July's Second Saturday Guide for Beacon Art Showings

Second Saturday Happenings for July 9, 2016!

Second Saturday Happenings for July 9, 2016!

Keep your eyes glued to this space, and refresh often! We're constantly updating the Guide as we hear about new events and openings. 

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"Second Saturday" is a lively day into night in Beacon, and is a celebration of Beacon's galleries, restaurants and other businesses arts on the second Saturday of every month. According to Dan Rigney, current president of BeaconArts, the organization who encouraged this movement to happen over a decade ago and heavily promotes the events, says: "Back then, Beacon was one of the last places people outside of town thought to go on a Saturday night. Now Second Saturday has become a part of the fabric of Beacon. It's such a part of it, many galleries have their opening events on other Saturdays, so that they get two big crowds each month." Second Saturday is a great reason to "walk" Main Street and beyond and explore the events going on around town. It's always a pleasure eating and drinking your way through Beacon, so this guide will help you know where to eat and drink as you explore special exhibits and happenings.

What to Know About This Guide:

  • This Guide includes gallery and art showings that may be hosted in a gallery or in a shop or restaurant. 
  • Many of these shows run through the current month, so check back often if you are on an art hunt.
  • Closing times posted here are for Second Saturdays only, and may not reflect regular Saturdays. Always call an establishment directly for current hours, offerings, or any other questions.
  • Parking can be found on side streets, on Main Street, and in municipal lots. Click here for A Little Beacon Blog's Free Public Parking Guide, with pictures and cross streets!
  • Live-tweet your way through Second Saturday by using the hashtag created by BeaconArts: #2SAT, and tack on #beaconny or #SecondSaturday if you have room in your tweets or Instagram postings.
  • If you are a gallery and have something special to add, please email editorial@alittlebeaconblog.com. 

Late-Night (After 9pm) Spots to Eat and Drink

After you walk the galleries, you'll be hungry and need (another) drink! See our full list of restaurants who are open prior to 9pm in our Restaurant Guide

  • Bank Square 129 Main St.
  • Chill Wine Bar 173 Main St.
  • Poppy's Burger and Fries 184 Main St.
  • Max's On Main 246 Main St.
  • Baja 328 328 Main St.
  • Quinn's 330 Main St.
  • The Towne Crier (bar only) 379 Main St.
  • Oak Vino Wine Bar 389 Main St. (Call first to see if cheese plates and dessert are still being served!)
  • Draught Industries 394 Main St.
  • The Vault 446 Main St.
  • Joe's Irish Pub 455 Main St.
  • The Hop 554 Main St. (It's a good idea to have reservations if you hope to order food.)
  • Roundhouse 2 East Main St.
  • Dogwood 47 East Main St.

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3 Beekman St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-0100
Special for Second Saturday: Community Free Day! Every few months, Dia:Beacon flings open its beautiful doors for Hudson Valley residents, offering a day of programming for all ages, including tours, talks, workshops, and performances. Free with admission to the museum. (Don't forget: Beacon residents get in free every weekend!)

Start the day with artist-educator Hannah Verrill as she guides visitors through "Something in My Body Turning Slightly," an all-ages program where museum visitors are prompted to shift their perspective on works of art, and reflect on what might be revealed by the changes in perception. The first program is at noon, but repeats at 3.

The huge, open spaces in the former Nabisco box factory were a big part of why Dia: Beacon chose to land here. Although the artists might be better known for their land art in the great outdoors, it's possible to get a feel for landscape even inside. At 1 pm, Dia guide Beth Haber will lead visitors on the "Inside Out Tour: Geography and the Landscape of Imagination," looking at the works of Robert Irwin, Agnes Martin, Richard Serra, and Robert Smithson. 
More details at Dia:Beacon.
Hours: 11 am to 6 pm

