Monday, May 30, 2016

Thank You. Memorial Day 2016

Thank you. Your service is the reason we can live in communities full of unique, deep spirit today. Beacon honors the fallen today.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

All Sport's Outdoor Pool and Park Opening This Friday May 27th! (Sponsor Post)

It's the day we've all been waiting for! Don't worry if you do not have a pool in your backyard this Summer, you will always have a place to swim at All Sport Health & Fitness in Fishkill.  Their outdoor pool opens for the Summer season this Friday at noon and we can't wait! You can see a full listing of their Summer outdoor hours here.

Have you been there before? It's an oasis! With two adult pools and one kiddie pool with a sloped depth for little ones and toddlers, All Sport offers refreshing room for everyone. Dry off while playing ping pong, or enjoy the summer bands that are scheduled all summer on their covered deck. Plus, the rumors are that Pool Volleyball for all adult ages gets pretty popular there too. Lounge by the Tiki Bar and enjoy an iced tea or something on tap.

Hungry for dinner and hot and tired at the end of the day? The kids won't mind if you buy them dinner of chicken nuggets and yogurt strips, a favorite on the menu.  Don't worry about packing a dinner for your family while you take a dip. You can enjoy some fresh air and stay well fed and hydrated with All Sport's food menu.

If your kids are in All Sport's Summer Camp, extend your kid-pickup for a quick swim! You know how hot it can get later in the day. Check out All Sport Health & Fitness for their Outdoor Club membership. If you haven't seen the Outdoor Club yet, ask to be taken on a tour.

All Sport is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our Sponsor Spotlight program. It is with the support of businesses like this, that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Flooding From Upstairs Apartments Closes Main Street Businesses. What Insurance Covers That?

In the last two years, a few of your favorite businesses on Main Street have temporarily closed due to damage caused from flooding from residential apartments above them. Mountain Tops was one when their inventory got wiped out last summer, and Style Storehouse (pictured here) was almost another, but fortunately the owner Michele was in the store that day and could move her racks of clothing as the drips came from the ceiling.

Accidents happen, bath tubs are left on, sinks are left on, or maybe a pipe bursts. If this happens in your home, water that floods from your bathroom by leaving the shower curtain out of the tub, or by very wet children getting out of a full bathtub, may drip into the room below and possibly ruin nothing (or your floors), and perhaps only cause an inconvenient cleanup. But watch out for that invariably soggy ceiling that will need replaced. For a business located below a residential apartment, water can damage inventory, kitchen equipment, flooring that the business owner installed, and more financially devastating examples. When this happens, who pays for the damage? Who is responsible?

Pat Moore, partner at the local insurance agency on Main Street in Beacon, Antalek and Moore, provides insight: "Water damage insurance claims can be very expensive, but can also be in a 'gray area' of insurance coverage.  Even the most comprehensive of insurance policies do not eliminate the coverage 'gray area'."

What is the gray area? In Pat's words: "One requirement of all insurance coverages is that the damage needs to be caused by something that is sudden and accidental.  For example, a deep freeze in the winter causes pipes to freeze and ultimately burst causing water damage.  The act of freezing is generally considered to be sudden and accidental and most comprehensive insurance policies the business owner has will cover these damages."

So what about an apartment dweller who starts to fill the bathtub with water, gets distracted or forgets? The water overflows and now the business owner on the first floor has a small lake in their place of business.  Says Pat: "This is certainly a gray area.  Some insurance carriers may just decline to cover these kinds of incidents due to the lack of a sudden and accidental event.  Others may decide to cover the damage with the hopes of making a recovery from the apartment dweller.  If the apartment dweller has no homeowners insurance, this is not an attractive option to an insurance carrier.  Some carriers may just cover the claim outright.  How an insurance company will react is unpredictable."

Pat and the entire staff at Antalek and Moore work with a number of insurance carriers to find their clients the best coverage for competitive prices, and they have seen it all. Says Pat, as he recalls examples that have defined his years of experience in the insurance business: "It is important to understand what happened in this case.  Unfortunately, the business owner sustained damage because the apartment owner was negligent.  The relevant insurance policy for this case is the liability part of the apartment owner’s homeowners insurance."

When and if you ever lived in an apartment, did you carry renter's or homeowner's insurance? Chances are low that you did because no one required you to, as you are required by a mortgage company to carry homeowner's insurance when you own a home financed through a bank.

Which brings Pat to an issue he is passionate about: "When a business owner seeks to occupy a commercial space, most landlords require the business to secure a liability insurance policy and to provide the landlord with written proof that insurance is in place.  This is a common practice.  A less common practice is the landlord making the same requirement of apartment dwellers.  The cost for this coverage for an apartment dweller is typically $150 per year or less.  Having an apartment dweller on the floors above who has an insurance policy in force should be a must have for any street level business.

