Kids + Bus Safety Is Crucial In First Days Of School - Antalek and Moore Gives Tips (Sponsored)


The end of summer vacation comes too quickly and before you know it, it’s that time of year again! School buses are picking up children all around, parents are in a rush to drop their kids off without being late to work, and kids are on their bikes rushing to catch first period. “This can be a dangerous time because children - as well as drivers - are adjusting to back-to-school routines,” says Alex Epstein, director of Transportation Safety for the National Safety Council (NSC). Fortunately, Antalek & Moore has a few key tips to keep our community safe and happy:

Share the road with school buses. We know the first few days take a little longer to get the kids loaded, but be patient! Who doesn't love a good first day back-to-school picture with their kids waving from the bus?  

According to the National Safety Council, the most dangerous area for children is within 10 feet of their bus. Give them space to load and unload. This is especially true in the first few weeks of school as kids are excited and getting used to this year's routine.
If the bus has its lights on and its stop sign out - it is never safe to pass the bus. This applies to multiple lanes as well, so be aware when traveling on a road like Route 9 as school buses may be traveling in the opposite direction.

We have a good amount of our students who walk to and from school in Beacon. Please be aware of them, especially in a school zone. Be sure to follow posted speed limits, avoid blocking crosswalks when stopped, and keep an eye out for crossing guards. 

Many children nationwide begin and end their days with a trip to and from school, whether that’s by bus, walking or biking. By exercising a little extra care and caution, we can create a happy and safe school zone. Wishing all Beacon City School District students, a happy and safe 2019-2020 school year!

Monday Is The New Saturday For Local Shopping By Beaconites


Monday is the new Saturday for local shopping in Beacon! Darryl’s Women’s Clothing Boutique is the latest boutique on Main Street to be open daily. Being open every day of the week is no small feat for a small business, as it requires staffing and effort. But it tends to be the ultimate goal for retail, as daily hours are easier for shoppers to remember, if they want to visit their favorite shops without remembering individual schedules.

Open Hours and Dia: Beacon - Breaking Of Reliance

In the olden days (like, up until about last year), stores in Beacon were mostly closed on Tuesdays because Dia:Beacon was closed on Tuesdays. The museum’s selection of Beacon’s riverside site launched the rebuilding of uphill, Main Street Beacon (which at the moment is in full swing). But with years of good press coverage, Beacon has grown as a destination town, bringing more foot traffic on different days, especially Monday holidays. Being that the weekend is naturally busy for a store, boutiques and restaurants would often close on Mondays as well, to recoup from the weekend and do paperwork and administrative tasks. That too has begun to change, with retail experimenting with opening on Mondays as well.

Parking On Mondays Also An Added Bonus!

Everyone knows that there’s essentially no parking to be found on the weekends. You can see our Guide For Free Parking to find your best bets for lots to park in. But no parking is a great excuse to walk, and walking Main Street is fun on the weekend. So many people to see, and shops to visit.

Parking on Mondays in Beacon is possible! More shops are staying open on Monday, and parking is a bonus.  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Parking on Mondays in Beacon is possible! More shops are staying open on Monday, and parking is a bonus.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Yet, when doing a bunch of errands, it can be so much easier to park in a central spot. For businesses, that ease of access is a benefit of being open on Mondays! Pictured here are two parking spots open near Mountain Tops and Darryl’s on a Monday. As one of our readers, Rose Merando Story, pointed out, locals have been venturing out to shop on Mondays because there is more parking: “I've noticed the locals try to stay away from Main Street on the weekends because of the traffic and parking situation and they tend to shop on Mondays.”

Monday It Is

So, all you Beaconites reading this, venture out on a Monday and reward these stores with your purchase. It’s you who keeps them here! We all like window shopping, but if you want a pretty window to look at, you’ll walk through the door and get to know what is available inside. You will be SO surprised. Constantly.

Find This jacket at Darryl’s Clothing Boutique. It is one of many Fun, Frilly pieces - and often they have sales!

Find This jacket at Darryl’s Clothing Boutique. It is one of many Fun, Frilly pieces - and often they have sales!

PS: Can we discuss this jacket? Fundraiser Event Season is right around the corner, and Darryl’s Clothing Boutique will have your style. This jacket is easy to move your arms in, well-shaped, and 20 percent off the already on-sale price of $79. You do the math.

PPS: Darryl’s is a Sponsor in A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping 🛍 Guide. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us!

