ALBB's First Kids Kitchen Cuts Pop-Up Experience Was Really Cute!! We're Doing It Again 10/23/16!

Hosting the first curated pop-up experience at A Little Beacon Space was slightly more than nerve-wracking, I must admit! Will anyone come? Will the 6-year-olds who had been pining to face paint for two weeks actually last more than an hour to paint faces? The answers were...yes.

With blessings from Your Presence Salon's owner Danielle and her stylist Audrinna (my neighbor), they jumped into this experiment with me, and it was great. Little families came throughout the day, with children getting their faces painted while their siblings got a hair cut. We even had a bonus flat-iron curl for the girls!

Transformations happened. One little girl with very long hair had never had a haircut in her life. That day, she not only got a trim, but she got bangs, and was the cutest ever, all day long, patting and exploring the new feature on her forehead.

Face painting happened too! Silvery, goopy glitter and all. So much so, that I need to order another flat of colors for our next Kitchen Cuts on October 23! With the face painting, we raised $36 for Beacon Elementary Schools. The total included the donated haircut tip cup from Danielle and Audrinna. Thanks, ladies!

Thank you to everyone who came. It was so much fun, we are doing it again! This time, it'll be during the Hocus Pocus Parade on Main Street, aka the children's Halloween Parade on Sunday, October 23rd from 10 am to 4 pm. A Little Beacon Blog will be handing out candy, and will be open for $1 face painting and $16 haircuts for kids. Book online in advance of the day, and you get a discount.

This next pop-up experience is sponsored by Teresa Marra's new Disney travel booking service, "It's All About The Mouse." She knows all of the tricks to book a Disney trip on a budget. Thank you, Teresa, for helping our next pop-up haircut and face paint day happen!