Beacon Removed From Drought Levels of Water Thanks To recent Snow and Rain

Photo Credit: Heidi Harrison

Photo Credit: Heidi Harrison

Last weekend in Beacon, you may have been thinking, "Oh no, rain again?" Which is almost exactly what Beacon's Water and Sewer Superintendent was thinking, but with a little more enthusiasm - "Oh yes, rain again!!"

Thanks to the recent rain and snow showers, Beacon has been removed from drought status after the February 14, 2018 read of Beacon's three reservoirs, according to Beacon's City Administrator Anthony Ruggiero at the 2/20/2018 City Council Meeting. (Anthony's comments start about 51 minutes into the video.)

"The City’s reservoirs continue to replenish. With the recent snow storms and rain showers, all three reservoirs are now above the drought limits," reported Anthony at the meeting.

"Mount Beacon continues to recharge at a steady rate and should be full within the next few weeks. Cargill, being the largest of the three reservoirs, will still need more precipitation, but has recovered 12 feet of capacity in the past month." According to the report, the Cargill reservoir is down 10 feet, while Mount Beacon is down 6 feet and Melzingah (the smallest) is full, which was predicted at the water reading prior to this one.

Next Water Report & Moratorium update

On March 14, the City of Beacon will be brought up to date on the Comprehensive Water Report authorized last year by the City Council as part of the six-month moratorium barring new development in Beacon. The moratorium, whose end date is coming up quickly, was first entertained at a July 10, 2017 City Council meeting because Beacon's population is growing faster than previous water projections would support, yet new water sources have not been identified.

That meeting is open to the public, and starts at 7 pm on Wednesday, March 14. It will be held at the Municipal Building, down the hill from Bank Square, toward the train station.