The Crafty Hammer Signs On To Sponsor A Little Beacon Blog's Event Guide

event guide sponsorship crafty hammer.jpeg

Thank to our newest sponsor and one of the newest businesses in town, The Crafty 🔨Hammer! They are under construction over there in the Ritter Building, across from Rite Aid, in what is now purple and a former yoga studio space (a moment of reflection for the departed yoga studios!). Keep up with The Crafty Hammer each week in our Friday newsletter, and do peek in through the window while they are building! They already shared a power drill with us!

With support from local businesses like this, we can continue updating A Little Beacon Blog with upcoming events! There is a Submission Page that gets info to us for consideration. The Crafty Hammer is also a sponsor in the Adult Classes Guide, because they have so many DIY workshops you want to be a part of! Make your own stuff on their big workshop tables!

If you want to start sponsoring A Little Beacon Blog in some way, please see our Media Kit for ideas, and then contact us!

What Does The Community Action Partnership Of Dutchess County Do?


It’s possible you’ve never noticed Community Action Partnership of Dutchess County - the storefront behind Antalek & Moore, in the same strip as Rite Aid - but it’s connected to a powerhouse of services available to low-income families and individuals to help them become more self-sufficient. After we heard that Community Action Partnership had a food pantry in the Beacon office - which was not on our Food Pantry Guide - we wanted to do an article on them to highlight more of what they do, because clearly there is a whole lot more available, that Beaconites might not know about. And then Antalek & Moore tapped their neighbor, Community Action Partnership, to spotlight this month with their A-grade production.

Community Action Partnership’s mission is to partner with individuals and families to eliminate poverty and identify the resources and opportunities available to enhance their self-reliance.

Antalek & Moore has a long history of working close with the community and residents of Beacon - from families to small businesses, services go beyond professional and financial assistance. Antalek & Moore has partnered with many local charities, whose purpose is to enhance the health and wellness of Dutchess County residents.

Helping Families In Need

If you are not familiar with Community Action Partnership for Dutchess County, they have been a vital part of Dutchess County for many years, serving a growing segment of the community that might need otherwise-inaccessible services.

Every day, they stand behind their mission to "partner with individuals and families to eliminate poverty and identify the resources and opportunities available to them to enhance their self-reliance." 

Says Susan Pagones, executive partner at Antalek & Moore: “We have had the privilege to work alongside Dutchess County Community Action Partnership for over 20 years, to ensure that as they expand their services throughout Dutchess County into multiple locations, their insurance coverage grows with them.”

Antalek & Moore is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our Sponsor Spotlight program. It is with the support of businesses like theirs that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of news, local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.

Take Part in BeaconArts' Upcoming Member Show! Submissions Now Open!


All BeaconArts members are invited to submit artwork for our first annual Member Show at Hudson Beach Gallery (above Hudson Beach Glass) at 162 Main St., Beacon, NY. The exhibition runs Saturday, July 13 to Sunday, August 4, and is curated by Theresa Gooby and Karlyn Benson.

Space is limited, so send your submissions to before Friday, May 24 to guarantee your spot. All mediums are welcome. For complete details and submission guidelines please visit the event’s website.

If you would like to participate, but are not a BeaconArts member or need to renew, please click here to join today.

BeaconArts is a Community Partner of A Little Beacon Blog and is part of our Sponsor Spotlight program. This article was part of their monthly messaging partnership. Thank you for supporting organizations who support us!

Branding Made Easy :: Small Businesses Can Post Couture Branded Templates (Sponsored)


A special message from our sponsor, Katie James, Inc.

Branding Made Easy :: Social Media Card Templates

The philosophy at Katie James, Inc. is to make clients’ lives easy, branded and beautiful. Katie James, Inc. is designing blank Social Media Cards for clients to use as they share announcements, like "Open Hours" or if they post a new workshop. This is especially important after a new website design, where the business wants social media posts to match their new website look. This way, followers in Instagram will quickly and easily see and get a feel for the brand as they thumb through Instagram.

These templates were designed for Knot Too Shabby, at 155 Main Street in Beacon, NY, where they sell Annie Sloan Home furniture paint, stencils, picture frames, soap, country-style signs, and other household decor. Now, the business owner Caryn can use whatever photo she wants for a new Make and Take Class, and put the official title on top of it, then upload it to her Shopify website, and voila! She is on-brand.

For example, if Caryn decided to host a new class where the signage is a personalized baseball, she can do this, and put the Make and Take title atop it without asking Katie James, Inc., her website design team, to do it for her. (Empowerment is everything!)

