All Sport's Outdoor Pool and Park Opening This Friday May 27th! (Sponsor Post)

It's the day we've all been waiting for! Don't worry if you do not have a pool in your backyard this Summer, you will always have a place to swim at

All Sport Health & Fitness

in Fishkill.  Their outdoor pool opens for the Summer season this Friday at noon and we can't wait! You can see a full listing of their Summer outdoor hours 



Have you been there before? It's an oasis! With two adult pools and one kiddie pool with a sloped depth for little ones and toddlers, All Sport offers refreshing room for everyone. Dry off while playing ping pong, or enjoy the summer bands that are scheduled all summer on their covered deck. Plus, the rumors are that Pool Volleyball for all adult ages gets pretty popular there too. Lounge by the Tiki Bar and enjoy an iced tea or something on tap.

Hungry for dinner and hot and tired at the end of the day? The kids won't mind if you buy them dinner of chicken nuggets and yogurt strips, a favorite on the menu.  Don't worry about packing a dinner for your family while you take a dip. You can enjoy some fresh air and stay well fed and hydrated with All Sport's food menu.

If your kids are in

All Sport's Summer Camp,

extend your kid-pickup for a quick swim! You know how hot it can get later in the day. Check out All Sport Health & Fitness for their

Outdoor Club membership

. If you haven't seen the Outdoor Club yet, ask to be taken on a tour.

All Sport

is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and this article was created with them as part of our

Sponsor Spotlight

program. It is with the support of businesses like this, that A Little Beacon Blog can bring you coverage of local happenings and events. Thank you for supporting businesses who support us! If you would like to become a

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, please

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Latest Updates This Week In The Things To Do In Beacon Guides 5-1-16

Happy May, everyone! Here's a quick list of what we added to ALBB this week so you can plan ahead this Spring. As the weather gets warmer, there will be more and more fun things to do!

  • Burger & Beer Bash: Held this year at Dutchess Stadium on Thursday, August 11th. Tickets on sale now!
  • City-Wide Yard Sale: Taking place June 11th throughout Beacon
  • Bija Beacon Homestead BBQ & Art Opening: A free event featuring art from R.A. McBride
  • Howland Public Library Awards Ceremony: A benefit for the Howland Public Library Savoit Fund
  • Howland Cultural Center Monthly Events: including Open Mic Night, Bridge Club, Community Chorus, May Art Exhibit and more.
All of these dates are in the Events Guide, organized by month. Take a look to get a big-picture view of your month ahead!

  • Prenatal & Parenting classes: Added to Waddle n Swaddle in Beacon
Check our Adult Classes Guide for more updates.

  • Playdates (0-3 years): Added to Waddle n Swaddle on Thursdays, 1:00-2:30 pm

Check our Kids Classes Guide for more updates.

  • Barb's Butchery: Prepare your next slow-cooked meal or sausage breakfast for the week ahead, and save 20%! Visit Barb’s Butchery's Frozen Foods ‘fridge, where all frozen rib-eye and sausage are 20% off.
You can always check our Restaurant Guide for the latest openings and promotions!

  • Society of Lash is our newest member “Stand Out!” sponsor, making women mysteriously more beautiful than ever!
Find more ways to pamper yourself in our full Beauty Guide


Do you have a class or workshop you would like us to consider adding? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at 

The Biggest Playdate/Sale/Fundraiser Happens This Weekend: Ree-Play 2016

When you shop the Ree-Play sale, one of the biggest sales of kids clothing and toys in Beacon that is happening this weekend from Friday, April 29 to Sunday, May 1 from 9am to 1pm, you are directly donating to the park structures you see around town at Memorial Park, Riverfront Park, and the Green Street Park. This weekend marks the twelfth year for the sale, which in the last three years alone has brought in $30,000. All proceeds go directly to the children of Beacon in the forms of new park structures for Beacon playgrounds, children's programming in Beacon through the Beacon Recreation Department, the Howland Public Library, and the Beacon Art & Education Fund which pays for the third-grade Calico Ball.

Last year, Wee Play used donations raised through the Ree-Play Sale to buy three shade structures, two benches and a new ride-on toy for Memorial Park.


Making this large sale happen takes forty volunteers to help sort donated items, price them, display them, and run the sale itself. Thousands of donated items are delivered daily until the final cutoff hour. During the sale day, while children are playing in the fields of the Settlement Camp and testing all of the prospective toys, high chairs, castles, and clothing that can be purchased, volunteers run a bake sale that has also been provided for by community members donating cupcakes, bread and brownies.

Raquel Verdesi has been working the Ree-Play Sale for ten of the twelve years it has been running, and the project is very special to her. "Part of the magic of the sale," says Verdesi, "is that we take what others no longer want, sell it to raise money for the community, and then give the leftover books to our local school, and the other items to charities." This year, unused clothing, books and toys that are not in the best condition will be saved for the clothing and shoe bin at Sargent Elementary School, one of four elementary schools in the Beacon School District, which will sell the items for "pennies on the pound," keeping the items out of the landfill and raising money for an intended recycling program at that school.

Keep browsing here in our article for items you'll find at the sale, because these will sell fast! Toys that normally go for $25 at a consignment store could be marked as low as $4, so make room in your car.

Some of what you will find has never been used, and may be just what your child wanted - for only $3.

Large and small items are at the Ree-Play Sale, including high chairs, walking toys, kitchens, and workbench tables.

Plan ahead for the big party or wedding. Clothing has been sorted by age group, and designer clothing from Janie and Jack, the Gap, and other coveted brands has been set aside to make it easy to find.

While it may be easier to shop without your kids, this is one venue where kids will most likely know their friends and play outside while you dive into clothing bins to stock up on seasonal clothing, refresh your bookshelf or treat them to new toys.

Have fun! Show us pictures of what you got by posting to our Facebook wall!

Backstage Passes to Behind-the-Scenes of Peter Pan at the Beacon High School...Student Makers Rocking This Show

Attending the Beacon Players production of "Peter Pan" at the Beacon High School this weekend will be like watching a college-level production. Why? Because of the dozens of uber-talented student makers who are involved in putting it together, from the costume department to the set design and construction. Beacon is a community of rolling-up-the-sleeves creative talent in so many areas, from carpentry to film to photo to dance (

so many areas!

), and this show has provided a trifecta opportunity for students, teachers and parents to unite those skills, working together all over the high school, setting up on hallway floors to draw patterns onto Tiger Lily's skirt, to building the set, to collecting props from flea markets, stores, and homes all over the community.

Involving students as much as possible has been integral to director Anthony J. Scarrone's vision. His assistant director is student Henry Wyand. Even the PR and marketing arm of the student production has stepped up. Two students in particular, Sierra Caban and Michael Bonanno, have been hard at work doing media outreach, organizing sneak previews for the press, and distributing free tickets in a 600-egg Easter egg hunt. All of this with the guidance of newly involved parent advisor Kelly Ellenwood, a grassroots organizer for many local organizations, as well as Nicole Paoli, Janira Quiñones, and Irina Siegel.

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

A special touch that will have your visual senses soaring is seeing Peter Pan (played by BHS junior Rhiannon Parsaca) fly out of the nursery (pictured below) with new recruits to Neverland. This year, the Beacon Players have invested in the rental of a flying apparatus. The contraption, 

Flying by Foy

, was

developed by Peter Foy

to answer the aggressive vision of Mary Martin in the full musical version of "Peter Pan" in 1954. "Martin wanted her Peter Pan to fly higher, faster and farther than had ever been attempted before," according to the company. This allowed for Martin's "soaring aerial choreography [that] thrilled audiences and ushered in a new era in stage flying." Student choreographer Emily Kidd, pictured and interviewed in a Beacon Players video below, had that special opportunity to choreograph for the air as well as the stage floor.

