Winner of the "Where Is This Contest": Matt Clifton!

Pictured here for you to see is the winner of the "Where Is This" contest from early September, when we shared the sign on the back of the building holding Hudson Valley Auctioneers. Matt Clifton identified it within an hour of it being posted. Lucky for him, he's a newsletter subscriber, so he got advance notice of the post.

Matt is also a local Apple techie, and can help you with your Mac at Lokimac in the friendliest way. So I was quite pleased when he won, as it meant I'd get to double-duty his meeting: he'd pick up the golden ticket for a BJ's sweet potato pie fresh out of the oven, and I'd get to ask a couple of my own recent Apple questions. Matt is also one half to the food blog Nerds With Knives, so when he says that the BJ's sweet potato pie is amazing, you know the pie is serious. But you already knew that, because BJ's sweet potato pie has been famous around Beacon for 35 years.

Onto the next contest! You all were stumped, so the reveal pictures will be posted with no winner. But, I'd like to give you a bit more information on the location, so wait a few days for that article and all of its delicious pictures. You may want to know a bit more about why a purple dinosaur was in a storefront on Main Street.