Artifact Beacon and Wares Closing Forever This Weekend - BUT…


Don't freak out just yet over that headline: It’s true, two of your favorite artisan stores on the east end of Beacon near the mountain are closing this weekend, BUT they will be re-opening together later in September. Meanwhile, this weekend is your last chance to shop in each of their stores as they currently exist, so hurry in, and take advantage of 20% off at Artifact and Wares. Big sales!!

Help a little boutique (or two) out! Buy their stuff!
Artifact Beacon:
17 East Main Street (down the street/hill from Dogwood)
Wares: 2 Tioronda Avenue (the cute little house near the silos, just off Main Street)

Artifact and Wares Are Merging Into One Shop - On Main Street

Both shops were on the fringe of Main Street, situated as they were on East Main and Tioronda. Not being on Main Street isn’t the worst thing, but on the east end of Main Street near the mountain, it can be hard to feel a rush of foot traffic. So keep walking, people! Some of the cutest shops, galleries and eateries are located down here.

Artifact and Wares are merging into one shop to be located at 484 Main Street (the former Waddle n Swaddle spot, near the new yoga studio), and will be called Hyperbole. This new store brings together the owners Carolyn Baccaro, of Artifact, and her good friend Andrea Podob, of Wares. Says Carolyn: “Together, we're creating a unique shopping experience that connects independent, [thoughtful] artists with stylish and discerning customers like YOU.” Look for jewelry, art, clothing, vintage finds, and more at the new Hyperbole.

Fans of both shops are being directed to follow Artifact’s Instagram page, which will convert over to the new Hyperbole.

The former space of Artifact will be filled by new store owners, who are plotting their arrival as we speak.

Time to update A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide!

Flora The Flower Shop Is Under New Ownership - Changing To Flora Good Times

This just in! Your favorite little flower shop on the west end of town, Flora, is under new ownership from the proprietress Corinne Bryson. Says Corinne of the new shop: “There will still be tons of plants and flowers, but I'm aiming to work with small local farms to get flowers during the growing season rather than imported flowers, and unusual plant specimens!”

Where does Corinne hail from? It is always interesting to follow the thread of a small business journey, tracing from where a business owner started, and how they got here, to Beacon. Corinne is originally from outside of Detroit. She’ll fill in the rest:

“I moved to Rochester, NY, 10 years ago to go to school for photography. I moved to Brooklyn almost seven years ago to pursue that career and tripped and fell into floral design and fell in love with house plants. My husband and I currently live in Brewster, where we’re working at filling our house with rare plants, hand-thrown ceramics and knick-knacks from our travels.”

Tripping and falling into floral design sounds fun. Let the opening of the shop begin! Flora Good Times will hold an opening day celebration on Sunday, September 1, 2019 from 12 to 5 pm. The shop is located at 197 Main St., Beacon, NY near the Beacon Bread Company.

OPEN! The Pop-Up Shop "Pieces" Selling Vintage T-Shirts, Sneakers, Gear, and More - Saturday Only!

pieces pop-up shop open.jpeg

WHERE: 291 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508
The Telephone Building
First Floor, First Door
WHEN: Saturday, August 17, 2019,
10 am to 8 pm

The Pop-Up Shop is back at A Little Beacon Space with another hard-to-find curated collection of vintage T-shirts, shoes, and more. This pop-up shop is from Xavier Garcia (@xaviergarciaa) and Jason Simoes (@jasoes) of @kualitygear, and it is their first pop-up experience. They searched up and down the Hudson Valley to find the perfect spot, and selected Beacon and A Little Beacon Space! Come out and give them a warm retail welcome.

The young entrepreneurial group calls this show “PIECES,” and they normally only sell on social media platforms that the young people know about.

The Tony Hawk skateboarding video game is playing in the corner, and clothes are hanging from the ceiling! Come in for your T-shirt fix and grow your sneaker collection.

This pop-up shop is one day only! From 10 am to 8 pm, Saturday, August 17, 2019. Address is 291 Main Street, Beacon, NY, First Floor, First Door.

The Shop Dream In Plastic Changes Name To Zakka Joy - And Embraces All Caps!

