Fly Little Hearts, Fly!

A skill that I cherish in others is the ability to design a storefront window. The concept... the materials... the timing.

Have you seen this storefront window down on the east end of town, across from Joe’s Irish Pub? While romance may be brewing (ha! pun not intended!) inside the bar, hearts are flying off the page of the vintage typewriter in the La Mère Clothing and Goods shop window. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day outfits in there (oh let’s be honest... dress romantically every day, if it makes you happy), and rumor has it, everyone wants to buy the display furniture the proprietress April uses. Sometimes she’ll sell, sometimes not!

When we go inside the shop to snap a picture for La Mère’s weekly Friday Feature as a sponsor of the Shopping Guide, it’s becoming fun to hear about what display furniture sold right out from under the clothes or jewelry. 

Take a look at night as you drive or walk by if you haven’t yet, when the window is lit up. And of course, step inside and get a little something! Every purchase helps keep your favorite stores here.