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Maybe you're sipping coffee one Saturday morning, gazing out your window, dreaming. Maybe you want a bigger yard someday. Or maybe you're done with mowing the lawn, and you'd like to downsize and live in a chic loft. Or maybe you're gazing at this page of real estate listings just for fun and surprise yourself by thinking: "OMG, I had no idea how badly I wanted to move into that house!" Or maybe you're simply ready for a new vibe entirely. Beacon and the surrounding areas have a lot to offer. No house is the same, and every block is different.

Realtors have featured their listings for you to see here at A Little Beacon Blog, and there are even more where these came from (click here to learn how to feature your listings). These listings are paid features, and it is with their support that A Little Beacon Blog can highlight options. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us!

These listings are so great - how do you pick just one? Make a date with a realtor listed below, and start exploring.


Gate House Realty

492 Main Street, Beacon, NY 12508
(845) 831-9550
Best known for their work on large, historic projects slated for major renovation, Gate House Realty is credited with a long list of properties ranging from newly renovated lofts in factory buildings, charmers of houses, and commercial opportunities including buying a storefront business or renting a commercial space.

Featured Listings from Gate House Realty:

Featured Listings from Claire Browne:


Hanson Real Estate Partners
113 Liberty Street, Newburgh, NY 12508

(845) 420-8965
The ReAttached Team at Hanson Real Estate Partners invests in America’s livable urban spaces. We help creative & motivated individuals define their ideal lifestyle & understand how owning or leasing real estate in Newburgh, NY can accelerate their personal, professional, & financial growth.

Sarah Beckham Hooff founded the ReAttached Team at Hanson Real Estate Partners after living abroad for 10+ years working as an environmental scientist, grant writer, social activist & performer. Three weeks after discovering Newburgh, NY, she packed up & relocated. Shortly after, she founded a performance & recording studio in what was then an abandoned hair salon.

Inspired by other creatives’ interest in rediscovering & reinventing “downtown" American living, she founded a tri-lingual real estate sales team (Spanish, Russian, English) to support creative investors who think like homeowners, and motivated homeowners who think like investors. In 2018, Laura Suárez joined the Team as a licensed real estate agent to facilitate transactions with Spanish-speaking clients.

Follow on Instagram @hello.reattached 

Featured Listings from Reattached Team at Hanson Real Estate Partners:

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