Advertising in Summer Camp Guide


Advertising in Summer Camp Guide

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Is your camp listed in the Summer Day Camp Guide? Thanks for helping to provide an awesome summer! Now let's show families how much more awesome your camp really is by showing it through pictures, and bringing it to life from the page of words. Parents hit this Guide frequently during April, May and June. Pick which months you want, or advertise in all three months.

Level 1

  • Picture. Show one big picture at the top of your listing.
  • Photo Gallery. Show several pictures in a photo gallery running with your listing.
  • Video. Got a video in YouTube? Show the video with your listing.

Level 2

  • Everything in Level 1, plus...
  • Social Media. A Little Beacon Blog will post a picture of your camp in our Instagram and Twitter (over 2,300 followers who we love interacting with)
Number of Months and Level:
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