The Foy flying director is Perry Fertig, with Randy Benson as flying supervisor; running the flying crew are P.J. Devine, D.J. Goodall, Zach Rodgers, Chris Richards, Connor Sgorbissa, Mark Murphy, and Mike Zingone. It will be quite busy in those wings!

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

The Flying By Foy technology has been used in many productions you know, including "The Wizard of Oz," "A Christmas Carol," and even "Ice Capades." Beacon students will join the ranks of stars who have been strapped into it, including David Bowie, Lucille Ball, Diana Ross, Sally Field, Howard Stern, and even Sean Connery!

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

In last week's issue of The Highlands Current, Parsaca

shares her childhood dream

of being flown away by Peter Pan. Now she gets to play that role, and actually fly.

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

Students Design Costumes for 'Peter Pan'

The adults involved in the designing of the costumes are costume crew advisor Karin Zdrojewski with costume crew coordinators Jayne Warner and Irina Siegel. Digging into the design and construction of the costumes for Peter Pan, Wendy, the Lost Boys, Tiger Lily and her tribe were students on the costume crew: Cynthia Carmona, Ali Caruso, Elyse Istvan, Kindeya Green, Marin Kacur, Jessica McTeer, Jana Medley, Dana Miller, Kailee Montross, Grace Sanker, Marissa Schiller, and Jillian Warner.

In this 

video interview, Jillian Warner

, one of the costume designers and creator of Peter Pan's costume, describes what it was like to prepare for and produce the costumes. Jillian began sewing at a young age, keeping her skills honed long after a sewing class she attended with 

Eva Intonti Gronowitz

at Beacon Art Studio (which you can find in

A Little Beacon Blog's Summer Day Camp Guide


Photo Credit: Beacon Players video screenshot.

Photo Credit: Beacon Players video screenshot.

Photo Credit: Beacon Players video screenshot.

Photo Credit: Beacon Players video screenshot.

A student designer applies the pattern with gel glue before it is dyed.

The Indian skirts for Tiger Lily and her girls were hand-dyed, using gel glue as the paint.

Watch the video

below to see how they did it. Says Sierra Caban, student media contact for the show, about the costumes: "For some costumes, they were put together using pieces of costumes that have been used in the past. They re-hem old costumes to fit the person that's wearing it in the current show, pin pieces together so that costumes won't fall apart, sew new pieces of fabric onto costumes, find shoes for some characters, and so much more. This show was very hard to costume because our director wanted everyone to be different, he wanted LOTS of color; but of course, [the] costume crew delivered. All of the costumes are so unique and wonderful because they've spent almost every day of the week leading up to the show at the school from 3pm to 9pm."

Photo Credit: Beacon Players video screenshot.

Choreography Is Huge Opportunity for Students

Most students in high school may get an opportunity to choreograph something as an end-of-the-year exam. But this year, student Emily Kidd got to choreograph for a real life play, and star in it as Tiger Lily herself. "I’m so honored to be and happy to be the choreographer for 'Peter Pan,' " says Kidd in this video interview produced by the Beacon Players, "because even though I’ve been worried that dances wouldn’t be as good as if an adult had done it, it’s still exciting. It’s scary, but I’m honored to do it. It’s a challenge. I’ve gotten more confident after people have been encouraging me." 

Students have been rehearsing for weeks. When most families were on Spring Break, Beacon Players were in the Pete and Toshi Seeger Theatre in the Beacon High School building the set, rehearsing dance moves, sewing costumes, and putting on other finishing touches for this weekend's opening.

Set Design Opportunities

The set/stage crew chief is Mark Murphy Jr., with Randy Caruso as advisor. The two have led a student crew consisting of Michael DeChent-Robertin, Elyse Fox, Ella Lewis, Stevie Hulse, James Olson, Anya Sendelbach, Kevin Steger, Sebastian Uribe, and Brandon Wansor. Take note of the beautiful paintings on canvas, by Lori Christie, that hang in the nursery..

Photo Credit: Katie Hellmuth Martin

To get


behind the scenes with this and all productions from the Beacon Players, you can

read their meeting notes!

You'll see details that reveal to you who is making the magic happen, like this update: "Mrs. Siegel has been working on a vacant store front window display to advertise the show." 

It's been fun to glimpse some of the behind-the-scenes action required to put on this performance that gives Beacon students such a unique experience. For many, involvement in high school starts to define what careers they carve out. It's easy to see how your support for the Beacon Players gets used.

Ticket sales


program advertisements


sponsoring a seat

in the theater, and


are all ways you can contribute. Students can

join the Beacon Players by filling out this form

to start the process.

Show Times: NEARLY SOLD OUT, if not already sold out by the time you read this!



 April 8th: 




April 9th




April 10


Buy tickets online


, or risk it and buy at the door!

*Waiting lists may be available at the door.

See you at the show!

Happy Brrrrrthday! Easiest. Birthday. Party. Ever. Indoors. (Sponsored)

Happy Brrrrrrthday! An indoor birthday party at All Sport is one of the easiest, funnest, most affordable birthday party ideas for Beacon families in the Hudson Valley.

Taking a break to eat cake.
The month is March, or January or February, or even April and it just snowed. You've got a birthday party to plan for your child. But here's the thing - your house is small, or messy, or clean but you don't know many of the parents of your child's friends, so having a party in your home may not be ideal. So here's what you do:

You call All Sport. Because their facility is large, indoors, and can be almost any kind of party theme you want: Soccer, Nerf Dart Tag, Disco Dance, Swimming (indoors), Tennis (outdoors), you could even throw in a Bouncy House! All for $279 ($259 for All Sport members) which includes 2 pizzas, juices, paper plates, in addition to the running around sixteen little kids get to do (Bouncy House is $30 extra). Even though we are focusing on indoor parties in this article, All Sport also hosts outdoor parties as well in their expansive Outdoor Park.

While the entertainment your child and their friends will have is memorable, here's your favorite part: you get a Party Hostess, who loves the party as much as your kids do, and she serves the two pizzas that come with your party, the extra food you bought for adults (Middle Eastern Plate from Homespun anyone?) cuts and serves the cake you brought, pours the juice and water, and cleans up! But you may not have even noticed because you were taking pictures of your child the whole time, and talking to your friends and family who traveled to the party.

A sports party at All Sport - score!

Insider Hot Tip: Balloons make a party. They are an instant decoration and kids love them. But buying helium balloons at the drugstore can be expensive, and blowing them up with air could cause you to hyperventilate. So here's what you do: You know that little shop next to Trendy Tots, and across from Get Frosted Cupcakery in the middle of Main Street? The nondescript storefront that offers floral arrangements and computer repair in the same window? She has a large selection of helium balloons in there, and a special air pump that can blow up air balloons as well - for lower prices than you'll find in any drug store. Pop your head in to see what you can arrange. She even delivers. And then of course, order your birthday cupcakes from Get Frosted Cupcakery, and you've just experienced a one-stop-shop birthday party production.

This little shop on Main Street sells helium and air balloons inside for low prices.

This article is part of A Little Beacon Blog's Branded Content program, where we work with a business to bring you information you need via an advertisement article that has our editorial stamp of approval and goes through our writing and design process. Advertising helps A Little Beacon Blog continue to bring you stories that inform and inspire you, and we thank you for supporting businesses who support us! To be part of the program as an advertiser or sponsor in any level, click here.

Look For ALBB In The Peter Pan Playbill Program! Congratulations, Beacon High School Students!

Happy Times... A Little Beacon Blog is supporting Peter Pan, the high school play put on by Beacon Players, with a page in the playbill! Curtains go up April 7th, and Peter will actually be flying! It's all very exciting to watch proud parents take pictures of their kids practicing their makeup and Lost Boy hair styles in social media. Last year's production of Aladdin was very impressive, with very large elephants and other animals (fret not; they were puppets) walking through the aisles of seats in Beacon High School's theater.

