Restaurants That Are Open Christmas Eve and Day in Beacon - 2018 Edition

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

One of the things that make the holidays so wonderful is the FOOD! The special meals that bring us all together. Some families have their big meal on Christmas Eve while others have it on Christmas Day. If there is a day you plan on dining out, our trusty Restaurant Guide is always here at your service. In this case, we saved you some time in finding out who on Main Street will be open and closed Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

Who’s Open Christmas Eve/Day?

BJ’s Soul Food Restaurant, at 231 Main Street, will be open on Christmas Eve, 7:30 am to 9 pm, and Christmas Day, 7:30 am to 6 pm.

Isamu Sushi, at 240 Main Street, will be open both days with their regular hours.

The Roundhouse, at 2 East Main Street, will be open in the lounge on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 3 to 10 pm.

For Those In Need:
The Springfield Baptist Church is serving free Christmas dinners on Christmas Day from noon to 3 pm. They will deliver three or more dinners. For delivery, call (845) 464-2480. The church is located at 8 Mattie Cooper Square in Beacon.
- First reported by the Beacon Free Press

Who’s Open Christmas Eve Only?

Barb’s Butchery, 11 am to 6 pm (menu for grilled food is available)
Bank Square, until 6 pm
Tito Santana’s, until 4 pm
The Pandorica, until 5 pm
Homespun Foods, until 3 pm
Ziatun, regular hours (until 8 pm)
Max’s on Main, until 6 pm
Enoteca Ama, until 10 pm (final seating 9:30 pm)
Cafe Amacord, until 10 pm (final seating 9:30 pm)
Glazed Over Donuts, 8:30 am to 12:30 pm
Yankee Clipper Diner, until 3 pm
Ella’s Bellas, until 3 pm
Brother’s Trattoria, until 10 pm
Beacon Falls Cafe, until 3 pm
Sukhothai, until 9:30 pm
Melzingah Tap Room, until 7 (final seating 7-7:30 pm)

Who’s Closed Christmas Eve/Day?

Chill Wine Bar
Kitchen Sink
Meyers Olde Dutch
Baja 328
Draught Industries

Are You On This List?

This page right here is one of our most popular pages in Google around Christmas time. Everyone starts Googling who is open on Christmas Eve and Day!

If you run a restaurant and it’s in Beacon and not in this lineup, please email us at! We literally called everyone, so you might not have been able to answer the phone when we called. Don’t be shy! Let us know.

If you are a business not in Beacon, but want to be included in this list, consider an Article Sponsorship! We’ll get your logo and business name listed here.

If you are in this list, and you just want to say THANKS, you can also do so with an Article Sponsorship with your logo listed!

The Scoop on Stock Up, The Sandwich Shop That Replaced The Copper Roof Deli

O, heavenly days... Those are words you just may sing to yourself once you walk into Stock Up, the new sandwich shop and eatery that replaced The Copper Roof Deli at 29 Teller Avenue. Music wafts from an old-timey radio outfitted with a modern USB port, playing rockabilly and other genres you'll enjoy while kicking back and eating a turkey sandwich with a side of the BBQ Carrot Salad, dotted with such goodies as purple pickled onion and sprouted quinoa.

The new front counter at Stock Up, formerly The Copper Roof Deli.

Brought to you by the owners of Marbled Meat Shop in Cold Spring, Stock Up is a casual eating experience with a very deeply healthy and meat-intense menu that has plenty of vegetarian, or green-eating options. Says Lisa Hall, co-owner with her husband Chris Pascarella: "When I go to a smokehouse, I don't find anything green." That issue is certainly rectified at Stock Up, particularly with the refrigerated case in the front filled with prepared side options, like the "Greek and Grain" tomato salad, "BBQ Carrot," "Dirty Potato Salad," and the "4 Bean Chow Chow."

The front case, with your choice of sides.

Let's zoom in on those side dishes...

Regulars familiar with the former Copper Roof Deli space will notice a change in the interior. It remains cozy and friendly, yet has a redesigned counter, seating, and plants hanging in sunny windows. For the moment, morning regulars will miss the egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, which is ever the quest for morning people who need a pop of protein, as Stock Up opens at 11am, but folks could enjoy a new dish of yogurt and house-made granola instead. With late-ish hours already, Stock Up is open until 8pm daily, which is perfect for quick dinner pickups (post-train, even!) or lounging with friends inside or outside on the back patio.

Patrons will not go hungry at Stock Up. As professional butchers and picklers, the owners make sure the choice of meat sandwiches is extensive, with creative sauces - which, as any connoisseur of a sandwich knows, can be key to a crave-worthy sandwich. Equally important and creative are Stock Up's meat options, including jowl bacon, smoked pork, rotisserie chicken, and more. And sometimes when available, you can get turkey wings prepared in a bourbon maple brine.

Executive Chef and Partner Adam Sternberg, who you may know from "36 Main" in New Paltz and from O2 right here in Beacon years ago, is passionate about the taste of and nourishment from food, and has veggies pickling and grains sprouting in the basement.

Wait - "sprouting," you ask? Yes, answers Adam. He is happy to educate you about the health benefits of eating sprouted quinoa, which involves rotations of soaking and rinsing the quinoa for hours and hours to make it easier to digest and get a few more vitamins and minerals out of it.

Sprouted quinoa can be found in the BBQ Carrot Salad, with watermelon radish, pickled purple onion, and smoked and roasted carrot. This combination understandably may never have been on your radar, but it could become a fast favorite.

Partners (from left): Adam Sternberg, Chris Pascarella, and Lisa Hall.
A family-friendly atmosphere is very important to the team at Stock Up. Lisa and Chris are parents of little ones, and value such things as a changing table in the bathroom, which (as of this publishing) is coming soon. Lisa, a former teacher, and Chris, a former commuter into the city, had been thinking about what business they wanted to create in order to live in Cold Spring with less commuting. Past residents of Brooklyn, they were big fans of their local grocer/restaurant, Court Street Grocers. After dreaming of opening their own business for a long while, Lisa and Chris took the plunge to open Marbled Meat Shop after Chris was unexpectedly laid off from his job, like so many others, thus giving them permission to open the business of their dreams. With Stock Up, Beacon is home to their second business, and on the first day of opening, several of their Cold Spring friends had come up to experience the new addition.

The drink cooler has delicious options from Salud, Blue Sky and others.

The beer will be flowing from taps on the outdoor patio as soon as the liquor license comes through, but in the meantime, you can benefit from the team's possible obsession with a variety of brands of deliciously sweet soda, like two kinds of orange soda, two kinds of ginger ale, and more from brands like Blue Sky and Salud Refresco. There's even coconut water!

