Hunting for Beacon Open Studios! Follow the Red Dots


Part of the thrill of experiencing Beacon Open Studios is finding each studio somewhere in Beacon. Similar to how we hunt for Christmas lights at night, we drive or jog around town looking for the red dot in yards and sidewalks, signaling that there is an artist inside waiting to show you their actual studio and finished (or unfinished) art. Step inside to see the studio in this picture, and you'll discover the metalsmith Kit Burke-Smith at 5 Orchard Place.

You can pick up an actual map in different shops around town, or here at our office at A Little Beacon Blog. Once again, we are a proud sponsor of this event, as it’s one of our favorites of the indoor/outdoor events that define Beacon. Or you can get the map on your phone, by going to the Beacon Open Studios website, for a really slick experience to help you hit the artists' studios you want. 

Ambling is encouraged!