Get your tickets now from the Beacon Players website, as this one may sell out!

Latest Updates This Week In The Things To Do In Beacon Guides

Happy Sunday everyone! We have so many goodies to share with you this week, so get your calendars ready!

This week is the start of Hudson Valley Restaurant Week. Some of the participating restaurants are right here in Beacon, including The Vault, Cafe Amarcord, Kitchen Sink Food & Drink, and Baja 328.
BAJA 328 is a Featured Business in ALBB's Restaurant Guide.


In the Events Guide, we are excited to hear that the Second Beacon Jazz Fest has announced its 2016 date - June 25th. Will we see you there?

After you let the kids have fun at the Easter celebrations at Memorial Park, get your dancing shoes on and head on over to The Howland Cultural Center for their next dance, "Come on Beacon! Let's Dance!" We popped our heads inside during the last dance, and it looked like a lot of fun!

Last week we shared the Maple Fest going on in Fishkill this month. If that is not enough, a second fest has been added for March 12th at Randolph School in Wappingers Falls.

All of these dates are in the Events Guide, organized by Month. Take a look for a big picture view of your month ahead!


Spring Break is almost here and the kids will be home. Do you have stuff planned to keep them busy but still learning? Scenic Hudson is having a special Spring Break series March 22-25, with different activities (such as Basic Fishing, Bird Watching and more) scheduled for each day.

Late last week we shared an update of all the awesome classes and events going on with our friends at All Sport Health & Fitness. Some of the special classes they have going on this month include Cycle/Yoga Fusion, Irish Ride (Spinning), Motown Ride (Spinning) and more.


Do you have a class or workshop you would like us to consider adding? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, or via email at 

March Happenings at All Sport - Including Cycle/Yoga Fusion and Kids Spring Break Camp (Sponsored)

The Cycle/Yoga fusion has been a popular workshop, and is offered on special days only.
Last month, registration doubled as a fundraiser.
This month, registration is going to fill up fast, so get up on it!
Details on Cycle/Fusion below.

The focus is on fitness at All Sport, but their programming is saying it loud and clear: All Sport is a well-rounded club membership. It's an experience with a lot of choices for the whole family. People who have lived in the Hudson Valley their whole lives and whose parents worked at All Sport decades ago have told me: "I lived at All Sport. My mom worked there and I was there all summer. I loved it."

Everyone's experience at All Sport is different, thanks to their ongoing programs in vastly different areas, like basketball leagues for adults, indoor soccer classes for boys and girls, boxing classes with one-time only workshops designed to shake it up and challenge you, entertain you, and keep you on your toes - your boxing toes!

A Little Beacon Blog keeps a full schedule of what is happening at All Sport here at the blog so that you have easy access to see what is going on this month, on which days, for which ages. We are dedicated to helping you have an organized, curated experience here in Beacon and the Hudson Valley, and incorporating All Sport's programs into your weekday and weekend schedule is no exception!

Here's the rundown of things you don't want to miss at All Sport for March. As you know, classes book up fast and you've got to be a quick little bunny to sign up. Keep All Sport's Sponsor Spotlight page open on your phone and refresh it every now and then for the latest classes and programs.

March 1, 2016 - Book Club Begins (ok, this has passed, but know that they have a Book Club!)
March 2, 2016 - Registration for Spring 1 (members)
March 4, 2016 - Registration for Spring 1 (non-members)
March 4, 2016 - Pool Volleyball
March 11, 2016 - Kids Night Out
March 11, 2016 - Free Swim Assessment
March 12, 2016 - Babysitting Course
March 21-25, 2016 - Spring Camp
March 28, 2016 - Spring 1 session of programs begin
March 31, 2016 - Lifeguard Training
Special for Wappingers Falls School District: School Age Child Care Begins in September 

Special workshops have been designed to keep the challenge in your workout and shake up your week! See below for dates of special classes you won't want to miss. Our favorite? The Cycle/Yoga Fusion.

Cycle/Yoga Fusion
Friday, March 11
Join Camille for a 30-minute Cycle and Maureen for a 1-hour Power Flow - the perfect balance to end your week. Register today! ($25 Members/$30 Non-Members).
Details >

Train Like A Fighter
March 14 - April 26
This NEW fierce fitness program is based off of Martial Arts and Self Defense techniques. Our Certified Personal Trainers will motivate you in this 6-week program that will have you shadow-boxing, using heavy bags, hitting tires with sledge hammers, and many more fearless feats.
Details >

Group Exercise Chisel & Sculpt Challenge
Tuesday, March 15
You'll use different variations of sculpting exercises to chisel and challenge your body.
Details >

Irish Ride
Wednesday, March 16
Spin out with Kim Wilson to Irish music, including U2, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, and many more. A spirited and celebratory ride!
Details >

Motown Ride
Thursday, March 30
Ride to the classics with this fun, funky Motown-themed class.
Details >

All Sport raised over $1,000 for the Fishkill Food Pantry with their Tap Back,
Give Back Fundraiser Ride as well as donations from members.

There's always something going on at All Sport.
This month, they partnered with JMcLaughlin for a popup shopping event to benefit
Hudson Valley Hospice Foundation - and your wardrobe.

All Sport is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and we thank you for supporting businesses that make this publication possible! Click here for Advertising Opportunities.

Beacon's Hocus Pocus Halloween Parade for Kids is Biggest Yet in 2015 - With Pictures of Costumes!

Reservoir & Wood handing out candy to kids during Beacon's Hocus Pocus Parade.
Reservoir & Wood was one of many businesses participating in the Hocus Pocus Parade.

Record numbers took part in the Hocus Pocus Halloween Parade of 2015, a signature event of Beacon's Halloween festival, A Very Beacon Halloween (a joint event from the Beacon Chamber of Commerce and the City of Beacon). Ron Iarossi, a board member on the Chamber and owner of Beacon Creamery who led the parade, confirms: "The parade was biggest one we have ever had. We had about 800 kids and just as many adults, for a total of 1,500 to 2,000 people." When the parade paused at Teller Avenue, participants who glanced back could see wall-to-wall people on Main Street, from Beacon Pantry to Hudson Beach Glass. Iarossi says that the number of people concentrated during the parade is normal. What was different this year? More people started at the official line-up of the parade, and still more joined in at different points on Main Street.

This year's Hocus Pocus Parade in 2015 was the biggest yet.
The Hocus Pocus parade pauses along Beacon's Main Street for kids to trick-or-treat from businesses. From this stop at Beacon Pantry, paradegoers could be seen all the way back to Hudson Beacon Glass.

Dueling banjos in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Dueling Banjos? Adorbs.

Father/daughter Little Red Riding Hood in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Several duos of Little Red Riding Hood and her Wolf were out, but these two take our first prize!

A wolf in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
A very serious wolf.

Cat Woman with Dog in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Cat Woman and Dog.

Mini Darth Vader in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Little Darth Vader!

Mini R2D2 in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Baby R2D2 in the wagon of Tom and Andrea Cerchiara.
Lots of yellow costumes in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Yellow as a primary color in this year's parade!

Ms. Jenny and kids in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Ms. Jenny, a teacher at Rose Hill and queen of crafts!

Paul Yeaple of Poppy's with kids in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Paul Yeaple, of Poppy's, with kids!

The Avengers in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Meet the Abrams/Blair family: The Avengers!
Businesses were ready for the crowd, and eager to give treats to the kids.

Locomotive Crossfit at Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Locomotive Crossfit and Oak Vino were ready for the trick-or-treaters!

Beacon Bath & Bubble in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
Beacon Bath & Bubble were happy to fill up pumpkins with treats.

Back Room Gallery in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
The art gallery Back Room Gallery drew a few characters!

Beacon Bagel in Beacon's Hocus Pocus Kids Parade.
The Beacon Bagel was busy - as usual!

