3 Pop-Up Shops Open Post-Thanksgiving - Don’t Miss Them!

Looking to pick up some one-of-a-kind gifts for your Holiday shopping list?  After Thanksgiving, there will be some great opportunities to do just that right here in Beacon and nearby!  We have a few Pop-Up shops opening this weekend from the East end of Main Street down to the West.  

This Saturday, check out Work:Shop Holiday Artisan Market at the Wickham Solid Wood Studio at 578 Main St. in Beacon. This annual market brings out some of the best artisanal crafters of jewelry, knits, glassware, ceramics, and beauty products, from Beacon and beyond. Also, of course, the renowned woodworking of Wickham Studio owner Jessica Wickham. Last year’s event included food, as well as raffles of many coveted designs.

Saturday is also the opening reception of Small Works Show at Catalyst Gallery (137 Main Street) featuring featuring paintings, drawings, photography, prints, mixed media and sculpture by more than 50 artists.  This Pop-Up will be here until January 3, 2016.

Nearby in Hopewell Junction at Arbor Ridge (17 Rt 376 - intersecting with Rt 52) on Sunday December 6 from 10 am to 4 pm will be the Rock & Shop Decemberfest Extravaganza.  This craft fair is a fundraiser for two Wounded Warriors living in the Hudson Valley.  Santa will be there with small gifts for the kids and the event will also include live music, food, and raffles.

Want more? Come back to Beacon for Second Saturday on December 12 and check out Makers-on-Hudson's 7th Annual Holiday Craft Fair at The Howland Cultural Center at 477 Main Street from 10 am to 5 pm.  This fair will feature members of the Hudson Valley Etsy Team and local makers and artisans from the Hudson Valley. 

Plan ahead and check out our full Pop-Up Shopping Guide.

Crown Maple Syrup Makes for Good Valentine's Gift

We had pancakes on Saturday, so hubby got his gift to me out early - a nifty bottle of Crown Maple Syrup that he found in the East Village. And guess what? It's made right here in Dutchess County, NY! The marketing tag on the bottle boasts of using "breakthrough processing technologies" to make "quite possibly the purest maple syrup on earth". Funny, I don't picture technologies when my dad would boil down sap into syrup in our woods growing up, but sure! ;)

It's very yummy, and tastes like maple sugar candy. A lighter flavor. I am a maple syrup snob, and bring my own into restaurant who serve imposter corn syrup. Both Homespun and Vintage Cafe serve real maple syrup for their beeakfasts. And Homespun @ Home also sells it. Not this brand, but another.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day Soap Gift Basket from Beacon Bath and Bubble

Valentine's Gift Ideas at Beacon Bath and Bubble
Here's a little Valentine's Day gift basket I put together for you to get your honey (or yourself). Starts off with the honey bear bubble bath, which is also a great gift for kids and comes in different colors. Then, there is pink decorative soap (these have owls, but you can get unicorns, hearts, and lots of other scenes). The tall pink bottle is more bubble bath, but in a traditional bottle. To the left of that is moisturizer, especially good for these winter months.
The gift basket isn't actually available all packaged up ;) It's just my idea basket for you. Print this out and take it into Beacon Bath & Bubble located at 456 Main Street Beacon, NY 12508-7310 (845) 440-6782 and tell her what you'd like!

Gift Idea: Moroccan Oil and Conditioner from Moxie Beauty Hub

Moroccan Oil at Moxie Salon and Beauty Hub
It's Christmas Eve - do you know what you got your mother yet? The Moroccan Oil is a known hair staple among Beaconites, and it's sold at Moxie Hair Salon and Beauty Hub. It's not only a staple, it's a miracle hair treatment. And Josh, the founder of Moxie, has your prescription.

You may not want to give this gift to someone lightly, because it could be an implication that their hair needs help by way of serious moisturizing. But after you use this set of products, you'll realize that most women's hair is - in need of help.