So without further ado, you have much to enjoy this lunch or dinner hour. And I'm going to wrap this article up, because a new craving for sprouted quinoa must be answered...

Photo Credits: This lovely photography has been taken by Leigh Baumann, a social media photographer for A Little Beacon Blog and a talented designer.

January is the New Vacation Season for Restaurants! Look Who Is Closed!

Just when I was getting ready to plan where I was going to hunker down and catch up on all of my 2015 business bookkeeping, a few of my top spots for working from my laptop, glass of wine in hand, have gone on holiday! It seems that after the intense rush that begins before Thanksgiving and pushes through Christmas and the New Year, these great establishments need a little time off. While they served us during our vacations, January is the quiet time when they can take theirs.

Therefore, we are in a State of an Update at A Little Beacon Blog's Restaurant Guide, identifying which cafes, bars and restaurants are closed for the first part of January, namely:

Temporary January Closures
The Hop - closed January 1st - 8th. Reopens January 9th
Ella's Bellas - closed January 4th - 12th. Reopens January 13th
Oak Vino - closed January 1st - 14th. Reopens January 15th
Beacon Pantry - closed January 4th - 6th. Reopens January 7th
Kitchen Sink Food & Drink - closed January 12th - 22nd. Reopens January 23rd

Permanent Closure
Cascadas Mexican Restaurant

New Late Nights!
 Beacon Bagel burns the candle at both ends on Friday and Saturday nights, open from 9pm - 2am.
You may be baking bagels with them, but they sure will taste good!

As I type this, I have sought refuge in Bank Square (on the Open list!) with a hot chocolate. ;)

On deck is an article for Where To Go To Grab A Glass of Wine, Beer, or Coffee While You Update Your Books for Tax Season.

Cheers! Your Champagne Recipe for New Year's and Beyond

According to Timothy Buzinski, co-proprietor of Artisan Wine Shop in Beacon, NY, Champagne and other sparkling wines should be enjoyed at all times, as easy as wine or a craft beer. Yet in the States, bubbly is almost entirely associated with New Year's Eve and other celebrations. Perhaps one New Year's resolution could be to drink Champagne more often (not a hard resolution to keep, I would think!). To take it one step further, and make it easier to get creative, we are looking into making a cocktail out of that glass of bubbly.

On the eve of the New Year, I stopped into a few of Beacon's most trusted sources for Champagne and drink flavorings - Artisan Wine Shop and Drink More Good. The proprietors at each opened my eyes to pouring a few drips of bitters or cassis into champagne or a sparkly white wine.

Meet a few of the many bitters shelved on the wall under "Bitters" at Drink More Good. In flavors like Gypsy Tamarind Cacao, Kiki Lavender Elderberry, and my surprising favorite, Scarlet Strawberry Chili.

To taste test, one squeezes a drop of the flavor on the hand, then lick! I recommend also smelling the drop, because the experiences are totally different. To drink, squeeze one full dropper of your chosen flavor into a glass of Champagne, and enjoy.

At Artisan, you'll find a selection of bitters in flavors like Dandelion & Burdock Bitters, and orange flavors. These, Tim recommends, you could squeeze over a sugar cube that has been placed into your glass, then pour the Champagne over.

For a more traditional flavoring that is sure to be sweet, pour a bit of cassis into your glass, and you have a fresh and fruity treat. While dining, you may wonder what goes well with Champagne? Tim recommends popcorn. Pretty simple! I might take it a step further and make that a cheese-coated popcorn of some kind. But most important for this cocktail, Tim says, is to make sure the pairing is salty. If you're out to dinner, or planning on having Champagne after your meal, have smoked fish or trout, or other fish. Entertaining at home? Beacon Pantry has a shrimp cocktail that you can pre-order, and if you ask really nicely, they may even make you a cocktail sauce from scratch.

Happy New Year - And Beyond!

Get Your Sweet Tooth & Dancing Shoes Ready This Weekend!

We have more Pop-Up Guide action happening this weekend in Beacon, filled with sweet, delicious goodness and more!
It's the second week of Flowers & Flours at Clay Wood & Cotton, featuring dried flowers and wreaths from Diana Mae Flowers and assorted sweets from The Darling Kitchen. Stop by this Saturday, starting at 11 am.

Also this Saturday over at the east end of Main Street, stop by Echo and pick up freshly baked goods by 5Hens, sure to delight your recipient. Cookie boxes, teacher gifts, marshmallows and more. You can pre-order by visiting or email Pick up at the store.

Once you're done snacking, head over to The Howland Cultural Center for a night of dancing! This monthly dance series is attended by singles, couples, friends and strangers. Great bands and voices will be heard, including a variety of rhythms, styles and moods. Light refreshments will be served. Suggested donation: $10.00

As always, you can check out all of Beacon's ongoing events throughout the year in our Events Guide

Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens for People in Need in Beacon

One of the first meals served in the new Soup Kitchen at the
Tabernacle of Christ Church A/G at 483 Main Street.
Photo Credit: Tabernacle Church of Christ.

The Salvation Army's restructuring of its soup kitchen prompted a fresh look at food pantries and soup kitchens in the area, and the opening of a new one. While these sources are on the radar for many, including the Sloop Club who hosts an annual event in December to raise money for pantries, donating to food pantries and soup kitchens may not be at the top of the list for others. Furthermore, food pantries can go underused, according to Deaconess D. Williams of Springfield Baptist Church, who says: "Many miss out because they simply don't know that help is available."
This Thanksgiving, we have organized a list of sources for people to donate to and eat from.
If you organize a food pantry or soup kitchen, or provide free meals in another way, please email this information to to be considered for this list.

Whether you are looking for a warm meal, canned goods, or friendly community, or you’re in a position to help by donating food or time, the following organizations in and near Beacon would love to see you. Contact organizers for information about the most up-to-date ways to participate.

