Antalek & Moore Announces New Partnership with Vincent A. Lemma, as Longtime Beacon Advocate Pat Moore Retires (Sponsored)


Antalek & Moore's Upcoming Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

When: Thursday, January 18, 2018
Time: 4 to 5 pm
Where: Their offices at 340 Main Street, Beacon, NY
Stop By! Or RSVP: 845-245-6292

Late in December of 2017, a hand-signed letter arrived in the mail from Pat Moore, partner at Antalek & Moore Insurance Agency. The letter announced his retirement from the independently owned firm Antalek & Moore in order to pursue personal interests, which included traveling with his expanding grand-family. Maintaining independence in the insurance world has been deeply important to Pat, as he reiterated in his retirement letter: “We live in a time of high-level merger and acquisition activities of firms like ours. Maintaining our longstanding independence is proving to be the exception in today’s business environment.”
Of the utmost importance to Pat was hand-picking his successor, Vincent A. Lemma, to join his business partner, Susan Antalek-Pagones, in carrying the business forward into its next generation. Antalek & Moore originated in Beacon in 1853 and continues here today with the new leadership and partnership of Susan and Vincent at the helm. They are hosting a ribbon cutting to celebrate the transition on Thursday, January 18, at 4 pm. And you’re invited!

About Vincent A. Lemma, Antalek & Moore's New Partner

Vincent (please, call him Vince, he insists) started working with Pat eight years ago during a time when Vince was employed by an insurance agency owned by a bank. “Crazy things were happening with the banks,” says Vince, “and things were happening that didn’t jive with me for our customers.” He reached out to Pat to begin working in the independent world, and their business relationship blossomed.
As a new leader of the firm, Vince is pulling from his experience as an assistant lacrosse coach at several different colleges. As an assistant coach at Randolph Macon College, his team knocked nationally ranked Washington and Lee out of the playoffs in 1997, fueling his competitive drive to work with a team of young people balancing sports, school and teamwork. Coaching also allowed him to leave his home state of New York to experience different parts of the country, and return later to settle down into the insurance profession.
“As an athlete, you need to overcome hurdles to win. In this industry, we face those hurdles on a daily basis. As a coach, you need to understand how to help your employees overcome those hurdles.”
Vince believes that 90 percent of problems in the insurance world are caused by simple misunderstandings, and he aims to educate current and future customers of Antalek & Moore to help them know their coverage. He believes that working with an independent agent gives customers an advantage. “When you’re not working with your agent and your broker, things get difficult, and you think the insurance companies are out to get you. We fight for the insurance company to cover everything they agreed to cover in the agreement with the customer.”
You can meet Vince any time by scheduling an appointment with him, but the most fun way will be to attend their upcoming ribbon cutting, right on Main Street, conveniently located in the middle of town, near Rite Aid. In fact, park in the free parking lot behind Rite Aid and BAJA, and you're on Antalek & Moore's back doorstep! Stop in, welcome Vince to the position, and look for more from this new development at Antalek & Moore.

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