Best Reasons To Buy A Home In The Hudson Valley In The Fall (Sponsored)


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By: Vincent Aurigemma, VP of Residential Lending for Rhinebeck Bank

Cooler weather, beautiful changing leaves, and hiking season at its peak makes fall a perfect time to be in the Hudson Valley. This is also one of the best times to purchase a new home! Rhinebeck Bank has the best reasons to buy your home this season.

Motivated Sellers

Just as purchasing a home is an extensive process, selling one can be as well. Most sellers do not want to enter the holiday season with interruptions and the selling process on their mind. It is not uncommon for homeowners that have not sold by the fall to wait until the following spring. With this being said, sellers are often worn out and may be more willing to negotiate and expedite the closing and move-in process.

Leftover Inventory

With sellers tending to put homes on the market during peak season, homes are listed at peak rates, which could mean a series of price reductions leading up to the fall. This allows buyers to possibly be in a position to find homes that are listed much lower than they were originally, and sometimes lower than their market value.

Year-End Tax Credits*

Even if a home owner closes on the last day of the year, they may be able to apply the property taxes paid on a home purchase to offset income for the year. This could have a positive effect on homeowners come tax season of the following year.

Less Competition

Competition for homes typically drops in the fall, as many individuals consider the spring and summer months as prime season for real estate purchases. The repositioned inventory, which may not have sold in the peak months, allows for more time to shop around. This creates less likelihood for individuals to enter a bidding war. Not to mention, with the summer being a real estate agent’s busiest time with many clients, the fall allows for more specialized attention.

Holiday Bargains on Home Improvements

Buying a new house is an exciting time in one’s life, and many people are eager to jump into personalizing, really making the new place their own home. With the holidays following the fall season, it is a great time to take advantage of deals from home improvement retailers on a variety of homeowner needs, including appliances, tools, and even home décor.

*Please consult your tax advisor regarding your property tax credit eligibility.

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