An Unfortunate Event - Man Carried Out Of Main Street Garden

On one of fall's first cool, breezy and sunny Saturday afternoons in Beacon, first responders pulled in around the garden on Main Street between Hudson Beach Glass and River Winds Gallery. Police were the first to respond, surrounding the garden with several vehicles, followed by fire trucks and Beacon's ambulance units.

According to people near the garden, a man called for help from within the garden. As responders arrived, they went into a heavily weeded area of the garden and cleared several large stalks as they worked to get to the person on the ground below.

Responders loaded the man onto a stretcher, wearing what looked to be a plastic neck brace, and wheeled him to an ambulance. Shortly thereafter, first responders disbanded after directing traffic as the unfortunate event cleared up. We send the man our best wishes for a speedy recovery, and thank for the first responders for helping!