inspired. The clothing is high-end design and is pretty dope. Find fashions for women, men, baby, and some household.
Open Until: 7pm

Lauren & Riley
462 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 831-3862
A hip little shop to find bling, shoes that rival Betsy Johnson, dresses, and sometimes tops and sweaters. Also find an assortment of tea and honey.
Open Until: 6pm

Matteawan Gallery
Matteawan Gallery in Beacon NY
On display at Matteawan
464 Main Street, Beacon
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-7901
Matteawan Gallery specializes in contemporary art with an emphasis on works on paper by emerging and mid-career artists.
Second Saturday 6pm-9pm: "Duets": Group exhibition featuring the work of four couples: Jill Baroff & Stefana McClure, Karlos Carcamo & Eleanor White, Matt Frieburghaus & Laura Kaufman, Meg Hitchcock & Kurt Steger
Open Until: 9pm

Brothers Trattoria
465 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 838-3300
Find pizza here of course, but also many more entrees of fish, steak and chicken. A favorite pizza is "Grandma's", a Sicilian style garlic cheese pizza with fresh tomato. Also ask about their gluten free pizza.
Open Until: 10pm

Beacon Bagel
466 Main Street, Beacon NY
(845) 440-6958
There is no replacement for a craving for a salmon lox on a bagel, or for a breakfast egg and cheese bagel sandwich - which is why you'll peel off into Beacon Bagel for a filling sandwich before you continue on your night of wine, beer and other spirits. Very kid friendly and can make pretty much anything you like. Serves chocolate milk, juice, and lattes.
Open Until: 3pm

Echo Beacon
470 Main St, Beacon
(845) 440-0047
On one side, women's clothing, classic with a twist. All kinds of unique items, handbags, jewelry, shoes, books. Lines from local designers as well. On the other side, a collection of classic wooden toys, wind-up tin toys, eco-friendly and plush, art supplies and books. Organic baby clothes.
Open Until: 7pm

Beacon Falls Cafe
472 Main St, Beacon
(845) 765-0172
This American Bistro restaurant has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere with its quaint, old mountain town decor and super friendly staff. They offer plenty of delicious comfort food and beer options for diners.
Open Until: 9pm


Back Room Gallery in Beacon NY
Back Room Gallery
Back Room Gallery
475 Main Street, Beacon
Beacon, NY
(845) 838-1838
Find 30 artists showing here, from large paintings to small collectibles. Also find art supplies such as sketch pads and charcoal pencils. And if you're with a man who wants to skip the art but loves anything to do with the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, send him to the actual "back room" of this gallery for a viewing of a very valuable collection of War art on crepe fabric.
Special for Second Saturday: TBD
Open Until: LATE

Kazi Oliver Drummers
Howland Cultural Center
477 Main St, Beacon
(845) 831-4988
Beacon's Howland Cultural Center is not just another arts organization.Its beautiful home is a Victorian building that was born specifically to serve the community as a cultural resource.
Second Saturday 8pm: The Howland Cultural Center presents “The Kazi Oliver Drummers”. A night of African Drum music. Admission: Adults $10 Children FREE.

478 Main St, Beacon
(845) 202-7172
A stylist edited consignment and resale boutique, specializing in women's vintage and designer fashion. Check out this new Main St. location that owner Angela Hasting stocks full of amazing finds.
Open Until: 6:30

480 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 202-7181
Utensil is the home chef's go to store for anything you need in the kitchen, from honey to french presses, to wooden pizza peels (aka giant spatula).
Open Until: 9pm

Artisan Valentine's Day Gift Pop Up Shop
494 Main Street, Beacon
One stop pop-up shop featuring gemstone jewelery, artisanal chocolates and romantic lingerie. Everything you need for Valentine's Day- including bra fittings!
Special for Second Saturday: 2nd Saturday Sale from 11am -6pm. Bring in receipt from any Beacon merchant and receive 10% off your entire purchase. 
Open Until: 6pm

