Beacon Pool Season Pass Comes in Mail!

The Beacon Pool Season Pass that arrived by mail. One card per family.

The Beacon Pool Season Pass that arrived by mail. One card per family.

It came! The Season Pass to the Beacon Pool. One doesn't need a season pass (and they are sold out by now), but they sure are handy when dashing to the pool without thinking of day pass dollars to scrounge up. You can always pay at the gate the day you go to the pool.

Here's what you will find handy to pack, aside from sunscreen:

  • Snacks in bag. Unlike at other pools, you can bring food here, and there are plenty of picnic tables to dine on.
  • Games. There is a large lawn to the side of the pool with plenty of room for kicking a soccer ball or playing tag.
  • My go-to ground cover is the RestoPresto blanket mat. It has a built-in bag so that it can be folded into itself, and also comes with a clip to hook onto your bag.
  • Coverup. The other genius invention is the Simple Sarong, a wrap-around towel with button, that serves as a skirt towel. I know.
  • Goggles for the 5th time this year. Speedo has made the only goggles that have worked in various designs. The Speedo goggles with the clip adjuster in the back have been effective and easy to tighten or loosen. Although these look cute. Just don't get ones from CVS that have 3' of rubber straps. We couldn't figure out how they worked and they never stayed tight.

Mark your calendar for every Wednesday night, as there is a communal Pot Luck that happens at the Beacon Pool. A Little Beacon Blog keeps track of this in our Ongoing Guide, that tracks regular events that happen every certain day of the week, or every 4th or 2nd or whatever day of the week or month.

Have fun!