New Series, "Postcards from Beacon" Gets First Headline Sponsor: Accuprint Pack 'N Ship

Signing with Accuprint's New Tablet/Flashlight Pen.

Signing with Accuprint's New Tablet/Flashlight Pen.

We are so pleased to announce that the local printing and shipping company on Main Street, Accuprint Pack 'N Ship, has signed on to be the first Headline Sponsor of our new series, "Postcards from Beacon," in partnership with the Beacon Historical Society. This monthly series will be penned by Diane Lapis, a trustee of the Beacon Historical Society. Diane is bursting at the seams, ready to write several! Though this series will start as once a month, we may not be able to contain her, or you, as we all soak up more history about Beacon and the surrounding Hudson Valley area.

Diane Lapis brings her book of preserved postcards, bits of inspiration for our new "Postcards from Beacon" series.

Accuprint is a great partner for this series because... drumroll, please... You can mail postcards, letters and packages from the shop! Or buy a book of stamps! People also love the ability to drop off packages from Amazon or Zappos with pre-paid return postage. It's just so easy. The mother/daughter duo, Denise and Byrdie, will gladly take your packages. But that's not all... Ask about their laminator services, or as my daughter calls it, "The Lamilator." Several of your business friends do a lot of color printing and faxing at Accuprint, 242 Main St., as well.

Does your business love the history of Beacon, and is sharing it in this way important to your clients and customers? Your business can also be a Sponsor of this Postcards from Beacon Series at one of two levels. Click here for details!

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