Friday, April 24, 2015

OMG The Cutest Beacon Barks Parade for 2015 and Photos From Their Instagram

The Beacon Barks Parade is in its 9th year, and is part of the fabric of Beacon. It's not only part of the fabric, but it's like Opening Day for Spring in Beacon. The parade happens rain or shine, and this year for 2015, it's tomorrow, which is only days after pelting ice fell from the sky (!?!) onto beautifully blossoming hyacinths, daffodils, and newly opened flowering tree blossoms. The parade was inspired by the team at our local pet food store, Beacon Barkery, "to show appreciation for animal shelters and the wonderful cats and dogs they care for." The parade has brought over 4,000 people to Beacon to walk the streets, play and learn from the animals, meet animal educators, and shop from vendor tables and Main Street businesses.

Can Beacon Barks add to the fun? Yes! This year, Beacon Barks joined Instagram and have been doing countdowns from as far back as 102 Days until the next Beacon Barks Parade. And that day has finally arrived! Here are some highlight photos from their Instagram, and what you can expect at tomorrow's parade:

Everything starts at 10am, where the parade gathers at the West end
of Main Street. The Blessing of the Animals is at 10:15, a costume contest
at 10:45, and the parade walks at 11:10am. Full schedule is at

Nixie Sparrow is hand stamping dog tags. I have a tag like this for my dog,
and it is the cutest! You definitely want one.

Brook Farm Veterinary Center is handing out keychains
at their vendor table, which comes in handy if you are a
member of the Beacon Dog Park, funding of which came
in part from a Beacon Barks Parade in years past!
This guy, Leroy, is one of Beacon's most well known dog
trainers, and will be doing a training demonstration.
This pug, Bella, will actually be attending the parade, and
you should just follow this motto in general.
Shelter and rescue organizations will be in attendance, like this
one - the Curly Tail Pug Rescue.

I am giving a special shout out to Roosevelt Vet on the Hudson for enabling my 15 year old German Shepherd/Chow Gerdy to walk in the parade for the first time! Ever since Roosevelt did an Partner Article with A Little Beacon Blog about their recommended osteoarthritis treatments for dogs, Gerdy has been getting one easy injection once a month, and she can now go up our front steps with minimal assistance, skip with excitement if we are going on a walk, and looks forward to walking to Main Street instead of turning around.

See you at the parade!

More annual events are coming up, don't miss them! See A Little Beacon Blog's Annual Events Calendar for several don't-miss events.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Where Is This?" Winner! For the Vintage + Grandparent Hint Photo

The wall lined with vintage wallpaper that you may have never noticed
when waiting for prescriptions to be filled at Vogel Pharmacy.

The winner of this week's "Where Is This?" photo contest is Chris Sanders who won a prize from Blackbird Attic. Chris answered correctly that the mystery photo was taken at Vogel Pharmacy on Main Street. This photo is of the vintage wallpaper found behind the waiting area. The wallpaper is illustrations of old time-y beakers and devices for measuring and cooking medicine. Congratulations, Chris!

The original mystery photo for this "Where Is This?" contest.

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Hint #2 for This Week's "Where Is This?" Contest

For those of you following along with your blog reader, Hint #2 has been posted to the contest.

Click here to read Hint #2. You will guess it for sure and win the 20% off coupon from Blackbird Attic!

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Where Is This? Hint #1: It's Vintage. Hint #2: Show it to Your Grandparents or Older Beaconites

What is this a picture of and where was it taken? All photos in this contest are taken in Beacon, NY. The first person to name where this picture was taken wins a prize from the "Where Is This?" prize bag!

This week's prize is a 20% off coupon from Blackbird Attic.
- The Winning Entry must be made in the Comments below.
- First right answer wins!
- Winners must wait 30 days before entering another contest.

It's vintage.

Show this to your grandparents or neighbors who have lived in Beacon for a long time. Chances are, they sat in front of this while waiting.

A winner has identified the photo! Click here to see the big picture and learn where this is!