Upcoming + Annual Events in and Around Beacon - Places to Go, Things To Do You Don't Want to Miss

If you feel like you're the last to know everything, then bookmark this page and synch it into your calendar, because you're about to be on top of where to go and what to do in and around Beacon, NY and the Hudson Valley. If you have an event you'd like to submit for consideration, please email

Once an event passes, it will be moved to the bottom of this page, and then updated later in the year when the date is picked by the venue host.

Last Updated: 10/6/15


3rd Annual Pink Kiss Breast Cancer Awareness Event
October 10th, 2015
Location: Lorraine Tyne, 161 Main Street
Shop, drink and pose on the red carpet of Pink Kiss, a collaborative fundraising event from designer Sarah Graby and the jewelry store Lorraine Tyne. Sarah Graby features her collection of head scarves called "Sparkle My Head Scarves" to celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness month. Complimentary cocktails, glam styling sessions and giveaways await you. This year marks our 3rd year the event is raising money for the Hudson Valley's "Miles Of Hope" Organization.
Free, yet donate!

City of Beacon Pumpkin Carving Contest

Saturday, October 10, 2015
10 am
Location: Pavilion at Beacon Memorial Park
Kids 15 and younger can compete for Top Carver in two age divisions (13 to 15, and 12 and under). Parents should supervise children at all times! Supplies will be provided, but are limited. Sign up ahead of time at City Hall. Organizers insist, no professionals, please.

New York State Sheep & Wool Festival
October 17th - 18th, 2015 
Location: Dutchess County Fairgrounds | Rhinebeck, NY 12572
A lovely sheep and wool festival happening at the Dutchess County Fairgrounds. Learn about and enjoy the animals, find wool fashions like mittens, gloves and sweaters, and shop the market.

Beacon Sloop Club Pumpkin Festival
October 18th, 2015
Location: Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park
The Beacon Sloop Club holds or participates in several festivals and events each year to raise funds for the clubs activities and bring awareness to many environmental and social issues.

City of Beacon Hocus Pocus Parade
Sunday, October 25, 2015

12:30 pm

Main Street, Beacon

umed kids start lining up at Peace Park (South Avenue/9D and Main Street) at 12:30 for a parade down Main Street at 1. Trick-or-treating at businesses follows the stroll. Don't forget to check in at the Beacon Flea, too! They'll have some treats for the little goblins.

Information >

Pumpkins in the Park
Jack O'Lantern Lighting

Carving: Tuesday, October 27 to Friday, October 30, 2015, 3 pm to 6 pm
Lighting: Friday, October 30, 2015, 6 pm to 8 pm
Location: Long Dock Park, Beacon waterfront
On afternoons Tuesday to Friday, visit Long Dock Park to put your carving skills to use on pumpkins provided by Scenic Hudson. Stick around Friday evening, when the jack o'lanterns will be set aglow and displayed throughout the park.
Information >

Santa Spottings on Main Street
December 2015
Location: Main Street Shops
Santa comes to coffee shops and restaurants around Beacon. Where will you visit him?


Scenic Hudson Kayak Storage
March 30 - April 17, 2015
This lottery signup is annual, and we covered it here on the blog.

Beacon's New Pool at the Settlement Camp
Registration Starts March 1st, 2015
Season Starts June 29th, 2015


These events have passed. Look for them next year!
We move them to the bottom of this Guide to get ready for next year!

City of Beacon's "Easter After Easter" Egg Hunt
Saturday April 25th, 2015
11am - 2pm
Location: Memorial Park
According to the City, Easter is coming later. "Same great fun and better weather! Join us for our a little bit later than Easter Egg Hunt and Spring Fling at Memorial Park."

Beacon Barks Parade
Saturday April 25th, 2015 (rain or shine)
10am - 3pm
Location: Main Street
The 9th Annual Beacon Barks! parade being held on Saturday, April 25, 2015, on Main Street in Beacon.  Beacon Barks! is the street festival for people who love animals, live music, great food, and having fun in the heart of Beacon. Festivities begin at 10:00 am and conclude at 3:00 pm.  Show appreciation for animal shelters, rescue and welfare organizations. It’s free, fun, family-friendly!  Bring your four-legged family members, too!  Local shops and restaurants open their doors to participants (both canine and otherwise) for tasty snacks & treats.  A variety of service providers (such as groomers, vets and many others) offer information and advice on caring for your best friend. Usually held the 3rd week in April of every year.

Ree-Play Sale
Friday, Saturday, Sunday
May 1, 2 3, 2015
9am - 1pm
Location: The University Settlement Camp Theater
724 Wolcott Avenue  (Rt. 9D across from Craig House)
The Ree-Play Sale is one of Beacon's most well known, well attended annual sales for baby and kids gear in the region. Donations pour in from families from all over, and the pickings begin on May 1st for three short days. Those who volunteer to sort the gently used items for sale do get pre-shopping privileges. For sale are gently used baby’s, children’s, and maternity clothing, toys, furniture, outdoor play equipment, bicycles, strollers and other baby-gear, etc.

The Ree-Play Sale the primary fundraiser for its parent organization, Wee Play Community Project,  an advocate for the City of Beacon’s playgrounds, which promotes excellence in children’s and youth programming, and builds an organized coalition of community parents.
Information >

Stony Kill Plant Sale: Vegetable and Herb Plant Sale and Spring Celebration
May 2nd, 2015
11am to 3pm
Location: 79 Farmstead Lane, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
Get ready for the spring season with vegetables and herbs that were grown in Stony Kill's greenhouse.  Live music – food – children’s activities –  information – demonstrations – gift shop – tours of the farm animals in the barn – tours of the Verplanck Tenant Farmhouse – and much more!
Information >

Obercreek Plant Sale
May 2nd, 2015 10am to 4pm (also on May 9 and 10) 
May 3rd, 2015, 1pm to 5pm
Location: 59 Marlorville Road Wappingers Falls, NY 12590
The Obercreek Farm Standis selling their Certified Organic vegetable and herb plants for your home garden!  They are growing over 60 varieties, traditional and heirloom; check out the line-up below:
Information >

Common Ground Farm Seedling Sale
May 9th, 2015
10am to 3pm
Location: 142 Main Street, Common Greens Garden @ Tito Santana Taqueria
Find Common Ground Farm at the Common Greens Garden at Tito Santana Taqueria on Second Saturday in Beacon for their annual seedling sale, just in time for Mother's Day! Seedlings will include: flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, kale, greens, herbs and more! All grown by hand & with love in organic potting soil at Common Ground Farm.

Beacon Open Studios
May 16th - 17th, 2015
Location: Shops, Studios and Residences
Beacon Open Studios is a community supported project by artists, volunteers, individuals, and local business. Studio spaces are created around the community where you can drop in during daytime hours. As you walk around town, you will see the big red circle dot that identifies a studio space in a shop or home.
Information >

HEfeSTUS Iron Pour
May 23th, 2015
2pm to 10pm
Location: Hanna Lane (near the Tallix Complex, where parking is available)

Woa. This is an event you don't see very often, so you're going to want to go. It is live casting of hot metal during a day of food from local eateries and live music. Hefestus Iron pour began in 2013 with the idea of bringing together art, history and community.  This year’s all-day festival will include sculpture casting workshops, musical entertainment, local food and several thousand pounds of molten iron.  Local artist and students will be casting iron sculpture from an outdoor furnace in a spectacle of metal and fire that is not to be missed.  Casting is the process in which metal is melted in a furnace and poured from a container or ladle into a mold of ceramic shell or bonded sand. During  Hefestus 2014, over 50 iron castings were poured into molds designed and carved by attendees.
Information >

Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)
May 25th, 2015
4pm to 6pm
Location: Memorial Park
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes as the first of four free summer concerts kicks off this Memorial Day Weekend. The band is "The Big Takeover" and you've enjoyed their reggae style before in Beacon.