I highlight and color my hair regularly. Looking at it every day, I can't tell when it starts to look freakish. Until I saw a quick morning video my husband took of our daughter, and I was in the frame. I looked like that Munster lady, but with dreads and limping frizz. Yes, limping. My hair was limping along down my head, dreading in my hoodies if rubbed against something for too long.

I went straight to Josh. I'd just gotten a hair cut, but that wasn't enough. My hair was spazzing out. I booked a bang trim (after doing it myself despite him having done it), and stated: "Josh: I need a hair intervention. Something's wrong."

Not being a pushy sales guy, he replied: "Haven't I pushed the Moroccan oil yet?"
"No," I replied, "but everyone, even my babysitter, raves about it. Give it to me. All of it. Tell me how it works."

Josh gave me my prescription:

  • Use a glob of the moroccan conditioner mask after shampooing with your shampoo (I use Aveda, which he approved of). I also added a dose of my own Aveda conditioner after that, just to get the scent and texture that I'm used to.
  • Spray the protein spray on your wet hair. Do this for 2 weeks when you wash your hair, but then lay off the spray, because you could over-protein and have broomstick hair. Josh says that the protein spray is "the vehicle" for the oil and conditioner to work.
  • On damp hair, spread one pump of the moroccan oil.

Note: at this point, I also spread on some Aveda Smoothing Fluid or other smoothing gell stuff. Then blow dry and style. If your hair is looking dry and thirsty, add another pump of the Moroccan oil and lightly dab it around your hair. This isn't part of Josh's official directions, but it's what I do and seems to give my hair that watch-out-Jennifer-Aniston-I'm-closing-in-on-your-hair-secrets look.

So. This 3-pack is a great gift. If not for the holidays, but for you, or a friend in need.

Gift Idea: Blown Glass Globe Ornaments at Hudson Beach Glass

Someone on my gift list is getting a deep blue, blown glass globe ornament from Hudson Beach Glass. I went in to buy one of the pumpkins, but poof! They were gone. I learned that they are also being sold on Etsy, so that's fun but I needed a gift now.

I found a blue ornament with what looks like green peacock feathers melted on top. So pretty.

Gift Idea: Custom Designed T-shirts at Mixture

I feel like there is this secret underground of t-shirt producers in Beacon, but maybe that's just because they aren't secret, and are getting their unique designs from Mixture. I know I've got one on hold there - a baby onsie that will say "baby-preneur". It was supposed to help celebrate our launch, but Ruby kept growing and life went on, so here we are almost a year later, and I need to finish that design for a onsie, and see if others want it too!

Gift Idea: Mast Brothers Chocolate Bars, imported from Brooklyn

It's a hefty chocolate bar, tempting you at the counter at Bank Square every time you order a coffee or latte. You long for the chocolate bar, but get the cinimin scone instead. That's why if you haven't gotten one before, you will now, as a stocking stuffer. Make sure it stays in the family do that you can have a bite. :)

Gift List: Elephants on Parade at Echo Boutique

If your little one is into elephants at moment, this elephant stuffed animal  at Echo Boutique is a definite add to your collection. The pink corduroy ears and soft brown stripe make this elephant unforgettable and huggable. This criss-cross top stitching on the legs is adorable, and able to be loved for a long time.

Gift List: Baby arm chair at Trendy Tots

On Ruby's wish list this year is an arm chair all her own. We spotted such a chair in the window of Trendy Tots Take Two, and with this cute bear! The size is a smaller tot sized, so not the oversized kind. We weren't able to check out the price, but it looks new enough to be delivered fresh from any catalogue. There are two here. Get it first!

Gift List: Socks! Hip socks at Dream in Plastic

Dream in Plastic has the best socks. Super cute, bold colors, perfect for accenting under a dark outfit or jeans. Target is also selling cute socks, and I shortcut my todo list and bought a pair there because most of my socks finally have holes so big in the heel, it can no longer be ignored.

Mistake. The Target socks made a hole in the heel after day 1! Dream in Plastic, however, is still cute and snuggly after last years stocking stuffer unwrapping.

So whether an elf is stuffing your stocking, or if maybe you are "helping", these socks are a must-stuff.