Dream in Plastic rebrands to Zakka Joy. Same great store, different name. You’ll find the ever-changing curated inventory from the same owner, Jenny Zuko.  Photo Caption: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Dream in Plastic rebrands to Zakka Joy. Same great store, different name. You’ll find the ever-changing curated inventory from the same owner, Jenny Zuko.
Photo Caption: Katie Hellmuth Martin

When you grew up in the ’80s and ’90s, pretty much all of your retail therapy dreams involved plastic. Charm necklaces, gummy bracelets, banana clips, you get the drift. And let’s be honest, plastic still is the foundation for a lot of what we buy. When Jenny Zuko opened her first shop in Brooklyn, NY, in 2007, naming it Dream in Plastic was a safe bet. Today in 2019, the name has become a liability. People dismiss the store’s contents as something they don’t want - plastic. What does a business owner do when her customers shift? She shifts with them, does a soul search, and rebrands.

Welcome Zakka Joy To Main Street - Same Great Shop, Different Name

“It straight up hurts our feelings when people sometimes dismiss us as a store full of single-use plastics and useless junk,” admitted Jenny in an email to her customers (of which I am one!). Dream in Plastic - I mean Zakka Joy - moved to Beacon in 2009, and is one of the veteran shops on Main Street, weathering many tipping points and being on the front lines of foot traffic that comes in - both legit, focused customers and wandering youth with backpacks who hover about the store, touching everything but buying nothing (why the empty backpacks?).

Dream in Plastic isn’t the only store to rebrand in Beacon. One of her neighbors, The Pandorica restaurant, went through a major rebrand when owner Shirley Hot transformed her Cup & Saucer theme to the Doctor Who show. She now attracts customers from all over the world.

What Is Zakka?

Photo Credit:    Zakka Joy

Photo Credit: Zakka Joy

According to Jenny: “Zakka (“Zah-kah”) is a Japanese word, for which there really is no English equivalent.”

In sum, Zakka means:

  • Seeing the beauty in something mundane.

  • Uncategorizable or miscellaneous things.

  • Everything and anything that improves your home, life and appearance.

  • Humble, everyday objects that bring their users great satisfaction.

  • Things that accompany our everyday lifestyle spaces and provide an element of decoration.

  • Things mixed together with great variety.

Combine this word with “Joy,” and you have that precious moment of joy. “The shop really is about is that moment of happy (ahem, ‘Joy’) you experience when you discover that one thing (or ten): a pencil that you cherish, a pair of socks with your favorite animal on them, a toy to keep you company, a hand-poured soy candle, or the perfect gift for someone,” explains Jenny.

Zakka (thing) + Joy (the feeling when you discover the thing) = Zakka Joy

You’ll notice similarities in the old and new in the new logo. Still a cute shape in the name (originally a little cloud, and now an emoji-type smiley face). Where Dream in Plastic was in all lowercase, Zakka Joy’s logo stands big and bold in all caps.

What Will You Find Inside of Zakka Joy?

The smiley face from the logo grows inside on the wall.   Photo Credit:    Zakka Joy

The smiley face from the logo grows inside on the wall.
Photo Credit: Zakka Joy

Regulars of the shop know Jenny to have an ever-changing collection of inventory, from walls of cameras to walls of socks. In recent years, her collection of paper stationery and kitchen goods has grown. There is not an official stationery store in Beacon. There used to be - down on Jenny’s end of town - but that store closed long ago. (I still have several very pretty file boxes I purchased from that shop!)

While not a full-blown stationery store, Jenny’s addiction to paper is very much alive right now, with her large collection of journals, planners, and party decorations. Her art supply collection is growing as well, with charcoal pencils, funky erasers, highlighters that smell like strawberries and peaches, and some of the best rolling pens you have ever used. Impress your friends or even the ladies at the DMV with a pink pen carried in your purse (like I did!). It’s real easy and cheap retail therapy.

Inside, you’ll still find the pusheens you love, and collection of stuffed animal keychains. You will definitely find stickers and figures from the famous artist (who now lives in Beacon!) Tara McPherson.

It’s Real - The Instagram Has Changed

The name on the storefront has changed, and the handle in your Instagram has changed from Dream in Plastic to @zakkajoyny. Don’t worry, if you already followed Dream in Plastic, you don’t need to do a thing to follow the new shop online. If you don’t follow, why not? Hop to it for frequent doses of joy.

There’s a party to celebrate the name change on Second Saturday, August 10, 2019 from 6 to 9 pm. Remember when the shop used to have artist display on Second Saturday? Now the store itself is on display. Go give Jenny a high-five for all the work she has done to recreate her shop, which is always recreating anyway.