For Goodness Bake
Saturday, June 6th, 2015
Location: Catalyst Gallery 137 Main Street
FOR GOODNESS BAKE (FGB) is an annual pop-up bake sale held in Beacon, New York. Founded in 2013 by friends and Beaconites Kristen Cronin and Tara Tornello, FGB is dedicated to raising funds and awareness for worthy causes within the Hudson Valley. Each FGB bake sale is held for one day only. Scores of the Valley's best professional and amateur bakers donate baked goods for the sale. Past beneficiaries have been the Children's Organ Transplant Association and the Kids R Kids Feeding Program. Once the last doughnut, cookie, or muffin has been sold, FGB closes up shop, hands over 100% of the proceeds to the beneficiary, and vanishes. Like superheroes, but with aprons instead of tights.
Information >

Beacon's City-Wide Yard Sale
Saturday, June 13th, 2015
9am - 3pm
Location:All Over Beacon!
Participating in the yard sale can happen one of two ways - you can register your address as an official yard sale and get on the map (try calling the City of Beacon at (845) 838-5000, or just put stuff out on your yard and tag it. People will surly be driving by and will stop.
Information >

Strawberry Festival
Sunday, June 14th, 2015
12noon - 5pm
Location: Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park
Strawberry shortcakes, music, vendors. what more do you need in the summer? The Beacon Sloop Club holds or participates in several festivals and events each year to raise funds for the clubs activities and bring awareness to many environmental and social issues.

Cider Week
June 12th - 21st, 2015
Location: Many different events and locations. See the full lineup here.
Cider-lovers rejoice, there is a Cider Week for you! Circulate around all of the events during this week, and increase your knowledge and appreciation of cider pressed in this region. Cider is another old beverage renewed in our day. It was made, stored, and consumed all over the U.S from early times. But eventually, Temperance politics and Prohibition ended legal sales. Apple growers had to replace their cider orchards with “Apple Pie orchards”. Bitter, sour, weird apples that could make great cider lost all value in the States. But real cider is not brewed. There’s no grain, no cooking, and no fast route to high quality. Serious cider is all apple juice, pressed from superior cider varieties. It represents the land that grew that fruit. It takes time and patience. Great beer can be made in weeks; great cider, not. The most complex cider is tannic, like red wine. Its gold color means people tend to chill it. But serious cider from the right fruit deserves to be tasted at about 60F. Also, cider tannins offer antioxidant effects, but with far less alcohol than red wine. Founded by Glynwood, Cider Week was created to revive New York's orchard heritage. The website serves to connect cider makers from New York’s Hudson Valley to buyers from top restaurants, bars, and retail shops across the Hudson Valley region, New York City, and beyond. Through growing awareness of craft cider, Cider Week helps to bring profitability to local orchards while reviving heirloom apple varieties.

Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)
Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
6pm to 8pm
Location: Green Street Park (on the other side of Fishkill Creek, this is a park located in the base of a sloping hill)
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes! The bands are "Bad Mother Factory" and "Knock Yourself Out."

Local Cider Market & Tasting at Historic Huguenot Street House
June 20th, 2015
Noon - 4pm
Location: Historic Huguenot Street House, 88 Huguenot Street, New Paltz, NY 12561
This cider event in New Paltz is included in this Guide because of the historical value and richness you will get out of attending it. As part of both New York State’s Path Through History Weekend and Hudson Valley Cider Week, Historic Huguenot Street will host a local cider market and tasting on Saturday, June 20. The market will feature 9 Hudson Valley cider makers, including: Hudson Valley Farmhouse Cider (produced at Breezy Hill Orchard and Stone Ridge Orchard), Warwick Valley Winery & Distillery (maker of Doc’s® Draft Ciders, Warwick), Glorie Farm Winery (Marlboro), The Standard Cider Company (owned by Brotherhood Winery, Washingtonville), Aaron Burr Cidery (Wurtsboro), Orchard Hill Cider Mill (located at Soons Orchard, New Hampton), Kettleborough Cider House (New Paltz), Pitchfork Hard Cider (Poughkeepsie), and Angry Orchard (opening a new facility in Walden). As part of the market, Historic Huguenot Street and Kettleborough Cider House will be introducing a historic crab apple hard cider, brewed by Kettleborough in collaboration with HHS. The cider’s use of crab apples is true to how the early founders of New Paltz would have brewed their own cider, which was a popular colonial drink.

Beacon Riverfest Music & Food Festival
Sunday, June 28th, 2015
Noon to 8pm
Location: Riverfront Park (on the other side of the train station)
An entire day of live music and food! A large lineup of bands are playing on 3 stages in Riverfront Park. Kids under 10 get in free, and tickets are available for purchase for adults. Enjoy music, food and crafts. The bands include Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Tracy Bonham, Sidewalk Chalk, Schwervon, Decora, Gato Loco, Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, What Moon Things, Breakfast In Fur, Shana Falana, M Shanghai String Band, and Simi Stone.

4th Of July Fireworks, Memorial Park

Saturday July 4th, 2015

NOTE: There is no parade on Main Street.

11am Reading of the Declaration of Independence
A reading of the Declaration of Independence will take place, on Saturday, at 11:00am at City Hall.

3pm till dark
Location: Memorial Park, Beacon
Presented once again by a collaborative community effort by the City of Beacon, Beacon-Fishkill Kwanis Club, The Costellos and I Am Beacon. Bring the whole family to enjoy! Fireworks begin at dusk.

Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)
Saturday July 11th, 2015
6pm to 8pm
Location: The Beacon Pool - POOL PARTY! (at the Settlement Camp, 724 Wolcott)
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes! The band is "PONTOON."

Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)
Thursday July 16th, 2015
6pm to 8pm
Location: South Avenue Park
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes! The band is "Jeremy Baum Trio."

Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)
Thursday July 23rd, 2015
6pm to 8pm
Location: Long Dock Park (near the train station, but far to the left near paths for Dennings Point)
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes! The band is "The Stacks."

Beacon Jazz Fest
Saturday July 25th, 2015
12noon - 6pm
Location: The Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park
Celebrating Music, Hudson Valley Distilleries, artisan crafts & culture of the Hudson Valley, the Inaugural Beacon Jazz Festival will take place on Saturday, July 25 from noon to 6 PM at The Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park in Beacon, NY. Presented by Six String Productions, the festival will offer a wealth of musical talent, many with long associations with Beacon and the surrounding region, in addition to great Jazz this event will also double as a Hudson Valley distillery tasting event.   Local craft breweries, cideries and wineries will be represented along with local artisan chefs providing food to complement the event. Musical artists you can expect to hear include Sun of Goldfinger, Karl Berger/Ingrid Sertso Quintet, International Brass & Membrane Corps, Mike Dopazo & The HV All-Stars. The Beacon DJ Grady Salter will also be spinning classic jazz selections all day between acts.