Soup Kitchens & Feeding Programs

Soup Kitchen
Tabernacle of Christ A/G Church
Organized rapidly this November and already served its first meal, this soup kitchen is open to all and serves a hot meal. Several organizations pitched in, including Common Ground Farm, My Bread Is Your Bread, Dutchess Outreach, Tabernacle of Christ Church A/G, and In Care of.
Beacon, NY
DAYS/TIMES - Free Meals
11am-12pm Monday - Thursday
Coordinators for eating or donating:
Candi Rivera and Kundi Glasson: (845) 728-8196 
Currently seeking donations for commercial-grade stove and refrigerator. For the interim, Ella's Bellas has donated a household refrigerator until the commercial-grade version is secured.
To Volunteer: 

Welcome Table Soup Kitchen
Photo Credit: First Presbyterian Church.
First Presbyterian Church 
50 Liberty Street 
Beacon, NY
10-12pm Fridays and Saturdays. In the summer, you may spot the Green Teens' green bus selling very affordable produce from the parking lot.
Coordinator for eating or for donating: 
Rose Quirk: (845) 600-5389

Seniors Feeding Seniors Ministry
Free meals and baked goods for seniors
Springfield Baptist Church 
8 Mattie Cooper Square
Beacon, NY
DAYS/TIMES - Free Meals
The last Saturday of each month at 12pm
DAYS/TIMES - Baked Goods
Every Wednesday (845) 813-4093
Coordinator for eating or for donating: 
Penny Jackson:

Senior Program
Salvation Army, Beacon Corps
Salvation Army Beacon Corps
372 Main Street
Beacon, NY
DAYS/TIMES Free Meals for Seniors
Tuesday & Thursday, 11-1:30pm
DAYS/TIMES for Donation of Food
Tuesday - Thursday by using the back door by the parking lot. Not the side door by the bank's parking lot, but the very back door directly behind the church. Walk straight back and step over the chain that blocks cars from short-cutting through to avoid the light, or if by car, use the Fishkill Ave. / Rt. 52 entrance.

The Salvation Army in the church at 372 Main Street, which is in the middle of town across the street from the Yankee Clipper Diner, recently restructured its soup kitchen to be open to senior citizens only.

Pastor Kisser studied the people walking into the church, and noticed that in Beacon's current renaissance, the fastest-growing demographic using the service was seniors. Pastor Kisser explains: "Due to budget constraints, the cook for the soup kitchen was let go, and the program director and the seniors stepped in to volunteer to help feed each other. The program continues to feed 20-25 seniors per session on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-1:30pm." Earlier this week, the kitchen served its Thanksgiving meal to seniors, who enjoy the community time with each other.

Important to the Salvation Army is helping people eat in groups for social interaction. While the soup kitchen program is dedicated to seniors, during the Thanksgiving season, the Salvation Army does offer food vouchers to all people. Says Pastor Kisser: "In an effort to preserve the family, we give out vouchers to enable families to buy food at their own grocery stores and prepare it at home so that the family can sit down together in their own environment."
Coordinator for eating or for donating: Rhode: (845) 831-1253
Seniors should call or walk in to sign up for the program.
Donations of food can be made Tuesdays - Thursdays by using the back door off the parking lot.
Financial donations can be made online and designated to Beacon, as well as answering the seasonal mail that comes. When you designate Beacon, the location at 372 Main Street is the recipient. And of course, when you see the bright red kettles at supermarkets, money goes to your local Salvation Army. You could also drop off a check at any time to the building.

Food Pantries Open To All In Need

St. Andrew’s Church
17 South Avenue, Beacon
DAYS/TIMES - Pickups
10am-11am Saturdays
Contact for eating or for donating: 
Pat Lassiter: (845) 831-4711

St. Luke's and St. Andrews Food Pantry
Contact for eating or for donating: 
Rev. John F. Williams: (845) 831-2643

Salvation Army, Beacon Corps
372 Main Street
Beacon, NY
The emergency food pantry is open to all.
DAYS/TIMES - Pickups
Starting at 9am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Appointments are required.
Call to make an appointment, or stop in:
(845) 831-1253
DAYS/TIMES - Donations of Food 
Can be made Tuesdays - Thursdays by using the back door off the parking lot.

Springfield Baptist Church
Food pantry
Springfield Baptist Church 
8 Mattie Cooper Square
Beacon, NY
Coordinator for eating or for donating: 
Deaconess Joan Cook:

Food Pantry
New Vision Church of Deliverance 
831 Route 52
Fishkill, NY
This food pantry serves fresh produce from Common Ground Farm. Says Common Ground: "Fresh produce is tough to find at food pantries because it is perishable, so it doesn't store as long as canned foods or dry goods. But of course, it is much healthier (and tastier). That's why we harvest that same day and deliver directly to our pantry partners." This pantry is in Fishkill, NY, and is a few doors from the diner, on Beacon's side of I-84.
11am Thursdays

First Reformed Church
1153 Main Street
Fishkill, NY (just before Route 9)
DAYS/TIMES - Pickups
Monday - Thursday 9am to 12pm 
Tuesdays: open until 2pm
Contact for eating or for donating: To access the pantry, make an appointment by calling (845) 896-4546. Call the same number to donate or volunteer. 

I Am Beacon
While not a food pantry, it is a source that delivers food to people in need during Thanksgiving. Key Food is a major partner in this drive, by way of collecting donations and storing turkeys until they are delivered.

A very special thanks for the rapid responses of organizers on the eve of Thanksgiving to compile this article:
  • Catherine Sweet of A Little Beacon Blog for pounding the keyboard and making phone calls to find programs.
  • Joyce Hanson with the Beacon Sloop Club for delivering information on food pantries in the area. Beacon Sloop Club is hosting a Cajun Holiday Party fundraiser with proceeds going to the Beacon Food Pantry and Beacon Sloop Club. Read about this and other upcoming events in A Little Beacon Blog's Annual Events Guide.
  • Deaconess D. Williams of Springfield Baptist Church for clarifying and providing contact information.
  • Kundi Glasson for helping to rapidly organize the Soup Kitchen at Tabernacle of Christ Church A/G and providing its newest details as they develop. 


Thanksgiving Menu Roundup for 2015 - Turkey, Desserts, Soups, Sides to Order

The weather is so unseasonably nice, that it is really hard to imagine that next week we'll be slowing down to a few days off from school and work, in order to help us unplug and enjoy our families. And if the rumors from folks in Chicago and Ohio are true, this region may actually get snow for Thanksgiving! Which would be a classic case of terrible weather for those who drive or fly to Grandma's - something always comes up.

For this year's Thanksgiving Menu Roundup, I had to plant myself at Ella's Bellas - one of the delicious sources of what may be several dishes served on your table this year - for my own pre-Thanksgiving slice of pumpkin cake and pumpkin fondue (which is not on their official Thanksgiving menu). It was a nice treat to have pumpkin and spice on the tip of the tongue - literally.

Pick and choose your Thanksgiving treats and serve a bounty of dishes collected from all over Beacon. Let us begin...(and order RIGHT NOW because some of these makers have ordering deadlines of Monday, or Tuesday, or maybe yesterday, but they might still accept last-minute orders).

HINT: Call ahead to see if the pie or bread of your dreams is still available to pre-order... While pounding the pavement for these menus, we saw several spots had order deadlines that had been scratched off and extended. So take a chance and call just in case... Websites can be a little trickier to update than good ol' pen to paper. Several sources list Sunday or Monday as the drop-dead day.

