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Fundraising and benefit event opportunities are always going on inside and around the Beacon City Schools through initiatives run by parents and kids, usually through the PTO/As and other groups. We want to make sure you know about them. These events can be easy and fun ways to help kids in the Beacon City School system enjoy unique opportunities and field trips, pay for teachers' school supplies, new books, and more.

We are always working on this Guide! Here’s how you can help:

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Everyday Ways to Donate

These donation methods cost you nothing


Box Tops: These are the purple squares on many food packages (or even toilet paper!) that you can cut or rip off and send in with a child to their school. Don't have a child in the district? Save a bunch and give them to a neighbor child who you know! Even the Howland Public Library has a collection spot for these; it looks like a mailbox.

Special Opportunities Going On Now

All schools are participating in this year's 2018 Spirit of Beacon Day Parade. Each school puts together a float or performance for their students to participate in during the march down Main Street. If you want to donate supplies or other things, consider picking a school and reaching out. They are planning their floats/performances now! If a school needs anything in particular (and if we know about it), it is indicated below.

South Avenue Elementary PTA

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Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now

Celebration after the Color-A-Thon. Everyone is welcome to this community event and school fundraiser. Come! April 6, 2019. Photo Credit: Brian Doyle

Celebration after the Color-A-Thon. Everyone is welcome to this community event and school fundraiser. Come! April 6, 2019. Photo Credit: Brian Doyle

South Avenue’s Annual Color-A-Thon Run Around The Block With Color Blasting & Inflatables at South Avenue School Playground
This is the community’s big chance to help South Avenue raise money for their school. On this day, all kids are able to register and participate. South Avenue kids are raising money through their friends and family, details of which can be found here on the South Avenue PTA’s website.

Everyone else can register for $15 in advance or the day of. If you can’t, there are scholarships available that you can simply ask for when you arrive.

Money raise for South Avenue has helped buy:

- Purchased new playground equipment - a Climbing Wall and Ten Spin.
- Funded field trip for 1st graders.
- Purchased class supplies for several teachers.
- Sustainable school link with an Ethiopian partner school spearheaded by Mr. Burke
- Funded 4+ assemblies in 2018-2019 school year.
- On the books for the rest of the year includes murals for inside and outside (beginning summer of 2019) and a Sensory Walk for indoor corridor.

Bottles & Cans Collection:
Drop off your bottles and cans every Friday at school pickup. The South Avenue PTA takes it to a bottle recycling center on Rt. 52 that donates all of the money from the bottles and cans to South Avenue. You can also go to that center as well, and name your organization you want to donate to! They have several envelopes on the wall dedicated to different groups.

south avenue marker collection box.jpg

Old Marker Recycling Collection:
Did a marker die in your house? Send it in with a South Avenue Student or drop it off at the main office. South Avenue has a new Big Marker Bucket for collecting such things and sending them back for a second life.

Amazon Percentage of Sale:
Every time you shop at Amazon, you could be sending the South Avenue PTA a commission, so to speak, of the sale. This is an easy way to donate that costs you nothing. Need a new broom? Buy it on Amazon and a percentage of the sale goes to South Avenue.
Learn More About Signing Up For the Program

Fundraising Goals:

  • Recess equipment: The PTA will purchase items like basketballs, hula hoops and sidewalk chalk for playground use.

  • Funding for classroom supplies: As teacher budgets are slashed in the district, the PTA will contribute more to teachers’ classroom needs.

  • School assemblies: This year, we’ll bring in more special events that inspire arts-based learning.

  • Playground enhancement: Raising money for a shaded pavilion on the playground that would function as an outdoor classroom.

Sargent Elementary PTO

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Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:

Food Pantry Wish List: Apparently the snacks are are flying out of the food pantry! Any snack items from this Amazon wish list or similar that can be purchased to replenish the pantry would be greatly appreciated. You can ship directly to the school via this wish list or there is a basket at the front office for alternatively purchased supplies. 
Sargent PTO Food Pantry Wish List >

Fundraising Goals:

  • Field Trips + Assemblies: Creating exciting and inspiring assemblies and field trips

  • A beautification project focused on aesthetically improving the school inside and out! (Next up, auditorium!)

