Super Bowl Snacks That Are Almost Healthy - And Fried Food Of Course

Supplying ideal gameday food is crucial, whether you have a crew descending on your house or you're bringing a dish to someone else's shindig. Gameday food, aka football food, is so often delicious because it's normally smothered in a sweet or spicy sauce, or drowning in a mayo-based dip. It can also be a bit stressful because when the game lasts so long, one must carefully time when different dishes are presented. Just as the players on the field pace themselves as they crash into each other, so must viewers at home pace themselves through gameday food and drink. Here are some locally sourced ideas to make your gameday plan easier:

The Dips

We asked professional healthy eater Ashley Lederer, MS, RD, CDN, founder of Thoughtful Food Nutrition, what she would serve that might pass as healthy, and actually be a vehicle for getting veggies into your body. "I would say dip - so that you can get some veg in there. Black bean dip or spinach yogurt dip served with crudités is a great way to balance out some of the other heavier dishes that may be available." And what about an even easier finger food? "Popcorn with some fun seasoning, instead of pretzels or crackers," suggests Ashley. "Season the popcorn with chili-lime or nutritional yeast instead of cheese."

The Meat

It's pretty easy to order chicken wings around town, with BAJA and Max's at the ready to send you away with a to-go box. (The Vault used to have wings, might still, but is open for Brunch/Lunch only this Sunday.) Kitchen Sink has a transcendent brisket grilled cheese on house-made challah with melted cheddar and muenster cheeses inside that really, may be one of the best grilled cheeses you ever have. Kitchen Sink did have a special Super Bowl catering menu that involved wings and blue cheese, but orders had to be placed by earlier in the week. Barb's Butchery and Stock Up have hearty meat selections. And oh my goodness, Draught is having free wings with purchase of beer while the game is played on a big screen.

The Bread or Filling Starch

To go with those wings, pick up loaded potato skins from Max's. Those are a staple in our house and even ordered without wings, are a meal unto themselves. Inclined to make your own doughy accompaniment? The best buttermilk cornbread recipe I have ever used is here, and involves melting a stick of butter in a deep pan, and then making the batter in that pan on the stove.

Football Distractions

For those who find it a bit difficult to sit through four hours of a game, you could wander on down to a sale at the new fabric and knitting store in town, Beetle and Fred (rhymes with needle and thread), that is happening pre-game. There is a 15% "fat quarters" sale just for Super Bowl Sunday. 


To satisfy the sweet tooth, well, you have a lot of choices here in Beacon, all of which are listed in our Restaurant Guide. But what you may not have noticed was the frozen chocolate mousse pie in the freezer section of Key Foods. It's sort of delicious and involves a chocolate crumb crust. To health it up a bit, serve with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

The Beer

You could get growlers at any of your favorite local spots, like Draught or Two Way Brewing. As of this weekend, you can also get it straight from another local brewery, Hudson Valley Brewery. Locals have been able to get this freshly brewed Beacon beer from restaurants around town, and now the tasting room is open during select times, including Sunday. As for good beer in a can or bottle - the gas station on Main Street across from Antalek & Moore and near the post office actually has a impressive selection of IPAs and other craft brews, as does the shop in the Wolcott Plaza near Beacon Dental.