It's Buddy Month at All Sport, Plus School's Out Holiday Camp Days Are Posted! (Sponsored)

If you're a #getoutside type exerciser, you might be freaking out right now as the cool nights and mornings linger into an all-day affair, forcing you to think about your indoor workout plan. Well, you're certainly not alone, but All Sport has got your back with lots of great cardio and muscle toning machines and group classes. What's better than a group challenge class? Going to All Sport with your Buddy! October is Buddy Month, and that means you can bring a pal - for free. If that pal has kids, you can give them an entertaining option in All Sport's Kids Club while you work out!

As we type, parents are clicking back into gear checking out School's Out options, looking for special classes that are offered on Monday holidays to occupy busy little minds and lock in childcare during the workday. All Sport has posted their School's Out dates from now through 2017, making it easy for you to plan!

October 3, 10, 12
November 11, 23, 25
December 23, 26-30

January 2, 16
February 20
April 10-14
May 26

All Sport has a Dedicated Sponsor Page here at A Little Beacon Blog, which means that we get to obsess over all of the great opportunities going on over there, and tell you about it here. Do check out this page because it calls out special classes and causes you don't want to miss, like the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes on October 15, and the Les Mills Launch October 17-22. And hook into All Sport's newsletter to learn of other special classes, like when they combo a cycle and a yoga class!