Happening This Weekend - 2/3/2017

Here is your easy access to planning. These are weekend dates pulled from some of A Little Beacon Blog's 10 Things To Do In Beacon Guides, so be sure to check them during the week.
There is more parking than you think!
Especially the large free lots on the East End of town near the mountain. We've got pictures.
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The Upcoming Events Guide is proudly sponsored by King Family Chiropractic, located in Beacon and ready to serve you.
Hudson Valley Brewery Opening
Friday-Sunday, February 3-5, 2017
Time: Fri (5-10pm), Sat (2-10pm), Sun (2-10pm)
Location: Hudson Valley Brewery, 7 East Main St, Beacon, NY
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The Whispering Tree
Day: Thursday, February 9, 2017
Time: 7pm
Location: Towne Crier, 379 Main St, Beacon, NY
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Afternoon Movie: Dreamgirls
Day: Thursday, February 9, 2017
Time: 1pm
Location: Howland Public Library, 313 Main St, Beacon, NY
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Introduction to Rowing
Day: Saturday, February 4th, 2017
Time: 3pm
Location: Cortlandt Youth Center, 3 Memorial Dr, Croton-on-Hudson, NY (next to Cortlandt Train Station)
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Card and Board Game Club
Day: Friday, February 3, 2017
Time: 3-5pm
Location: Howland Public Library, 313 Main St, Beacon, NY
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Origami Workshop for Teens
Day: Saturday, February 4, 2017
Time: 12-1:30pm
Location: Howland Public Library, 313 Main St, Beacon, NY
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Introduction to Rowing
Ages: 11-18
Day: Saturday, February 4, 2017
Time: 3pm
Location: Cortlandt Youth Center, 3 Memorial Dr, Croton-on-Hudson, NY (next to Cortlandt Train Station)
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133 Main Street

These rings at reMADE are hot. Designed by Kimberly Gordon of SmashFire Designs, the rings undergo a process called powder-coating, which infuses the handmade copper and brass jewelry with rich, vibrant colors. This process yields a strong, colorful finish that you'll also find on cars, kitchen appliances, and more. It's intense. And it can be on your finger.


Bellus on Main
181 Main Street

Go ahead, do a double-take, because these are dried roses. That's right - you give these to your sweetie or yourself, and you have them forever. They take five years to dry, and Bellus on Main is the business who found them. A limited number are in the shop now.

Luxe Optique
183 Main Street

What are your eyes wearing on the racquetball court? Or in your future kayaking adventures once the weather warms up? Luxe Optique has Oakley Optical prescription frames on sale. Stop in to see which frames you like!


Style Storehouse
484 Main Street

Congratulations to Michele Williams of Style Storehouse who was elected as a new Board Member with the Beacon Chamber of Commerce.
PS: The big sale continues at Style Storehouse, making way for Spring inventory!

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River Therapeutic Massage
612 Rt. 52 (at Karen's Place Salon)

Try a Hot Stone Mini, and get a taste of the Ultimate Relaxation Experience.

Drive that winter chill out of your bones and let your tired, achy muscles soften and relax with the addition of some hot stones during your next massage.

Hot Stone massage is not only comforting and uber-relaxing, it is also often used to help treat insomnia, depression, anxiety, back pain and osteoarthritis. See Karen's details in our Beauty Guide, and then book it.

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Barb's Butchery
69 Spring Street

Seasoned fries. A porchetta sandwich. #allthepork. Serving it today. Don't know about tomorrow. Go now to Barb’s Butchery and always follow their Facebook Page for weekly lunch announcements.

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Antalek & Moore
Congratulations to Pat Moore on being re-elected as Director for the Beacon Chamber of Commerce, and to Susan Pagones who continues in her role as Treasurer for the Chamber! Read more about the election and new Board Members here.
Welcome to Daniel Aubry, a new Sponsor Spotlight Advertiser for A Little Beacon Blog! Daniel specializes in Beacon real estate for both residential and business, and is ready to help you find the perfect space to fit your needs. Learn more at www.danielaubryrealty.com
Atelier Room 205, 211 Fishkill Avenue (in the old Beacon High School)
The Atelier Room 205 is a teaching studio, an artist's playroom! It’s located in the old Beacon High School, which has been converted into artist studios. The Atelier is a well-equipped studio for teaching art workshops and is run by artist Maria Amor. Contact her to book the space to host a workshop by calling (646) 705-3833 or by emailing AtelierRoom205@gmail.com, and tell your friends about this rental destination.
Congratulations to the new Board Members at BeaconArts, and to the new positions that current Board Members were elected into! Read about their new President and other new positions that have been filled in our latest article.
Beacon Chamber of Commerce
The Beacon Chamber of Commerce has a new website including a new Member Directory. Want to host a Chamber of Commerce meeting in your space? Or speak at a meeting as an expert? You can do that! Visit their website to submit yourself.
Tin Shingle

Looking for classes in SEO and Social Media? How about a class and swift kick in the pants for sending out your company's newsletter? In-person classes are coming to Beacon from Tin Shingle, but in the meantime, you can stream several here.

InHouse Design Media

InHouse Design Media is proud to be involved with the redesign of the new Beacon Chamber of Commerce website, as well as breathing new life into their social media presence and setting up new systems for them to follow as a multi-person entity when getting the word out. Congratulations on new directions!

A Little Beacon Space
291 Main Street

There are all kinds of reasons you'll love hosting your event in A Little Beacon Space, from our location in the heart of Beacon, to the warm light. Click here for more details and to book online.

You’re Invited - Don’t Miss These Events!

A Lovely Little Pop-Up
February 11 and 12, 2017
You'll love what you'll find in this Valentine's Day-inspired pop-up next weekend. New designs from jewelers Kit Burke-Smith, Margaux Lange Jewelry and Third Muse Metal Arts. Baked delights from Five Hens. Flowers from Viridescent Floral Design. Limited edition scarves from Kate Aubrey Textiles.
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