Clearance/Sale Racks of Beacon - Let's Go Shopping!

I'm a clearance rack junkie. I pretty much only shop them. With a few exceptions of a few must-have items during the year, like shoes or boots, my closet is a puzzle of pieces I have lifted from the sale racks on the sidewalks or in the backs of stores. If you need a dose of retail therapy and don't want to spend a lot, then clearance racks are for you, and there are good ones in Beacon. So good, that you can go at virtually any time of the year and treat yourself to something.

Keys To Shopping Clearance/Sales Racks

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping a sale rack. You'll need to liberate your mind a little.

  • Piece by Piece: You're not buying an entire wardrobe off a rack. But if you need clothes now, you can find something that most likely works this season.
  • Next Season's New Purchase: Let's say you see a tankini at Mountain Tops in the middle of fall. But it's 50% off, and is the perfect color. Buy it. Put it away in your summer storage bin, because it's going to be brand new for you next year.
  • About the Perfect Color...: Shopping from clearance racks, you might compromise on color, as the perfect color may no longer be available. As long as it looks great on you and is a price that makes you very happy, buy it.
  • Priced To Sell: Only buy it if the price really excites you. And if you really need it. Then you have a perfect match!

And now, to the sale racks you must hit up to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank:

The Bra Fit Expert Inside Of Echo

Bras from The Bra Fit Expert, located inside of Echo.

I'm starting off this shopping journey with bras, because you may not associate Main Street with bra shopping! Beautiful, lacy styles are an option for you from The Bra Fit Expert, Tina Faraj. She doesn't need to be in the store for you to buy from her clearance rack, but if you wanted advice on the best fit, you could try her Thursday-Sunday. If you don't usually buy nice bras for yourself, the clearance rack is a nice introduction into this new habit you're going to start. Because you've seen your mother's bras, and they are old. You don't want to copy that. Not when this clearance rack is in walking distance! Also look for light and comfortable sleepwear.

Echo Women's Boutique

Dresses, Tops and Skirts at Echo

You may have had your eye on some of these dresses all summer at Echo Women's and Kids Boutique. Now is the time to pull the trigger on them, if they are on the 60% off sale rack. Look more closely, and you can find a dress that will take you through the fall into winter.

Purses and accessories on sale at Echo

Keep your eye out for Echo's purse and wallet sales. They have been known to carry Orla Kiely and Hobo. If those brands have always excited you, you could take the risk and wait and see if your bag is on sale. Chances are, however, that it's not, and was purchased at full price. Which means, you may be making a compromise on your first-choice style, but this buy may be one you grow to love.

Paper and wallets at Echo

Paper and wallets at Echo

Note the knickknack table also at Echo (choices!!). From Hobo wallets to journals. You'll find something to perk up your day.

Reservoir and Wood

Sale rack at Reservoir and Wood

Here is where you get to indulge in some high-end fashion. Reservoir and Wood, known for their unique silks, prints and designer clothing and jewelry. Look for billowy blouses and dresses. You may even find some limited-run prints designed and printed by the shop owner herself, Erin Murphy Doan.

Second Sale Rack in the back of Reservoir and Wood

Look at that red and black dress! This is on the second rack inside of Reservoir and Wood. Note the men's shirt hanging in the back. Keep your eye on this rack for some quick-picks of great pieces.

Lauren and Riley

Sale Lauren and Riley

First of all, Lauren and Riley is definitely a store where you can find an affordable party dress. But don't leave without checking out their sale rack, which is usually at least at 40% off. You'll find shirts, tops and sometimes skirts from this season or last summer.

Style Storehouse

Denim sale at Style Storehouse

Style Storehouse has stepped up the denim game in Beacon, thanks to Michele Williams of Poughkeepsie. She has almost always had some kind of designer denim on sale. This can include Blink NYC, Mother Denim, and more, sometimes at 50% off. Price-points vary on these jeans, so you could end up walking out with a $44 pair of jeans, depending on the brand. Note: If you only get the sale prices, then that one time you splurge on a brand that isn't on sale could be more justified.

Sale rack in back of Style Storehouse

Michele at Style Storehouse has been known to "purge" in between seasons. Don't miss this event when she gets into the mood to purge.

Beacon Natural Market

Rare sale Beacon Natural Market on all clothing

I know you've pined for those puffy coats hanging on the wall of Beacon Natural Market. You know the ones - the Sherpa brand that is made by the brother of Beacon Natural's owner - as he is an actual sherpa. Well, this sale, which does not happen often, is 30% off all clothing (think men's shirts, fleeces, etc), and then jumps to 50% off both if you buy two items. This means that you could buy two coats for less than the price of one. Which is what I did. Red puffy coat and a pink fleece for a total of $119.


Clearance area at Utensil

Holiday time is here! Head downstairs at Utensil where Emily has placed select items on sale. Need a custard plate? A big turkey carving fork? Tiny hostess gift? Last year, this area was filled with cookie cutters and different colored sugar sprinkles. A great way to experiment with a utensil you didn't know you needed.

A Classic Couture Fashion Boutique

Sales rack outside of A Classic Couture Fashion Boutique

A Classic Couture Fashion Boutique, at 178 Main St., on the West end of town is already a source of vintage deals on high-end designers like Chanel, Christian Dior, Henri Bendel, Rivamonti and Isaia. Find even more of a deal outside on their sale rack.

Blackbird Attic

Sale rack at Blackbird Attic

Back on the east end of town at Blackbird Attic, a vintage shop that has recently expanded to include scents and other lovelies, you'll usually find this sale rack outside, and you never know what marked down leather or pleather jacket you'll find hanging there...Or even a dress.

Vintage Beacon

Sale rack at Vintage Beacon

How many times are you going to walk past those floral embroidered vintage jeans with a big rolled cuff for $75 at Vintage Beacon? I ask myself this every time I walk by their sale rack. But you may have bought them already.