Local Shopping to Local Pickup! La Mère Clothing and Goods Changes How People Shop Local (Sponsored)

Main Street is getting even more shoppable as business owners invest in their websites so that locals - or out of towners who have never been here - can easily shop their local shop online to buy in advance and reserve at the shop for local pickup.

For La Mère Clothing and Goods, it may be easier for her clientele, who tend to be women who sometimes need to be out and about with their children, to buy in the middle of the night as they are thumbing through La Mere’s very active Instagram feed. This way, her customer has the option of buying something she wants (or men who buy for partners or their home)  without bringing whole family inside of the shop to complete the purchase of the coveted pink velvet ballet flats shown here. And yes, those are mine now, purchased on a Sunday night at 10:30pm, picked up on a Friday morning while I was in the shop taking La Mere’s advertiser photo for our weekend Happening This Weekend newsletter.

Our sister design agency, Katie Janes, Inc. designed La Mere’s website and fashioned the Free Local Pickup option on the site. Whenever in the shop, I “shoot the shingle” (a term used over at my other training business, Tin Shingle) with most business owners about how business is going, what is working and not working. Turns out, when April told customers in the store that they could “buy an item online,” they took that to mean that she was giving them permission to go elsewhere and purchase it online, like at Amazon or something (I’m not a fan of Amazon for a myriad of reasons). Turns out, shoppers needed to be educated about La Mere’s own online shop, and that it was OK to shop that way. The store was the end result of the sale.

To let shoppers know about the online shopping feature, we came up with this official Local Pickup pile in the store. April made a sign for it, and she may show it more in her Instagram and future newsletter to customers. Shoppers can select the Free Local Pickup option at checkout, and then come in when they can and visit with store owner April! Love getting these personalized pink post-it notes on the bag!

Up Next: Knot Too Shabby on the other end of Main Street is in the final stages of our website redesign for her shop. Stay tuned! There are LOADS of things you’ll find in her store other than the Annie Sloan furniture paint. Which is of course, everyone’s favorite.

PS: I had insider intell that these pink velvet ballet flats - which suddenly went on sale - only had 1 pair left in my size. You know what that means: midnight shopping for local shopping. 🛍

Editor’s Note: This article is a Sponsored Partner Post A Little Beacon Blog did with Katie James, Inc., which is also part of A Little Beacon Blog and is also run by me - Katie (it’s like owning different restaurants that serve different food). This article a way to show you about our design and consulting services, but it made for a pretty good article regardless, don’t you think? ;) We can do these kind of editorial approved Partner Posts for your business as well. See our Media Kit for details, and reach out if you have a topic that might be appropriate.