Um, Wow. Thank You Highlands Current for Covering A Little Beacon Blog!

Alright, it's a little strange being on the other side of an article, but really appreciated! Thank you reporter Maria Ricaplto and editor Chip Rowe for writing about A Little Beacon Blog in last week's issue of the Highlands Current, with photos by Meredith Heuer! I read The Highlands Current every day at lunch when I unplug from digital, so to be within the pages is quite an honor.

Plus - check out the other blogs and websites that got highlighted! Beacon Bits is great for small captures of life and food in Beacon and big thoughts about living here. BeaconArts is a widely used resource for artists and businesses who are networking and promoting events, and Humans of Beacon, NY has been fascinating to watch.

I named this publication A Little Beacon Blog because I knew it would be one of many other blogs dedicated to this inspiring city. And now there are even Instagram accounts like Beacon Transplant dedicated solely to capturing visuals and emotions produced here.

Most people call this here publication BEACON BLOG (and I used to not know what they were referring to! I assumed they were talking about another one), but I call it A Little Beacon Blog. The words are smaller in the font up there in the logo, so you may have missed it. I'm honored to be part of the local media that brings awareness to things we need to know about.