APPETIZERS are in luck because cheese platters are Beacon Pantry's specialty! These cheese plates are serious business, and include delightful bite-sized goat cheese tarts, stilton and cranberry tarts (stilton is a type of blue cheese), and a hand-selected array of artisanal cheese.

Because you cannot snack on cheese alone, dips and spreads are also on the Thanksgiving menu at Beacon Pantry. Select from hummus, dolmas, tomato bruschetta, mushroom bruschetta and olives. Beacon Natural Market has a tasty menu with a lot of options for various courses of your dinner. Select from tapenade (a dip made from black olives, capers and anchovies) or artichoke hummus, or surprise your guests with a seasonal pumpkin hummus!

What will you decide?


Pumpkin Pie Spice vinegar from Scarborough Fare.
Stay light and healthy with an arugula/mesclun salad with goat gouda, toasted pepitas, butternut seed oil and maple vinegar dressing from Beacon Natural Market, or an Autumn quinoa salad.


Time to get really fancy with the bread you'll serve to guests. And by fancy, I mean tasty. First, start with really salty, smooth butter from Kate's Homemade Butter from Maine or the Amish Roll Butter (a tad onion-y from the cows' diet of regional chives and such), which is easy to find at Key Food.

As for the bread, All You Knead Bakery has the largest selection of breads, from Sourdough to Challah to Olive to an Autumn Harvest - a sweet and chewy loaf chock full of cranberries, raisins and pecans. Baguettes are easy to find at other cafe restaurants like Beacon Pantry, where you may also be ordering cheeses or soups, while plain or rosemary dinner rolls dinner are warming in the oven at Ella's Bellas.

Special to Beacon Pantry this year are sweet breads, including include petite muffins in a variety of flavors, orange gingerbread, banana bread, pumpkin cranberry bread and apple raisin, brought in from the famed Cafe Le Perche up in Hudson.


Now come the toughest choices. There are a lot of good soups on these Thanksgiving menus. But here is the good news: Soups can totally transform leftovers into fresh, savory dishes when you make a sandwich and dip it into soup. So feel free to over-order here. While you may find frozen soups at your favorite source like Homespun, you need to think about these seasonal soups being offered special for Thanksgiving. Beacon Natural Market is offering a pumpkin soup with curry leaves. Ella's Bellas has a butternut apple soup, and Beacon Pantry also has a butternut squash soup.


Russell Samuel and Shivana Weathers
donate turkeys as part of the
I Am Beacon here in Key Food Beacon.
Beacon Natural Market and Key Food are your easiest sources to find turkey. Barb's Butchery cut their turkey ordering off a week ago. Key Food is also carrying out the annual turkey and food drive in partnership with I Am Beacon, and have so far reserved 95 turkeys, donated by various people, for families in need. If you usually pick up Murray's chicken from Beacon Natural Market, you can order their turkeys as well in 20lb or 22lbs range. There is a larger selection from Snowdance Farms, where you can buy a turkey from 11-24lbs. But order now, because they are accepting orders until the turkeys are gone.

A cranberry sauce with orange and spices can be found at Beacon Natural Market, and Beacon Pantry does have a cranberry chutney as well as your turkey gravy, sausage bread stuffing, and traditional bread stuffing. But if stuffed acorn squash is your thing, then Beacon Natural Market has a stuffed acorn squash stuffed with tofu, nuts, fruits and quinoa. If you're making your own stuffing but want a little help from Ella's Bellas, they are selling stuffing cubes in 10oz bags.


Rosemary infused oil from Scarborough Fare.
Mashed potatoes get creative twists this season with a sage mashed potato or a sweet potato puree with toasted pepitas at Beacon Natural Market, and Yukon gold mashed potatoes or a mashed maple sweet potato at Beacon Pantry.

Veggies!! We must be healthy, right? Good luck with that, when we can order roasted brussels sprouts cooked in duck fat and bacon from Beacon Pantry. Regular roasted veggies are available at Ella's Bellas, and consider an order of string beans with sesame garlic seasoning from Beacon Natural Market.

If you are roasting your own potatoes or vegetables, infused oil from Scarborough Fare can put your dish over the top. A top recommendation for the Thanksgiving fixings is the rosemary oil. 


Pumpkin molasses turnovers with cheesecake filling
at All You Knead.
This is the moment when you need to get a cup of coffee and really think about your options. This is serious.

Among light and fruity options are tarts, like frangipane tarts in many flavors including apple, blueberry, raspberry, chocolate caramel pecan and mixed berry at Beacon Pantry. Stuffed apples with pecans, currents, brown sugar, butter and maple syrup are being baked at Homespun. Cranberry sour cherry pie, and a vegan apple or apple pie or a cranberry upside down cake can be found at Ella's Bellas.

Pretty much all of your usual bakeries are selling pumpkin pie and apple pies. You are covered here. You just need to get your order in.

Where you want to get dangerously delicious are in these other pies, special for Thanksgiving. Ella's Bellas is baking up a fudge pie, and a pecan bourbon version with Hudson Valley Bourbon. There is a chocolate malt pie at Beacon Natural Market. Homespun has outdone themselves with a caramel pecan tart pie, pumpkin cheesecake bars, almond dacquoise with pumpkin buttercream (gluten-free), and vanilla cranberry jam cake with pumpkin-spiced buttercream. You may also find pie ideas from Get Frosted Cupcakery, but call for options!


The Pie Box, to travel with your pie, at Utensil.
For those of you traveling, pies are always the easiest contribution to bring to a gathering. The key will be in how sturdy the pie box is. Thankfully, Utensil is one step ahead of you with The Pie Box. This is a lucky find, as The Pie Box actually sold out last year around holiday time. For pie bakers, it's a great holiday gift because it makes pie delivery so much more secure.

Frozen soups are also easy to travel with, especially if you have a luggage rack on your roof, as it's usually cold in November. Well, hopefully it's cold in November.

This is all assuming you are driving, of course.

Please share your pictures of Thanksgiving meals with us at A Little Beacon Blog by tagging us on Instagram at @alittlebeacon! Looking forward to see how your dinner turned out.

Menus Used For This Article Include:

PS: If you are a food source who wants to be included in next year's Thanksgiving Menu Roundup, be sure you sign up for our Advance Notice email by clicking here where we send out opportunities to businesses so that they can submit to articles we are working on.

Chateau Beacon to Offer Delicious Menu, Double-Wide Booths, and Family Friendly Options

Chateau Beacon to open soon, replacing Mary Kelley's
Chateau Beacon to open soon in Mary Kelly's former location.
UPDATE: Chateau Beacon has opened! See A Little Beacon Blog's Restaurant Guide for this and other updates on where you can eat in and around Beacon. Subscribe to A Little Beacon Blog's free newsletter for more updates like this one and stay in the loop!

