Latest from the Beacon City School Fundraising Guide: Rombout at Chipotle

Happening tonight - the Chipotle Challenge! Just kidding, it's not called that, but it is Rombout Middle School's turn at 50% of Chipotle's profits, when you buy dinner from 5 to 9 pm. Several of Beacon's public schools have been taking advantage of this corporate donation opportunity, and this is an easy way to indirectly donate to Rombout Middle School.

Take a look at what else is on the horizon in A Little Beacon Blog's Beacon City Schools' Fundraising Guide by clicking here. You'll note that the Wizards (basketball) are coming, and you'll find more easy ways to support the schools while meeting your entertainment and feel-good goals as well!

Insider Pro Tip: These school fundraiser nights are getting popular! So go early to get a seat, or plan to take that big burrito to go.

Rombout's Fundraising Goals:

Four to six tables to go outside the cafeteria doors, so students can earn the privilege of eating outside.
The Rombout PTO would also like to raise money for benches to be put in front of the building, in the bus drop-off area.
You can also donate directly to their GoFundMe campaign >

Update From Sargent's Fundraising Trivia Stars Night

Trivia Night was held at Hudson Valley Brewery with food cooked by Barb's Butchery and a slew of amazing raffle prizes from local businesses, including a growler from Obercreek Brewery, artwork, and other wins. According to the fundraiser's organizer, Erin Giunta, the night raised $2,700 for Sargent Elementary, whose fundraising goals include improving the Recess Experience, field trips, and a beautification project for the school's auditorium.

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