Branding Made Easy :: Small Businesses Can Post Couture Branded Templates (Sponsored)


A special message from our sponsor, Katie James, Inc.

Branding Made Easy :: Social Media Card Templates

The philosophy at Katie James, Inc. is to make clients’ lives easy, branded and beautiful. Katie James, Inc. is designing blank Social Media Cards for clients to use as they share announcements, like "Open Hours" or if they post a new workshop. This is especially important after a new website design, where the business wants social media posts to match their new website look. This way, followers in Instagram will quickly and easily see and get a feel for the brand as they thumb through Instagram.

These templates were designed for Knot Too Shabby, at 155 Main Street in Beacon, NY, where they sell Annie Sloan Home furniture paint, stencils, picture frames, soap, country-style signs, and other household decor. Now, the business owner Caryn can use whatever photo she wants for a new Make and Take Class, and put the official title on top of it, then upload it to her Shopify website, and voila! She is on-brand.

For example, if Caryn decided to host a new class where the signage is a personalized baseball, she can do this, and put the Make and Take title atop it without asking Katie James, Inc., her website design team, to do it for her. (Empowerment is everything!)

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