If you were once devoted to driving north from Beacon, crossing the I-84 overpass, taking a quick left off of 9D at the militia man statue, then parking down at Mary Kelly's for a warm, cozy, and relaxing dinner, then you were probably sad to find out that the restaurant had suddenly closed. But there was good reason behind that sudden closure: New owners are closing a deal on the building, which will remain a restaurant, bar and event space, now called Chateau Beacon.

You know that militia man on 9D?
He's your man for the left turn to get to Chateau Beacon.
Originally from Garrison, the new owners currently live in Hopewell Junction. They were fond of the location, the building, and the family- and art-friendly nature of Beacon. Having a young family themselves, the owners of Chateau Beacon also aim to offer classes, from art to cooking, in the building's large, inspiring space, surrounded by woods in a primarily residential area.

The space will remain family-friendly, starting with seating that includes deep, horseshoe-shaped booths on almost all sides of the restaurant. The chef hails from Epcot Disney, and knows what kids like: food on a stick. Chicken, steak and more will all be available. Even vanilla or chocolate milk!

For adults, oh my goodness, oh my goodness. A Mediterranean-American flavor will inspire the menu. Think mussels, fish, flatbread, grilled octopus, caramelized everything served with many choices of sides.

Watch their very active Facebook page for the minute they open...

[UPDATED: Open!] Construction for BAJA 328 Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill

The front of BAJA 328, on Main Street.
EDITOR'S NOTE: Baja 328 has opened and is now in A Little Beacon Blog's full Restaurant Guide. It is also a late-night consideration on Second Saturday nights out!

*  *  *

Prepare...Authentic Southwestern food coupled with over 150 tequilas is coming to 328 Main Street. BAJA 328 aimed to be open very soon, and surely with a few more finishing touches, we will be able to taste why there are over 150 tequilas in existence. This restaurant is in the building next to Quinn's that has the glass paneled garage door that you may have wondered about for some time.

The Orange County Chamber of Commerce notes that BAJA 328 is a new business venture of Leo’s Restaurant and Pizzeria located in Cornwall, Newburgh and Wappingers Falls.

Also located next to Rite Aid with a parking lot in the back, BAJA 328 is an easy location to plan for! Just don't drink tequila and drive of course...
The back of BAJA 328, where the construction activity moves.

Draught Industries Adds Food To Craft Beer Menu!
The Jalapeño Cheddar Dog & Friends.

It's true, Draught Industries was your source for beer porn because their freshly tapped kegs were But you got hungry! And the people at Draught took notice as people were bringing in their own take-out Chinese. Once the beer kings finished opening one of the most tasty restaurants in Fishkill, The Dutchess Bierecafe, they brought some of the good food back over to Beacon. You'll find asiago cheese smothered chicken sausage, the chedder bratwurst, and onion confit on more than a few things.
Full menu that is very cheese and sausage friendly.

A Little Beacon Blog's Restaurant Guide has taken note! 

And if you want some good Instagram, catch Draught Industries' photos.

Hudson Valley Brewery Begins Construction at 7 East Main, Slated To Open Spring 2016

Hold the phones, residents on the East side of Beacon near the Fishkill Creek just got extremely excited that their craft beer selection now includes Hudson Valley Brewery at 7 East Main, one of Beacon's few remaining factory buildings that will undergo renovation to take a new form. Correction, everyone in Beacon just got extremely excited that different areas around Main Street are evolving with such definition, and that our choices of dining and drinking out are increasing with such style. The Brewery will feature a taproom, wholesale manufacturing facility and event space, occupying all 18,000 square feet of the former factory. The dreamy brainchild of John-Anthony Gargiulo is slated to open in Spring 2016.

The far end of Main Street close to the mountain is a playground for developers and those who are passionate about restoring Beacon's old factory buildings into something of beauty and function. Says Gargiulo, President of Hudson Valley Brewing: “It was really important to us to preserve this building and bring it back online. It also happens to offer the perfect space for each aspect of our business: a beautiful, welcoming entry near Main Street for the taproom, a second level with high ceilings and original beams for private events, and a large warehouse space in the back for a 30-barrel brewhouse.”

7 East Main sits on the bank of the Fishkill Creek, and to the right of 1 East Main,
which is known as the Electric Windows building that is being converted into lofts.

Gargiulo adds in a recent press release: "The building completes a row of other substantial Beacon development projects, adjacent to two new loft/condominium buildings and a brand new municipal parking lot." He has been working to secure the space since 2013, according to the statement.

Think you'd like to totally change careers open a brewery? Take Gargiulo's lead, and you can! A former dolly grip for movies including productions put out by Marvel, Gargiulo would set up  lighting designs and positions for cinematographers behind the camera. Now he is the visionary overseeing construction after leaving LA five years ago to return to his roots here in the Hudson Valley. He applied for and received an Empire State Development Grant in 2014, which helped push the project over the edge of dreaming to doing. “Our vision is for Hudson Valley Brewery to be a truly collaborative process: from the way we brew and blend our beers to the way we represent this incredible region and community we’re so proud to be part of.”

Looking forward to watching the construction, and to the opening. Meanwhile, see where you can dine and drink right now in A Little Beacon Blog's live Restaurant Guide.

Restaurant Guide for Beacon, NY: Where To Eat In Beacon NY

Beacon, NY Restaurant Guide

Recent Changes or Closures:
OPEN NOW! The Vault. See below for what you will find there!
COMING SOON! Baja 328, a Tequila Bar and Southwest Grill
COMING SOON 2016! Hudson Valley Brewery (get the scoop)
FOOD ADDED! Draught Industries adds food menu (get the scoop) 
Last Updated: 10/2/15

It's always a pleasure eating and drinking your way through Beacon, so we created this guide to help you know where to eat and drink as you explore the town.  

What to Know About This Guide:
  • This is organized as a "Walking Guide" starting from the train station on the west end of Main Street and ending by East Main Street past the dummy light.
  • The Guide mostly consists of restaurants, but we have also included bars, wine, liquor, tea, coffee and soda shops. You need some beverages to wash down your food!
  • Parking can be found on side streets, on Main Street, and in municipal lots.  
  • New places are always popping up in Beacon and we'll be updating periodically. But if you don't see your favorite place, or have the inside scoop on something new opening up- give us a shout in the comments or email
  • Closures of your favorite spot may be surprising, so we will include the recent closures of restaurants at the top of this Guide.
  • If you are restaurant or drink establishment owner and have something special to add, please email If you want to feature your listing with pictures and special features, please see our advertising opportunities.