Art in the Sanctuary

St. Andrew's Episcopal Church
15 South Ave.
Beacon, NY
Special for Second Saturday: "HomeTown Grace: Photos by Markie Baylash" takes over Art in the Sanctuary for one day only. If you spend any time on various Beacon Facebook pages, you've probably seen Markie's compelling photos of Beacon, "the people, events, and sights of my hometown, as seen through the lens and my mind - of simple grace of my hometown, Beacon, NY," as she puts it. Don't miss your chance to see the photographs in person!   
Hours: 5 pm to 7 pm


(Close to the train station)

Catalyst gallery

Catalyst Gallery 
137 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 204-3844
The intention of this artist-run space is to create an opportunity for individual artists or groups to show and sell work in a vibrant community that supports the arts.
Special for Second Saturday: Sculptor Pablo Garcia Lopez's "Silkworks" opens. The Spain native uses an unexpected medium - silk - to portray some of Catholicism's most iconic figures, exposing a harder edge to what we usually think of as a soft, fluid material.
Hours: Noon to 8 pm; reception and artist talk next Saturday (7/16), 6 pm to 8 pm

theo ganz studio

Theo Ganz Studio
149 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(917) 318-2239
Theo Ganz Studio, the little gallery with the big windows in Beacon's west end, was founded by artist Eleni Smolen as a venue for contemporary artists working in all media. Recognizing the importance of exhibitions in an artist's career, Smolen concentrates on presenting actively engaged emerging and mid-career professionals in either solo or group exhibitions.
Second Saturday: The intricate works of Korea-born artist Jayoung Yoon continue at Theo Ganz Studio in Yoon's solo show. "Ephemerality" blends painting, sculpture, and video in performance meditations. She learned traditional embroidery and other fiber arts from her mother and aunt; such skills are reflected now in her exquisite pieces of woven hair. (Check out the Highlands Current article about the recent artist talk.)
Hours: Noon to 5 pm

Marion Royael Gallery
159 Main St.
Beacon, NY
Special for Second Saturday: Mr. Yard Presents the Knock Knock Underground Emoji. Gallery owners say you'll just have to stop by, if you want to learn more about the doors...
Hours: Noon to 7 pm

marion royael gallery

Hudson beach glass

Hudson Beach Glass / Fovea
162 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-0068
A glass studio casting functional and sculptural objects for over 20 years. A truly special establishment to have in Beacon. Stop in to find blown-glass objects of all kinds, from lights to bowls to wind chimes. Sometimes on Second Saturday you can watch them blow glass.
Special for Second Saturday: Opening in the upstairs space is "Soft Targets," works by Don Mengay in ceramics, beads, and other media, including the Shot Up Vase, right, and a cuddly pink Teddy With Glock.
Hours: Opening reception, 6 pm to 9 pm

clutter magazine gallery

Clutter Magazine Gallery
163 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(212) 255-2505
The Clutter Gallery is a branch of the Clutter Media Group family, and is focused on showing quality work by both established and emerging artists in the fields of toy design and customization, as well as modern pop and lowbrow art. Clutter Gallery's exhibitions are open to the public and free of charge. Works are a variety of sizes.
Second Saturday: If you haven't caught on by now, it's kind of a big deal to have artists put a unique spin on a common base. This month, Huck Gee joins Clutter Gallery to present The Blank Show! Artists have been customizing 7-inch tall versions of Gee's Skullhead Blank. Participating artists include Artmymind, Charles Rodriguez, Daniel Fleres, Doktor A, Dolly Oblong, Fakir, Frank Montano, Goreilla, J*RYU, Jenn & Tony Bot, Joe Ledbetter, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Jonathan LEgarte, Kevin Gosselin, Malo April, Otto Björnik, Quiccs, RXSeven, Squink, kaNO, Huck Gee (who will be in attendance!), Buff Monster, Luke Chueh, Jamie Lee Cortez, Sket-One, Jason Freeny, Jesse Hernandez, MAD, Rsin, Camilla d'Errico and Jazmin Carino.
Hours: Opening reception, 6 pm to 9 pm

