Dispose of Cords and Batteries at Best Buy in Poughkeepsie

Bummed out by dusty cords and batteries in your basement graveyard? Dispose of them here at Best Buy in Poughkeepsie.

Personally, we love shopping and walking into brick-and-mortar stores - both mom and pop, and the big box type. Both kinds employ our neighbors and let people connect, in person. And they can also create opportunities like this to recycle.

We've been mourning the loss of Babies R Us and the knowledgeable people who worked there for years and years. So we're happy to hear that Best Buy locations are holding up. Shopping in person is such a different experience than shopping online. That’s why Amazon is looking to buy shells of fallen big box stores - possibly at Amazon’s expense. If you want to see a store succeed, go inside, not online. Though online shopping can benefit small local favorite retailers - hit up local favorites Dream in Plastic and Style Storehouse online! - it is usually way more fun inside.

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