Katie James, Inc. is a Spotlight Sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and a sister design agency who has designed this website and sponsors’ ads. It is with the support of businesses that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of news, local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.

Business Meetings, Retreats and Vendor Setups Just Got Easier In A Little Beacon Space (Sponsored)

The event space, A Little Beacon Space, available at 291 Main Street, First Floor, First Door.  Details >

The event space, A Little Beacon Space, available at 291 Main Street, First Floor, First Door. Details >

When we first opened this venue, A Little Beacon Space, which doubles as our headquarters for A Little Beacon Blog and Tin Shingle, we used folding chairs we already had, and spray painted them robin’s egg blue. Now that we’ve been here for two years and love incorporating people into The Space to use it for different needs, we’re making some upgrades!

Business teams have been retreating to Beacon from all over the country, and need a place to workshop and brainstorm their big ideas! Our event venue at 291 Main Street in the Telephone Building, known as A Little Beacon Space, has been perfect for such meetings.

New Blue Chairs!

We've upgraded our blue folding chairs, and added a new round conference room table. For everyone renting The Space, we had a glass tabletop desk, which was great for standing, vendoring, and cleaning, but hard for moving around to fit the needs of the day. Now we have matching black tables for large groups, and for vendors to set up shop when they take over The Space as a Pop-Up Shop.

Cush For The Tush

Then - for anyone who needs a little cush for their tush, we got this cozy blue upholstered chair. We have a few more things coming! Watch this space and our Instagram feed for when they arrive in the mail.

Tell your friends who plan work retreats about A Little Beacon Space! We are happy to accommodate their needs with food and shopping recommendations, and make their stay as easy as possible.

Details >

Upcoming Events at A Little Beacon Space >

Sunday Real Estate Feature: Cute Storefront Space on Main Street - Formerly A Kids Consignment Shop

296 Main Storefront collage.jpeg

Here's a little secret - this little yellow storefront is what hooked my hubby and myself into Beacon. Back when we were only thinking of making the move up from the city, we had dreams of filling it with a boutique, and doing something spectacular with the raw warehouse space behind it (also available for rent right now). What will you do with it?
From Gate House Realty: “Beautifully maintained storefront in Central Main Street zoned business district of Beacon. High visibility with double window displays, open floor plan with incredible natural light, hardwood floors and half bath. Available immediately. Call listing agent to schedule a viewing.”
RENT: $2,000/month
Real Estate Agent: Gate House Realty, (845) 831-9550
Details + Pictures >

Happy Independent Bookstore Day, Binnacle Books! Last Chance On Their Original Tote Bag


Happy Independent Bookstore Day Binnacle Books! It’s risky for any retail shop to open a brick-and-mortar store, but perhaps even more so for an indie bookstore! Many cheers to Binnacle Books for doing that in Beacon, and for connecting all of us with the printed page and for readings and other book 📖 based events.

It’s also really easy to order any book you want from Binnacle - just tell them what you want over the counter or the phone, they click up some magic, and 💥 BAM, you can pick it up in the store!

Binnacle Books has helped promote other indie bookstores by making available the Hudson Valley Book Trail Map, debuting today in their shop. Plus, this is your last chance to get one of their original tote bags - perfect timing for the plastic bag ban!

Says their newsletter: “Stop by to browse some fantastic recent releases, revisit old favorites, or get a recommendation for something new. If you spend $75 or more with us today, we'll throw in one of our original blue totes with your order. If you ever wanted one, now's your chance: after this run sells out, we aren't printing them again.” 

A Little Beacon Blog is honored to partner with all of our sponsors, but especially so when Binnacle approached us, wanting to sponsor our Shopping Guide. Thank you for having faith in us! Binnacle Books is a Sponsor, but this is not a sponsored post. It’s a “Celebrate Indie Bookstores!” post.

Go give Binnacle some love! Binnacle Books is at 321 Main St., Beacon, NY.

Exciting New Frames From Anne & Valentin Visiting Luxe Optique

What a delightful surprise while making our sponsor rounds today for this weekend’s Friday Feature in the newsletter (subscribe if you haven’t!). When stepping into Luxe Optique, we got to see a real live stylist and representative from Anne & Valentin with the newest designs.

Often, actually, we stumble in when a major line is in the store with all of their suitcases filled with precious goodies while we’re collecting a feature photo.

