The Zoning Board of Appeals will meet on Tuesday, October 17, 2017 in the Municipal Center Courtroom. A workshop/training session will take place at 7:00 p.m. and the regular meeting starts at at 7:30 PM.

1.  Continue review of application submitted by Highview Development, LLC, 226 Main Street, Tax Grid No. 30-5954-27-860918-00, CMS Zoning District, to construct a new building which requires relief from Section 223-41.18(D)(5) for a 10 ft. rear yard setback (25 ft. required)and Section 223-41.18(F)(2)(a) to provide no off-street parking spaces (8 off-street spaces required)

2.  Item postponed at request of applicant
Application submitted by 475 Main Street Beacon, LLC, Tax Grid No. 30-6054-37-076730-00, CB Zoning District, for relief from Section 223-26(F) for a building addition to expand existing office use with existing Main Street retail with zero parking spaces (14 required)

3.  Application submitted by Sara Taylor, 34 Spring Valley Street, Tax Grid No. 30-6054-38-174676-00, R1-5 Zoning District, for relief from Section 223-17(C) for a Use Variance to allow a florist shop on the ground level of the building

4.  Application submitted by Willy Kingler Bercy, 13 East Street, Tax Grid No. 30-6054-39-255696-00, R1-5 Zoning District, for relief from Section 223-17(C) to allow construction of a rear addition with 4.8 ft. side yard setback (10 ft. required)

5.  Item postponed pending SEQRA action
Continue review of application submitted by Scenic Beacon Developments, LLC, 22 Edgewater Place, Tax Grid No.’s 30-5954-25-581985, 574979, & 566983-00; and 30-5955-19-590022-00, RD-1.7 Zoning District, seeking relief from Section 223-17(C) to construct a new residential development as follows:

1)     Allow buildings to have 5 stories (4.5 maximum permitted)

2)     Allow buildings to exceed 36 units per building

3)     Allow less than 30 ft. between buildings