"What does this do? In the case of the overflowing bathtub, the business can make a claim against the apartment dweller and his or her insurance policy.  It mitigates the gray area." Also, a landlord might file a claim for the damage, and that may or may not be paid out by the insurance company. Further, says Pat, "The claim could be denied by the landlord's insurance carrier and will almost certainly not cover the damage to the business owner's property."

Consider this flipped way of thinking before you sign the lease on your commercial space. Chicken Little ran around warning his friends that the sky was falling, and while your inventory is inside and locked behind freshly installed locks and protected by a security system, the sky - and a lot of ceiling plaster - just may fall on and ruin all that is important to you and pays the bills for your family. If you are a person renting from an apartment above a business, consider getting renter's insurance for several reasons, accidents like this being one of them.

Antalek and Moore is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our Sponsor Spotlight program. It is with the support of businesses like this, that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Latest Updates This Week In The Things To Do In Beacon Guides 5-22-16

Here's a quick list of what we added to ALBB this week so you can plan ahead this Spring.  As the weather gets warmer, there will be more and more fun things to do!

  • Line Dance For A Cause: Special charity event to benefit The Grace Smith House at Poughkeepsie Nissan next month on Thursday, June 23rd.
  • 2nd Annual Local Cider Market & Tasting:  Held at the Deyo House Lawn across DuBois Fort in New Paltz. There were will be many tasty goods from local vendors to sample.
This date and more are in the Events Guide, organized by month. Take a look to get a big-picture view of your month ahead!

  • Mid-Hudson Valley Infertility Support Group:  Added to our new "Support Group" category.  
  • BeaconArts Member Meet-Up: at 2 Way Brewing Company this Wednesday, May 25th, you can still sign up to join.
Find direct links to this item and more in our Adult Classes Guide.

You can always check our Restaurant Guide for the latest openings and promotions!

Find more ways to pamper yourself in our full Beauty Guide

Do you have a class or workshop you would like us to consider adding? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Ob...sessed With Beacon Open Studios - Which Studios We Are Visiting

Two of my favorite weekends in Beacon are Beacon Open Studios, and the City Wide Yard Sale. This is an opportunity to explore all of Beacon to find interesting things you have never seen before - and probably never will again. Beacon Open Studios has opened today through Sunday, May 21-22, 2016, so get your walking shoes on because you have a lot of exploring to do. If you're looking for a place to park all day, we made this Free Public Parking Lot Guide for you, with pictures and addresses of all of Beacon's free lots.

Beacon Open Studios is the reason why you're seeing the big red dot everywhere - from people's yards to galleries or storefronts. Artists of all kinds - painting, jewelry, sculpture, mixed media - open their homes or takeover a space to let you meet them and view their work. To find these studios, pick up a brochure from most any shop or restaurant in town, or the studio's headquarters, 2 Way Brewing Company down on Beekman Street on the way to or from the Beacon train station.

Anna Bergin is my current obsession. Pictured here in layers of color, Anna has popped up in a PopUp Shop this past winter with chocolate baker 5 Hens, which was a perfect match because Anna's paintings look like cupcake frosting that you could eat. The texture of the paint she mixes herself is thick and chalky - like sugar frosting. Painted with oil and ash in shades of pastel, these paintings are captivating. Hold on a minute - "Ash?" you ask? Yes, Anna mixes the paint with actual ash from her fireplace. Says Anna: "I take the ash from my fireplace during winter and campfires during summer months. It's part of what I think is neat about it using what we burn." See her work now at 2 Way Brewing Company and Spire Studios. And be sure to be on our newsletter in case she pops up in another PopUp Shop.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Beth Weintraub, a printmaker, has eye-catching artwork on display. This piece on the left currently hangs in 2 Way Brewing Company right now as part of the Beacon Open Studios exhibit, and at Spire Studios.

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

There is usually at least one hands-on art event for the kids, and this year, one of them includes an opportunity to play with clay from Beacon Craft Workshop, another regular in our Kids Classes Guide. Find it on Saturday in the upstairs classroom at the Howland Cultural Center, 477 Main St, Beacon, NY.
Photo Credit: Beacon Craft Workshop

This beautiful wood scrap sale from Wickham down at the very end of Main Street by The Hop is a not-to-be-missed sale. If you are a collector of wood to make anything - shelves, tables, surfaces of any kind - this is one wood workshop you need to stop into.
Photo Credit: Wickham
Working in the studio, artist Joe Radoccia gives you a taste of what it's like to walk into one of these live-action studios.
Photo Credit: Neg Kalfou

Breathtaking. David Swoop will be at 22 High Street. One can only look forward what else he has on display.
Photo Credit: Beacon Open Studios

For all you romantics out there, Anna West captures the moment. She will also be at Spire Studios at 45 Beekman Street in Studio 2.
Photo Credit: Beacon Open Studios

And for the jewelry collectors in the house, there are several in-home or jewelry studios open this weekend, a rare occasion indeed. This work space from laiannaferruggia.
Photo Credit: laiannaferruggia

Tag #beaconopenstudios in Instagram while you are  out and about so that we can see what you see!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Guide to Free and Easy Parking Lots in Beacon - There's a Spot in the Municipal Lots!

