Saturday, July 26, 2014

Gate House Realty: Featured Listing: Home on the Mountain

Gate House Realty is a staple in Beacon and is responsible for brokering
several new business locations on Main Street, including the Roundhouse and its 
artist lofts. Owner/broker Charlotte Guernsey brings a background in fine art, having
graduated from Rhode Island School of Design, and she and her
team have an intuition for market trends in business and residential listings in
Beacon, Cold Spring, Wappingers and the surrounding areas.
Gate House Realty is a proud sponsor of this blog.

  • Country-living in Beacon's Small Town USA. Plenty of things to do around this house. Within bike distance to Main Street, or a quick 3 minute drive through side-streets.
  • Located on Mount Beacon, you'd have a panoramic view of the Hudson Valley and the bridge.
  • Enjoy the sunset every evening on your front porch, and gazing at the stars at night with a glass of wine.
  • Grill off your back-porch for parties or a night with the family.
  • Plenty of yard to work with and explore.
  • Family-friendly with 3 bedrooms and 3 full baths.
  • Cooking-friendly with a beautiful, spacious kitchen that opens to the living/dining room, and opens onto your back deck. Talk about spreading out! That's a grill-friendly option.
Bonus Alert! Drainage is built under the house so you'll enjoy the perks of a "new construction" home with a basement.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Plan Bee Farm Brewery - Farm to Bottle Beer

edible HUDSON VALLEY article on Plan Bee Farm BreweryInspired by the "Barn to Brew" article in the Summer season's issue of edible HUDSON VALLEY, I finally ventured down to Beacon's Farmers' Market to try the beer from Plan Bee Farm Brewery that is mostly all grown and cultivated from one farm: the farm owned and operated by founders and brewers Evan and Emily Watson.

Evan and Emily Watson of Plan Bee Farm Brewery
Even more compelling is the component that makes this beer extra special and unique: the Watsons use their own yeast from their farm, using cultures from peaches, apples, and unpasteurized honey from two bee-hives that came with the farm when they bought the property in Fishkill.

The most special thing about cooking, baking or brewing something is using ingredients around you to make the freshest of flavors not easily replicated time and again. Plan Bee Farm Brewery loves this spontaneity of flavor, and embraces and actually seeks out the different flavors their unique yeast method produces. According to Even in the article from edible: "I love the odd and complex flavors you can get from it. These are the backbone of our beers."

Each of their beers have a story which you can read about on their blog. The bottle I tried was their popular Chamomile, developed specifically for and sold at the Cold Spring General Store. Delicious. I took it to a gathering on Mahopac Lake and a friend happily dubbed it a "soft" flavor and immediately texted his parents who were hiking for the day in Cold Spring, to request that they buy a few bottles at the store.

A brew with a notable story behind it is the TechiNiki, which was named after an Indian woman of the Wappingers tribe who picked a peach on a Dutch settler's farm in 1659 and was shot - thus starting the Peach Tree War throughout the entire Hudson Valley. So you're drinking history with these beers, along with flavors and ingredients grown just miles away from you.

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Beacon Architect Aryeh Siegel Featured in Upstate House
One of the most exciting aspects of living in Beacon, NY is that we are living during a historical era. When my family moved here, our neighbors across the street had moved here twenty years prior, also from Manhattan, to raise their family. They moved during the height of drug times, when Main Street was boarded up. The first investment they made to their home was installing a giant chain link fence around their entire property to keep people from sitting on the front stoop of their home to do "business".

Today, Beacon is the playground to many architects who are changing the face and experience of this city, while taking delight in "existing structural elements that can be incorporated into new uses." Such statement was spoken by Aryeh Siegel in an interview with Peter Aaron for Upstate House magazine. The article proclaims Siegel to be Beacon's architect laureate thanks in part to the number of game-changing projects he has been involved with crafting and reinventing, including Dia:Beacon, the Roundhouse at Beacon Falls, the Towne Crier Cafe, the Beacon Dog Park, the Beacon Cultural Community Center, and a growing list of other residential and mix-ed use sites.

If you haven't yet, do pick up this issue for the interview and the other great articles in Upstate House to see how this architect views Beacon.

Monday, June 30, 2014

BeaconCitizen Adds A Little Beacon Blog to Media Feed

Hey thanks BeaconCitizen for adding A Little Beacon Blog to its lineup of great media sources in the area! Now when you check in with BeaconCitizen for the latest events, updates, and community conversations, you'll also see latest headlines from A Little Beacon Blog.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Errands: Brioche Buns, Olive Oil, a Sweet

The best way to "run" errands is to walk them with a little one in tow and attach a cookie and a cupcake to the adventure. First stop is to Beacon Bread Company for brioche buns for weekday packed lunches. Next it's to the Scarborough Fare olive oil store to fill up this bottle with olive oil that tastes like "fresh cut grass and artichokes", to be used later in gazpacho and dipped in white bread from All You Knead and fresh Parmesan from a block from Beacon Pantry. Then it's off to Key Foods for rolls of fresh mozzarella and Applegate provolone cheese for a homemade pizza dough, the dough for which we will pick up from Pleasant Ridge on our way back home.