Journaling Off The Grid - Where To Get Your Journal Book In Beacon


This month, I wrote my column for our friends at the Highlands Current about journaling. By hand. Preferably in the morning before you do anything else. The article talked about the exercise of moving your hands and fingers for writing in print, cursive or just doodling. It also talked about how to bring your kids into it. Read the article here online if you didn’t catch it in print this week on newsstands.

PS: Yes, there is a misspelling of a word in that photo above. And yes, it is the misspelling of my son’s name. It is missing the “r.” And yes, I am aware of it. And yes, it is what happens when you have three children. Remembering all of the letters in a word can become besides the point as you rush to get things done. :) Or if you need to maybe get tested for dyslexia, which I would actually love to pursue and learn more about.

Journals at Binnacle Books

Binnacle Books is first known for selling new books. But they also sell journals when they come across distinguished versions, because in addition to new books, Binnacle buys old or used books and writerly things.

Like a classic old trusty black leather journal with a wrap-around tie. Good for any person, and not declarative of any kind of whimsy or emotion that you might possibly be putting in there. It is ready for every mood.

journals on main street beacon-01.jpg

For those with a more outreach-writerly mood, Binnacle has postcard books! Because why simply send a postcard, when you could send a postcard book, designed and produced by a publisher here in Beacon - Paravion Press - out of the old Beacon High School.

Postcard books from Paravion Press, a Beacon-based press. Available at Binnacle Books  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Postcard books from Paravion Press, a Beacon-based press. Available at Binnacle Books
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Blank but stately journals at Binnacle Books  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Blank but stately journals at Binnacle Books
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Journals at Dream In Plastic
(soon to be called Zakka Joy)

I know - before we get into this journal roundup at Dream In Plastic, you must know that shop owner Jenny has been working in the paper world for a while now - curating her storefront to be filled with stationery and kitchen fun - and is moving on from the word “Plastic.” More on that to come in an article. Because right now, we are focusing on what journals are in her shop.

Like these Japanese-inspired journals of many colors. Some are lined with regular old lines, and some are collages of different pieces of paper woven together. One could call these “blank” pages, but they may include grids or other designs. Great for those who fear staring at the blank white empty page.

journals on main street beacon-06.jpg

The most non-committal form of journaling is to scribble onto random scraps of paper. You could then slip them into this rainbow-hued accordion paper filing book.

journals on main street beacon-09.jpg

You might think these playful gray elephants below with polka-dotted ears are birthday invitations for a little person, but really, they are mini-journals for YOU. For those who are starting thin - you might not want to commit to a thick book - you could get a mini-journal. If you filled it up, and wanted another, you could have a library of these little journals, and then you could decide how to decorate the cover of the journal with a dated system to order the mini-journals that you accumulate…

PS: Loving those glossy purple nails? Shop owner Jenny got them done at Kim Nails in Wappingers Falls.

journals on main street beacon-10.jpg

Back by the beard oil in the back of the shop, you’ll find this crackly little journal (and others, it has cousins) for if you are feeling especially literary. And introverted. If you are over-caffeinating, you might as well have the coffee with a chocolate croissant from All You Knead Bakery, to smooth you out a bit.

PS: See that nail color? That’s mine! Not quite as glossy as Jenny’s, but covered. Picked up this polish at Rite Aid, but you can also find nail polish at La Mère on the other side of town on Main Street.

journals on main street beacon-11.jpg

So… under the sock wall, you’ll find rows and piles of journals. Pick up some of them, and you’ll see pages with flower prints and other prints to make you less scared to face the blank page. Don’t be fooled, though, into thinking this is a totally serious store. Sometimes this shelf holds rows of piles of birthday party plates and cups that sometimes are iridescent and involve unicorns.

journals on main street beacon-12.jpg

Journals At Play

Located just down the block a smidge from Dream In Plastic is the store called Play. They have journals too, and in different styles. Some covers are heavier than others, and some paper thinner than others. If you’re the kind of person who writes on the reverse page of each page of your journal, then you’ll want to check to make sure these pages are thick enough to handle your ink.

journals on main street beacon-08.jpg

For the young (or old) musicians in your life, there is the Songwriter’s journal at Play. Parts of the design inside the journal are dedicated to taking special notes if you were to capture sounds from your head, putting them onto paper.

journals on main street beacon-07.jpg

Journals At No. 3 Reading Room and Photo Book Works

Some real heavy-hitters in the bookmaking business in Beacon are No. 3 Reading Room and Photo Books Works, located down on the east end of town near the mountain, in a quaint building that the business owners and artists bought in order to fit their needs. While mainly closed for a long summer vacation, they will have custom journals using handmade indigo-dyed paper over purse-sized journals, and letterpress-printed bookmarks with quotes about books, poetry and reading available during the holiday season. So be sure to check back!