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Saturday, April 18, 2015

Resurgence of the Record Store: #RecordStoreDay 2015 in Beacon

Just when you were coming to terms with the loss of collecting CD covers because they built up in your basement, covered in dust as you click down new albums from iTunes (and just as you regretted this because your phone maxed out on storage space), the new record store, the Sound Shack, set up shop in Beacon just steps away from Poppy's. And then another record store came, Audioccult, this time to fill the empty space that Beacon Pantry left, and conveniently next door to vintage boutique American Gypsy.

Couple this with the hashtag movement #RecordStoreDay, and you have a real trend that just might shift the loss of physical albums in your possession! Of course, hard core record collectors have always been collecting records and never had this issue. But for the rest of us who didn't have record purchasing in our spending routine for quite some time, this is a real treat!

You might be thinking, as I was: "That's great that I can get the awesome soundtrack to the Lego Movie on a record, but I have nothing to play it on!" Problem solved. Audioccult is about to start carrying them because of the demand, and the Sound Shack does have a pink limited edition in just in time for #RecordStoreDay! This pink record player at The Sound Shack can be yours for $99, and it comes with a plug for your cushy headphones or fancy computer desk speakers that are showing up in so many "scenes" lately in marketing photos. Personally, I am coveting the stained wood desk speakers. And now it appears I must also covet a record player to play movie soundtracks and an Emmylou album....

If you're out and about on this very day in Beacon, you will hear live music from various artists outside of the Sound Shack.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

#TBT: Howland Cultural Center as The Howland Circulating Library

Howland Cultural Center for TBT as Howland Circulating Library

The Howland Cultural Center, Beacon's current hub for all kinds of classes and events, was built initially as the Howland Circulating Library when it opened its doors for the first time in August 1872. The then library was the brain child of Civil War General Joseph Howland "and several prominent men of the area, names which are still familiar today: Brett, Mackin, Brinckerhoff, Mase, Van Buren, plus others," according to the Howland Cultural Center's website.

Howland was a son of a New York City merchant family who grew wealthy from the China trade. Howland, with his wife, Eliza Newton Woolsey, moved from New York City to their estate Tioronda, (today called Craig house). Eliza embarked on a sanitary mission to feed and care for soldiers fighting in the Civil War, which you should definitely read about here.

General Joseph Howland commissioned his brother-in-law, Richard Morris Hunt, a sought after architect, to design the library. The design was conceived in a Norwegian Tudor style with 6 gabled roofs and was one of the last libraries designed to use natural light. More description about the design is here at the Howland Cultural Center's website. After Hunt designed this building, the architect went on to design a wing of the Louvre Museum in Paris, the base of the Statue of Liberty, the renowned “Breakers” in Newport, Rhode Island, and the entrance and lobby of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, and more.

The Howland Circulating Library was intended as a circulating library among a paying membership, and its original 2,200 volumes grew quickly. In 1929, it was one of two subscription-based libraries in the state of New York. A bequest was made by a donor, with a condition that the library be made public, which it was. It remained a library until 1976 when its rapidly expanding requirements compelled a move to larger quarters.

Today the Howland Cultural Center is a center for the community, a hub for the arts, and a local historical treasure.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Tulip Spotting on Main Street - Secret Gardener Vicki Is At It Again

A newly planted tulip near Hudson Valley Beach Glass,
will return next year with other perennials planted there.
While you were strolling down Main Street this weekend, you may have noticed the rogue tulips and pansies at the base of trees along the sidewalks. It's the work of one of Main Street's secret gardeners, Miss Vicki Raabin. We covered her streetscape project last year, and it looks like residents and visitors will be treated to even more glorious mini-gardens in the tree plots. 

Donations from Key Food, Bell Landscaping and others have started rolling in. If you're interested in donating, you can stop by Miss Vicki's Music studio on the West End of Main Street near Mountain Tops, or stop her on the street! Refresh your memory about her project here.