2 Way Brewing Company
18 West Main St.
(this is down the hill from Main Street proper, near the train)
(845) 202­-7334
On your way up from the train station, either on foot or by car, Beacon's own brewery is a must­stop. They will also have a new experimental beer to try each month!


(Close to the train station.)

Bank Square
129 Main St.
(845) 440­-7165
Your friendly place on the West End Main Street for a latte, craft beer, or Mast Brothers Hot Chocolate. Also has snacks like yogurt, granola bars, and homemade donuts when they are making them.

Chill Wine Bar
173 Main St.
(845) 765­-0885
A cozy wine bar offering tapas and live music every Saturday night. Sit at the bar or along the brick wall at a table for two, or spread out in the front in the window seat adorned with pillows. Especially known for their dessert selection which includes a s'more panini and cheese cake as well as their cheese and meat platter.

Tito Santana Taqueria
142 Main St.
(845) 765-­2350
Really fresh food you'd expect to find in a taqueria. From guacamole to fish tacos to cheesy quesadillas. Serves beer.

Kitchen Sink
157 Main St.
(845) 765-0240
Kitchen Sink features an eclectic mix of global and family influenced dishes, blending local ingredients with modern techniques. They put a spin on the classics, while creating new ones all using farm to table ingredients. Seating includes an outdoor garden patio. Check out their awesome Monday night fried chicken specials! Open for dinner beginning at 5pm.

The Pandorica
165 Main St.
(845) 831-6287
If you're a fan of Dr. Who, you will love this restaurant. Most importantly, however, is their food, which is delicious, comforting, and offers plenty of dessert options. Serves beer.

Artisan Wine Shop
180 Main St.
(845) 440­-6923
Beacon's most delightful wine shop that specializes in pairing wine with food. Every Second Saturday, Artisan Wine Shop hosts a be wine tastings with winemaker/import representative Luis Moya.

Poppy's Burgers & Fries
184 Main St.
(845) 765­-2121
Enjoy a great burger and fries in wooden booths in Poppy's. Serves 100% grass fed beef, 100% Hudson Valley, and 100% Humanely raised. Serves craft beer.

Beacon Bread Company
193 Main St.
(845) 838­-2867
You'll find not just their delicious, fresh baked bread, but you can stop in for warm french onion soup, grilled cheeses and other sandwiches, cheese danishes, brownies...

BJ's Soul Food Restaurant
213 Main St.
(845) 831­-1221
Beacon's stop for soul food including fried chicken, ribs, ox tail and mac and cheese that rivals Stouffers. Enjoy a generous slice of a homemade three layer frosted cake. Serves beer.


Pleasant Ridge II
208 Main St.
(845) 831­-3444
Pizza and Italian food like chicken parmesan. Seats large parties. Serves wine and beer.

232 Main St.
(845) 831­-5096
Delicious spot for breakfast, lunch or sweet snacks (like carrot cake or chocolate mousse). If you are here on a Saturday, you are lucky because you get to order their deep dish french toast with real maple syrup, which is only baked on the weekend. Also has oatmeal, yogurt, quiche, sandwiches, and cheeses.

Isamu Sushi
240 Main St.
(845) 440­-0002
Beacon's most modern and hip looking sushi restaurant with a waterfall wall that kids love. Seats large party. Serves wine and beer.

Max's On Main
246 Main St.
(845) 838-6297
The local bar for a great dinner, live music, and late night eating. Live music every Saturday. Plus sports on TV.

Cafe Amacord
276 Main St.
(845) 440­-0050
Delicious Italian flare gourmet food. Enjoy salads with goat cheese and beets, cauliflower soup, entrees of fish or steak, and wine by the glass or bottle.

All You Knead
308 Main St.
(845) 440­-8530
Stop in for a chocolate croissant, apple muffin, or chicken pot pie. You'll of course find a hearty chocolate chip cookie or brownie here, but you may also find whatever the baker decided to bake, like vegetable samosa.

Denning's Point Distillery
10 N. Chestnut Street
Denning’s Point Distillery in Beacon, NY crafts the finest artisanal spirits available including Viskill Vodka, Beacon American Whiskey & Denning's White Rye Whiskey.They use high quality grains from New York state farms and strive to create classic spirits of unique character and depth. Denning's Point Distillery works from a unique,urban production space and offers impromptu tours and tastings.

Get Frosted Cupcakery
323 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 765-1002
A cupcakery with many flavors. Be sure to try their lemon cupcake!

330 Main Street, Beacon
(845) 202-7447
The premiere collaborative, co-operative live music venue/Japanese restaurant in Beacon, NY! Their mixes traditional Japanese snacks, ramen and "Gringo Favorites" such as dog dogs and chili. They also offer a large selection of canned and bottled beers as well as fine wine and even a little sake.

The Towne Crier Cafe
379 Main St.
(845) 855­-1300
Founded in 1972, in an old stagecoach stop in Beekmanville, NY, the Towne Crier Cafe has become a mecca for fans—and performers—of live music. After a brief stay in Millbrook, then a quarter­century in Pawling, NY, they relocated in October, 2013, to the blossoming arts hub of Beacon, NY. Their performance space is spacious but intimate—bringing you what the NY Times called “Down­home access to world­class performers.” Their fine­dining menu emphasizes fresh, local and natural ingredients. The Towne Crier claims that you will be tweeting "OMGs" after eating their desserts.

Beacon Pantry
382 Main St.
(845) 440­8923
Beacon Pantry is a specialty market for meats, cheeses, fish, crackers, jams, honey, granola, ice cream, and so much more. Known for carrying French and Italian delectables. Enjoy a snack at their window seat or grab something and go.

More Good
383 Main St.
(845) 797­-1838
Drink More Good uses locally sourced and organic ingredients to create hand­crafted soda syrup concentrates, tea and tisane concentrates, and bitters.

Oak Vino Wine Bar
389 Main St.
(845) 765­-2400
Oak Vino is an oasis for wine lovers. Enjoy the curated wine collection that is always changing. Serves light fare of tapas including cheeses, chutney, hummus, and more.
Food menu is available until 10pm.

Draught Industries
394 Main St.
(845) 765­-8080
Beer, beer and more beer! And recently added pork! This cozy alleyway of a bar has everything you need: BEER, and brawtwurst with plenty of cheese and onions. Lots of beer on a big fancy, super­impressive and high­tech tap system. Bartenders dispense great advice and samples to find your perfect beer for the evening. Did we mention beer?

Yankee Clipper Diner
397 Main St.
(845) 440­-0021
If you need broad food selections from veggies to meat to seafood, Yankee Clipper is a Beacon staple that will seat you comfortably for any meal. If you've seen the movie "Nobody's Fool" with Paul Newman, you'll recognize Yankee Clipper in a scene. Find a huge menu that includes Italian, Southwestern, and enjoy a few dishes with a Greek flare such as a gyro or chicken slouvaki. Serves beer and wine.

