Where To Buy A Faux Christmas Tree - And Could It Cure Your Cold?

Faux Christmas trees were the answer to this family’s recurring sniffles and chronic coughing.  Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Faux Christmas trees were the answer to this family’s recurring sniffles and chronic coughing.
Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin


Most of you are searching for where to buy a real Christmas tree in Beacon right now. And why wouldn’t you be? 'The hunt for the live Christmas tree is the most fun part of the start of the holiday season! But did you know that your Christmas tree, and any live-greens garland, might be bringing on that mystery “cold” you just can’t kick?

I know - I’ve been a denialist for years about this, until I went to the ER in Poughkeepsie two Christmases ago with a really bad asthma cough, and actually got better at the ER, surrounded by goopy, miserable people. Hear me out:

The Christmas Tree Can Bring On Allergies, Causing Asthma, Runny Noses, Prickly Skin

Pretty much every year, I get really sick. We all do, right? It’s normal. While at an in-law family Christmas dinner down South years ago, where the halls are decked with loads of garland, I basically had to sit outside in the cold fresh air for most of the dinner preparations, while my head calmed down and I could breathe again. I called home to my mom, telling her of my symptoms. “You’ve always been allergic to the Christmas tree!” she said. Oh yeah… I forgot.

I forget every year. Two years ago, while pregnant with my third child, my asthma was really acting up. But it wasn’t like an asthma attack, it was a simple tickle-cough. Totally normal, right? Doesn’t everyone have a tickle-cough? At the Holiday Family Fun Night in the school cafeteria, PTA parents were handing out the wreaths that families bought as part of a fundraiser. I was slowly fading away into a head fog, but just thought I was tired. Eventually I couldn’t speak to people anymore, without coughing. I was whispering.

The next morning, I called my midwife to ask her if it was safe to take my kid’s inhaler while pregnant. My kids both have asthma coughs, so I’m a professional nebulizer person. Her response? “I can hear you not breathing. I can hear you pushing the words out. Take yourself to the ER to measure your oxygen.”

Great. So off my dad and I went to Vassar. The waiting room was overflowing with the flu. As my dad Googled how to fix the computer board on our broken washing machine (Darn that thing! Pro tip: Buy the cheapest washing machine with the least amount of bells and whistles!!!), my lungs started clearing up in this germ-infested room. After half an hour, we left. And I remembered about the Christmas tree.

Therefore, out went the live Christmas tree, and so began our hunt for a fake Christmas tree!

The Hunt For The Fake Christmas Tree

We went to #allthestores to find the perfect faux Christmas tree, and wowzers, there are fun selections. Clearly we will be having several different trees because it’s too hard to pick just one. Great news, though: We have many options for artificial Christmas trees here in Beacon and around the Hudson Valley:

Faux or Artificial Christmas Trees In And Around Beacon

BRETT’S HARDWARE - 18 West Main Street, Beacon, NY

bretts hardware true value storefront.JPG

Brett’s Hardware (True Value)

Your closest and friendliest option is Brett’s Hardware at 18 West Main Street in Beacon, NY, down toward the train near the Hudson River. There, you’ll find all the things you need for a faux Christmas tree Christmas. With rainbow pre-lit trees, prices start at $89 for a 7-foot tree that has plugs for the lights running down the tree, and $149 for a 7.5-foot tree without plugs to fiddle with, so just piece it together and it works once plugged in at the bottom. BAM! You’re done.

But maybe you want more lights, so more lights you shall have. Brett’s has different colored Christmas lights, and those neat laser lights that all the neighbors are getting. You want some instant holiday stars? You got ‘em. There are different styles and prices of the laser light spinner as well. Brett’s Hardware also has plastic bin containers to store your ornaments and decorations.

Brett’s Hardware is open until 8 pm every weeknight, so if you’re commuting home, just stop on by. Brett’s is open ‘til 7 pm on Saturdays and 5:30 pm on Sundays. Brett’s is in the True Value family, so they can get in on good group pricing.

Pier 1

Way up Route 9, you’ll find Pier 1. Luckily, it’s right near a Starbucks to help fortify you through the afternoon shopping. There are beautifully bushy white artificial Christmas trees there, but they start at $400. If you weren’t planning on investing in a faux Christmas tree this year, you might want to put this on your wish list for Santa for next year. (Or check back after Christmas - maybe there’ll be a big sale?)


Target in Poughkeepsie is where I found the smallish silver tinsel tree (about $80) that graces my office here at A Little Beacon Space. To be honest, I was looking for a pink tinsel tree, like the one Howling At The Edge Of Chaos has in her storefront window. But this fun one will work for now!

Rite Aid

Located in the middle of Main Street in Beacon, you may find some short (about waist-high) faux Christmas trees that could fit in a small window - with white frosting on the tips. After three years, the white “frost” on one of ours just turned yellow. Soooo… time to check on these options!

Happy decorating!

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