In addition, Hudson Valley distilleries, Wineries, and Cideries, include Dennings Point Distillery,  Hudson Valley Distillery, Albany Distillery,  Dutch Spirits, Taconic Distillery, Tuthilltown, Harvest Spirits, Brotherhood winery, Naked Flock cidery , Bad Seed Cidery will be offering free tastings of their renowned spirits, cider and wine throughout the festival. Other local business providing food and drink at the Beacon Jazz Festival include More Good, Tito Santana, Beacon Bread, The Hop Express, plus many more.
More Information >

Firefly Feast
Saturday, August 1st, 2015
4pm - 9pm
Location: 4 Hanna Lane
The second annual Firefly Feast will have local food, drinks, and music all to benefit Common Ground Farm (kids 12 and under are free!).
More Information and Buy Tickets>
The Butterfly Festival
Sunday, August 8th, 2015
11am - 3pm (Rain or Shine!)
Location: 79 Farmstead Lane, Wappingers Falls, NY
Visit the Verplanck Memorial Perennial Garden and learn all about butterflies! Visit the butterfly tent and have a one on one experience with these wonderful creatures! Food – gift shop – children’s activities - information – demonstrations – and much more! (Free)
Information >

The Beacon Sloop Club Annual Corn Festival
Sunday, August 9th, 2015
12noon - 5pm (Rain or Shine!)
Location: Pete and Toshi Seeger Riverfront Park
The Beacon Sloop Club holds or participates in several festivals and events each year to raise funds for the clubs activities and bring awareness to many environmental and social issues. This free festival features fresh picked, ready‐to‐eat local‐grown Hudson Valley sweet corn on the cob, hot chili, watermelon, cold drinks, and other summer treats. Music throughout the afternoon and many free kids activities! (Free)
Information >
The Hairdressers Disco Ball
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015
Location:  Mid-Hudson Civic Center
For 2015, the Hairdresser’s Disco Ball and Charity Hair Show goes to the Oscars! Get ready for a blockbuster red-carpet-worthy runway show featuring over-the-top, highly creative hair styles and costumes inspired by Academy Award-winning movies and Hollywood stars. The big show raises funds for HVCS’ HIV/AIDS programs and services and takes place on Sunday, August 23, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in downtown Poughkeepsie. You may see your favorite stylist from Beacon participating!

Tickets and Information >
Facebook page for fabulous photos >

Dutchess County Fair
August 25th - 30th, 2015 
Location: Dutchess County Fairgrounds | Rhinebeck, NY 12572
Only one of the best fairs around! Folks from far and wide come to ride the Farris wheel and other rides. A fun date night or night out with the family.

September 12th 2015
9am Registration, 10:30am Walk Begins

Location: Long Dock Park, Beacon NY
Benefiting Hope and Heroes, who funds the life-saving work on childhood cancer and blood disorders at Columbia University Medical Center. Presented by Jessica Salomon, a mother of a Sickle Cell Disease survivor, and Event Coordinator to bring awareness to the community one step at a time.

Hudson Valley Hoptember Harvestfest 
September 12th 2015 
Location: 1167 Noxon Road | Lagrangeville, NY 12540
"Celebrating Everything Hoppy!" The event will feature 30 plus local brewers, music by "Buckeye Rooster, and our Hop smoked BBQ by the award winning "Bacon Brothers" as well as many other Hop Infused Delights

Hudson River Craft Beer Festival
September 19th 2015 
Location: Riverfront Park
This four-hour event will showcase over 200 releases from some of America’s best craft breweries. Attendees will sample beers in an atmosphere filled with live music, delicious food available for purchase, and great vendors.

Beacon Independent Film Festival  
September 18th-20th 2015
Opening Night Friday, 7:30pm
Location: Beacon's University Settlement Camp on Wolcott Avenue (aka 9D)
The Beacon Independent Film Festival (BIFF) showcases creative films in a unique venue, nestled among the trees at the foot of Mount Beacon, NY.

4th Of July In Beacon 2015! Things To Do This Weekend!

The 4th of July Holiday Weekend has started! While it may be hot and humid for the Friday, the first day of the long weekend, July 4th itself may be a little rainy, followed by sunshine again on Sunday. So think extra sunny thoughts to keep those clouds away! This roundup is an enhancement of the weekend events that are also listed in A Little Beacon Blog's Annual Events Guide, which is part of the Things To Do In Beacon Guide.

Here's a breakdown of things to do in and around Beacon this July 4th weekend:
Looks like someone read the Farmer's Almanac and decided to have Fireworks on the 3rd, which is nice for those who like to double-dip in nights with sparklers. There is a whole big fireworks list at 101.5 WPDH of where you can see fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights up and down the Hudson River. If you're in or near Beacon, you may want to hit up:

Day: Friday July 3rd at Dusk
Where: East Fishkill Recreation Park, New York 82 & New York 376 Hopewell Junction, NY 12533
Time: Starts at 7 p.m. with an oldies concert featuring Adam & the NewHearts. Fireworks will go off at 9:15 p.m.

Day: Friday July 3rd at Dusk
Time: Starts at 6 p.m.
Where: Town of Wallkill Golf Club, 40 Sands Road, Middletown, NY 10940


Day: Saturday July 4th at Dusk
Where: Memorial Park, 7 Robert Cahill Drive, Beacon, NY 12508
Time: 3pm till dark.
What: Presented once again by a collaborative community effort by the City of Beacon, Beacon-Fishkill Kwanis Club, The Costellos and I Am Beacon. Bring the whole family to enjoy! Fireworks begin at dusk. A ceremonial reading of the Declaration of Independence happens at 11am at City Hall.

Mohonk Mountain House
Address: 1000 Mountain Rest Road, New Paltz, NY 12561
Admission Price: Call (855) 883-3798 for reservations.
Details: Mohonk Mountain House’s 4th of July weekend will include demonstrations at the Firehouse, a carnival at its Kids’ Club, a log roll and porch dive, and a parade. Mohonk will hold its Illumination of the Mountain fireworks display on July 4th. The weekend events also include a live performance by Cathi Lou and Roger Thorpe and a ceremonial reading of the Declaration of Independence.

Time: 6:30 p.m. – 10 p.m.
Address: Waryas Park, 1 Main Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601
Admission Price: Free for a view from a public place, and $12.50 at Walkway Over the Hudson; Free at Waryas Park
Details: A bit of a drive, but the views are pretty great. The City of Poughkeepsie’s annual fireworks spectacular on July 4th can be viewed either from Waryas Park (free of charge) or from up on the Walkway Over the Hudson State Historic Park).
More details

West Point
Time: 8 p.m.
Address: Trophy Point, West Point NY
Details: People who want to feel deeply historic often enjoy fireworks at West Point. Additionally, The West Point Band will present its annual Independence Day celebration with music followed by a fireworks display over the Hudson River. It's kind of emotional.

Stay hot, please! If you need to cool off and take a dip, you have several options!

Beacon's New Community Pool - Friday, 3pm
Pool Party on Friday at 3pm! The pool is open for the first time in 6 years, and there is a party for it. The pool is easy to get to and swim in, with a shallow end of 2ft deep that gradually gets deeper to 8ft. Plenty of picnic green space surrounds the pool. See our article about it here, and get thee to the pool. Day passes are available if you don't have a season pass yet. Located at the University Settlement Camp, 724 Wolcott Avenue aka 9D.

Splash Down Water Park
If you've been longing for the days of your childhood when you climbed tall towers with an inner tube to slide down a really big slide, then Splash Down is for you. If you want to float down their Lazy River with your family, then Splash Down is for you. If you even wanted to rent a private cabana situation with waiter service and pretend you are on a beach when you are actually lounging next to Rt. 9, you could even do that too. Located on 16 Old Route 9 West in Fishkill, just off Rt. 9.

Sprinklers at Bowdain Park. Free.
Bowdoin Park
Perhaps one of the most beautiful public parks in the Hudson Valley, Bowdoin Park offers a sprinkler water system to run through (kids and adults!), a giant rock that kids love to climb, and an impressive set of jungle gym setups, donated by various businesses in the region. Pack a watermelon, snacks, and even a full picnic to grill out on grills in the picnic areas. Located at 85 Sheafe Rd.
Learn more

Beacon River Pool in the Hudson River
The Beacon River Pool is a circular pool that floats on the Hudson River and is connected to the shore. River pools were common in early New York history, and experiencing one is very special. There are benches all around and the floor is a thick net. It's a little odd at first, but very relaxing. Even if you are swimming with kids. It's free, so take a dip!
Learn more

All Sport's 3 Pools
If you don't feel like packing a lunch and you'd like to order some grill food and a beer, then the All Sport Pool is a fit for you. They have a kiddie pool, a family pool, and a pool dedicated to older adults who love to play water volleyball and other water sports. Day passes are available.
Learn more
Editorial Note: All Sport is a sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, but this mention is not sponsored and is an editorial recommendation.