As of today, all parking in the City of Beacon is free (aside from any ticket you get from going beyond a 2hr parking limit). Street parking is free, and the City of Beacon owns and maintains several free parking lots throughout town. Other parking lots that you see, like the one behind Bank Square, belong to those buildings, and those buildings have a certain number of parking spots that they reserve for tenants living in apartments above, or for their own customers shopping temporarily.

There are several parking opportunities that do not involve risks of tickets or time limits, if you know where go. In our instant-gratification mindset, it is easy to look for parking on Main Street directly in front of your destination, and slide into a spot via parallel parking maneuver you have perfected. Main Street, however, is quite slim, making getting out of the car risky business. A passing truck may swipe your side-view mirror right off of your car. Or, if you folded in your mirror when you park, you may forget to look behind you and open your door - right into an oncoming car - causing you to lose a door and have to deal with damage on someone else's vehicle (and hopefully everyone is unharmed). You can imagine what it is like getting out of the car, and then opening the back door to reach into unfasten a child from a car seat. Nerve wracking. What about getting out a stroller in the space between your car and the car behind you? Or what if you were in a wheel chair, or needed a wide open door and plenty of space to slowly get out of the car in a handicapped spot (of which, there are only a few directly on Main Street)?

Depending on the time of day, hopping down Main Street to complete a collection of errands and finding different parallel parking spots to park in can be easy. But swinging into a big giant parking lot could be even easier and less stressful. May we present A Little Beacon Blog's Free and Easy Parking Lot Guide!


To start our tour of free parking lots in Beacon, NY, we need to get familiar with the signs. Unless you have just taken your driver's test, you may not remember what official free parking signs look like. They look like this:

A Free Parking sign is green with a giant P and an arrow pointing in the direction of the parking lot. It is posted near most free parking lots in Beacon, but not all, or not in both directions.

Take note of the other style of a sign that has the big "2" on it. This part of the sign also means free parking on the street itself, but the "2" stands for "2 hour parking" and the time limit of 9am - 5pm means that you are limited to 2hr parking basically during work hours. After 5pm, you can park on the street all night without risk of getting a ticket. If you park on the street for longer than 2 hours, you are at risk for getting a ticket.

We know that enforcement of this rule is a current hot topic among residents and business owners, as it is not usually enforced. When a recent debate about parking meters coming to Main Street was awakened this year, however, this rule has moved into the spotlight, so don't be surprised if you do start getting a ticket for parking longer than 2 hours on Main Street. Which is why ample parking in free, city owned parking lots comes in handy!

We begin our tour of free parking lots with the west end of town, near the Metro North Train Station, and will end it on the east side of town near the mountain.


A little known fact is that parking at 1 Municipal Plaza is available to the public from 5pm - 11pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays.


Next is the small parking lot behind Hudson Beacon Glass, on Cross Street right off of Main Street.

Parking behind Hudson Beach Glass, and across the street from the popup garden from One Nature and Green Teen.

A close-up of that paring lot on Cross Street.


Easy parking for dining at Beacon Bread Company, dropping of a dog at Paw's and Mittens, picking up dog food at Beacon Barkery or wine Artisan Wine, or swinging by Poppy's for a burger.
Parking at Cliff and Main, entrance on Main Street.

The parking lot next to Beacon Bread Company. The Free Parking sign is shows on one side of the street only, so you may have missed it going the other way.


One may think this lot is private, but it is free and open for you to use. And here's a hot tip: this gas station has some of the lowest priced gas in Beacon. #justsayin
Parking lot near Diamond Fuel gas station and Pleasant Ridge.


Across the street from this gas station, and near Homespun and AccuPrint, is a giant parking lot owned by the county, but free for you to park in - on the weekends only. You may not have noticed this because the sign telling you about it has been covered up with graffiti.

Understandable if you missed this memo.

The DMV parking lot is rarely used on the weekends, as you can see from this picture, and is convenient to use for learning how to ride your bike. Unless you all start parking there, of course.


Another huge parking lot that is convenient to get to thanks to a rare two-way side street giving you access, is the lot behind Rite Aid, Quinn's, BAJA 328 and Antalek & Moore. Although it seems like this parking lot is far away from a quick trip into Rite Aid, or lunch at BAJA, it's actually right around the corner. Quinn's also has an entry door from the back. Additionally, there are more on-street parking spots on the far edge of this parking lot, across from the residential houses. Skateboarders usually use these empty parking spots, but you can too!