Kennedy's Fried Chicken
392 Main St.
(845) 831-8411
Open LATE for your pizza roll, Jamaican beef patty, spicy chicken sandwich, and fried chicken meal cravings.


(Close to The Mountain.)
The Beacon Bite
416 Main St.
A gourmet food truck parked in a lot that is adorned with colorful picnic tables and public art. It's a bright red truck, you can't miss it. The menu changes daily and according to farm freshness. Open Thursday-Sunday, this is your weekend quick bite to eat. Serves More Good soda and root beer, but no actual beer.

The Beacon Pie Company
416 Main St
Because you were craving a slice of Salted Honey Butter, Chocolate Lavender, or a Grapefruit Ginger Custard. This pie, which comes in many more flavors which change by the day, is sold on Thursdays through Sundays in the same lot as The Beacon Bite. Try not to get overwhelmed with how convenient pie just became, as it is sold out of a custom built "piecycle."

Ella's Bellas
418 Main St.
(845) 765-8502
A beautiful cafe and eatery serving baked goods, salads and soups that are all gluten free and really good. Some of the best chocolate chip cookies and lemon bars around. Be sure to try their mini pumpkin pies, and enjoy coffee from Tas Kafé and cocktails from syrups from More Good.

Cascadas Mexican Restaurant
424 Main St.
(845) 765-2570
Authentic Mexican food with Veracruz flavor. You can easily find your favorite dish on their extensive menu and wash i down with a $6 margarita during their Happy Hour.

The Vault
446 Main St.
(845) 202-7735
The Vault is Beacon's newest restaurant, serving spirits and tappas for lunch and dinner. Located in an old bank, the interior is beautiful and does offer outdoor seating on their patio overlooking Main Street. The menu includes fresh fish, meat, soups, and cocktails. The Vault is a late-night eating option, and is open daily except Mondays.
Tuesday - Thursday: 11am-10pm
Friday: 11am - 12pm
Saturday: 12pm - 12am
Sunday: 12pm - 9pm

Harry's Hot Sandwiches
449 Main St.
(845) 765-8111
The name is pretty self explanatory: Great sandwiches, coffee, and other goodies. You can hang out or take it to go!

Joe's Irish Pub
455 Main St.
(845) 838­-1779
Local watering hole with great drink prices. Special for Second Saturday: St. George and Friends Second Saturday Jam­15 to 40 musicians every month under one roof. This love entertainment has been going on every Second Saturday for the past 12 years and continues into its 13th.

Beacon Bath & Bubble
458 Main St.
(845) 440­-6782
This spot is not only a soap shop, they also have the unique offering of old fashioned, vintage & retro soda pop in 36 brands! You can enjoy a bubbly soda pop from yesteryear in­house or to bring home as a customized 6­pack.

Brother's Trattoria
465 Main St.
(845) 838­-3300
Find pizza here of course, but also many more entrees of fish, steak and chicken. A favorite pizza is "Grandma's", a Sicilian style garlic cheese pizza with fresh tomato. Also ask about their gluten free pizza.

Beacon Bagel
466 Main St.
(845) 440­-6958
There is no replacement for a craving for a salmon lox on a bagel, or for a breakfast egg and cheese bagel sandwich ­ which is why you'll peel off into Beacon Bagel for a filling sandwich before you continue on your night of wine, beer and other spirits. Very kid friendly and can make pretty much anything you like. Serves chocolate milk, juice, and lattes.

Seoul Kitchen
469 Main St.
(845) 765-8596
Owned and run by Heewon Marshall, Seoul Kitchen offers home-style Korean cooking with food that has been prepared from a wide range of vegetables and specially prepared meat and chicken.

Beacon Falls Cafe
472 Main St.
(845) 765­-0172
This American Bistro restaurant has a cozy and comfortable atmosphere with its quaint, old mountain town decor and super friendly staff. They offer plenty of delicious comfort food and beer options for diners.

The Chocolate Studio
494 Main St.
(845) 765-­1165
The Chocolate Studio (formerly Gourmetibles) is perfectly suited for birthday parties for kids of all ages. They make their delicious treats in their own kitchen, including custom cakes, made to order. The aroma may hook you in for the night. They also make our own Cake Pops, French Macarons, chocolate covered Bacon, chocolate covered pretzels and lots more.

504 Main St.
Fresh Salads, sandwiches, soups, and smoothies. Create your own delicious salad from their salad bar or grab a Raddish original creation: the Buffalo Chicken Salad looks pretty hearty!

516 Main St.
(845) 790-5375
Sukhothai creates traditional Thai dishes, such as Pad Thai and Som Tam.  They offer to spice each entree is to your taste, available in 1–5 in degrees of hotness.

The Hop
554 Main St.
(845) 440­-8676
The Hop is a craft beer lovers bar for beer and artisanal comfort food. They feature over 150 craft beers by the bottle and can for retail and a rotating draft list of 9 craft beers for tasting with us or growler fills for home. They also feature feature local artisan cheeses, chocolates, pickles, jams & house-made sausages, terrines & pâtés crafted by Chef Matt Hutchins. All the meat is sourced locally and butchered in-house and as much local produce as possible is used to craft the menu.
Reservations strongly encouraged.


(Just over the tiny Fishkill Creek bridge. This quickly becoming a boutique and artist hub.)

2 East Main Street
(845) 765­-8369
One of Beacon's biggest passion projects ­ The Roundhouse is a conversion of one of Beacon's most historic, beautiful buildings to be a hotel, restaurant, and bar. Enjoy stunning views of the waterfall at Fishkill Creek from within the spacious restaurant or plush lounge. If you appreciate interior design, you will love dining here. Seats large or small parties. Serves beer, wine and cocktails.
Reservations encouraged.

Dogwood Bar & Restaurant
47 East Main Street
(845) 202­-7500
Enjoy home­style favorites to innovative specials. Dogwood, as with so many restaurants in Beacon, uses organic, locally sourced ingredients. The draft beer menu is carefully chosen and constantly updated to reflect the very best in quality and seasonal flavors. Have fun picking a craft beer from the big chalkboard of specials flowing from their 16 taps and full bar.

Barb's Butchery
69 Spring St.
(845) 831-8050
Former math teacher barb is now our friendly, fresh local butcher! She sources from local farms and supplies our favorite local restaurants. Learn more about what delicious things you can order form her in our profile here. Check out her Beers and Brats for $8 special on Second Saturday.

Basil That Went to Seed, Went to the Bees for Basil Honey!

