All Sport Heats Up With Classes, New Compost Program and More! (Sponsored)

If group classes and exercising in a community is your thing, then All Sport is for you, especially right now! The activity levels of All Sport's members vary, so All Sport has made available almost every kind of class you could want - from the upcoming Heart Chakra Yoga Class, to the popular Class Mashups which involve two different teachers and specialties, to the upcoming Small Group Training Trifecta Event with DJ Mace as a live DJ! Plus, don't miss the free Country Line Dancing class to prepare you for the upcoming six-week line dancing program. Then, escape to All Sport's relaxing sauna to warm your bones and/or calm your mind.

A Little Beacon Blog keeps a Guide of not-to-miss classes and events at All Sport, so check it out to stay on top of what's going on over there! All Sport's Event page lineup on Facebook is also a good place to check if you want to hook into posted events.

The Fuel Cafe and Composting at All Sport

The healthy food options at All Sport's Fuel Cafe have gone to a new level, and it's thanks in part to Beacon's own Chef Megan Lawrence (you know her from Nixie Sparrow days), who has brought creative soup, salad and other meal options to the snack counter at All Sport (see the Fuel Cafe's Instagram to be tempted). The most recent announcement has been the new Food Composting Program that Fuel Cafe is starting with Zero To Go, another Beacon-based organization. 

All food scraps, cups and containers will be placed into a compost bin and taken to a facility where they will soon turn into soil for future crops. Full circle!

All Sport is a proud sponsor of Little Beacon Blog, and it is through support of businesses like theirs, this publication is able to promote news and events you want to know about. This article has been part of All Sport's Sponsor Spotlight campaign with A Little Beacon Blog.