Follow North Chestnut down toward Church Street, and you'll be able to pull into the large municipal lot.

Handicapped parking spots are in this parking lot, and on the street.


Next we go to the Yankee Clipper Diner. If you frequent this diner for a weekend waffle or dinner with a milkshake, you'll know this parking lot well, as the Yankee Clipper has two entrances that include ramps for wheelchair access. The Towne Cryer is also located here, which is easy parking for attending dinner and a show.

Parking behind the Yankee Clipper Diner.


Next to the parking lot behind the Yankee Clipper Diner, and across the street from Veteran's Place (the cross street where you will find the Post Office and Towne Cryer), is this parking lot behind the Community Medical Center. On Sunday's, this parking lot becomes the location for the Beacon Flea.

Parking lot behind on Henry Street and Veteran's Place, behind the Community Medical Center.

Look! The Beacon Flea got an official sign about no parking on Sundays!
This parking lot is great for runs to the post office when on street parking is full.


Picking up pizza can be tricky if street parking is full (and you cannot sneak into The Vault's parking lot because that is private), but you can take a right down Van Nydeck right next to Brother's Trattoria and park in that free parking lot.

This parking lot does have 3 handicapped parking spots adjacent to this building.

This view of the parking lot is stretched out in order to get the panned view, but it still offers several parking spots.

A more normal view of this parking lot behind Brother's.


Beacon's newest parking lot, still freshly graveled, is down near the Fishkill Creek right next to Hudson Valley Brewery, Beacon's latest factory renovation project that restored a building for use as a brewery and event space. This ample parking lot does require walking up a short hill to get back onto Main Street, so is not ideal for those who need handicap access. However, for large dinner parties and easy shopping parking, just turn down Churchill, park, and think no more about it!

The walk up Churchill to get back on Main Street. Vintage Beacon is waiting for you at the top of the hill.


We are now almost to the end of Main Street. If you get your hair done at The Green Room, this parking lot is very convenient. However, it is often full. The front half is city-owned and free parking, but the back half is for tenants of the building you see in this picture on the left. Parking on the east end is difficult to find in part because of the amount of stores that have opened up there. I call this end "Boutique Row" (do check our Shopping Guide for a full listing). If you're looking at this parking lot for dining at The Hop, you should instead look across the street and parallel park along the Fishkill Creek side of Main Street, or down Churchill Street in the new, as yet unpaved parking lot.

On this bench, you may have noticed guitar players or others relaxing near the creek.

The Hop is in this building near this street sign and the free parking lot.
All of the free parking lots are owned and maintained by the City of Beacon, which makes doing anything in any part of Beacon's mile long strip of Main Street convenient.

This Guide is brought to you by the Things To Do In Beacon Guides, and by Antalek & Moore, your local source for car insurance with a variety of national carriers including Progressive and Travelers. We thank them for their support, which helps make articles like this get researched and produced! All photos for this article were taken by Katie Hellmuth Martin, and the design of the ad for Antalek and Moore done by Leigh Baumann from A Little Beacon Blog's design agency, InHouse Design Media.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

ARF's First Annual 5K Run with Dogs and People Who Love them - to Benefit the Animal Rescue Foundation

ARF (Animal Rescue Foundation), located on Wolcott Avenue, or 9D, tucked back in the woods by the Fishkill Creek, is unleashing their First Annual 5K Run/Walk with the Dogs, held this Sunday, May 22nd at 9am at Memorial Park. All proceeds go to ARF, which is a home for dogs and cats without homes and in need of care - from all over the country. ARF has a partnership with the Pilots n Paws program, which is a program made up of pilots who fly dogs and cats scheduled to be euthanized to shelters who can care for them and help to find them homes. ARF is one such shelter who receives and cares for these animals.

The course is easy - just a lap around Memorial Park, then up to the Beacon High School, then back through some residential streets, finishing back in the park. You've got this!

Registration is $30, and walkers and runners of all levels are welcome. Even strollers! Dogs who get along well with other humans and dogs are encouraged to participate. Major sponsors include Roosevelt Vet and, as well as DJ Vybe and Pet Supplies Plus in Fishkill. Many other businesses from throughout the region have contributed as sponsors, including Beacon-based friends The Vault, Yankee Clipper, and Drink More Good.

See you Sunday to cheer on the runners and ARF for their continued great work! Click here for details about the event. At any time, you can always donate to ARF, and donate supplies like food, brushes, leashes, etc. ARF is even hooked into shopping affiliates, where if you click on a link to Amazon from their website, ARF gets a small commission. If Amazon is where you do your shopping, then ARF can be where you start your web browsing, and they get a donation from your order of paper towels.!prettyPhoto