Advertising in Summer Camp Guide


Advertising in Summer Camp Guide

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A Little Beacon Blog’s Summer Camp Guide is the most inclusive day camp guide in the Hudson Valley - and a top ranking in Google! Every year, we hunt and gather camp information and put it in this treasured Guide as a service to our readers, who LOVE it. There are a LOT of camps to select from, and we’ve created Advertiser Camp Kits to help camps appeal to our readers in pictures within the Guide. Even non-camps can sponsor this Guide in order to reach parents and grandparents who are doing this research, selection and scheduling for their children. The Advertiser Camp Kit lasts for the entire summer. The sooner you activate your ad, the more people get to see it!

BONUS: A Little Beacon Blog designed a free, printable Summer Camp Scheduling Cheat Sheet. This scheduler is organized by weeks of camp. Makes plotting for different camps for different kids much easier! Your support helps parent’s organize their brains. Yay you! Thank you!

Advertiser Camp Kit 1: $450

  • Logo. Show your logo on the main page of the Summer Camp Guide. This is the most popular page, as it includes all dates of camp. Regardless of themes, selection usually comes down to dates!

  • Photo Gallery. Show several pictures of your camp in a photo gallery on your dedicated camp page on A Little Beacon Blog.

  • Video. Got a video showing all the fun in YouTube? Show the video with your listing.

Advertiser Camp Kit 2: $675

  • Everything in the Camp Kit 1, plus...

  • 1 Dedicated Social Media. Get featured once in our Instagram and Facebook.

Advertiser Camp Kit 3: $850

  • Everything in the Camp Kit 2, plus...

  • 2 Instagram Features. Get featured twice in our Instagram (once in Facebook)

  • BONUS! Logo in the Print-Out Summer Camp Scheduling Cheat Sheet. It helps parents plot out which camps they are selecting. It will hang on refrigerators in homes everywhere.

Monthly Guide Sponsor (Non-Camps): $250/month
Great for businesses who want to reach parents and grandparents, like doctors, urgent care centers, professional organizers, lice prevention companies, etc. Show your company’s support for the younger community and the enriching services the people of this region offer. This is for business only who are not camps.

  • Logo atop Summer Camp Guide.

  • Purchase the number of months you want your logo on the Summer Camp Guide.

  • BONUS! Logo in the Print-Out Summer Camp Scheduling Cheat Sheet

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