The Chocolate Studio
494 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 765-1165
The Chocolate Studio (formerly Gourmetibles) is perfectly suited for birthday parties for kids of all ages. They make their delicious treats in their own kitchen, including custom cakes, made to order. The aroma may hook you in for the night. They also make our own Cake Pops, French Macarons, chocolate covered Bacon, chocolate covered pretzels and lots more. 
Open Until: 9pm

Maria Lago Studio 502
Maria Lago Studio 502
502 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 765-8421
Open Until: Call First

BAU Gallery
On display at BAU
506 Main Street
Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 440-7584
bau (Beacon Artist Union) is a platform for members/artists to grow, present and market their work, collaborative curatorial projects, and hosting events of related disciplines: performances, talks, film and music. BAU builds a vital link between the activities at bau and the community.
Second Saturday Exhibit: Ted Walsh will be occupying Gallery One as The Featured Artist this month. Ted, an MFA graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, has won numerous awards for his landscape and figurative paintings – contemporary variations of the American Realist tradition. In the Beacon Room: Lori Adams.
The Windows Project: Lauren Elferman.
Open Until: 9pm

The Tailored Mermaid
528 Main St, Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 831-2310
Think you don't fit into cute vintage? Think again. You'll find unique dresses, jackets, tops and more made for many sizes. It's easy to pick up the cutest headband or pair of earrings that you've ever owned while you're out walking Second Saturday.
Open Until: 8pm on Second Saturdays

The Hop
554 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 440-8676
The Hop is a craft beer lovers bar for beer and artisanal fare.
Open Until: 11pm or later

(Just over the tiny Fishkill Creek bridge. This quickly becoming a boutique and artist hub.)

2 East Main Street, Beacon
(845) 765-8369
One of Beacon's biggest passion projects - The Roundhouse is a conversion of one of Beacon's most historic, beautiful buildings to be a hotel, restaurant, and bar. Enjoy stunning views of the waterfall at Fishkill Creek from within the spacious restaurant or plush lounge. If you appreciate interior design, you will love dining here. Seats large or small parties. Serves beer, wine and cocktails.
Dining Room Open Until: 10pm
Bar/Lounge Open Until: LATE

Gwenno James
17 E Main St, Beacon
(845) 202-3224
Gwenno James signature designs incorporate hand dyed and hand printed fabrics which are crafted at her studio and boutique in Beacon, New York. Using traditional textile techniques such as silk screening, marbling and blueprinting, Gwenno considers each fabric piece as a fluid canvas onto which an original surface design emerges... one color, one brushstroke, one imprint at a time. 
Open Until: 8:30pm

Dogwood Bar & Restaurant
47 East Main Street, Beacon
(845) 202-7500
Enjoy home-style favorites to innovative specials. Dogwood, as with so many restaurants in Beacon, uses organic, locally sourced ingredients. The draft beer menu is carefully chosen and constantly updated to reflect the very best in quality and seasonal flavors. Have fun picking a craft beer from the big chalkboard of specials flowing from their 16 taps and full bar.
Special for Second Saturday: First up is the return of Painted Betty at 9:00pm. Followed soon after by Ray Roy and his karaoke hijinks.
Open Until: "LATE" according to their website.

BEACON near RT. 52
(Beacon's part of Rt. 52 that heads in or out of town.)

The Lofts at Beacon
18 Front Street, Beacon
(845) 831-7867
The Lofts at Beacon bought a 19th century brick textile mill in the Hudson Valley located by the Fishkill Creek and situated on the banks of the Hudson River, in the artists haven town of Beacon. The Lofts have been completely remodeled into beautiful lofts, providing excellent loft rental units for the working artist.

Beacon Music Factory
629 Route 52, Beacon
(845) 765-0472
As the name suggests, this is a music factory where kids and adults can learn, be in rock bands, and can listen to music. Do check out their Rock Band Boot Camp.