All on foot and a Radio Flyer bike!

What are your favorite errands on a Sunday?

Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Hudson River Kayak Tours Paddles Onto the Outdoor Getaway Scene

One of the more relaxing ways to experience the Hudson River is by kayak, paddling up or down the river. In Beacon, Mountain Tops is a go-to source for kayak rentals and tours (see their 4th of July paddle under the fireworks).

For a getaway outside of Beacon, to travel by water under the Bear Mountain Bridge instead of commuting over it, The Hudson River Kayak Tours company has paddled onto the scene with three very different tours every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You don't even need to think about when a tour is, just pick a day, pack a lunch or bottle of wine, and go!

For a long lunch, try their Stony Point Lighthouse and Battlefield Tour, a four hour tour on Thursdays and Fridays where you pack a lunch, launch from Stony Point to paddle around the marshes and return for a guided tour of the lighthouse and the Stony Point Battlefield. On Saturdays and Sundays, paddle under the Bear Mountain Bridge during the Poplopen Creek and Iona Island Tour for a little bird watching at the Iona Island Bird Sanctuary, and on Friday - Sunday, enjoy a romantic night on the Hudson River during their Sunset Tours.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Summer Wine Picks from Artisan Wine Shop

Summer and wine...such a happy combination. Of course your inspiration for different wines will come from different places, so we talked to Tim and Mei at Artisan Wine Shop for their recommendations on the perfect red, white or rosés wines for summer occasions available in their wine shop right now. Keep in mind, Tim recommends that most red wines should be served chilled in the summer. About 30-45 minutes in the 'fridge should do it...


You've been gardening, pulling weeds, harvesting beans, transplanting hostas, building decorative walls, and you're ready for a glass of wine. You're hot and tired, but you feel great after all of that physical work that looks so rewarding. What wine should you pair with your mood?

Arca Nova is a Vinho Verde that is a refreshing white with a lightly bubbly effervescence to keep the taste fresh and you cooled off. It's a white wine from northern Portugal made from light, crisp grapes that are green and lush.

The red Gamay from Domaine Les Hautes Noelles should be chilled and is a 'vin de la soif' (a wine for thirsty people) pulling in a cherry flavor that is low in alcohol.

You're heading to Riverfront Park for a picnic, music festival, or a stroll down Long Dock, or are having an Alice in Wonderland type picnic in the pruned shrubbery at Dia (get some cheese from Homespun's Dia location), you'll want a wine that will match the early night breeze.

You'll enjoy the Schlossmuhlenhof, a Riesling, but not just any Riesling...a dry Riesling Trocken that is native to the Germans who make and drink it. According to Tim, the Germans don't drink any other type of Riesling, certainly not ones that are sweet, which can be considered the norm by Americans. It's lower in alcohol, crisp, clean and good with food.

The Fuori Off Road Strada, a liter of Tuscan red wine in a box.  Packs well in a sack, and you'll get more wine with less packaging! Put this organic boxed wine on ice. It's a Chianti, but not officially classified as such, being that it's in a box. It's light and crisp with some structure and dryness from the tannin. It will have dryness on the finish and is good with food.

You're going to a friend's BBQ or backyard grill, and everyone is bringing their craft beers and growlers from The Hop, but you want to bring wine.

The Effet Papillon is a Cotos du Roussillon blanc from the southern part of France. It's wrought with soft texture and stands up to the weight of grilled chicken, fish and vegetables. The Effet Papillon picks up flavors well to enhance your meal.

La Flor is a Malbec that is full of flavor. It handles heavy foods like meat well, but could be drunk by itself. This red wine is tangy in nature, and works well with BBQ sauce.

Tim was especially excited to share his favorite bottles of rosés. The Lieu-dit Cocagne Coteaux du Vendomois and Pigoudet Premiére. The Coteaux du Vendomois is dry and savory with no sweetness, and is best 15 minutes after opening. The Pigoudet is made from a blend of grapes and is more fruity because of the warmth of the region.

And of course, you must have the proper glass! If you are on a picnic, traveling or just want to drink from a sturdy cup outside, the govino wine glass is shatterproof, reusable, disposable and available locally at Utensil. So fit in the trip from one end of town to the other when you are headed to your event and are picking up wine on your way! And don't forget, if you need a quick apple pie, there are usually mini apple and cherry pies ready at BJ's. 

All of these wines are available in the Artisan Wine Shop, so print out this guide or mention the Summer Wine Pick Guide on A Little Beacon Blog for some guided direction on picking your wines!