Just Released! ALBB’s Real Estate Listings Guide for Residential and Commercial

At the request of people visiting Beacon who use A Little Beacon Blog to find out about our area, and with the insistence of local real estate agents, we have been creating a Real Estate 🏡 Listings Guide! Now you can browse for residential homes or commercial properties from the comfort of your reading chair within A Little Beacon Blog!

Special Search Features

Here at A Little Beacon Blog, we learn about the property and highlight our favorite parts to help with your research. We have also added search-friendly filters, like “Old Homes” or “Big Back Yard.” As we get more listings, you may want to start browsing by your favorite features.
P.S.: If you're like us, you may experience urges to move into several of these listings - even if you had no prior plans to move!

Open Houses!

Realtors will have the option to list on the website when they are throwing an Open House. There's one today (Sunday, July 29) from Claire Browne at Gate House Realty!

This Real Estate Listings Guide is sponsored by local realtors, building owners and individual sellers who want you to know about select properties. Click here to learn about how to feature your property.