Tin Shingle's February Member Meeting (Sponsored)


Tin Shingle is an empowerment center for businesses, artists, makers and nonprofits who are working on ways to get the word out about what they do. Tin Shingle's platform trains creators like yourself in ways to get PR, use social media, understand SEO (aka getting found in Google), sending newsletters, and more. Putting yourself out there can be a scary concept, but Tin Shingle guides you to face this fear head-on, to help you break through to your audience. Once you open for business and hang your shingle, you can't sit back and wait for the people! You must go out there and reach them to help them come in (both figuratively and literally)!

During this month of love, Tin Shingle wants to help you dig in and give back to your business. Although Tin Shingle's membership is nationwide, its headquarters is in Beacon (sharing an office with A Little Beacon Blog!) and offers an opportunity for its members at the Community Level of Membership to connect in person on the last Monday of each month at noon. But this month, the meeting will be open to all.

Connecting business owners, artists and makers is so important to Tin Shingle, because when people come together, fresh ideas fly. You begin to think bigger, and come away with new visions and strategies to help your business grow.

Tin Shingle's Kick A** Member Meeting

Yes, it's called the Kick Ass Member Meeting because that is how you will feel after leaving with a plan. This hourlong meeting will have several parts. Indulge in this session of talking shop with other like-minded business owners who probably share several of your challenges and triumphs.

  • Workshop: Bring the magazines you want your business to be featured in. We will all be doing our homework by clipping ideas, and identifying writers and editors to follow up with for a fresh PR pitch.
  • Brain Picking: If there's an expert in the room, you can pick their brains! Tin Shingle's owner Katie will be there, which means you can ask your questions about SEO, Social Media, Business Strategies, and PR. Katie also runs A Little Beacon Blog.
  • Idea-ating: Through all of this, you're bound to come up with new ideas to tackle this week or month. We're looking forward to hearing them!

Where: 291 Main St., Beacon, NY 12508, First Floor, First Door
When: Today - Monday, February 26, at noon

The Community Membership with Tin Shingle is our entry-level membership and includes:

  • FEEDBACK: Inclusion in our Private Facebook Community to ask your questions and get quick answers about PR, Marketing, Social Media, Websites, and more.
  • BOARDS: Submit your Press Releases and Media Pitches to our group, and receive feedback and suggestions to make them better.
  • PROFILE: Get listed on Tin Shingle's website and Business Directory, which is searched by the media and potential customers and clients.

This has been a message from our sponsor, Tin Shingle. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! To reach our readers with an article and newsletter like this, see our Media Kit.