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In addition to the wonderful shops found on Main Street, the hot trend in pop-up shops has come to Beacon. Pop-up shops are very special because they curate items that may be few or one of a kind, or bring access to a brand that may be hard to find. Pop-up shops usually consist of a collection of artists, or are a mini and temporary extension of a store in a new location, or are run by a single artist. This guide includes pop-up shops that are located on Beacon's Main Street, as well as those in the surrounding areas for those who work in the Hudson Valley and are driving past opportunities on their way to/from home. If you have a pop-up shop you'd like us to know about, please:

  • Email at least 1 week before event.

  • Pop-Up Shops must be in a business location, and not a home.

  • If your shop is in this guide and you want to enhance it with an advertising package, please click here for details

Sleepwalker Pop-UP
: Oct. 12-Nov. 10, 2019
Time: 6-8pm
Location: 480 Main St, Beacon, NY
Human consumerism and globalization has led to unsustainable living wages for the American working class and the precipitous decline of our planet. Sleepwalker challenges this apparent inevititability by posing a challenge. Is is possible to create and sell products within a community, priced within $5 of a comparable product found at a big box store, while providing a $20/hour wage?

Like an impressionistic painting of a business model, Sleepwalker suggests a means within a community for everyone; consumers, workers, and the environment to benefit.

Practical pieces for everyday use are made from minimalist patterns using textiles sourced from local estate sales and donations to provide $20/hour labor and an accessible price for the community.
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Arts & Crafted Pop-Up Market
: Saturday, November 8-10, 2019
Time: 10am-9pm
Location: A Little Beacon Space, 291 Main St, Beacon, NY

Participating artists include:

Anna West - Painter
Caiming Cheung - Metalsmith
Kat Stoughtenborough - Fiber Artist
Virginia Piazza - Potter

Are You Running a Pop-Up Shop?
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