riverwinds gallery

RiverWinds Gallery
172 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 838-2880
RiverWinds Gallery features Hudson Valley artists. Work includes fine art paintings and photography, plus contemporary crafts including ceramics, jewelry, fiber arts and more.
Special for Second Saturday:  "Odyssey," a group show, celebrates RiverWinds Gallery's 13 years of sharing art with Beacon. Marlene Wiedenbaum (her "Pier View" is above, right), Kenneth Palfreyman, Basha Maryanska, Olive Farrell, and Susan Nagel are just some of the fifteen Hudson Valley painters whose work will be showcased. 
Hours: Opening reception, 5 pm to 8 pm

dream in plastic

Dream in Plastic
177 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 632-3383
Special for Second Saturday: Come to catch a glimpse of "Through Space and Time," the intergalactic visions of artist Sean Donovan. Don't quote us on this, but in the past, Dream in Plastic has been known to offer cupcakes and coffee at openings! It's nice to change it up from the wine and cheese every once in a while.
Hours: 11 am to 7 pm; opening reception 6 pm to 9 pm

beacon institute
for rivers and estuaries

Beacon Institute for Rivers & Estuaries
199 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 838-1600
This historic brick storefront houses the Institute’s gallery, Hudson River bookstore and gift shop, and its administrative headquarters. The gallery showcases river and environmentally themed art and educational exhibits. Events feature talks by artists and regional Hudson Valley authors.
Special for Second Saturday: The historic Mount Beacon Incline Railway gets a spotlight in this exhibit, which features large-format photography, digital renderings, animations, and infographics, all exploring the Incline Railway's early origins in shaping Beacon. The exhibition delves into the initiative to bring back the Incline Railway, through the lenses of a historic narrative and an eye toward the future. 
Click here for more event details.
Hours: 11 am to 3 pm



The start of The Middle, aka "Market Square"

Howland public library

Howland Public Library
313 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 831-1134
Each month, the library features the work of Hudson Valley photographers and artists. (Please note, the gallery may not be accessible during some library programs.)
Special for Second Saturday: The Anderson Center for Autism is known well beyond the Hudson Valley for its creative ways to work with children and adults with autism. One of the programs at the Rhinebeck-based center is Expressive Outcomes, whose participants' work can be viewed in "Xposure: Discovering What Is Underneath." 

Also at the library on this Second Saturday, a can't-miss special event with MIss Vickie: From noon to 2, adults can learn how to make their own paper and wood parasol, perfectly painted. Register at the library's front desk!
Hours: 10 am to 4 pm (library hours); opening reception 5 pm to 7 pm

Beacon Soundworks
395 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 831-9000
Special for Second Saturday: Visit the recently opened Beacon Soundworks, near Teller Ave., the diner, and Beacon Pantry, to see the work of Scott Prater. Also known as ThroughGlassEyes, he explores landscapes both outdoors and in, often around the Hudson Valley. This Saturday, it's his birthday, so come have a drink and slice of cake to celebrate, and check out the work of some of his artist friends, including Gina Keidong, Korin Gardner, Alissa Corrado, Megan Van Aken, and Christine Drzyzgula.
Hours: Reception, 5 pm to 7 pm


(Closer to the mountain)

The start of the East End of Main Street - and beyond!