  • Recess: Continued improvements to the recess experience to make the area more engaging and inclusive for all students.

  • Continued donations: Online projects include the Calico Ball, hosting four family fun nights, hosting a Thanksgiving luncheon for the local seniors, adding to the 5th grader Legacy Tile Wall, hosting a teacher appreciation luncheon, giving each staff member a small gift, and performing community outreach to Sargent families and staff.

J.V. Forrestal Elementary PTSO

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Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:

jvforrestal bingo may 2.jpeg

Bingo Night at Hudson Valley Brewery
Day: Thursday, May 2nd
Time: 7-10pm
Location: Hudson Valley Brewery
7 E. Main Street, Beacon, NY
An adult-only night of Bingo to raise money for playground improvements for J. V. Forrestal. Raffles! Fun!
PS: Poster designed by a J. V. Forrestal dad, Steven Blumenthal, a very talented graphic designer.
Ticket price: $10 in advance/$15 at the door
Ticket price includes one bingo card
Additional bingo cards available for purchase
Information >
PS: This posted was designed by the talented Steven Blumenthal, who is a dad at JV Forrestal, and is the designer behind the new sign on our building, the Telephone Building, as well as the designer behind Beacon Made, illustrations at Club Draw, and other images you may recognize.


Project Playground
JV Forrestal 2019

For the past few years, the JVF PTSO has been fundraising for playground improvements.

This year, Principal Sessoms polled students on what they would like to see added to the playground. JVF students overwhelmingly chose… ‘something to climb on’ and ‘a spinny thing!’

As a result, the JVF PTSO is launching PROJECT PLAYGROUND, a trio of fundraisers to reach our goal of adding a GEODESIC CLIMBER and TEN SPIN to the upper playground. We are already half way there!

 With a little help four our entire school community we hope to have this new playground equipment installed for the next school year!

Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Fundraiser was a sweet success and Penny Wars was a surprise hit! Get ready for the third and final fundraiser of this terrific trio--Bingo at the Brewery!

JVF Food Pantry Wish List: The JVF Food Pantry is in need of everything except canned goods right now. The pantry could use: pasta/pasta sauce, individually wrapped snacks, individually wrapped breakfast bars, crackers, juice boxes, brownie/cookie/cake mix, soup, dried fruit, mac & cheese, canned corn, canned peas, toilet paper, toothpaste, shampoo, body wash

Fundraising Goals:

  • Supporting JVF teachers both financially and with volunteer assistance as needed.

  • Assemblies: Bringing assemblies and other enriching events into the school.

  • Field Trips: Helping teachers plan and pay for field trips.

  • Recess Playgrounds: Improving the school playgrounds.

  • Garden Program: Supporting Hudson Valley Seed’s school garden program.

Glenham Elementary PTO


Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:

  • Stay tuned!

Fundraising Goals:

  • Family Fun Night, Watermelon Day, and Teacher Appreciation Week. 

Rombout MIddle School PTSO


Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:


Fundraising goals:

  • Four to six tables to go outside the cafeteria doors, so students can earn the privilege of eating outside. They would also like to raise money for benches to be put in front of the building in the bus drop-off area.
    Donate directly to their GoFundMe campaign >

Beacon High School PTSO


Fundraising Opportunities Going On Now:

Get Lit Beacon is sponsoring a book drive to bring student libraries to the Special Education English classrooms at Beacon High School. Teachers have put together a wishlist of culturally diverse titles they would like in their classrooms, and you can help make it happen.

3 ways you can help:

  • Go to Binnacle Books in Beacon to choose books from the teacher wishlist, and Binnacle will order them for you.

  • Donate money to the cause through, and Get Lit will buy the books for you. They'll also match total donations up to $300.

  • You can also purchase books on your own and drop them off any time at Oak Vino Wine Bar in Beacon.

Author and Get Lit Beacon founder Julie Chibbaro will present the books to the school during Get Caught Reading Month in May. For more information, visit

Fundraising Goals:

  • Continued Awesomeness

Beacon Arts & Education Foundation


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The Beacon Arts & Education Foundation (BAEF) is a coalition of parents, educators, businesses and other organizations that raise funds through private donations and grants to support a more comprehensive education for the students of the Beacon City School District (BCSD).

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