Tin Shingle's First Monthly Member Meeting for Artists, Makers, Business Owners (Sponsored)


Tin Shingle is a buzz-building resource for small (but mighty!) business owners, makers, artists and creators who need to get the word out. The engaging DIY platform teaches how to get PR, use social media, demystify SEO, explore effective website design, pumps you up to send newsletters to clients and customers, and provides overall motivation for kicking butt in your business.

Hence, Tin Shingle's first in-person Monthly Member Meetings! Tin Shingle has members from all over the country, but is based in Beacon, NY - right in the same office as A Little Beacon Blog (ALBB)! In fact, ALBB's publisher, Katie (that's me), is the owner of Tin Shingle! And I'm obsessed with small business creation, growth, and empowerment to keep going.

Tin Shingle has several levels of membership in order to fit the needs of different budgets and goals. Attending these monthly meetings requires a Community Level membership ($45/month) is commitment-free, and can be upgraded or downgraded at any time, depending on your needs. All other membership levels can attend, too.

This meeting will be used to help prepare your PR Planning for the next month. Connecting business owners, artists and makers is so important to us, because when we come together, fresh ideas fly. You begin to think bigger, and come away with new visions and strategies to help your business grow.

Tin Shingle's Kick A** Member Meeting

This hourlong meeting will include several parts. Indulge in this session of talking shop with other like-minded business owners who share several of your challenges and triumphs.

  • Workshop: Bring the magazines you want your business to be featured in. We will all be doing our homework by clipping ideas, writers and editors to follow up with for a fresh PR pitch.
  • Brain Picking: If there's an expert in the room, you can pick their brains! We know that Tin Shingle's owner Katie will be there, which means you can ask your questions about SEO, social media, business strategies, and PR.
  • Idea-ating: Through all of this, you're bound to come up with new ideas to  tackle this week or month. We're looking forward to hearing them!

Where: 291 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508. First Floor, First Door
When: Today, Monday, January 29 at noon EST

Come in! Business owners, artists, makers, creators who want to get the word out will get jazzed in this member meeting.

Come in! Business owners, artists, makers, creators who want to get the word out will get jazzed in this member meeting.