Building That Houses Homespun About To Change Hands - 232 Main Street

Photo Credit: Gate House Realty

Photo Credit: Gate House Realty

Every now and then, sometimes on a Sunday and now in our Friday newsletter, we feature a listing from A Little Beacon Blog’s Real Estate Guide. This weekend’s feature is 232 Main Street, and upon looking at the photo, we immediately thought: “Hey! That’s our friend Homespun’s building!” Also in the building: the folks who live in the apartments upstairs (which look very cute and one seems to be available).

When a building goes up for sale, anything can happen. So we reached out to Homespun’s owner, Jessica Reisman, to inquire if she knew about any next steps. Essentially - is Homespun going anywhere? Will the deep-dish french toast and homemade soups still be within walking distance? “Homespun is definitely here to stay (almost 13 years old now!)” Jessica responded. “We are hoping that whoever buys the building will give us a good long lease!”

Well, that’s good news! Being that the listing is with Gate House Realty, an advertiser here at A Little Beacon Blog and the reason 232 Main Street is in our Real Estate Guide, we reached out to Charlotte for any inside scoop she could release. “There is an accepted offer, and the new buyer would like to see her stay, so hopefully Homespun will be around for a long time.” Anything can happen in real estate, so we’ll think good thoughts and wait until the end, or rather, the new beginning.

And keep it tuned to A Little Beacon Blog, refreshing often to see real estate opportunities like this if you have been looking for a great building to invest in, with popular businesses and tenants already there. There are more houses, apartments, and sometimes storefronts that get featured in our listings. This fixer-upper with the vintage kitchen is still available…

Yum Yum Homespun

Afternoon snacky snack. A slice of Homespun’s famous carrot cake and a cup of coffee.

Alright, fine - the honest answer - this was dinner.

Doing a Saturday work session to catch up on publishing some articles that are getting way too backlogged! We’re in the middle of a series on the Shopping Guide Shuffle that highlights businesses who have moved down the street, or moved in for the first time, and the buildings that house them. Then we’re doing a few features on the Real Estate Guide, including a spotlight on Newburgh.

Hence, the need for coffee and sugar. Eyes are blurry at this point.  :)


beBhakti Yoga Center Goes True Blue on Back Road

New paint job for beBhakti Yoga Center.  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

New paint job for beBhakti Yoga Center.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Matching marketing cards make it easy to find the business!  Photo Credit: beBhakti Yoga Center

Matching marketing cards make it easy to find the business!
Photo Credit: beBhakti Yoga Center

Bright colors on the outside of a building pretty much always signify that you'll find something interesting on the inside. Storefronts in any setting, city or town, must compete heavily for the attention of people walking by. That's especially the case when the business is not located on a beaten path, but on a nearby backroad instead. Such is the case for beBhakti Yoga Center, where founder Lauren Magarelli makes it easy to spot beBhakti-backed events and offerings with her signature blue on postcards, and now the building and fence posts! Look for it at 89 DeWindt Street in Beacon, which runs parallel to Main Street.

"There has been a wonderful community response to our yoga offerings, as well as the vibrant color of the logo," Lauren reflected when we reached out to learn about the inspiration for the blue. "We wanted the building to reflect these two positive energies and encapsulate that feeling of warmth and brightness while also being distinguishable. We hope the new paint will catch people's eyes and stir a curiosity to come in." The color was certainly a welcome hue after such a long, dreary winter.

Colorful Buildings in Beacon

homespun outside.jpg

beBhakti isn't the only Beacon building painted in vibrant colors. Homespun Foods has long been known for its signature red and orange, and the inside does not disappoint, with an artistic menu board on the wall, and more healthful illustrations throughout. Just down the street from Homespun is Ziatun, which added the color olive and a subtle amount of a bold eggplant purple to its palette when it first opened. And you know how we feel about petunias (thanks, Max's on Main!).

Marketing in a small city/town isn't easy, so using these boldly colorful moves can be a winning strategy, while making Beacon a more visually exciting place to live.

Just follow the blue cards, and you'll get to yoga in the studio or down at Long Dock!

The Sickness Miracle Tea: Where To Source It For Home Brewing


It’s as if there is a Winter Break *just* for getting sick. Right when you have the week off to celebrate the holidays and go wassailing to visit friends, someone or everyone in each family has a stomach bug or bronchitis. So before that pesky tickle cough turns into pneumonia - call your doctor of course in case you need an inhaler - but brew this tea and drink up daily. You can find everything you need to make it right on Main Street in Beacon:

2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar

a few shavings of fresh ginger

a clove of freshly chopped garlic (optional, if you have extra inflammation)

a slice of freshly squeezed lemon  

a teaspoon of honey

your favorite sick-day mug

You might have an old bottle of apple cider vinegar in your cupboard, but do yourself a favor and pitch it. If it’s old, it most likely looks unappealing to you and you’ll skip this recipe. Take yourself to the olive oil store, Scarborough Fare Olive Oil and Vinegar Tap Room, on Main Street, next to the building construction and across the street from Homespun Foods. There you will find a deliciously refined bottle of apple cider vinegar that you’ll actually want to drink.

Next, cross the street to Homespun and select local honey, or the “Super Special” honey from France. Those who go deep with nutrition may prefer the local honey to get more local flower pollen into your body, but if you’re partial to pretty cans and French flowers, try the Super Special honey! That’s what they call it at Homespun, so just ask for it by name. I just bought it for the first time, and I’m an allergy barometer, so I’ll let you know if the foreign flowers make me sneeze. Probably not.

Then, shred a bit of that ginger into the mug with a knife or a cheese grater. Slice up the lemon and squeeze into the concoction.

My favorite sick-day mug is one that I picked up at Wickham Studio’s pop-up Holiday Sale three years ago, as it always fits just the right amount of this tea.

Finally, smell the tea for a while. The aromas will start working immediately on blasting out the unpleasant feelings.

Bonus round! For achy bodies, get thee to a bath right away, and soak in Epsom salts. If you go the route of unscented and un-anythinged, you’ll have only the magnesium sulfate to draw out the toxins from your body and relax muscles. Epsom salt baths are a frequent Mom-recommended thing, and an Internet-recommended thing. Vogel Pharmacy, right next to Homespun, is the place to buy straight up Epsom salts. Your total cure and sickness miracle tea, all in a three-shop radius. Well, save for the ginger and lemon, which are just down the block at Key Food. 

Feel better!