A Little Beacon Blog is one of the most widely read online publications in the Hudson Valley, with an integrated social media platform that keeps us close to our readers. Each month, A Little Beacon Blog gets more than 14,500 views/month from people directly from this area, as well as neighboring towns in the Hudson Valley. Farther afield, readers check in from as close as New York City's five boroughs to as far as Vermont and even California. Facebook views average 2K-5K/week from a following of over 2,800 people, with more at Instagram, which has over 2,500 and Twitter, which has several media followers. Says Dutchess Tourism after promoting an event held in our headquarters: "It's our absolute pleasure to support your efforts in Beacon, NY. It's one of the places that makes us #DistinctlyDutchess."

A Little Beacon Blog is syndicated on BeaconArts, and is a featured resource on the websites of The City of Beacon, Beacon's Chamber of Commerce, and BeaconCitizen. Local media, including Highlands Current, Beacon Bits, Newburgh Restoration, and Radio Woodstock, have featured A Little Beacon Blog to their readers and listeners.

Movers: People researching moves to (or within) the Hudson Valley come across A Little Beacon Blog during online research, and discover a community they want to be a part of. Thanks to our stories and unique, in-depth coverage of local businesses, they can easily picture life in Beacon. When they move here, they stay on as readers.

I found A Little Beacon Blog in early 2011 when we were living in a tiny Brooklyn apartment with a toddler and a dog. We were looking to move out of the city and A Little Beacon Blog gave me glimpses of life in Beacon. Now that we live here, I’m an even bigger fan of the blog! (A personal fave is The Things To Do In Beacon Guides.) It has been so cool to witness the continuing evolution of A Little Beacon Blog—it’s doing big things! 
— Tessa Dean, Mom

Shakers: Tourism organizations, influencers in social media circles, teachers, city officials and others read A Little Beacon Blog to stay current with the happenings in and around Beacon, and to find ideas for ways to improve the places they live. Says one official in a neighboring town: "I love A Little Beacon Blog. I read it to see how our city can improve based on what I see working in Beacon."

adri cowan.png
I found ALBB when I was moving from Massachusetts. Through all my searching about what to do and where to go in Beacon, A Little Beacon Blog was everywhere I looked - and was the most informative, helpful and colorful source for how best to enjoy this wonderful city.
— Adri Cowan, Owner Rogue Social and Social Media Manager for Marvel Comics

Residents: Citizens of Beacon, the core of our readership, enjoy following A Little Beacon Blog for the way we spotlight big stories that often go untold.

I work in the city with a long commute and long hours, and I have two kids. On weekends, I just want to do fun local stuff, and A Little Beacon Blog is my go to page to check out what’s going on in and around my town. I even added this link to my favorites and synced it to my calendar.
— Tabitha George, Mom


According to Google Analytics...
Monthly views: 14,500
Women: 69%
Men: 30%
32% age 25-34
25% age 35-44
15% age 45-54
12% age 55-64
9% age 18-24
5.5% age 65+

Readers, by state:
New York: 85%
New Jersey: 3.5%
Connecticut: 1.7%
Massachusetts: 1.5%
California: 1.4%
Pennsylvania: 0.9%
Washington: .66%
Florida: 0.5%
DC .4%

Readers, by NY location: 
NYC: 28%
Beacon: 18%
Hopewell: 7.2%
Poughkeepsie: 3.6%
Red Oaks Mill: 3%
Albany: 2.9%
Myers Corners: 2.6%
Newburgh: 1.8%
Fishkill: 1.7%
Syracuse 1.7%

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