Tuesday, August 26, 2014

New Health Business in the Beacon Building

You've walked by it a bunch, but now you can go inside of the Beacon Building to check out one of Main Street's newest businesses: NuSpecies, a back to health company that has designed whole food based (herbs and green food) formulas to help the body cleanse and rebuild itself.

This isn't their first location, in fact, the couple who founded NuSpecies live in the Hudson Valley but started their stores closer to New York City. The manager of the Beacon location, and its personal health and nutrition coach, Evey Trautman, is a recent Brooklyn transplant (and southerner from NC truth be told), and is rooted in entrepreneurialism herself. If you're familiar with Brooklyn's Plan B bar and restaurant, Evey and her husband are also on the cusp of opening Cooklyn, a foodie's delight.

Inside NuSpecies, you'll find bee pollen, detox cleansing systems, and more formulas designed to help the body rebuild itself. You'll also find sweet Evey, who will talk to you about inflammation, and how it's a root cause of many problems in the body. And if you're so inclined, NuSpecies will be the host of a BASH, the Beacon Chamber of Commerce monthly meetup in October.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Need a Nap? Squishable Plush Pillows in Dream in Plastic

Squishable Plush Pillows Dream in Plastic
Pug Squishable Plush Pillows Dream in Plastic
One Friday evening, the kids and I were strolling down Main Street looking for a little treat present after a great week. We were in Dream in Plastic and I was looking at paper stationery that struck my fancy. I turned around to see my two little ones snuggling with these Squishable pillows! Yum! I've never quite found the perfect "nap pillow" for daycare and school, and these are probably too big, but they certainly are contenders for nap pillows at home, being that naps at home are pretty hard to make happen and how can one not doze off when snuggling with this Squishable Pug on the couch or rug??

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Must...Haves...Nella Bellas Boutique is Filled With Goodies!

Fall fashion is blowing into town...and you'll find several little must- have items in Nella Bellas Boutique. If you haven't already stopped in, it's a little boutique in the West End of Main Street that has quietly built a devoted following of shoppers who step in for an easy but super cute dress for work or play, or a piece of statement jewelry or a piece for everyday.

You'll see clothing lines similar to those found in Anthropology, yet for very friendly prices. Need a big plastic circle earring for $15? Or this giant silver leaf ring that dresses up a simple jeans and black t-shirt outfit? Done for $30.

And if you plan to shop for a while, your compadre can lounge in this comfy couch while you try on!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Burlock Interiors PopUp Shop - Last Day for Interior Designer's Finds!

The popup shop trend is in Beacon, with the latest popup shop experience created by Nicole Ashey, founder of Burlock Interiors, a Beacon based interior design firm who set up shop on the West End of Main Street near Clay Wood and Cotton.You'll find fabric, home decor items, eco-friendly pillows designed by Nicole, a bathroom faucet as pictured here in the clearance basket, and more treasures. But it all ends tonight!

This Second Saturday is her last day open, so hurry in as you enjoy strolling Beacon's Main Street, dipping in and out of art galleries and shops and restaurants that are displaying this year's fantastical art from Windows on Main Street (WOMS).

Friday, August 8, 2014

Wine and Beer, So Many Choices, So Many Forms

While out for an afternoon ice cream and quesadilla date with the kids to get them out of the house, we came upon Mercer's wine ice cream at the Beacon Creamery, which comes in pints or scoops, and this "P.B.R. 2 for $5 all day beer special" at Beacon Homebrew. No, we did not have quesadillas at Beacon Homebrew, but being that the owner of Tito Santana, Kamel Jamal, is part owner of Beacon Homebrew, this postcard sign was on the counter at Tito Santana.

For those not familiar with these locations, Beacon Creamery is the first shop on the West End of Main Street and primarily scoops Jane's Ice Cream. Tito Santana is up the sidewalk a bit with the red chairs outside, and Beacon Homebrew is just past the middle of Main Street near the Beacon Theatre.

So, pick your afternoon refreshment! Ice cream a la normal, wine ice cream, or a special on beer!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Quick Dip in River Pool at Beacon in the Hudson River

July and August can mean two things here in Beacon:

- Swimmers are paddling across the Hudson River from Newburgh to Beacon in The Swim, a fundraiser for the River Pool at Beacon, and...

- Swimmers are wading in the floating river pool, supported and surrounded by soft mesh and floating buoys in the Hudson River.

Did you know that river pools were being used by New Yorkers as far back as 1870, but ended in 1930 because of water pollution? And not just one - several pools dotted the river for city folk to enjoy. Thanks to Toshi and Pete Seeger, this pool not only happened, but is part of the environmental changes that Seeger helped lead in this region to clean the water.

Being that July flew by, there are a few weeks of summer left to enjoy the river pool! Open almost daily from 12-6pm except Mondays, and overseen by a lifeguard during pool hours. Put on your bathing suit and bring a towel down to Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park and enjoy floating in the water! Benches line the sides of this circular pool, so you can relax and enjoy the view.

The River Pool at Beacon is free to the public, and does accept donations and has a membership program.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Fresh Flower Cutting & Financial Education in the Morning

Doing bills and bookkeeping on a Saturday actually brings me great joy. As a small business owner, Saturday mornings are usually quiet, devoid of emails and demands of the week. In this digital age of newsletters and tweets, I actually look forward to the monthly, paper newsletter put out by the accounting firm Arthur DeDominics, CPA, based in Wappingers Falls, that contains financial planning guidance of everything from small business needs to college planning to splitting assets in divorce.

Nothing like a little fresh flower cutting and financial education in the morning, right?