Our highest and most integrated form of marketing.
Great for businesses, artists, or organizations who want to show and tell to our readers by using many photos to color the story that we will write for you.

BRANDED CONTENT ARTICLE LEVEL 1                                              $2,200
One Article + Instagram + Facebook
Includes up to 5 photos. Our photographer can come to your place of business if in Beacon to take photos. Or, we can use photos you already have. However, if we feel that the photos are not adequate, we will want to send out our photographer, which may involve an additional fee if outside of Beacon.
Example: "Experimental Fine Artist Painter Jeffrey Terreson Moves to Main Street (Sponsored)" click here to read
Benefit: Long lasting SEO (rating in Google for people searching)

Level 1 + Dedicated Newsletter Blast
This is Branded Content Article, plus a dedicated newsletter sent to our list with all photos and the complete article to make sure people saw everything.
Example: "The Lofts at Beacon Falls - Gorgeous Apartments in the Heart of Beacon in a Historic District (Sponsored)" click here to read
Benefit: Our most impactful package. Really hits home with the subscribers.

Branded Content Article
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