The "Happening This Weekend" Email is Out! Weekend of August 12, 2016

The "Happening This Weekend" email is out! This was a biggie because it's Second Saturday in Beacon this weekend, so Guide Editor Catherine Sweet pulled an all-nighter to sleuth around for as many art gallery events as we could find.

This weekend email is a curated list of things to do organized by Guide, complete with specialty photos from our Main Street Guide Sponsors. Like, did you know The PfotoShop is re-opening tomorrow for wine, shopping and fun in the Pfoto booth? That Barb's Butchery has Chicken Cordon Bleu sausage right now? Or that the magnificent Hairdressers Ball Charity Hair Show is this weekend? View the full newsletter here. Huge thanks to our Keeper of the Things To Do In Beacon Guides and the producer of this Friday newsletter, Marilyn Perez!