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Sponsor An Article

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A Little Beacon Blog writes articles with fresh takes that people respond well to, and we love contributing to the local media available to people.

This is a great long-term way for your to support a certain subject or topic you care about, by directly sponsoring an article. In this sponsorship package, you can reach our readers and show your support in two ways:

  • Package 1: Your logo

  • Package 2: Your logo + pictures of what you sell

Articles at A Little Beacon Blog are very SEO friendly (aka, people find them in Google). People will see your sponsorship long after the article publishes. Sponsoring an article is a way to show your support for something near and dear to you or your brand.

Either before or after an article is published, your logo can be published as a sponsor. Approval is required before purchasing this, so please submit who you are and what article you want to sponsor via our Contact Us page with your intention to sponsor.

Show your support with your logo on an article that is important to you.

This is a more in-depth feature on your business. For instance, if your business is included in the article already, you can add your logo for branding, and pictures illustrating more of what is available from you.

PS: We write these articles regardless of sponsorship. So your support really matters and helps us continue to produce!

PLEASE NOTE: This package requires approval first to make sure it’s a fit. Please reach out to us via our Contact Us page for consideration before purchasing. Thanks!

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