Meet Andry pictured here. He was sooo nice, and knew all about the designer curves of all of these new frames. Look for Luxe Optique’s feature photo in their sponsor spot this Friday!

Discover more shops in A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide! You can always tap Guides and Calendars in the navigation above - from your computer or mobile.


A Girl Can’t Pass Up A Good Sale Rack...La Mere Delivers

A girl can’t pass a good sale rack... La Mère Clothing and Goods always delivers.

It was a pleasure visiting the shop and #shootingtheshingle (a new Tin Shingle term!) during our mini-photo session for her sponsor spot in A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide!

Go visit our Shopping Guide to learn about more Beacon stores, by tapping Guides and Calendars, then tap Shopping Guide.

Do hit up this clothing rack in person!


2019 Parade of Green Grand Marshal Fred Antalek Shares His Fondest Beacon Memory - "Rowing Behind Rite Aid" (Sponsored)


You’ve seen this face before - longtime Beacon resident and business owner Fred Antalek. Fred was born in 1937 and still works for his family business, Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency, coming to work “faithfully to keep everyone in check.” On Saturday, March 9, 2019, he’ll be bundling up along with everyone else to serve for his first time as the Grand Marshal in Beacon’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade of Green.

To find out how Fred feels about being this year’s Grand Marshal, we reached out to his daughter, Susan Antalek Pagones, who now runs the business with her partner Vince Lemma and their team of staff members. “Fred is quite honored about being the Grand Marshal this year,” Susan replied. “People ask if he is Irish… LOL, he is actually from the Gallagher family, so don’t be fooled!”

Fred’s Fondest Memory of Beacon

Schoonmaker’s, a department store in Beacon. Open from 1929 to 1960.  Photo Credit: Beacon Historical Society

Schoonmaker’s, a department store in Beacon. Open from 1929 to 1960.
Photo Credit: Beacon Historical Society

Our Beacon elders are filled with fond and important memories. We asked Susan for one of Fred’s: “When Fred was 10 years old, he used to row around in a boat on the street behind Rite Aid,” Susan recalled. That street is also the location of Antalek & Moore’s current Beacon office. “This area was always flooded.”

Flooded? “Yes,” said Fred. “Matteawan Brook is what constantly overflowed. This brook caused major flooding to the back of what is now Rite Aid and the intersection of Church and South Chestnut Street.” Before Rite Aid, the location was the home of Schoonmaker’s.

Schoonmaker’s, which you may have heard references to in old stories, was one of the first department stores in Beacon. According to the Beacon Historical Society:


Schoonmaker's Department Store. Beacon had its first "modern" Department Store when Schoonmaker's opened its doors in the Christmas season of 1929. With "60 departments under one roof" (including "Toyland" in the basement), Schoonmaker's was the first stop for your Christmas shopping on Main Street. Later on, across the street at 341 Main, was the W.T. Grant store (Schoonmaker's biggest competitor), where you could even buy a live parakeet for Christmas! Like so many other good things in Beacon, Schoonmaker's and Grant’s were both gone by the late 1960s.

- Beacon Historical Society


A map of Beacon from 1876, when the town was known as Fishkill on the Hudson. The Map shows the Matteawan stream.

UPDATE 3/9/2019: Since first publishing this article, a reader wrote in with a picture of a map of Beacon from 1876 when it was known as Fishkill on the Hudson. The stream is also on the 1867 map we covered earlier. The reader, Air Nonken Rhodes, is on the Resources Committee for Beacon, a new committee that is currently compiling all known natural resources in Beacon. Residents who live in that area still experience some flooding, so we asked Air about the stream as it is today:

“They buried the stream circa 1910 - scavenger hunt to find the plaque in Memorial Park commemorating that! The stream-burying was done rather poorly. It was especially challenging since it was swampy ground all around what’s now Rite Aid. That’s a big part of why the center section of Main Street wasn’t developed sooner and more fully. So, flooded basements still today, and not many historic buildings along there.”

More Beacon Business Trivia

Family businesses run deep in Beacon. Fred used to have his office on East Main Street, where Tiko’s Hair is now. “I remember it well,” recalled Susan. “I used to slide along the floor, where the large picture window is. playing with my toys. His sister Mary Ann worked for him.” In the late ’70s/early ’80s, Fred moved to 308 Main Street, where the Darrow Brothers used to have their clothing store. When Fred merged with Pat Moore, the business moved to 340 Main Street, Antalek & Moore’s current location. Fred’s mother worked at Gallagher’s Market, the current location of BAJA.