Pens and Pencils

There are also pens and pencils at both Dream in Plastic and Play, which you could play with as you write in these journals. I know that when I was at the DMV getting amazing service at 4:30 pm to renew the registration on my car (it was weirdly empty at that hour midweek - so weird), the woman helping me loved the pink pen from Dream in Plastic that I took out of my bag to sign the receipt. You might say she was delighted, and wanted to buy that plus kitchen decor for her family member who just moved into an apartment.

Treat yourself. A really easy small spend to make you feel good for weeks and maybe months.

A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide!

For more shopping tips like this, and to find more shops that also might carry a journal or two in their store - maybe your next favorite journal - see A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide.

Beacon Fine Jewelers Moves Next Door

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

When a store is no longer in the spot you’ve seen it in for years, your first thought might be that it is simply gone. Looking right next door is actually not a thought that occurs to some people. Like when Beacon Barkery moved next door a couple of years ago. Such is the case with Beacon Fine Jewelers, who for years occupied a corner spot on Main Street, where they could hang a store shingle, as well as have another sign on the side of the building. That side sign has been replaced by their new neighbor, Edward Jones.

Run by a father/son team from Newburgh, Beacon Fine Jewelers can do most anything you need with your jewelry. They have their workshop in the back, and fire up and pound out many designs, including these little cutie copper critters we featured last Christmas. More of those critters are showing up in the storefront window, so do drop in to see more of them, and the other projects Beacon Fine Jewelers are working on.

Pink Optical Closes Beacon Location

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

The pink bench outside of Pink Optical that matched its geraniums has cheered its last tush. It was carted off down the street last week to its new home, as Pink Optical closed its Beacon location. It was known as “The Eye Candy Store” for designer frames from Betsey Johnson, Prada, Versace, Tom Ford, and other clothing designers who expanded to include eyewear lines.

Pink Optical came into town shortly after Luxe Optique opened up shop about five blocks west on Main Street. The big difference between the two is the lines of eyewear carried by each shop. Different brands were carried in each - Luxe Optique carries handmade frames from designers who specialize in only designing eyewear. Pink Optical may have had stronger competition from deep-discount online glasses stores.

If memory serves, Pink Optical replaced Get Frosted Cupcakery. Before they closed shop, A Little Beacon Blog interviewed Get Frosted’s owner Karen, which is a good read if you’re interested in why businesses start up and what factors into closing their doors.

Wishing Pink Optical the best as they are off to new pastures! Not sure where those pastures are, but chime in if you know!

pink optical faces.jpg

Style Storehouse Closes In Beacon - Remains Open Online


Style Storehouse was a boutique at 484 Main St. in Beacon on the far east end of town, beyond Tioronda Avenue (Howland Cultural Center), all the way around the bend toward the Dummy Light. A collection of lovely boutiques, galleries and eateries are located in this strip, which is known as the quiet end of Main Street, and some argue, the most charming. May marks the final month for Style Storehouse, who announced the closing of their location via Instagram, with intentions to carry on via their online store.

Said store owner Savanna Ainsley in her post: “We are sad to announce the closing of Style Storehouse on Main Street in Beacon, NY. Although we are sad to say goodbye to what has been our home for 5 years, we are beyond excited to announce that we will be continuing Style Storehouse as an online boutique!”

The Beginning Of Style Storehouse

Style Storehouse was started by Michele Pitcairn Williams from Poughkeepsie. She dug into Beacon by advocating for more business on the east end of town, trying to create initiatives to encourage people to go beyond Tioronda to continue discovering Main Street shops. She joined the board of the Beacon Chamber of Commerce for a year, endured flooding into the shop from the apartment above (that we wrote about here, to educate about the benefits of renters insurance for apartment renters), and worked with her then-neighboring business Waddle ‘n Swaddle to jazz it up on that end of Main Street. (Waddle ‘n Swaddle later closed their Beacon location, remaining in Poughkeepsie.)

style storehouse website.jpeg

Shop Life Under New Owner

Michele, who has three young children and recently welcomed a fourth addition, later sold Style Storehouse to her then-manager, Savanna Ainsley, who ran it successfully for years after and developed the online version of the shop. Savanna also hails from Poughkeepsie and commuted to Beacon to open the shop each day.

