"The Fireball Run" TV Show Streams Through Beacon, Arriving at Hudson Beacon Glass for Music and Events

The 10th season of The Fireball Run, a live-streamed, adventure-based trivia pursuit game involving 40 local teams driving fast or meaty cars in a competition to find the most clues and solve the most puzzles across towns in America, arrives in Beacon on Wednesday from 3 to 6pm on Main Street in front of Hudson Beach Glass. The cars will come down Cross Street and park nearby.

A team representing Dutchess County includes the current Chamber of Commerce President and owner of Freedom Ford, Rick Brownell, and auctioneer Robert Doyle, from AAR Auctions. Look for them in their big black Ford Explorer, with sponsor stickers from IBM, Freedom Ford, AAR Auctions, Central Hudson, BBG+G Advertising, Hudson, Q92 and the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel.

Rick Brownell and Robert Doyle speak to TWC News about the drive. Photo Credit: Screen grab from clip on  TWC News.

Rick Brownell and Robert Doyle speak to TWC News about the drive.
Photo Credit: Screen grab from clip on TWC News.

This season, the TV show kicked off on September 21, winding through New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, and Massachusetts, ending on October 1. This Wednesday, September 28, the drivers and crew will arrive in Beacon, NY, stopping in front of Hudson Beach Glass to kick off a three-hour street party. There will be music and entertainment from Bosco & The Storm, street performers, children’s activities, Dutchess Cruiser Car Show, Q92 with Joe Daily & Michelle Taylor and more, according to the Dutchess Tourism website.

Drivers for this eight-day, 2,000-mile, life-sized trivia game and road rally competition are described as "the most distinguished group of highway scofflaws ever gathered in one place," according to the Fireball Run website. "Some are celebrities, some are executives, some may be your neighbors. And it's all for bragging rights, a greater cause and a plastic road sign."

The live action, 26-episode series chronicles an epic quest for America’s underdiscovered places and obscure, historic artifacts, all while aiding in a massive awareness campaign called The Race to Recover America’s Missing Children. In the towns they drive through, teams need to spread hundreds of flyers that feature the missing children they are assigned. The series is streamed live online in the United States, and televised internationally, while educating and entertaining viewers and inspiringoff-the-beaten-path travel. Rick and Robert have already found a special tire behind a secret door panel, according to their Facebook post.

Charities supported by this season of Fireball Run include The Children’s Home of Poughkeepsie and Spark Media Project. You'll recognize Spark Media Project from their summer day camp offerings and recent participation in the Beacon Independent Film Festival.

While out cheering on the racers, put on your best smiles for the cameras and show the world how spectacular Dutchess County is! This entertaining series streams in the USA on Amazon Prime, and is televised in foreign markets.

Enjoy a dinner with the drivers afterward at the Poughkeepsie Grand Hotel (tickets available here). Or stay in Beacon and eat at one of these restaurants, any of which you will probably want to call ahead, to make reservations and guarantee a table.