Buying a Home With Local Bankers at Rhinebeck Bank (Sponsored)


Financing Your Home With Rhinebeck Bank

When you buy a home, it's common to experience feelings after the initial baby step excitement, like "Ohmygosh I love this home!" which (fingers crossed!) turns into "ohmygosh they accepted my offer!"

And then begins the rest of the process of buying a home. Lucky for this happy couple, they worked with mortgage lender Susan Utter of Rhinebeck Bank. They could barely contain their excitement after closing on a house, and praised Susan: "What an adventure this whole crazy home-buying process has been! You calmed the wild mortgage jungles with grace, patience, and expertise, helping us navigate through the financial waters... Thank you for everything!"

Rhinebeck Bank has been committed to the home purchasing experience in the Hudson Valley for decades. Sound interesting? You could check online right now to see if you're approved for financing. Or visit a local branch, like the one in Beacon near Dutchess Stadium, or the big white branch in the New England-style building on the way into Fishkill. Applications can be completed in as quickly as 15 minutes.

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Photo Credits: Photos came from Rhinebeck Bank Mortgage Lender Susan Utter's Facebook page. Screenshot of "for sale" sign came from Rhinebeck Bank's Welcome Home video.