Continuing in her father’s footsteps, Susan has recently closed on the purchase of their building. She is one of Beacon’s newest female building owners. She’s got her eyes fixed on a new project on their roof involving a light. “We are trying to get the ‘beacon’ light on the roof - look for it the next time you pass by. I think that might be neat to find out the history of that.”

Stay tuned…

Antalek & Moore is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our Sponsor Spotlight program. It is with the support of businesses like theirs that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of news, local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a Sponsor or Community Partner, please click here for more information.

Local Shopping to Local Pickup! La Mère Clothing and Goods Changes How People Shop Local (Sponsored)

Main Street is getting even more shoppable as business owners invest in their websites so that locals - or out-of-towners who have never been here, yet - can easily shop a local store online to buy in advance and reserve at the shop for local pickup.

For La Mère Clothing and Goods, it may be easier for owner April’s clientele (who tend to be women, who sometimes need to have their children tagging along when out and about) to buy in the middle of the night as they are thumbing through La Mère’s very active Instagram feed. This way, April’s customer (or men who buy for partners or their home) has the option of buying something without bringing the whole family inside of the shop to complete the purchase of the coveted pink velvet ballet flats shown here. And yes, those are mine now, purchased on a Sunday night at 10:30 pm, picked up on a Friday morning while I was in the shop taking La Mère’s advertiser photo for our weekend Happening This Weekend newsletter.

Our sister design agency, Katie James, Inc. designed La Mère’s website and fashioned the Free Local Pickup option on the site. Whenever in the shop, I “shoot the shingle” (a term used over at my other training business, Tin Shingle) with most business owners about how business is going, what is working and not working. Turns out, when La Mère’s owner, April, told customers in the store that they could “buy an item online,” they took that to mean that she was giving them permission to go elsewhere and purchase it online, like at Amazon or something (I’m not a fan of Amazon for a myriad of reasons). Turns out, shoppers needed to be educated about La Mère’s own online shop, and that it was OK to shop local that way. The online store was the end result of the sale.

To let shoppers know about the online shopping feature, we came up with this official Local Pickup Pile in the store. April made a sign for it, and she may show it more to her customers via Instagram and a future newsletter to customers. Shoppers can select the Free Local Pickup option at checkout, and then come in when they can, and visit with April! I love getting these personalized pink Post-It notes on the bag!

Up Next: Knot Too Shabby on the other end of Main Street is in the final stages of website redesign for her shop. Stay tuned! There are LOADS of things you’ll find in her store other than the Annie Sloan furniture paint. Which is of course, everyone’s favorite.

PS: I had insider intel that these pink velvet ballet flats - which suddenly went on sale - were only available with one pair left in my size. You know what that means: midnight shopping for local shopping. 🛍

Editor’s Note: This article is a Sponsored Partner Post that A Little Beacon Blog did with Katie James, Inc., which is also part of A Little Beacon Blog and is also run by me - Katie (it’s like owning different restaurants that serve different food). This article a way to show you about our design and consulting services, but it made for a pretty good article regardless, don’t you think? ;) We can do these kind of editorial approved Partner Posts for your business as well. See our Media Kit for details, and reach out if you have a topic that might be appropriate.

Welcome Firefly Yoga As A Sponsor Of A Little Beacon Blog's Adult Classes Guide!

Welcome to our new Sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog’s Adult Classes Guide, Firefly Yoga and Juice Bar! With their support, we are able to show you inside their beautiful studio, feature regular and special classes, and promote to this Guide in general, showcasing many small businesses in it. See all the pictures and offerings by hitting our Adult Classes Guide right here!

A Big Thank You To Our Supporting Sponsors Of The Shopping Guide!

A big Thank You to the sponsors and supporting businesses of A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide!

This is a Guide we created that includes all shops in Beacon (if we missed you, email us!), and businesses have the opportunity to stand out with a Sponsor Spot to show readers photos inside of their shops, and special events.

Supporting Sponsors include Luxe Optique, Lambs Hill Bridal Boutique, Binnacle Books and La Mère Clothing + Goods. Thank you so much! Your ongoing support helps us maintain these Guides, and produce the Happening This Weekend newsletter that everybody loves that comes out on Fridays. We’re busy working on that today!

An exciting weekend is coming up, with Second Saturday and the Parade of Green! You can always visit the Shopping Guide here, that lists all shops with addresses and links. Share with your friends who are visiting! Or use it yourself to go inside the stores! You'll be so happy you did.

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