Advertising in Summer Camp Guide


Advertising in Summer Camp Guide

from 285.00

A Little Beacon Blog’s Summer Camp Guide is the most inclusive day camp guide in the Hudson Valley - and a top ranking in Google for people searching for Camps near Beacon, or for Beaconites who are sending their children afar for camp!

Every year, we hunt and gather camp information and put it in this treasured Guide as a service to our readers, who LOVE it. There are a lot of camps to select from. Our Advertising Packages help camps stand out with pictures, logos, and detailed descriptions.

Businesses who want to reach parents researching and selecting camps can also advertise here with a sponsorship. The Advertiser Camp Kit lasts for the entire summer.

Package 1: $285
Dedicated Camp Page
Get a dedicated page featuring all of the details of your camp. Show up to 10 pictures on this page. Got video? You can publish a video of your camp as well.

Package 2: $485
Summer Camp Guide Home Page Feature:
Get featured on the main Summer Camp Guide.
+ Package 1 Plus Logo + 3 Photos on main Summer Camp Guide.

Advertiser Camp Kit 3: $685
Social Media:
Get all of the above, plus a dedicated post on A Little Beacon Blog’s Instagram and Facebook.
Package 1, 2 Plus Instagram and Facebook Feature


Summer Camp Guide Sponsor: $285/month
Businesses who are not camps who want to reach parents using this Guide.
+ Logo atop
Summer Camp Guide.
Great for businesses who want to reach parents and grandparents. Show your company’s support for the younger community and the enriching services the people of this region offer. This is for business only who are not camps.
Sponsorship Note: This is a monthly package. Purchase the number of months you want your logo on the Summer Camp Guide.

Number of Months and Level:
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