Normally when my basil or cilantro bolts and goes to seed, I feel like I did not use it enough. By not pruning it by clipping stems to use in a summer gazpacho or pesto, I wasted it. Not so, thinks this honey bee, who found the white flower sprouting from the basil and took its nectar. Longtime bee enthusiasts may not be surprised by this source of food for the honeybee, but this new gardener had not considered a bolted herb to be such a treat.

A backyard honey bee pursuing the flower from basil.
Throughout our backyard are butterfly bushes and other flowering bushes that we planted there purposefully to feed the bees. Recently we decided to not poison the clover and to let bees take from the clover, thereby risking our bare feet in the grass!

Curious about honey basil, however, I sent over a note to Deb Davidovits, the beekeeper and founder of Beacon Bee. You have seen her lip balm, honey and other bee based products in stores like Beacon Natural Market or at events like the Beacon Jazz Festival, which is where I spotted her. It was at the Beacon Jazz Festival that I learned of her honey that was flavored by the black locust trees in the spring, so I asked her about basil honey. She had tasted thyme honey, which she said was delicious, and lavender honey, but not basil honey.

Deborah Davidovits, founder of Beacon Bee at her stand at Beacon Jazz Fest.
Is basil honey possible? Says Deb: "If a beekeeper places hives in the middle of a field of apple trees, where there is nothing but apple trees for acres in any direction, and the apples are known to be blooming while the bees are there, it will for sure be apple blossom honey."

I felt very lucky to have seen this bee at my basil, because I will never clip that flower again so that the honey bees can use it. And then Deb described this feeling perfectly as she reflected about being a beekeeper: "Part of what I love about being a beekeeper is how much I am learning about seasonal changes, effects of the weather, what plants are around me and when they bloom, etc.  In general, becoming more aware of the natural world and how magnificent it is!" Deb has an insightful blog in which she explores what it means to be a beekeeper, and shares some amazing photos, like how to wear bees - in your beard!

Bounties of Farm Fresh Produce - Plus Cookie Dough) Come to Key Food

Fresh, glorious produce in the Hudson Valley has never been a problem, thanks to the numerous farms in the area farming this rich land. In fact, I was just watching Splash the other night (a great compromise for a mermaid obsessed daughter and her mom who wants to watch rom-coms), and the produce pier in New York City that is run by Tom Hanks gets a shipment in of cherries from upstate NY.
A new display of farm fresh produce from New Jersey at Key Food.
Finding good produce at Key Food has been possible since the new family of owners came in five years ago, but this summer they stepped it up by bringing in farm fresh lettuce, corn, purple bell peppers, green and yellow squash, carrots, scallions and tomatoes from a farm in the Garden State itself, New Jersey. Other big grocery stores in our area have brought in farms, including Hannaford during the Fall when winter squashes are harvested locally. You also might notice it at your own Whole Foods when they label which farms they are working with.

Cookie dough from The Cookie Dough Cafe, also at Key Food.

The selection of independent and interesting brands still pops up with surprises on Key Food's shelves in Beacon, like the "Don't Bake It, Eat It" cookie dough from The Cookie Dough Cafe found in the dairy section next to the traditional roll of Nestle cookie dough. But The Cookie Dough Cafe's brand of cookie dough, branded as "gourmet edible cookie dough" is much, much tastier and creamier. With more vanilla and butter in every bite, you can select from chocolate chip, monster (which is M&Ms and chocolate chips), and an Oreo cookie flavor. With a butter/sugar base, it easily turns into a spreadable frosting on these freshly baked Ghirardelli double chocolate brownies for a summer cookout.

You may feel compelled to pick one of all of this produce and then cook up a summer salad with fried mushrooms, scallions, squash and salmon! You'll need it if you OD on the cookie dough...

Fancy Food Truck: The Beacon Bite Delights for Sit Down or Take-Away

If you are an avid reader of the Fancy Nancy series, you should know that "fancy", when used to describe The Beacon Bite's ever-changing menu, is a fancy word for "delicious, exciting, unexpected."

The bright red food truck named The Beacon Bite, took over the empty corner lot at 416 Main Street with its full-menu mobile food business concept. It put out a few picnic tables with brightly colored umbrellas to shelter people on foot who have not been deterred by this season's rain. Speaking of rain, the rain is adding to the lush menu of The Beacon Bite, who sources produce and meat from neighboring farms like Sprout Creek for hanger steak and Common Ground for dill and nasturtiums, and businesses like Drink More Good for the purest sugar and herb soda. 

The Beacon Bite, the big red food truck.

Driving by the big red truck with white lights creating ambiance was totally different than sitting down at a picnic table eating our selections. A Pandora or Spotify list of Leonard Cohen calm but deeply inspired music permeates from the speakers somewhere inside the truck, making the dining experience all the more artful.

Delightful dining experience in the parking lot.
Just like if you were ordering from a lot in Maine.

So let's get to the food: first of all, I ordered for myself and two of my small kids. It was 5:30pm and we had just come from the Beacon Pool and we were very hungry and not functioning at full capacity. The menu is a foodie's paradise, which for kids can be tricky. We went with the potatoe wedge fries (total hit, should have ordered two), fried chicken (another hit after I told the kids it was chicken tenders), and the cabbage wraps which my daughter faked me out on, claiming for 2 weeks that she now likes salad. I ate them all.

Some of the best fries in Beacon. Big chunks of salt.
BYOK. Bring Your Own Ketchup, if you're into that.

If you are a clean eater, you will love The Beacon Bite. If you are a vegetarian or a carnivore, you will also love Beacon Bite. The menu keeps you on your toes not only because it is fresh, but because it changes weekly. True to the name, the portions are bite-sized. The fried chicken, for example, was served sliced into several thin pieces with chopsticks.

Fried chicken served with chopsticks.
If ordering for kids, tell them it's chicken nuggets.
Drink-wise, you'll need to wait for your beer or wine and have it later at Draught or Oak Vino, as there is no beer here. But there is Drink More Good soda root beer and other flavors like lemon lime, made fresh on the spot just for you. If you are a ketchup lover, you will need to BYOK (bring your own ketchup). Living in a foodie town has started to mean that restaurants who value real food also don't offer ketchup, or they make it themselves (The Hop), which for kids is a little...different. So pack some ketchup packets in your purse or pocket.

Mama ate all 3 of these cabbage rolls.

And yes, there is a pie woman selling pies out of an ice cream bicycle stand in the corner of the lot near the side walk called Beacon Pie Company. More on that to come...(just needed to buy another slice of salted honey butter pie for pictures).

Otherwise, enjoy your meal with freshly cut flowers from a local farm and "lettuce" know what you loved! Generally, Beacon Bite is open from Thursday - Sunday, and you should check their Facebook page for current hours, as they vary per day.