Artisan Wine shared their
summer wine picks for
different occasions.
Pack wine and beer, and revisit our Summer Wine Picks with recommendations from Artisan Wine! This list is from last year, but if you go in this year they may have different brands for you to try depending on the type of picnic or BBQ you are having.

No time to pack a picnic from scratch? Pick up cheeses, pre-made odds and ends or order to go! Here are a few recommendations:

BJs: Deep fried chicken and mac cheese. Also get collared greens and other soul food selections. Across the street from the M&T bank.

Beacon Bite Food Truck: Order a to-go basket of very fine fare. Recently off the grill have been chilled poached squid, charred chilli cabbage, nasturtium dill butter, and jalapeño. Woa. Located at 416 Main Street just past the middle of town.

Beacon Bite is in the middle section of
Main Street and in the same lot as
Beacon Pie Company's bike stand.
Raddish: A clean-eater's delight! With meat! Raddish is obsessed with...raddishes, lettus and green things from the ground. Order grilled chicken or tuna to top your salad. NOTE: Closed early on Saturday July 4th at 2pm. Located at 505 Main Street, at the far east end near the mountain.

Tito Santana Taqueria: A great space for easy ordering of fresh, cilantro based corn salads, tacos, quesadias, chips, and summer beer. Has a large outdoor space with plenty of picnic tables for indoor or outdoor eating.

Harry's Hot Sandwiches: Beacon's newest sandwich shop! A great take-away option. Look for serious sandwiches like the Chimichurri Roast Beast, and soups like a Black Bean Arepa. Loated at 449 Main Street, right next to the very large Beacon Theatre.

BJ's also scores big points for having lots of mini-pies on demand. These are your basic pies, like apple, cherry, and sweet potato. We blogged about BJ's pies a few summers ago.

Beacon Pie Company: And then an official pie company came to town and they even deliver pie on bikes! Otherwise you can find them parked next to Beacon Bites, and sometimes there are a few pies in Barb's Butchery. You'll find flavors like Salted Honey Butter, and Chocolate Lavendar from their sweet list, and also pot pies, quiches, and shepherd’s pie on their savory menu.

Will you be hiking this weekend? Do read our special hiking series for Family Friendly Hikes from the Cronins with your little people, and the Historical Hikes from Dylan Price to inspire your history hungry mind as you hike!
A walk to Earl's Chimney with the Cronin Family.

The view from Mt. Beacon.
Dylan Price remembers a history you can walk through.

Fill 'Er Up! The Beacon Pool at the Settlement Camp is Happening!

UPDATE [5/17/16]: The Beacon Public Pool at the Settlement Camp is opening for the 2016 Season!

UPDATE: The pool is full of water! Day and Season Passes
are selling, and the Pool Party on July 3rd was fun!

The Beacon Pool drained, clean and being filled with
fresh water. New black fencing has been installed.

Rumors of the resurgence of the Beacon Pool at the Settlement Camp have been swirling for years, and even in the month of June 2015, the projected opening date of the pool, people were still asking: "Is the pool really opening?"

To find our own answers, we sent a camera crew out to the site one weekend, unannounced, to see if the pool was really on track. Note: the camera crew was myself and my sleeping son in his car seat, with Frisbee disk gamers barely noticing our unexpected activity near the course.

Over the years, various individuals tried to help it make a comeback with deflated attempts and membership price-points, so you can imagine everyone's skepticism at it really happening. However, we discovered a major clue that the pool was on track: new picnic benches, freshly cut and bolted, were lined up side by side, awaiting placement.

New picnic benches at the Beacon Pool to accommodate
large crowds who can bring their own food.

So I got on the phone with Mark Price, the City of Beacon's Recreation Director, and asked him my tough reporter question: "Is there any chance that the pool won't open?" Mark was giddy in his answer. "It's opening! On Monday, June 29th it will be open! We need to wait to drain the pool until closer to the open date, but we are replacing the fence and dusting everything off."

Beacon's pool has quite the courtyard wrapping around it and almost feels like you're at an English estate or in the woods in an Alice in Wonderland scene with strange creatures lurking under mossy stones. In fact, you may encounter a snake or two, as young teenagers have recalled to me from their early days of going to the pool in the summer and loving it. To add to the pastoral experience, The Green Teen Team has planted 200 sunflowers on the uphill side of the property, near the Maintenance Building.

The courtyard at the Beacon Pool immediately in front of the pool.

The picture above is the courtyard immediately in front of the pool. There is another courtyard to the left of the pool, and all of that is available to the public to enjoy. You can bring your own food and drink, and Mark has dreams of hosting food trucks. In fact, Mark has given us permission to tell you that he has visions of a "juried showcase" of different food vendors, and to contact him if you're interested. Which is really exciting because the food scene in Beacon is so good!

Don't you want to stroll down this yard in English attire?
Or play rugby or croquet?

So why this year for the pool? Mark credits the healthy economy. "Municipal budgets have recovered, so purse strings got loser. As a country, things are coming back a bit." As noted by Mayor Casale in a recent press release, the opening of the pool is happening because of joint efforts by the City Council and other city departments working together.

A picture of the pool in Spring 2015...making us wonder
if it would open. Weeks later, that murky water was gone,
the pool cleaned, weeds picked, and fence was replaced.
This year the pool has filled up so to speak, with a lot of registered interest. As of early June, 120 families had registered, and various kid camps had signed on to host a day or two a week at the pool. "It has been heartbreaking to watch the pool not being used." Which is all about to change this Summer of 2015. The Beacon Riverfest is also hosting a concert there on July 11th for an official "Pool Party" with the band PONTOON playing.

Lying under the trees, floating by on the water, this is your view
when you look up at the sky, relaxed.

Pool season passes are $50 for adults, $30 for children, and $100 for the family, with day passes available for $3 for adults and $2 for children and seniors. The registration form is here for download. The Beacon Pool is located at the Park at University Settlement Camp, 724 Wolcott Avenue. The pool itself is 140 feet by 50 feet and progresses in depth from 2 feet to 8 feet deep making it perfect for swimmers and water lovers of all ages. There will not be a lap lane, just a "have fun pool". On Friday, July 3rd, 2015 at 12:00 noon there will be a Big Splash Pool Opening Celebration. Take pictures of your fun times and share them with us on Instagram! Tag @alittlebeacon and use the hashtag #beaconnypool.

Keep your eyes peeled for the "Entrance" sign for the
Beacon Pool on 9D! The entrance is just one dirt road
in the middle of the woods.
[UPDATED 7/6/15]
The Hours of the Beacon Pool are:
TUESDAY: 12pm to 7pm
WEDNESDAY: 3pm to 7pm
THURSDAY: 3pm to 7pm
FRIDAY: 12pm to 7pm
SATURDAY: 12pm to 7pm
SUNDAY: 12pm to 7pm

PS: The title of this post was inspired in part by Dan Aymar-Blair.

Beacon Riverfest in the Parks Lineup This Summer - Mark the Dates for Summer Concerts 2015!

The Beacon Riverfest concert series that happens in partnership with BeaconArts that has always been a highlight in summertime, as it's a time when people pack their wagonfs full of food, kids and lawn blankets and walk or drive to listen to live music along the scenic Hudson River. This year, Beacon Riverfest got even more ambitious by hosting the concerts in different parks around town, including a pool party at the Beacon Pool which opens later in June! They have also created the all-day Food & Music Festival, where there is no need to bring a picnic because the celebration of food is as big as the musical lineup. A Little Beacon Blog is a proud sponsor of this series along with other great businesses including the main sponsor Beacon Natural Market. We hope that everyone has a wonderful time!


Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Free Concert Series

Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015
6pm to 8pm
Location: Green Street Park (on the other side of Fishkill Creek, this is a park located in the base of a sloping hill)
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes! The bands are "Bad Mother Factory" and "Knock Yourself Out."

Beacon Riverfest Music & Food Festival

Tickets: $15 early-bird, $25 door price (kids under 10 are free)
Sunday, June 28th, 2015
Noon to 8pm
Location: Riverfront Park (on the other side of the train station)
An entire day of live music and food! A large lineup of bands are playing on 3 stages in Riverfront Park. Kids under 10 get in free, and tickets are available for purchase for adults. Enjoy music, food and crafts. The bands include Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars, Tracy Bonham, Sidewalk Chalk, Schwervon, Decora, Gato Loco, Jenny Dee & The Deelinquents, What Moon Things, Breakfast In Fur, Shana Falana, M Shanghai String Band, and Simi Stone.
Information >
Buy Tickets >


Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Free Concert SeriesTHE BEACON POOL - SETTLEMENT CAMP
Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)

Saturday July 11th, 2015
6pm to 8pm
Location: The Beacon Pool - POOL PARTY! (at the Settlement Camp, 724 Wolcott)
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes! The band is "PONTOON."

Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Free Concert SeriesSOUTH AVENUE PARK
Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)

Thursday July 16th, 2015
6pm to 8pm
Location: South Avenue Park
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes! The band is "Jeremy Baum Trio."

Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Free Concert SeriesLONG DOCK PARK
Beacon Riverfest In The Parks Series (Free)

Thursday July 23rd, 2015
6pm to 8pm
Location: Long Dock Park (near the train station, but far to the left near paths for Denning's Point)
Bring a picnic and make sure you're wearing your dance shoes! The band is "The Stacks."

Score These Great Items at the Ree-Play Sale! And Ree-Play Just Got a Major Win for Shade in Parks!'ve seen the Ree-Play flyers around town. You've marked the date for the Ree-Play sale on your calendar - this Friday, Saturday and Sunday for 2015! But have you seen the items for sale that you can buy? And do you know how this Ree-Play Children's Tag Sale, a fundraising effort from Wee Play Community Project impacts your life in Beacon? Not only will you score a major deal on some kids gear that can change your children's lives forever (ok, maybe for 5 minutes), but your purchase contributes to the three kid and toddler parks in Beacon, in addition to the "Come and Play" programming at the Howland Library, as well as other initiatives around the city.

The Ree-Play Sale is Wee Play's biggest fundraiser, and for the past few years, Wee Play has been committed to getting a shade structure put up at the tot park at Memorial Park. As of yesterday morning, Wee Play announced that they have saved $10,000 from Ree-Play sales of years past, and have donated it to the City of Beacon to purchase shade infrastructures for the tot park at Memorial Park, and the purchase of new equipment, including a bumblebee rider to replace the old dinosaurs, and benches for the tot park. All of these improvements are slated to be installed this summer 2015. The City Recreation Funds will make up for the difference of funding needed to begin these projects.

As a fan of numbers and financials, Wee Play shared their sales highlights with us, so that you can see what a difference a small purchase at the Ree-Play Sale can make. In 2014, Wee Play made $8,440 at the sale.  They donated $1,000 to Howland Library, $1,000 to BAEF, and $500 to the City for the University Settlement Camp. Library programming is one of Wee Play's programs.

In 2013, Wee Play made around $7,200 at the sale. They donated $100 to BAEF, $1,500 to Howland Library children's programming, $500 to the University Settlement camp, $250 to Sargent Downing Garden, and $100 to BACA.

And now, for shopping previews! You better get to the University Settlement Park Theater early, but there are boxes and boxes of clothing, toys and books for you to select from, so you will find something you have been looking for!

The play kitchen.
A VERY popular item for little hands to open and close!

A Cozy-Coop and Convertible Cozy-Coop! Pimp your ride.

Vroom Vroom!

Cutest bug rocker ever. And soft!

Definitely, this stroller helps your mobility around town.

Ho ho, yes. What fun for a bicycle built for two!

Santa is Coming to Town! Where and When to Find Him

Santa is coming to town! Have breakfast with Santa, coffee, or spot him while you're out shopping. You never know where he'll show up, but here are a few places we know he will be! If you know of more, please email with your inside info.


Santa Spottings on Main Street
December 2016
Main Street Shops
Santa comes to coffee shops and restaurants around Beacon. Where will you visit him?
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Saturday Breakfast with Santa

10am Doors Open, 11am Breakfast Starts

This is the 8th year "Tinsel" (Miss Vickie) has hosted Breakfast With Santa in Beacon, and it is more popular every year! Tinsel, Little Santa and Elf Bob hand out craft ornaments for children to work on as they are finishing their buffet breakfast from the Towne Crier kitchen, and enjoying their Christmas coloring books (all included). Santa stops at each table to talk with children and give out candy canes while parents take pictures. Reservations are strongly encouraged.

Lunch With Santa Pre-Christmas Carol Play (Beacon Players)

December 5th and 6th 2015

Saturday and Sunday


Come and have a great lunch before the show with Santa and some very special guests! At 12:00 noon we will be serving a lunch (with a special Holiday dessert), a photo and a personal visit with Santa, lots of fun and Holiday games, but you need to make a reservation! The cost is $8.00 per person and seating is very limited to 50 guests each day. You will need to make a reservation by sending an email to

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All Sport Health & Fitness


Tuesday Evening

5pm - 7pm

Cookies, Crafts & Santa, Oh My! Free holiday fun for kids, All Sport is hosting a Santa night that is free for everyone, including non-members. Kids will have fun decorating cookies and making holiday gift crafts in the community room, with plenty to do while parents work-out. Santa will be in the Grand Lobby, so bring your camera! Santa cares about animals too and is taking donations for dogs and cats, so please bring a donation of pet food for the SAFEHAVEN Pet Food Pantry. Cat food is especially needed. 

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All Sport is a main sponsor of A Little Beacon Blog, and we thank them for their support!

City of Beacon + BeaconArts + Beacon Hebrew Alliance Annual Tree and Menorah Lighting

Second Saturday

This 4th Annual Tree Lighting is free to the public and this year it will be held at Pohill Park (next to Beacon Visitor’s Center, Main Street & Route 9D). Small children's craft, music and dance will kick-off the celebrations at 3pm. Santa will arrive via pedi-cab to officially welcome the spirit of the holidays to Beacon at around 4:30 pm.



2016 Santacon in Beacon

Start at Bank Square Coffeehouse, 129 Main St, Beacon, NY
Please join us for the first Santacon Beacon! If NYC got too crowded for you, why leave Beacon? We're starting at 1pm at Bank Square, then moving our way up Main Street to various locations, with our final destination at The Elks Lodge for a live band, drink specials, and Santacon Prizes! 

Leave the kids at home and put on your walking shoes. Bring cash for drinks, although credit cards are accepted at most of our stops. Dress for the holidays - Santa, Christmas, Hanukkah, Ramadan, Dwalli, whever. Santa loves everyone.
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Breakfast With Santa

Location: County Fare, 2652 East Main St, Wappingers Falls, NY
Join us for breakfast with Santa. The man himself will be in the building to spread holiday cheer and take some pictures. Seatings at 10AM and 12PM. Price is $10 per child, $15 per adult and includes a breakfast buffet and a make your own ornament craft for the kids. By reservation only so give us a ring and book your spot today.
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BeaconArts & The Beacon Hebrew Alliance Menorah Lighting
Location: Polhill Park / Beacon Visitor's Center (Main Street & Rt. 9D)


Kringles Christmas House

By Surprise

Santa stops by this Christmas Shop sometimes on the weekend, so if you're out and about, peek your head in here! Also pick up Christmas decorations.