Business Meetings, Retreats and Vendor Setups Just Got Easier In A Little Beacon Space (Sponsored)

The event space, A Little Beacon Space, available at 291 Main Street, First Floor, First Door.  Details >

The event space, A Little Beacon Space, available at 291 Main Street, First Floor, First Door. Details >

When we first opened this venue, A Little Beacon Space, which doubles as our headquarters for A Little Beacon Blog and Tin Shingle, we used folding chairs we already had, and spray painted them robin’s egg blue. Now that we’ve been here for two years and love incorporating people into The Space to use it for different needs, we’re making some upgrades!

Business teams have been retreating to Beacon from all over the country, and need a place to workshop and brainstorm their big ideas! Our event venue at 291 Main Street in the Telephone Building, known as A Little Beacon Space, has been perfect for such meetings.

New Blue Chairs!

We've upgraded our blue folding chairs, and added a new round conference room table. For everyone renting The Space, we had a glass tabletop desk, which was great for standing, vendoring, and cleaning, but hard for moving around to fit the needs of the day. Now we have matching black tables for large groups, and for vendors to set up shop when they take over The Space as a Pop-Up Shop.

Cush For The Tush

Then - for anyone who needs a little cush for their tush, we got this cozy blue upholstered chair. We have a few more things coming! Watch this space and our Instagram feed for when they arrive in the mail.

Tell your friends who plan work retreats about A Little Beacon Space! We are happy to accommodate their needs with food and shopping recommendations, and make their stay as easy as possible.

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2017 Summer Hours at the Beacon Pool & Vendor Opportunity

Photo Credit: City of Beacon Recreation 

Photo Credit: City of Beacon Recreation 

Pool Hours

Monday - Friday: 2 pm to 8 pm
Saturday - Sunday: Noon to 7 pm
Sometimes things change based on usage by the people, so please keep an eye on the Beacon Pool Facebook Group for updates 

Tentative Open Date:
Monday, June 26

It's happening again... The Beacon Pool is opening for its third straight year (read here about the big re-opening), and it looks like floaties are allowed in the pool! Club pool-goers know that not all pools allow toys in it, but the fine folks of the Beacon Recreation Department are all about fun. In fact, watching pictures of swimmers having fun was where I first saw the actual swimmable Mermaid Tail...

Open Date and Hours

The projected opening date is Monday, June 26. We are told that if it can happen sooner, it will. For now, plan on hours being Monday to Friday, from 2 to 8 pm, and Saturday and Sunday, from noon to 7 pm. In the mornings, the pool accommodates campers from various camps in the region, including the Park and Recreation Department's own new camp, Camp @ The Camp. The pool is located at 742 Wolcott Ave., in the area known as The Settlement Camp.

Pool Passes On Sale Now

Any resident of the state of New York can join or buy day passes to swim in the pool, since it is on state-owned land. Day passes for adults are $4, and children and seniors are $3. The pool is divided into sections based on depth, and does not have a lap lane. The shallow end is 2 feet for waders, deepening to 8 feet for splashers and underwater swimmers.

Pool passes on are sale now, and have sold out in years past. Adult and kid passes are available year-round, so it's not like if you don't get a Family Pass now, you won't be able to go. However, having the Family Pass means that you won't have to scrounge for cash, not something you need to worry about as you're packing up snacks and towels for the pool.

Click here to buy the pass online, or you can visit the Recreation Department in person at 23 West Center St.

Call for Food Trucks and Snack Vendors 

Speaking of food, it has been the dream of Mark Price, the Director of the Parks and Recreation Department, to have food trucks and a snack table available to all at the Beacon Pool at the Settlement Camp. If you are such a person who wants to sell their wares, then email him directly at 

Any questions regarding pool passes can be directed to Mark Price at We are told that they are beginning to start the process of sending them out in the mail, so watch your mailbox!

Summer Work Opportunities

The City of Beacon Parks and Recreation Department are looking for lifeguards, camp counselors, and volunteers. For information about applying, contact Mark Price at