Said Savanna of her customers: “None of this would have been possible without our amazing customers. Without your love and support, Style Storehouse would not be what it has been.”

Brands that Style Storehouse carries include Hardtail, Free People, Mother Denim (best jeans with stretch), Minkpink, Madewell, and many more. The curated collection was known for comfortable large and small sizes.

Shop Life Beyond Tioronda - Not To Be Missed!

While the building that housed the two boutiques - Style Storehouse and Waddle ‘n Swaddle - now has empty storefronts, there are plenty of not-to-be-missed shops, galleries and eateries around that area. Denise Gianna Designs just opened her interior design shop in the former Utensil spot, Kaight Shop Beacon, who sells eco-friendly fashion, is located past Style Storehouse and has jeans and overalls you want to discover. The Blushery offers makeup and beauty services such as waxing and laser, and many others.

Shopping is exciting on that end of town, and you can even get ice cream and chocolate-covered Oreos to punctuate your experience at the Chocolate Studio, followed by coffee at Trax, and Thai dinner at Sukhothai.

Be sure to follow Style Storehouse on Instagram as they design their next moves and make announcements.

Explore A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide to discover all of the shops as you visit Beacon. If you live here, our Shopping Guide is a great way to keep up with which business is where, as shops shift all the time!

Happy Independent Bookstore Day, Binnacle Books! Last Chance On Their Original Tote Bag


Happy Independent Bookstore Day Binnacle Books! It’s risky for any retail shop to open a brick-and-mortar store, but perhaps even more so for an indie bookstore! Many cheers to Binnacle Books for doing that in Beacon, and for connecting all of us with the printed page and for readings and other book 📖 based events.

It’s also really easy to order any book you want from Binnacle - just tell them what you want over the counter or the phone, they click up some magic, and 💥 BAM, you can pick it up in the store!

Binnacle Books has helped promote other indie bookstores by making available the Hudson Valley Book Trail Map, debuting today in their shop. Plus, this is your last chance to get one of their original tote bags - perfect timing for the plastic bag ban!

Says their newsletter: “Stop by to browse some fantastic recent releases, revisit old favorites, or get a recommendation for something new. If you spend $75 or more with us today, we'll throw in one of our original blue totes with your order. If you ever wanted one, now's your chance: after this run sells out, we aren't printing them again.” 

A Little Beacon Blog is honored to partner with all of our sponsors, but especially so when Binnacle approached us, wanting to sponsor our Shopping Guide. Thank you for having faith in us! Binnacle Books is a Sponsor, but this is not a sponsored post. It’s a “Celebrate Indie Bookstores!” post.

Go give Binnacle some love! Binnacle Books is at 321 Main St., Beacon, NY.

The Beacon Flea Is Open! Balance Is Restored To Sundays

The Beacon Flea has opened.

Order is restored. Spring is here!

The vendor spots were filled on this Opening Day for lots of things (including some local golf courses). The Beacon Flea, located in the free municipal parking lot on Henry Street behind the gas station and near the post office, looked like a full house of fresh collections. The event, every Sunday, has regular sellers and rotating visiting sellers each week. Signing up to be a vendor is easy and affordable. Call the number in this picture - (845) 202-0094 - should you want to set up a table one weekend. 

Happy digging! 


Exciting New Frames From Anne & Valentin Visiting Luxe Optique

What a delightful surprise while making our sponsor rounds today for this weekend’s Friday Feature in the newsletter (subscribe if you haven’t!). When stepping into Luxe Optique, we got to see a real live stylist and representative from Anne & Valentin with the newest designs.

Often, actually, we stumble in when a major line is in the store with all of their suitcases filled with precious goodies while we’re collecting a feature photo.

Meet Andry pictured here. He was sooo nice, and knew all about the designer curves of all of these new frames. Look for Luxe Optique’s feature photo in their sponsor spot this Friday!

Discover more shops in A Little Beacon Blog’s Shopping Guide! You can always tap Guides and Calendars in the navigation above - from your computer or mobile.