Back to School Tips for Kids and Parents, From Michelle at Rhinebeck Bank (Sponsored)

Rhinebeck Bank works hard to connect with the community. That’s why they started the video series “Wake Up With Rhinebeck Bank” with Michelle Barone-Lepore. Their first episode of the new season kicked off with some great Back To School Tips in this video. The tips were so great, that we wanted to be sure you saw them too. Here they are:

Buy Bulk Snacks for Kids

After summer - when kids are free to snack anytime they want - the start of the school year is a good time to think about giving your children healthy snacks, and stocking up on good-tasting food. Kids love to snack and having their favorite snacks will help them feel comfortable in their new environment, and will give them fuel for the end of their day.

Set Weekday and Weekend Evening Routines

Now’s a great time to set up a routine that works for you and your children. Bath time, reading, supper time and bed. It’s great to try out audio books for soothing music that will lull your little ones to sleep, especially for those who are entering school for the first time.

Set your alarm for bedtime. Figure out the right balance for screen time, play time and reading, preparing for each child to transition into the Habits of Homework. By keeping your children in a routine, it may allow them be more focused in the classroom.

Establish a Set Family Time

Sitting around the table enjoying a meal inspires conversations and builds family relationships. It’s important to set aside time to talk about your day. Talking about highlights of your day brings you closer.

Have Your Kids Set Realistic Goals for the New Year

  • Pick which books to read for pleasure as well as study.

  • Getting in the habit of nightly homework.

  • Getting ahead on projects that may be due in a couple of months.

  • Figure out chores for your kids and set up allowance for the year. One goal could be reading 30 books. If that’s not your child’s goal, create something of interest to be their goal so they can feel accomplished at the end of the year.

As you know, childhood goes by in a flash. Start saving for your child’s college costs. Open an account or 529. You won’t just have smart children, you’ll be a smart parent as well.

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