matteawan gallery

Matteawan Gallery
436 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-7901
Matteawan Gallery specializes in contemporary art with an emphasis on works on paper by emerging and mid-career artists.
Special for Second Saturday:  Susan English's "Pourous Light" opens. English uses a unique process to build color and texture, pouring layer after layer of polymer onto panels to create paintings that reveal an influence of the natural environment. The panels' orientation (horizontal or vertical), finish (matte or glossy), and composition always demonstrate a relationship with the light in the space they're being viewed.
Hours: Opening reception, 6 pm to 9 pm

morphicism gallery

444 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-3092
Moveable art in frames - art you must see and experience.
Hours: Call first



terreson beacon

475 Main St.
Beacon, NY
Special for Second Saturday: Come visit the first official Second Saturday for Bedford native Jeffrey Terreson's newest gallery in the former Back Room Gallery, joining his studio in Westchester and exhibitions in Manhattan. Terreson will be hosting live music in addition to sharing wine and some tasty morsels. His paintings are in the collections of various Fortune 500 companies, as well as the United Nations. Terreson's work is inspired by 20th-century post-war masters such as Julian Schnabel, Jasper Johns, Mark Rothko and Joan Snyder. See our sneak peek article here for more pictures!
Hours: Opening reception, 5 pm to 9 pm

howland cultural center

Howland Cultural Center
477 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 831-4988
Beacon's Howland Cultural Center is not just another arts organization. Its beautiful home is a Victorian building that was born specifically to serve the community as a cultural resource.
Special for Second Saturday: In "Seeking Permanence," Connecticut photographer and filmmaker Avery Danziger explores the inside of the Harlem Valley Psychiatric Center, once a hospital in northeastern Dutchess County that closed only in 1994. His images skip the lurid aspects, and instead reflect the sense of "terrible beauty" and peace he found within decay as nature reclaimed a man-made space.
Hours: 1 pm to 5 pm

Bau gallery

BAU Gallery
506 Main St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 440-7584
bau (Beacon Artist Union) is a platform for members and artists to grow, present and market their work and collaborative curatorial projects, while hosting events of related disciplines: performances, talks, film and music. BAU builds a vital link between the activities at bau and the community.
Special for Second Saturday: Bau 139! In the Main Gallery, Kirsten Lyon "On Display." In the Beacon Room, "Tracing Form" by Ian George.
Hours: Noon to 6 pm; reception from 6 pm to 9 pm


BEACON near RT. 52
(Beacon's part of Rt. 52 that heads into and out of town)

the lofts at beacon gallery

The Lofts at Beacon Gallery
18 Front St.
Beacon, NY
(845) 202-7211
The Lofts at Beacon brought back to life a 19th-century brick mill that once made textiles in the Hudson Valley, located by the Fishkill Creek and situated near the Hudson River in the artists' haven town of Beacon. The Lofts have been completely remodeled into beautiful spaces, providing excellent loft rental units for the working artist.
Special for Second Saturday: Juan Manuel Alvarez-Ossa - born in Colombia, raised in New York, longtime Parisian with a recent move to Switzerland - shows a unique perspective with his "Of American Perceptions: Studies," works on canvas and paper. 
Hours: Opening reception, 4 pm to 7 pm 

Beacon Music Factory
629 Route 52
Beacon, NY
(845) 765-0472
Special for Second Saturday: The Hootenanny roars on. Head just a little out of town - not even to Route 9! - for this Family Hootenanny! Kids (babies to age 10) and their caregivers are welcome to bring their own instruments for this merry-making and singalong with Beacon Music Factory's Emily Ellison. An added bonus: You get to say "hootenanny." (Go on, say it out loud. That's like music unto itself!) $5, no reservations necessary.
Hours: 10 am to 11 am

Don't forget to check out our constantly updated Pop-Up Shop Guide and the Shopping Guide as well, as you mix and match dates and events for your weekend entertainment!

Second Saturday Specials! 

  • Style Storehouse: Refreshments, music, essential oils and a merchandise blowout? This is not to be missed! Free tasty tidbits start at 6, followed by performances from Sasha Dobson, of Puss n Boots (you might have heard of one of her bandmates, Norah Jones) and Daria Grace. An in-house acupuncturist, Andrea Henkels, will be in the house with essential oils and tea. Don't get too distracted by all of this icing on the cake, though, and miss the sale of the season! Stock up on midsummer style, while tons of merchandise is 50 percent off.


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