Last Updated: 1/25/2019

With the Hudson Valley and Beacon in particular being so rich in the arts, agriculture and a great outdoors scene, options for summer day camps are plentiful. Most camps offer weekly themes with daily projects and activities that reinforce each theme. You can definitely give your child a well-rounded summer that not only keeps them entertained, but very busy. Age groups and times vary among the summer camps. Several camps are offering early drop-off and late pickup for working parents, or for families with more than one child going to different camps. The tough part will be making a decision from among the themes and pulling the trigger on one! The good news is, you don't have to choose just one. Use this Summer Day Camp Guide to mix and match for your family's schedule.

Let's start with what you'll need to provide with most every camp:
    •    Medical forms
    •    Packed lunch (Have fun with lunch boxes! Play has a bunch of cute metal ones, and Waddle n Swaddle, Echo and Utensil have reusable bags and/or organizational items.)
    •    Water shoes
    •    Bathing suit and towel
    •    Sunscreen
    •    A big bag to pack all of this stuff in
This Guide starts with summer day camps that offer sessions with the most hours per day, followed by niche camps with shorter days.

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Special thanks to Ballet Arts Studio for sponsoring our Summer Camp Guide.

Summer Camps in Beacon, NY

City of Beacon Summer Camps 

  • Camp @ The Camp

  • South Ave Park Days

  • Multi-Sport Camp

  • Police Academy

  • Fire Academy

Ballet Intensive Week
August 13-17, 2018
Ages/Time/Price: Ages 12+, 10am-4pm, $375 per week

Ballet, Modern, Jazz and Theater Dance Technique
August 20-23, 2018
Time/Ages/Price: 5-6pm (ages 9-12), $17 per class or $60 for 4
Time/Ages/Price: 6-7:30pm (ages 13+), $20 per class or $70 for 4


Whatever weeks of entertainment await your children this summer, whether it's a week of relaxation, or camps, or vacation, a week with Grandma, or no scheduling at all, here is a list of all weeks. Simply print out and fill in your intent for that week. Maybe write in pencil so you can change things if you need... :)

2018 WEEKS OF:

June 18 _________________________________________
Backup Plan: _____________________________________

June 25  ________________________________________
Backup Plan: _____________________________________

July 2  __________________________________________
Backup Plan: _____________________________________

July 9  _________________________________________
Backup Plan: _____________________________________

July 16  __________________________________________
Backup Plan: ______________________________________

July 23  _________________________________________
Backup Plan: _____________________________________

July 30  _________________________________________
Backup Plan: _____________________________________

August 6  ________________________________________
Backup Plan: _____________________________________

August 13  ________________________________________
Backup Plan: ______________________________________

August 20 ________________________________________
Backup Plan: ______________________________________

August 27 ________________________________________
Backup Plan: ______________________________________